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Interior features Baroque

The Baroque style came to us from the French 16th century. Of course, for all the years of its existence it has undergone a lot of changes, but the main feature of the style remains there to this day. Baroque interior - is a luxury, royal majesty and fascinating elegance. Wherever you have implemented barokkanskuyu style, whether it's a private house or flat plain, it will give the room a unique look. To design your interior was intact and the main answer to set the style, it is very important to know all the characteristic features of baroque style in modern interior.

Features of the Baroque style make it absolutely recognizable. If you take into account all its specific characteristics, then you will create a design that with nothing can not be confused:

  1. Curvilinear forms should be read in all. Even if you install decorative columns, even they must be twisted.
  2. Symmetry - an important feature. It is inherent in almost all historical styles, and Baroque - is no exception.
  3. As the room decor not use stucco. Particularly well it fits into the interior, if it is supplemented with gold.
  4. Fireplace - is another indispensable element of the Baroque. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still treat yourself to a fireplace, because almost no modern electric variants differ from the real. Ideal embodiment of the fabric for the fireplace - marble.
  5. If your interior has a staircase - make it the center of the composition. The Baroque staircase - it is not just a functional necessity, it is literally a work of art, which elegantly decorate.
  6. Use in the interior frescoes. And the more it will be bright and large elements, the better.
  7. Room have to be decorated with fabric, and it does not matter, it is a living room, a bedroom or office. Fabric - this is an important characteristic of this style.
  8. As for the patterns in the Baroque, they have ornate character.

Baroque style in the interior suggests the use of a specific color palette. Here are three main groups of colors characteristic of this style:

  1. Warm light colors such as white, camel, caramel, cream, beige, and the like.
  2. Various cold tone silver with a note.
  3. Dark and rich colors - burgundy, blue, chocolate, mustard.

Interior design in the style of the Baroque is not afraid to play with contrasts.

The white walls and dark furniture - a wonderful combination. In addition, sufficient attention should be paid to the lighting, because without it one shade will not look the way you want. Thus, the lighting should be spectacular, in a sense, even pompous. Walls should be decorated with unusual wall lamps, around the room, you can arrange the lamps on the carved legs, well, light center of the composition should be a magnificent crystal chandelier, which will only emphasize the elegance of your design.

Traditionally baroque walls were covered with marble and gold, sometimes used for this purpose wooden panels or stretched fabric. The most important thing in choosing the material - is to convey its natural natural texture. A modern interpretation of the style allows you to finish the walls with Venetian plaster, or wallpaper typical of this style. Modern construction market offers a wide selection of all kinds of wallpaper in the Baroque style.

In any case, whatever option wall covering or imagined your design, it is important to take into account such nuance as horizontal partitioning wall, that is, the separation of the surface with the help of additional brackets. For these purposes, it makes sense to use molding. Try to lay its edge LED backlighting, and you will achieve a fantastic effect: the ceiling will seem much higher, but for this style is a very important factor.

Design ceiling suggests two options: expensive and the budget. The first option - it is the traditional painted ceiling frescoes. This painting is done by hand and reminds painted church ceilings. In addition, the fresco can be supplemented with elaborate moldings. As for the second option, it is not only cheaper, but also much easier to execute. This digital mural on non-woven backing. These murals are glued like most ordinary wallpaper, so you will be able to cope with the gluing process on their own. As for the appearance of digital frescos, the naked eye will never tell them apart from the real hand painted.

And finally, the floor. If you want to create the perfect baroque style in the interior, the floor you will have to pay a lot of attention, because it is a very important part of style, just her business card. It is important that the floor was, firstly, contrast, and secondly, made of expensive materials. Here are a few options for the implementation of such a floor in the room: a chess board made of marble tiles, ceramic tiles with an unusual pattern, stone mosaic, artistic parquet. However, there is a more modern version - a contrast self-leveling floor.

Room Baroque should be filled with bright furniture upholstery, fringed, twisted legs. For all tables are characterized by polished surfaces covered with gold paint or decorated with mosaics. Of great importance in the interior of the living room are sofas. With their help, the main room of the house becomes the present palace greatness. Originally will look at the design of non-standard sofas, sofas and unusual shapes, with soft flowing lines. The best option of the sofa upholstery - expensive fabric stripes.

Center bedroom interior - luxury massive bed made of precious wood (ideally - mahogany). Complement the interior of a bedroom will help charming bedside tables, dressing table with massive carved caskets, bronze candlesticks.

The use of textiles in the interior

As we mentioned above, an important feature of Baroque interior - an abundance of all kinds of textile design. Of course, you can not use any cloth for this purpose. The skin in this case is considered a sign of bad taste. It is very important that the fabrics were natural. Permissible presence of all kinds of exquisite patterns on fabrics. And, of course, it is important that textiles in common with other home furnishings such as sofa and curtains can be made in any color. In general, for interior design you can use any expensive fabrics: velvet, satin, silk, brocade and other. Here are a few examples of the use of textiles in the interior:

  1. Luxury lush curtains, decorated with bows and ruffles.
  2. In the bedroom - a canopy over the bed.
  3. For decoration of windows and doors - natural materials (colored marble, onyx, malachite, tortoise shell) fabric, which mimic.
  4. Cushions and cushions in the living room.
  5. Unusual fabric wallpaper for the walls.

Luxury bedroom in baroque style (40 photos)

Hello dear readers! Chic style of the Baroque is popular precisely because of its luxury, pathos and frills. The interior is decorated in a direction necessarily complemented by beautiful furniture with wood carvings, smooth lines and shapes. Most often found in baroque interior living rooms or bedrooms. Of note is the fact that the bedroom in the Baroque style, despite his pathetic appearance, looks very comfortable in this room definitely want to spend time.

Looking to create a home atmosphere inherent in the era of the palace, then look at the interior of baroque style.

What is the Baroque style.

This style emerged in Italy in the 16th century, its main purpose to show all the luxury of its design. Is inherent in wall paintings, frescoes, marble, gilding, carving, stucco work. All furniture is made in a classic style, and is a true work of art, it is decorated with carvings, gold leaf and upholstered in plush, rich fabrics. This style is characterized by the use of:

  • gilding;
  • figurines;
  • Mirrors in massive frames;
  • Paintings in gilt frames;
  • Chairs with carved legs;
  • Massive furniture;
  • Expensive porters at the windows;
  • Chic textiles (blankets, bedspreads, cushions, canopy).

Internationally known manifestations of the Baroque style in the interior can be considered architectural structures such as Versailles, Luxembourg Palace, Chateau Baroque castle, Peterhof, the Catherine Palace, etc.

Baroque bedroom photo.

Better to the walls were still a few tones, highlighting areas of moldings and panels. Shades can be pastel or saturated, more often choose a combined variation when the pastel palette of vivid colors complemented effectively. Encouraged the use of decorative borders with elements of stucco, and can safely apply the technique of plaster and textile wallpaper. No less impressive look frescoes and wall paintings. Also, the walls can be supplemented with half-columns, moldings and pilasters different. The floor can be covered with a nice shiny tile or parquet. The ceiling is better to make a multi-level with the obligatory presence of stucco.

The emphasis in the interior is created in the bed, so her choice should be approached with great responsibility. The bed should be large, massive with a spectacular headboard, decorated with carvings, wrought, gilded or upholstery velvet. The bed should be placed elegant tables, with gold-plated legs and arms. You also can not forget the dressing table, wardrobe and chest of drawers, all furniture must conform to the bed, to be as chic, expensive and bright.

these decorative items you can pick up in the bedroom style inherent consideration:

  1. Floor vases;
  2. Paintings and mirrors in massive frames;
  3. Chandelier with forged elements and crystal;
  4. Wall sconces with crystal and wrought;
  5. Boxes, chests;
  6. Candlesticks and candelabra wall;
  7. Bronze or gold-plated statues.

Windows must decorate luxurious curtains with blackout curtains and an elegant lambrequins. They can be self-colored, with embroidery and floral prints. Over the bed canopy can be present, for its drapery fabric must conform to the window or tulle curtains. Bedspread and decorative pillows for the bed must be combined in tone curtains and canopy. On the floor, the carpet may be present with gold embroidery. For curtains and bedspreads are welcome to use the following materials: velvet, brocade, silk.

Secrets of the Baroque style:

Bedroom baroque interior is the epitome of inherent castles or palaces of the past centuries, so if you want to recreate the house special chic palace atmosphere, this style will be very helpful.

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For these bedrooms have to be, but palace vanities awesome beautiful!

These interiors are only for the king's chambers, or for larger homes. Pomp and solemnity in all. Indicative luxury.) I really like this style. Among such furniture is hard not to feel like a royal personages. Circle only beauty.

For me personally, this style is the best, everyone is really on the royally chic!

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    Baroque style in the interior

    Baroque style in the interior - it is a palace style, characterized by - pomposity, pretentiousness, luxury and grandeur that is reflected in everything: room, interior, manner of their performance and color. This style is intended to emphasize the greatness and passion for the luxury of the owner.

    Photo: baroque interior

    Baroque style in the interior today is mainly used in the design of hotels, restaurants and boutiques. However, today more and more often it is used for decoration of the living space. Ability to create elaborately decorated space in the Baroque style is attractive to people seeking luxury and frills in the design of their apartments in a private country house. However, even the large apartment, which made gorgeous repair, will not be able to provide much space for the Baroque style in the appropriate form.

    Photo: baroque interior

    Baroque - is an ideal, well thought out in every detail, completed the composition of each room, whether it's a bedroom, living room or kitchen in the Baroque style. That is why you must pay particular attention to the presence of accessories, a combination thereof, so as not to turn the interior into an exhibition or a museum.

    Especially spectacular and lush colors should be. It is preferably those shades like burgundy, red, emerald green, golden color, in combination with white, silver, sand. Presence in the interior of the room a plurality of elements in the design of a gold and silver - the main features of the Baroque style.

    Features interior work and renovation in the Baroque style

    Repair and decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling of the room in the Baroque style, should be a single ensemble, combining harmoniously with each other. It can be a gloss gilding the cold marble, wallpaper and tapestries with religious and historical scenes. When decorating the walls, made to carry out zoning of the area to the main room and the ground, avoiding the use of regular geometric shapes. Typically, this oval shape, decorated with stucco, with typical ornate lines.

    In the photo: the ceiling in the Baroque style

    The ceiling is always artfully decorated with stucco and decorative painting, murals depicting biblical scenes that require long repair. Given the fact that the ceiling is a continuation of the walls is necessary to sustain the basic direction of their finish in the choice of materials. Giving the ceiling or convex curvature, will give a special charm to the room, if it will allow the height of the ceilings, which must be provided at the stage when the repair is done.

    In the photo: the interior in the Baroque style, with marble floors

    When placing the floor, parquet or conventionally used marble, texture and color are strictly harmony with the overall design of the walls and the ceiling.

    finishing materials are also strictly expensive: silk wallpaper, precious metals, precious woods and marble. Traditional furniture Baroque: chairs, sofas, seats and other upholstered in rich fabrics and framed fringe. Widely used wall decoration carved wood, precious tapestries, paintings by talented artists. Also widely used fabric such as brocades, satin, velvet design curtains, blankets and pillows. Pillows and bedspreads with numerous folds and edged fringed curtains decorated with exquisite lambrequins, tassels and pendants.

    Interior features Baroque

    Design Baroque - is a game of shadows, lush majestic form complex contours of the elements and the abundance of mirrors. Pompous luxury, highlighted indicating the extraordinary, a mixture of illusion and reality are the author's style of design techniques.

    Photo: Interior in the baroque with luxury furnishings

    Prominent features of furniture are its beauty and elegance. Every product - a work of art, with graceful curving lines, high-backed, bulky size. Not exactly convenient, but always majestic, massive. Sofas, by its design, reminiscent of chairs stacked together, their legs bent. tables, tabletops decorated with mosaics, colored stones, mother of pearl. Carving, massive, decorative trim mosaic made of fine wood and precious metals, gives furniture a luxury palace.

    In the photo: Living in the Baroque style

    living room design in the Baroque style to its full realization, requires a lot of space. Living in the Baroque style makes suite: a few pieces of furniture, in harmony with each other. Butterfly wardrobe, chest of drawers, sofas and chairs are massive, up to the limit saturated parts, upholstered in rich fabrics. The room is also necessary to have accessories: vases, figurines, mirrors in gilt frame. Carpets on the floor - a suitable supplement to the interior, it is mostly fabric lint-free products.

    In the photo: the bedroom in the Baroque style

    Bedroom design in the Baroque style issue will not be difficult. The main emphasis on the bed - an important element in the interior of the palace. It sure is massive, with luxurious pillows, the presence of the canopy and different hangings. In the interior of a bedroom in the Baroque style is necessarily present bedside cabinet, make-up table with a large mirror in a baguette frame, benches and ottomans with curved legs. Be sure the headset in the Baroque style bedrooms presence of large roomy closets and dressers. All furniture is made of fine wood, with lots of carved ornaments.

    Bedroom in the Baroque will be the likeness of the wonderful pearls: elegant, luxurious, emphasizing the splendor and elegance of the apartments. The bedroom in the Baroque style, as a rule, always connected to the bathroom by a narrow corridor.

    Photo: Baroque curtains

    Blinds in the interior of the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen Baroque, performed strictly from expensive fabrics: brocade, velvet, satin and silk. The tone to the overall design of the environment, they are embroidered with gold thread, lurex. The presence of lush pelmet - a mandatory attribute of their execution, especially ornaments, rich applications. And doorways and draped in the same style.

    Photo: bathroom in the Baroque style

    Bathroom baroque different scale and solemnity interior, necessarily contains a large amount of furniture with painted surfaces. Mirrors with large painted frame, covered with gold leaf, a lot of accessories, is present in the interior of the bathroom.

    The kitchen is in the Baroque style to create a sophisticated atmosphere of the room, where necessarily arranged cupboards, wall cabinets with glass doors, a large dining table with stone countertops, massive chests and cabinets. Work surfaces made of stone or marble. The whole kitchen furniture in the Baroque style is selected in the kits and headsets. The undoubted attributes cuisine in the Baroque style - is:

    • chandeliers with gold;
    • large wall clock with a pendulum;
    • family silver sets with piping;
    • stone sculptures, porcelain figurines;
    • painted vases made of metal and porcelain;
    • paintings, murals, tapestries.

    Kitchen Baroque in all its interior, glamor and gloss, is intended to emphasize the owners of status.

    In the photo: the kitchen Baroque

    Baroque kitchen does not include in its interior the presence of technology, in this connection, all the techniques successfully disguised as furniture, it is necessary to provide a modern design even on the stage of repair. The ideal option would be a built-in appliances, which is convenient to hide under the furniture fronts.

    Kitchen lighting Baroque muted, so be sure to use a multi-level lighting, bright in the work area, and spotlights in the zone of the dining table.

    Especially lighting and textiles in the Baroque style

    The Baroque style, realized in large spaces, respectively, assumes the presence of large windows with enough bright light. As well as having a large number of mirrors as a key style factor that create more light and visually increase the space.

    To make the old interior luxury of artificial lighting lamps frequently used in the form of a candle flame, framed in fine candlesticks of silver or wrought metal. In addition, massive crystal chandeliers also give special charm to the interior. Besides all this, one must have a zonal lighting of the room. For these purposes, use sparkling wall sconces and floor lamps with carved legs.

    Photo: Interior in the baroque with a massive chandelier

    The embodiment of the true baroque style in modern interior, especially if it is an apartment, unimaginable. You can perform repairs and interior design with the use of some of its elements. Modern apartment, no matter how large it may be, will be unable to accommodate all the baroque interior. In this case, it can be formalized in a style only one of the rooms, such as the interior of a bedroom or kitchen in the Baroque style.

    Baroque in the interior - it's very expensive, requiring special scope and, therefore, repair, which requires a long time. Therefore, in its pure form it is used less frequently, but some of its elements combine in a loft, high-tech, even if it is flat. For example, it can only be a kitchen design in the Baroque style, where every housewife will feel like a queen.

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