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Probably every woman would like to have in your house is a work of art as a tissue pelmet. As a concept it is of French origin and means drape of fabric, which is often a decorative purpose.

Pelmets are located in the upper part of the window, door and often represent a diversity of fabric folds intricate color and size. This is a kind of avant-garde element in the open space of your home.

Pelmets give the atmosphere of expensive chic, sophistication of taste and wealth of beauty in their tastes owners.

Beautiful interior decoration, pelmet can often be complemented by various flounces, pleats and decorated with all sorts of ribbons, bows and flowers.

All kinds of swags can be divided into 3 groups:

tough (Made from a rigid, glued fabric without any folds or as they are referred to as "gangs", they are kept good shape and apply only dry cleaning).

soft (Normal draped fold in the fabric, it may be either dense fabric drape and weightless, light voile; different possible combinations of tissue).

combined (Combine elements from the previous, only soft pelmets make removable so that they could somehow wash).

You choose only what pelmet bring harmony and comfort in your home.

Sew pelmet for the kitchen: 5 Ways stylish decor

For a long time, pelmets are leaders among a variety of curtain tracks Pelmet - it is a short curtains on the entire length of the window. This transverse drapery window often made of thick fabric, and the waves, folds and swags brushes help to become slimmer.

Kitchen kitchen strife - there is room, which serves as the living room and have a fairly austere kitchen with a minimum of furniture. From what style dominates in your kitchen depends not only blind design, but also the choice pelmet for them.

Very succinctly look in the kitchen only certain types of swags, most appropriate for the characteristics of the premises

Pelmet options for the kitchen:

  • hard pelmet. It is a narrow strip of cloth attached to the gang or other sealant. It is attached to the ceiling cornices. Such pelmet kitchen can be a standard, i.e. a rectangular, or formed in an oval or other complex shape. Such pelmet perfectly masks imperfections upper partition window.
  • soft pelmet. It is more decorative than functional fabric. This pelmet can be made from a fabric that was taken for curtains, or, for example, contrasting fabric. The length of the pelmet usually ranges 1/5 or 1/6 of the length of the curtains.

Soft pelmets, in turn, are composed of a variety of decorative elements.

Curtains with lambrequins in the interior of the kitchen (video)

Curtain with lambrequins in the kitchen: the types of elements

Surely you've seen the curtains, the top of which was a whole song. Waves, folds, perekidy - box of such attire becomes external great wide open, elegantly framed. All this is the merit of decorative elements of soft pelmets.

  • SMAD - a semi-circle, draped in folds, like something on the shell. It can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. The correct drape helps to become the composition of the curtains more elegant and stylish.
  • Polusvag - differs from SMAD that has an opening at the top. The same can be symmetrical and asymmetrical.
  • Dzhabot - the so-called lateral part pelmet, which has a stepped bottom edge. Something like a frill.
  • Tie - in this item at upper edge is folded.

SMAD and dzhabot - the most frequently used elements pelmets with textile design window

This, of course, not all options for the decor, but to enumerate all makes no sense - complex decorative swags in the kitchen is not necessary. On the contrary, it should be simple, and the brightness can be achieved by color or print.

Pelmets in the kitchen on a small window

The main principle of selection for the pelmet small window - do not overdo it. Pelmet will appear bulky lyapistym spot, and can even cut length curtains visually.

Maximum simplicity of design - that's what matters. So often selected short tight pelmets, without waves and other decor.

For window decoration in bright colors pelmet should be a darker shade, blending in with any interior element

It might look like a pelmet:

  • A narrow rectangle with a short fringe. But if the fabric is very variegated, and the fringe is superfluous.
  • A narrow rectangular solid color textile tassels on one side. That's the whole decor.
  • Asymmetric hard pelmet, rather narrow. As decoration, you can use pompons or brush with a big step.
  • Asymmetric pelmet with applique. Only applications to be too much should not, perhaps, some small element in the theme - from flower to stylized cups.

Such decorative item as pelmet may occupy not more than 5 part of the overall design window

It is important that pelmet color blended into the interior. Light pelmet is not suitable for neutral light curtains. Because it must be the same with something else, for example, the color of the kitchen units, wall, corner, floor covering. But even here, do not let too much, all in one color - a lot. Possible and this option: virtually snow-white kitchen (can be a little dairy and coffee shade) and light purple pelmet + Light purple chandelier.

Patterns swags for the kitchen with his hands

To make pelmet on the kitchen window, typically used ready-made patterns. But even if such you have, some notations on it may not be clear to an inexperienced person in sewing.

Pattern pelmet, which consists of the two most common of its elements

Symbols on the Pattern:

  • Shoulder. So is the part pelmet in the form of a semi-circular folds.
  • SMAD asymmetrical or symmetrical. Deflection at different height (depth).
  • The height or depth SMAD. So is the distance from the top point of the cornice to the bottom of SMAD element.
  • chill. It is part of the pelmet, which is located in the center of the product with vertical pleats.

Designations may be others, but pelmets for kitchen curtains are not usually distinguished by the abundance of elements. Therefore, these patterns are easy to read and it cut the fabric.

SMAD Pattern: how to stick (video)

How to sew pelmets in the kitchen with his hands

First, select a suitable fabric. Yes, natural fabrics - it's very good, but they absorb odors and fine, and after washing may be a long time to dry. Therefore, more and more people are buying synthetic or blended fabrics. Wash often have to, because it is important that the fabric dries quickly.

Of pliable soft tissue are obtained beautiful folds, this fabric is good for pelmet, which will hang on the "sunny" window.

Hard pelmet made of dense tissue, but then to look harder for him. Frequent washing is problematic, so this pelmet can simply wipe with a damp cloth

Of materials for sewing usually need: the main fabric, lining, curtain, ribbon, decorative cord, a stapler, a drill, screws, screwdriver, pencil.

Instructions for sewing lambrequin:

  • Cornice secure under the window;
  • The ends of the cornice stand 15 cm for the side window border;
  • Material cut along the length of the eaves + 10cm to + side tails half a meter, if pelmet should sag;
  • Sew the backing fabric;
  • The middle of the top of the cornice and pelmet center of the mark;
  • Stapler Center lambrequin attach the cornice of the center;
  • Then attach the fabric and the rest;
  • Dangling ends tie decorative cord on each side will have two feet on the cord;
  • Cord tie bow folds unfold.

Simple pelmet ready!

Pelmet for the kitchen with his hands (video master class)

And in the kitchen, and other rooms pelmet may be appropriate if calculated its size and decor. Observe the stylistic unity, do not overdo it with accessories and folds, and a beautiful pelmet as well as possible will complete the image of the window trim.

Pelmets for the kitchen, another way to decorate your interior

Pelmets perform basically only a decorative function, however, in certain cases, it is possible to achieve a visual effect and transform the look of the room, visually increase or decrease the window, change its proportions.

There is no limit to perfection in everything, even in the kitchen curtains. Make them even better and more beautiful, and the window is more expressive and original will help us pelmet. This window decoration item is a decorative drapery disposed in the upper part of the window during the entire width of the cornice. Typically, the pelmet is approximately 20 percent of the height of the window and looks like a mini-curtain. In most pelmet kitchen sew of thick heavy fabric, decorating its folds, ruffles, tassels, and fix it, or on the outer portion of the cornice or attached directly to the curtain.

Pelmets for the kitchen is usually carried out only a decorative function, however, even as a mere decoration, this piece of kitchen curtains can transform the look of the room, visually increase or decrease the window, change its proportions.

The range of this add-on to the curtains is very wide and to select it properly, you need to consider several factors:

The kitchen is designed for cooking and her reception room with its own specific characteristics that must be considered when choosing and curtains and pelmet. Given the fact that the kitchen is constantly cook, curtains very quickly become contaminated, which means the material from which they will be sewn, preferably selected on the basis of its quality, not color, that is, first of all it must be practical. Ideal for sewing fabric swags that:

  • It has high light- and vozduhopronitsatelnostyu;
  • easy to clean;
  • fire resistance, burn-out and contamination;
  • does not absorb odors.

Best for the kitchen swags suitable cotton, linen, viscose. Designers do not recommend the use of solid materials, as in the kitchen increased humidity, and the dense tissue is more difficult to clean from pollution. In addition, decorative elements made of thick fabric usually look very elegant, it is not always appropriate for the kitchen (unless, of course, the room itself is not made in an appropriate style). Uncomplicated shape of the pelmet saves owner from headaches after washing - the simpler the shape, the easier it is to recover its former appearance.

The practicality of the components due to the curtains, and its length - is considered to be the optimal length to the middle of the window opening.

Having found out the issue with the tissues, then of course it is followed by another challenge: choose the shape. Among interior designers pelmets can be divided into three groups:

hard pelmet It is so called not because it is sewn from a hard and dense material - the name he received because of its shape. Rigid elements have the form of a narrow strip of fabric, which is attached to any seal, e.g., fleece or Bando, and secured to the ceiling by a profiled cornice. Its shape is a very simple, rectangular or oval, or as complex, supplemented by other elements. With this type of pelmet is easy to hide the top part of the walls and eaves. Allowed ornament rigid elements frilly curtains, twisted cords, pleats, fringe or braid.

soft pelmet can be attributed more to the decorative, than practical. His sew drapery element that kroyatsya special way and are sewn together so that the operation process does not affect their appearance and shape. Usually soft parts the curtains sewn from the same fabric as the curtains themselves, and also may be a game of contrasts. Classic soft pelmet is 1/5 or 1/6 of the length of the curtain.

Soft pelmet beautiful kitchen is unthinkable without the decorative components, which include the SMAD, polusvag, dzhabot, tie, and many others.

SMAD referred to as the horizontal part of lambrequin, made in the shape of a semicircle and draped pleated appearance SMAD resembles a shell. This element can be made as a balanced or not respecting the symmetry. Soft pelmets kitchen with SMAD suited to the elegant interior of the kitchen in a classic style.

Polusvag no different from the SMAD, except for the opening at the top. It can also be symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Dzhambot their appearance resembles frill, and in fact, is the side detail pelmet having beveled or stepped lower edge. Very often dzhambot and SMAD present in the kitchen curtains at the same time. Using dzhambota allows us to emphasize the boundaries of window openings, to create a more complete image of the room, to make the window a central element of the room.

Tie in the language of interior designers - it's part of pelmet with folds at the top. Outwardly, it looks like two dzhambota, which are connected by side edges.

combined pelmet, As already clear from the name, it is a combination of certain elements. These elements - a rigid base and a soft drape. Kitchen is the most festive, magnificent and solid appearance of the decorative elements - it fits perfectly in the kitchen with huge windows and ceilings, made in classic style.

Pelmets in the kitchen (some more examples of photo ideas can be seen in the gallery below) will help create the room a unique and cozy atmosphere, and the possibility of combining fabrics and decorative elements will create a unique and original decoration for any kitchen window.

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