Lamps for suspended ceilings

You do not know what light bulbs are suitable for a stretch ceiling? We will solve this problem!

Lighting has always played an important role in every room, as any interior without them is incomplete. Different lighting devices can be added as a refinement in the interior of the house, and spoil him with his tasteless. Therefore, choose type of lighting and lighting need, given the characteristics of concrete ceiling to suit the technical characteristics, as well as beneficial to emphasize the beauty of the room and create the right lighting.

Types of possible lighting for homes with stretch ceiling

  • Hanging chandeliers - can be used without any restrictions because of their diffusers are located at a safe distance from the ceiling paintings, so in no way can not affect it.

To stretch ceiling with a glossy surface is selected special chandeliers

Classic ceiling with a chandelier

Chandeliers at the suspended ceiling

Photo bathroom lighting spotlights

Ceiling lights spots in Stretch Ceilings

Suspended ceiling with LED backlight

General requirements for ceiling lights

  1. The number of the lighting units is calculated from this condition: q 2. m. stretch ceiling need one lamp.
  2. For a stretch ceiling is best to use a combination coverage with the location of the main chandelier in the center of the room, combining it with lighting around the perimeter.
  3. Fixtures should allocate moderate

LED energy-saving lamps Hanging lamps for ceilings ECOLA GX-53

the amount of heat to the ceiling film does not start to deform. film producers for ceilings indicate allowable temperature for it - +60 ° C. If the lamps in the lamp are heated to temperatures above 60 degrees, the web may stretch and begin to sag with time. When the temperature is more than 100 ° C Effects of the web begins to give off noxious substances. That is, from the above it can be concluded that the lighting fixtures in the stretch ceilings are to be used a minimum of heat lamps, but the maximum energy efficiency. If the blinking LED lamp, you need to replace it.

  • To protect from overheating tensioning the canvas in the opening under the lights need to install insulating ring.
  • Do not place close to the canvas PVC light sources, they can provoke him stretching or fading.
  • To enhance the tension ceiling lighting with a glossy surface is better to use ceiling lights with lamps directed upward to the ceiling, to a mirror surface was able to reflect light with double the power and dissipate it through the room softly. A matte surfaces for ceilings better to choose a lamp with directional lamps down as canvas matte can absorb light, and it would seem sufficient.
  • Light bulbs for home stretch ceiling

    There are four options for light bulbs at home, which can be used in areas with stretch ceilings under certain conditions.

    1. incandescent Light Bulbs - the cheapest form of lamps with a huge selection of power, color, size and shape. The main drawback of these lamps - low efficiency - 5%, and the rest of the power consumed by the lamp, goes into heating the surrounding space, i.e. a high separation heat. Therefore, the ceiling luminaires suspended ceilings can be used incandescent lamps up to 60 watts.

    Lamp «Philips» Halogen, spot 12V, 20W

    Hanging lamps for ceilings with energy-saving lamp. Housing color black satin

    What better lighting for suspended ceilings: tips on choosing

    By choosing a suitable lighting should be carefully, because of the lighting quality will depend on the overall atmosphere in the room to be a very responsible approach to the issue of the choice of lighting for suspended ceilings. Too powerful lamps can ruin the blade, which is under the influence of extreme heat will lose its elasticity and appearance. To determine which lighting is best for stretch ceiling, it should be noted the main features of the room: the size and height of the base plate to the web. And also consider the personal preferences and styling room.

    What lamps are suitable for ceilings: fastenings

    There is a misconception that the suspended ceiling installation requires only a small light sources. In fact, habitual voluminous chandeliers can also be used for room lighting.

    But do not choose too large structures, as well as the lights in the form of plates. In the latter case is a risk of damage of the surface tension of the high temperature and low air circulation, which occur due to a snug fit to the blade housing.

    Decorate a room can not only spotlights but also bulky bulbs that will look great on a tension ceiling

    Suitable stretch ceiling lamps differ in the method of mounting:

    • False. This option involves mounting the light source for special overhead rings, which are installed on the canvas after the AC input.
    • Embedded. Small lamps that do not attract attention and practically merge with the ceiling. Are set by a spring mounting, which allows you to press tightly against the light source to the web.
    • Suspended. All kinds of chandeliers, which by means of special fasteners are hung at the main mounted ceiling plate hook. This is the easiest way for massive models will require the construction of more complex designs.

    Overhead lights - the cheapest and easy to install. They use light bulbs with a small capacity, because because of the design features of the distance between the ceiling plate and the web is too low. Therefore, the overhead lights are installed as additional lighting, as assembling too bright light source will lead to deterioration of the material. Recessed lighting also requires a large distance between the door and the ceiling, and, hence, the bulbs can be used powerful. Therefore, they often serve as the main lighting.

    Which lamp for suspended ceilings use best

    Traditional incandescent light bulbs in the stretch ceilings are not used because of the tendency to overheat and the great depth of embedding.

    For a stretch ceiling is best to use lamps that virtually no heat and do not spoil the ceiling surface

    Most often, these light sources are used, which are limited in power:

    • LED (40 W);
    • Energy Saving (45W);
    • Halogen (35 W).

    The ideal lamp for suspended ceiling is LED, which is practically not heated and will not spoil the fabric.

    LED light bulb placed in a low areas as the required height between the base and suspended ceilings equal to 5 cm. Differ pleasing to the eye with natural light. The cost of this type of light bulbs is slightly higher, but this is offset by lower energy costs and longer service life. In addition, LEDs have several options for the cap. This allows you to choose the light without fear that the lamp would be inappropriate for him.

    LED lamps for suspended ceilings: how best to choose

    LED lamp capable of providing uninterrupted flow of light of different colors, which does not tire the eyes and does not impair vision. They should choose, based on personal preferences and your needs.

    The LED lamps with internal lighting can be chosen as lighting

    All LEDs can be divided into 2 groups:

    • With an internal arrangement of lamps;
    • With lamps located outside the housing.

    Lamps with external position lamps are the best basic lighting for suspended ceilings. Economical and safe, they are helping to get the scattered beam of light, pleasant to the human eye.

    Lamps with embedded lights emit directional light flow. Therefore, this type of LEDs used to illuminate a certain area in the room, as well as for zoning premises.

    Hanging lamps for ceilings: how to choose LED strips

    LED strip - ergonomic type lighting, which is a strip with electrical conductors on one side and an adhesive surface - on the other. It can be used as the basic and the additional light source.

    Beautifully and stylishly decorate the ceiling, you can use the LED Tape

    LED strip lighting ideal for rooms with high ceilings matte.

    Brightness of illumination is dependent on the number and size of LEDs disposed on the strip. Ceiling area is better to use 30 - 60 LEDs per meter with a glow of warm white. The brighter the light will "cut" the eye. In addition, the power supply will need high power, which is not so easy to disguise.

    Which is better in a tension ceiling: a chandelier or spotlights

    Select the type of the lamp will depend on personal preferences and characteristics to make out the premises. Chandeliers are perfect for general lighting a large room such as a living room or bedroom. Spot lights are needed in small rooms (kitchen or bathroom).

    lighting type should be selected, taking into account both the design of the ceiling and interior room

    To get sufficient light, it is important to correctly calculate the number of luminaires. Using halogen or LED bulbs, it is better to install one on every 1, 5 square. meter ceiling; saving - one for every 2 q. m.

    Spotlights can be used as a backlight of small areas, e.g., shelves in a dressing. Also installed along with the chandelier as an additional illumination.

    Spotlights for ceilings: how to choose a suitable light source

    Spot lights are very popular due to its low cost and ease of installation. A huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to choose the perfect option under the premise of any style and purpose.

    Many people prefer to opt for stretch ceiling spotlights, because they are high-quality and affordable

    Ceilings to last a long time, a selected spot light must meet certain requirements:

    • Operating temperature, which is unable to spoil the web (60 ⁰S);
    • bulb power should not be greater than 35 W;
    • The presence of the mirror to reflect light;
    • The absence of sharp edges that can damage the ceiling during installation.

    An interesting solution is to design a movable element, through which you can adjust the direction of light. This allows you to change the lamp lighting, select the necessary part of the room.

    Desirably, the point light source also had broad edging, which will hide the mounting structure.

    What lamps are suitable for ceilings: choose the perfect chandelier

    When choosing a chandelier for the stretch ceiling is necessary to take into account the texture of the fabric, the type of light bulbs used and characteristics of the premises. For a matt surface ideal lighting of the classical form, for glossy - unusual and intricate. They give a lot of bright glare on the ceiling chandeliers with open LED lights that can be placed directly below the web. These lights do not heat up and damage the coating will not cause.

    Correctly matched chandelier will make the interior of the room a stylish, bright and original

    Ideal for suspended ceilings can be considered as the chandelier, whose ceiling is almost completely cover the bulb. If the lamp is about stretched canvas, lamps generally do not advocate for lampshades edges.

    When using halogen lamps chandelier must be spaced at least 30 cm from the ceiling. The choice is made in favor of the lamp, ceiling which will be directed downward.

    Choose what is best for fixtures ceilings (video)

    The best lighting option for tensioning design, suitable for all the features of the room are the LED lamps that do not heat up and does not pose a risk to the ceiling. A can also be used as the basic and the additional light source, changing depending on the wishes of the owner of the apartment and placing emphasis in the interior.

    Light bulb in the lamp on the suspended ceiling: how to choose?

    You want to stretch ceiling served to you as long as possible and kept at the same attractive appearance? Then you should pay attention to the selection of ceiling lamps and light bulbs for them. Sophisticated lighting system will not only help create a cozy atmosphere in the house, but also extend the life of your repair.

    Any light bulb gets very hot during operation and heats all that comes into contact with it. Heat affects not only the ceiling lamps and lampshades, but also on the ceiling. Concrete slab is almost insensitive to this kind of influence, but for stretch ceiling, it can be deadly.

    Polyvinyl chloride, from which the majority is made of suspended ceilings, not tolerate high temperature. When strong heating it loses its elasticity and begins to deform. For irreversible destruction temperature sufficient to 110-120⁰S.

    Incorrectly chosen lamps for suspended ceilings can lead to irregularities, cracks, yellow stains on the cover. Furthermore, with prolonged heating of polyvinyl chloride extracts hydrogen chloride - odorous gas harmful to human health.

    Which bulbs and lamps are best suited for suspended ceilings?

    Experts recommend three types of light bulbs that are allowed to be installed in a suspended ceiling. This halogen, LED and energy-saving lamps. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    "Galogenki" presented on the market in great abundance of shapes and sizes. They give a bright and even light, consume five times less energy than incandescent bulbs and are used for several years. As a downlight type halogen lamps allow you to create not just a comfortable lighting to the desired angle, but also the original light compositions.

    However, for the installation of these lights, the distance between the tension blade and the plate should be at least 7 cm. Therefore, choosing the halogen lights, pay attention to the final height of the room.

    Lamps of this type are almost no heat during operation, which is certainly good for stretch ceiling. Unlike other types of bulbs do not provide illumination for the web and do not require much space for installation. They just only 2 cm between the floor slab ceilings. And, of course, the main advantage of energy-saving lamps - low electricity consumption. For this, they even can be forgiven of their high cost.

    The disadvantages of this type of bulbs include:

    • Sensitivity to humidity - use them in the bathroom is not recommended.
    • Also many annoying slow set of glow power - saving light bulbs immediately after turning on the lights dim, and gain full brightness after a while.
    • Luminous flux differs in hue from incandescent bulbs and can be a time annoying. But it is a matter of habit.

    Light bulbs based on light-emitting diodes can operate up to 50 000 hours, which is an absolute record for longevity. In addition, they are very economical. 12 watt diode lamp is easy to replace a 100-watt incandescent bulb. In this case, heat from it will be minimal.

    You can easily find in the sale of LED lamps for any type of ammunition, which will pick up the lamp, suitable for your interior without difficulty. "Svetodiodki" undemanding to the installation process, look carefully and give a uniform and sufficiently bright illumination of the natural spectrum. To stretch ceiling in a small room such lamps - the best option.

    Whatever type of bulbs you are listed here choose, there will be one common - their price is much higher than that of incandescent lamps. Of course, the one-time cost to them would be justified due to the long service life and safety of fabric covering. But what if you do not repair the budget allows you to purchase expensive light bulbs?

    Incandescent lamps for suspended ceilings

    Of all the light bulbs are best suited reflector lamp mignon. Experts advise model E-14 power of 40-60 watts. One such bulbs will be enough for the average illumination of 2-3 square meters of space. More than one bulb at a specified area is better not to place so as not to damage the fabric overheating.

    To achieve a comfortable brightness can be in this case. The main thing - to choose the model chandeliers with regard to the type of ceiling coatings. For glossy stretch ceiling is better to place the bulb so that the light output has gone up. Mirror surface will reflect the light, gently diffusing it across the room. When the matte surface, on the contrary, it is necessary to choose a chandelier with shades, directed downward. As minions recessed luminaires are ineffective.

    How to choose a chandelier for a stretch ceiling

    Most often, when installation of stretch fabrics use recessed lighting fixtures. But if you want to decorate a room hanging chandelier, it is best to buy it in advance. This will avoid the mounting pad fabric and lighting.

    When choosing a chandelier should focus not only on the type of ammunition and the interior of the room. Consider the design and fitting. Flat model with a tension ceiling it is better not to use - they become very hot themselves and have a thermal effect ceiling. Ideally the distance between the bulbs and the stretch ceiling should be at least 15 cm.

    If you want to buy a chandelier with shades, choose a model in which the light is directed vertically upward. For outdoor chandeliers, on the contrary, it is better to stop the election on the models where the lamps are directed downward or obliquely. Otherwise, on the surface of the ceiling will soon appear dark spots in the direction of light.

    Most often, the ceilings set out for the possibility to refuse the hanging chandeliers and make a comfortable spot light. What better bulb for lamps, built-in suspended ceiling? It all depends on which of the two types of fixtures you decide to purchase.

    Outside arrangement bulbs

    This is the best option for the stretch ceiling. The bulb is located below the ceiling coating in an open space, thereby quickly cooled. Itself suspended ceiling of the bulb is separated platform that acts as a protection cover. Thus, the lamps of this type have almost no influence on the durability of the canvas.

    When the outer bulb location you get a bright light in the room due to a larger dispersion angle. You can use any type of light bulb - and halogen, and LED. The main thing is that their capacity was less than 70 watts. And, best of all, this type of lighting does not require understate ceiling mounting.

    The internal arrangement of bulbs

    To stretch ceiling recommend them less and less. The reason is that the lamp is located above the ceiling cover, worse cooled and excessively heats termokoltsa lamp and ceiling itself. In addition, the installation of these fixtures is rather complicated. Carried out by inexperienced master, it can cause damage or even replacement of the ceiling paintings. Yes, and the suspended ceiling will have to drop at least 6 cm from the floor slab.

    Use of this type of alloy fixtures at unacceptably stretch ceiling, again due to their strong heating. Choose stamped patterns and enhances them with additional termokoltsami - lamp with canvas ceiling should not be in contact. Light bulb here and will not do anything. For incandescent lamps maximum power threshold - 60 watts for halogen - 35 watts.

    As you can see, the subtleties of the choice of lamps and fixtures for tension ceiling quite a lot. But if you can understand them, your ceiling will serve you for a long time and look great.

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