Laminate floor for warm water

How to choose laminate for water underfloor heating? Reviews specialists

Warm floors can serve their masters for a long time and reliably if they are installed correctly and fit a suitable cover. The floor can be created from any materials: concrete, wood, linoleum, and so on. One of the materials considered optimal for laminate floor heating water having certain parameters and properties.

Laminate has long been popular for installation of flooring. It is convenient to operate, it has a stylish appearance and a wide variety of colors and textures.

Laminate floor for warm water: Advantages and properties

Among the advantages of such a floor covering for the floor heating is to provide the following items:

  • the thermal conductivity of the laminate is low, it allows to provide heat at 40-50 degrees;
  • laminate coating reduces the thermal energy consumption by 40 percent when compared to the other domestic heating systems;
  • when using this type of heating laminate floor is no magnetic field, adversely affecting human health;
  • laminate floor for warm water (user feedback is emphasize) keeps the heating surface is dry, which protects the floor from mold, mildew and dampness in the room;
  • Tandem laminate and underfloor heating is a clean and ecological solution for home heating.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages of a floor in a room heated almost instantaneously and uniformly. Thermal system under laminate increases the life of the coating several times.

Existing tandem described disadvantages consist in applying wrong mounting technique, both the heating system and the laminate.

Most experts do not recommend to install laminate for water underfloor heating system itself and in residential areas, since it requires special pumps and pumping capacity of the system liquid, occupying considerable space. Also, in the case of pipe break in the floor water will spoil not only the laminate, but also the relationship with the neighbors below. Because this tandem, in any convenient conditions, set in private houses, cottages and cabins.

Laminate floor for warm water: what to choose?

Not every type of laminate is suitable for use with underfloor heating. Traditional laminate coating, which can be found in each store construction can not be used for floor heating, because it has a very low thermal conductivity. It requires a material that is both dense and thin, capable of transmitting heat supplied from below and be resistant to external pressure.

What is a laminate floor for warm water should be selected in the construction market or in the shop? Experts advise to take the floor covering with special marking in the form of a special icon on product packaging or on the accompanying documents, indicating the suitability of the material for use in conjunction with underfloor heating. In this laminate, going for floor heating, it is not intended for an electric floor heating and vice versa.

That buyers can distinguish the desired laminate packaging represent a symbol of water, write a formula H2O or give inscription "voda9raquo ;. If no marking no specialized, such flooring is considered to be an ordinary standard designed for installation without additional floor heating systems.

Which laminate flooring is suitable for warm water floor, if it is not necessary to refer to the special? Many manufacturers of high-quality and low-cost flooring (both domestic and foreign) do not put special marks about what, for what things meant this or that material. Therefore, in accordance with building standards, for underfloor heating the laminate is excellent in which the heating resistance not exceeding 150 watts. In this case the substrate should be made of synthetic porous material minimally retarding heat wave.

Many users have installed at home laminate for water floor heating is advised when choosing coverage to pay attention to the thickness of the board - from 8 to 10 mm. Such material will be durable and reliable, and will be good to pass the heated air.

Besides outdoor purchased material should have a high gidrostoykostyu and limit load of 500 kg / m2. With proper selection of the material service life is not less than 50 years.

In addition to the above recommendations should be selected laminate more durable and resistant to abrasion. Mounted on the warm floor floor better class coverage of not less than 32. In such a material does not leave marks on the furniture, it is longer than their owners and does not lose heat conduction.

Pipes for underfloor heating are placed in a cement screed providing their greater safety. Under special pipe laid insulating material, it protects the heat loss through the ground or reinforced concrete ceiling. The heating system on top coated synthetic substrate protecting coating material, and the laminate itself is mounted directly to the water floor heating.

When the laminate of the heating system is heated to 50 degrees, the heat rises upwardly from the floor and thereby heats the whole room. Heat dissipation of the tandem is very high. Even after disconnection supplying heat to the pipe system and the laminate itself to keep the temperature sufficiently long period.

"Warm floor" system itself is very popular due to its efficiency and effectiveness. In the house where it is installed, always cozy and warm, there are no panels and panels on the walls, all rooms are evenly warmed, all warm and fuzzy. However, not every floor can provide the desired effect. If the floor is assembled from an inappropriate material for this system, then either he can not pass enough heat into the room, or it will be very hot, that will bring some discomfort living in the house.

Because Heated floor may most effectively operate only in conjunction with a special coating, and the laminate is ranked first. But this material must be designed to work in tandem with underfloor heating on the above parameters.

Therefore, when choosing a laminate for underfloor heating should pay attention to his marking and technical specifications. Then the money invested in the installation of the heating system and floor will bring beauty, warmth, comfort and comfort for all family members.

Laminate for underfloor heating

Laminate - a popular type of flooring, which can easily replace the parquet, thus simulating the texture and color of the most expensive types of wood. And if for mounting on ordinary concrete slabs can use any model of such a coating, the laminate for the electric warm floor should be chosen with great care, since it must be combined with a fully installed your floor heating system.

Not every type of laminate is suitable for underfloor heating. And it's not even a drop in the temperature, although this figure greatly reduces the life of the unprepared product. The problem is that not intended for such purposes, the canvas will not miss the warm air in the necessary volume. The system will be useless, and in fact it often make the basic rate for heating residential premises.

On the market today is a wide range of panels designed specifically for warm floors that says a certain mark. It is listed on the packaging and on the box, if you get more than 20 sq.m.

Marking also contains usable range. Typically, this is 27-28 degrees, but there may be other options.

The main parameter according to which the laminate is selected for floor heating, is the thermal conductivity. The higher the score, the better the surface will miss the warm and comfortable stay in the premises. According to the European standard topcoat coefficient should be not more than 0.15 m x K / Watt. This information can also be found on the packaging and on the instructions separately.

To determine thermal conduction coefficient of the actual total counted floor heating and the substrate. For example, if the laminate coefficient value is 0.051 m x K / W, and the substrate -0.049 m x K / W, the obtained consolidated at addition rate 0.1 m x K / W, which corresponds to the standard standards and can be used for laying on the heated surface.

The choice of allowing for the heating

Each system requires certain parameters. In particular, it is about the water, and electric infrared heating method, according to which the need to select a particular type of floor material.

Today, this space heating option is very popular. In the selection of this material should be very careful. Laminate tiles should have a high-quality protective coating, as well as increased density.

Apart from the fact that in the process there are changes in temperature, the condensate can affect the quality of the material, causing it to begin to change their linear dimensions. It is also necessary to take into account the risk of an accident - if the pipes burst and flood the laminate, after drying, high-quality product should return to the original shape.

Thus, the laminate under water underfloor heating should meet the following basic requirements:

  • durability class must not be less than 33-34;
  • Strap thickness of not less than 8 mm - if you choose a thinner material, it is likely that over time it will begin to deform;
  • laminate under radiant floor should be moisture-proof and waterproof.

For the water system is better to choose a ceramic tile, resistance to any moisture concentration.

Infrared heating film

Due to the nature of the thermostatic material laminate for IPO should be selected according to the following characteristics:

  • durability class is not less than 33-34;
  • Strap thickness not exceeding 8.5 mm - if the selected material of greater thickness, i.e. the probability that the heating efficiency of the film will be lowered;
  • Obligatory presence of labeling for the IPO.

Panel for such an option must also meet a number of requirements. As in the above two embodiments, the label must present appropriate signs, which permit the use of the selected material on the heated surfaces. When choosing a laminate for an electric floor heating important following characteristics:

  • durability class is not less than 33-34;
  • Strap thickness not exceeding 8.5 mm - if the selected material of greater thickness, i.e. the probability that the heating efficiency of the film will be lowered;
  • mandatory presence of labeling for electric heating;
  • environmental Safety.

Selection of the premises intended

Modern heating floor systems are quite diverse. At their installation increases the heat transfer area and the room in a short time the temperature rises to predetermined parameters. In contrast to the radiator, which by convection forces the warm air from the window and gradually deep into the space, the heated floors quickly heated air at the same time throughout the room.

In addition, the lack of radiators and other large heating devices can increase the useful area of ​​the room and consider the interior has to change Dimensions.

Of course, considerable importance is where it will be laid laminate under heated floors, respectively, will vary and coverage requirements.

Kitchen space - the meeting place the whole family at least twice a day, but also a place of constant cleaning. Most housewives to get rid of debris and dust in the kitchen, prefer to do wet cleaning. And since in this room cleaning activities are carried out with noticeable regularity, it is best to give preference to moisture-proof laminate, which is specially coated with water-repellent composition, as evidenced by the corresponding marking on the package.

During the installation of laminate plates in the kitchen, you need to make sure that the joints between the panels are carefully treated with special sealants. The most suitable one for kitchen facilities will use the laminate 33 class, which has the necessary characteristics for stacking in this type of rooms. Since these plates have a low thermal conductivity performance, thanks to the installation of the system "warm floor" in the cement-sand screed, you will be able to achieve a good heat transfer.

toilet room - toilet and bathroom

Today, many people are insulated floor toilets and bathrooms using underfloor heating systems. Choosing the material, you need to pay attention to the label, according to which it can be used in rooms with high humidity and warm floors. In addition, the package must necessarily be present data on the stability of the material to mechanical damage, abrasion and the coefficient of thermal conductivity.

In order not to ruin the floor and thus to achieve comfortable conditions on the heating system "warm floors", it is recommended to observe the temperature conditions not exceeding the mark 2&9deg;C. For a more accurate adjustment it is necessary to use a sensor showing details of the heating of the coating.

Bedroom, hall and children

For the arrangement of such rooms experts recommend to use materials with a matt surface, which have excellent sound absorption and antistatic properties, the high moisture resistance and the presence of a special protective layer against fire.

As a rule, for bedrooms, hallways and children as a source of heat is better to choose aluminum mats with the heating cables. As for the floor covering in such premises, in this case the suitable material 21, 22 class.

Choosing laminate for underfloor heating, the price of which depends on the configuration of the material, its properties and color, you must take into account not only the performance but also the visual appeal. So, for the rooms, decorated in a classic style, it is best to use a panel of mahogany, oak or beech, that will give the room cost and solidity. But the rooms are designed in a modern style, it is best to complement the flooring that mimics tile, stone or metal.

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  • What is the best laminate for underfloor heating - we choose the best material

    Laminate flooring - this is one of the most popular floor coverings in the world and the CIS countries in particular. In this article we will focus on what is best for laminate floor heating and, what are the characteristics of the combination of coatings with a heating system.

    Today we know more than one kind of laminate flooring. For laying over underfloor heating systems do not fit each of these species. The easiest laminate really is good, because the performance of this material is very high, but as regards heating, the flooring will be ineffective.

    The reason is the low thermal conductivity of conventional laminated panels. Accordingly, the use of a simple laminate as a heated coating will have to give, or the floors will always be cold or have to constantly use the heating system at full capacity.

    Most of the world's producers made sure to get a high-quality laminate that is compatible with the space heating system. This results in a number of products, which are marked the special marking.

    Also, the package manufacturer indicates the maximum temperature to which the material can be reheated and introduced into the documentation information about compatible with coating systems of heating: electrical, infrared or radiant floor heating.

    If the laminate was purchased in compliance with the optimum parameters, the heating performance of the system will be at a high level, as created by the thermal energy will pass through the floor, warming the air as much as possible.

    Thermal resistance of floor coverings

    You do not need to find a simple laminate that will have suitable markings on the package, but also consider the coating on such parameter as the thermal resistance coefficient (TCC). With an increase in this parameter rise and heat-insulating properties of the material (read: "What insulating materials to select for sex").

    In Europe, the optimal value of the TCC when laying over underfloor heating system - no more than 0.15 kWh per square meter. This value applies to a substrate under flooring laminate. Final CCC - a combination of the above indicators: for the coating and the substrate.

    The level of resistance to thermal laminate is formed by its basic parameters: thickness and density. Naturally, the maximum warming up will be provided to that will decrease the values ​​of these parameters.

    Use with a high value coating CCC fraught overheating of the substrate and the coating, and can also be incapacitated heating circuit heating system. Accordingly, the TCC count is very important before the purchase of materials.

    Classification of the laminate for any type of floor heating systems

    It is important to take into account the class purchased by laminate heating system. In any case, the flooring is subjected to load, but it is a regular heating of the material, which is comparable with extreme loads.

    It is best to purchase laminate 32 class. Features choice of cover under a certain kind of underfloor heating systems are presented below. It should be noted that the laminate is marked on the packaging of the compatibility with underfloor heating uniquely high-end.

    Laminate for water underfloor heating

    floor heating system, water heating circuit is very appreciated among the owners of private houses. Laminate under such a system should be chosen carefully. If the owner thinks, what to choose laminate flooring for a warm water floor, then he should take account of a number of requirements for this coverage.

    Of course, the laminate must be very tight with an effective and reliable protective layer. The problem in such coating rather complicated: withstand temperature variations arising due to the constant heating and cooling, and high humidity inherent in a water floor heating system. Properly selected laminate will not lose its effectiveness even after several years of operation.

    Based on the foregoing, it creates a list of criteria to the laminate are combined with underfloor heating:

    • joints between laminated panels must be treated with sealant. When you purchase this criterion could be decisive in the choice of high quality laminate with a wax treatment ends of the board, as an alternative treatment of sealant during installation;
    • very important that the manufacturer of the marking was installed to enable the use coatings in conjunction with heated water;
    • class wear resistance should be at least 33-34;
    • the thickness of the laminated strips is selected from 8 millimeters to protect them from possible deformation under strong heating;
    • the material must be protected from humidity and direct contact with the liquid.

    The maximum permissible heating laminate panels can not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. It is desirable to avoid the limits and maintain the bar temperature at a value of 27 degrees Celsius. See also: "Is it possible to lay the water warm floor under the laminate and how best to do that."

    Temperature control can be performed by adjusting the heating capacity of the system by means of a thermostat and a special controller. Continuous operating temperatures exceeding the allowable deformation fraught laminated boards and release of harmful substances to the human body - formaldehyde.

    Laminate film under an infrared heat-insulated floor

    Infrared technology underfloor heating has a number of advantages. For example, the heating takes place with not very much power, but excellent heat dissipation. Because as heating, the system of floor heating is very suitable for the laminate.

    To determine which laminate is suitable for underfloor heating, it is necessary to make a choice on the following criteria:

    • resistance to wear of the 33rd or 34th class;
    • panel thickness should be not less than 0.85 cm;
    • just as is the case with the previous kind of underfloor heating should be marked that the installation can be carried out over the infrared heat-insulated floor (read as: "How to style Infrared warm floor under laminate - Installation Instructions").

    Perhaps this kind of floor heating can be called even the most aesthetic. Its functional parts do not stick out from under the floor covering, by analogy with the pipes of the heating circuit or wiring of the electrical system. The photo and visual inspection can not imagine that the floors are heated from below. See also: "How to make underfloor heating for laminate - step by step guide."

    Laminate on the electric floor heating

    The efficiency of electric heating elements for heating of floors is not worse than that of infrared film. Again, when choosing a laminate should pay attention to the labeling of specific species, to determine the possibility of laying on top of the electrical system of underfloor heating.

    Also very important are the following features:

    • improved thermal conductivity laminate for floor heating with energokabelem;
    • high resistance to abrasion during the operation;
    • ecological purity used in the production of the material;
    • excellent strength characteristics against mechanical impact.

    Laminate with integrated heating

    Many business owners are afraid to merge laminate flooring with heating system, because for them, manufacturers have developed a unique option - a laminate coating, a modified heating system ALLOC Heating System.

    In the domestic construction market similar to the coating appeared recently and has not yet gained such a demand in European countries. Heating elements are arranged in the thickness of the laminated pane, and because the coating is not heated, and once the mass of air over it, which increases system efficiency. Heat losses in this arrangement are reduced by nearly a third.

    It has the following characteristics of the laminate:

    • cheaper material over a third compared to the cost of the electric floor heating and a suitable laminate together;
    • audio power laminated strips is 60 watts per square meter;
    • laying can be performed with alternating laminate type, which will create a room separate areas with heating and without it;
    • after turning off the system air warming continues for 10 minutes, which saves a lot of electricity, if properly set up and the thermostat controls to automatically monitor the performance of underfloor heating.

    Do not think that this coating does not have the variety in terms of design. production intensity increases with each passing day, and then to make cutting-edge flooring, which will be an original look at the photos and visual inspection, is not difficult.

    The apartment is as it should be divided into several zones:

    • bedrooms;
    • kitchen block;
    • office;
    • corridor;
    • Sanitaryware and balcony, as the areas with the most severe operating conditions of the floor covering.

    For each particular room should be chosen laminate on a number of criteria, which may coincide with those that have been identified for the heating system, but can complement it.

    The load on the floors in the kitchen limits, because the average family, this part of the house constantly is occupied by one or more tenants. Features of their activities such that the floor is always something falls, drips, smear it and is impregnated with various substances.

    Do not forget about the high humidity and direct contact with the liquid. Based on the foregoing, it is necessary to select the material of 32-33 grade. It has low thermal conductivity, but the quality of the water heating system laid a certain power warms the room very well (also read: "How to choose a quality laminate for the apartment").

    These rooms are probably the most popular in the issue of placing the heated flooring. The reason is that the temperature therein is sharply reduced due to high humidity in both open and air access in the case of a balcony.

    In fact it is necessary to maintain the temperature at least 28 degrees Celsius for the normal use of these parts of the house. Can control the temperature by a thermostat and controls which will also be further protected from excessive heating of the laminate.

    Directly to the laminate when it is selected for placement in these parts of the house, you must set the following requirements:

    • vlagoottalkivayuschey binding layer;
    • high quality of the surface protection layer;
    • processed sealant joints.

    Normally, all this corresponds to a laminate of 32-33-graders.

    The most suitable laminate for these facilities is one that has a matte surface.

    Also, it must meet a number of requirements:

    • a high degree of sound absorption;
    • antistatic effect;
    • resistance to moisture;
    • increased fire protection.

    Typically a coating 21-22 grade. In use electric mats or film as infrared heating. Installation of the system can not be laid on high-strength tie because It will be enough thin finishing layer, which will eliminate any irregularities.

    A very important part of the laminated coating is a method of securing the panels together. To date, there are two ways: the castle and the adhesive. For underfloor heating system is suitable only with keyhole mounts, since the adhesive can not be heated.

    There are two main types of locks:

    1. Click - a complex compound with additional elements which improve the fixation of the panels.
    2. Lock - a simple system lock tongue and groove.

    A more reliable connection is Click. Its increased strength to protect the joints of panels from deformation when the temperature changes and high mechanical load. And to lay a laminate with such a compound can not the smoothest surface.

    The article describes the process of selecting the laminate is compatible with floor heating system. Do not forget that not only determines the efficiency of the coating heated floors, but also other elements: that is the heating system, the substrate, etc. If selected during installation of laminate and heating systems there are difficulties, you can always refer to specialists, which will save time, energy and money to the customer by doing quality work.

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