Landscape design, which will change your garden

See how you can add a new and exciting solutions to landscaping with stone. Decorative stone mulch can be applied both in the flower beds to deter the growth of weeds and retain moisture, and as modern techniques of landscape design to create a stylish and clear minimalist garden structure.

Bright bed with unpretentious landings, using the methods of gravel mulch in landscape design, makes an awkward plot near the entrance to the welcoming flower bed.

Add the charm of the garden path.

The simplest of the garden paths paving slabs become a completely different look next to a flower bed with white gravel mulch, beautiful homes line the walls of the envelope. In addition, the bed serves as a drain objectives by transferring moisture away from the house foundation.

Landscape design solves the problem area

Adding elements of stone in the landscaping of a garden site - this is another way to make it more varied texture and shape. Area in front of the house is below ground level, so mulching stone flower bed near the fence solve drainage problems.

Apply for welcoming entrance to the house.

You can learn some practical ideas from the photo above: a combination of different types of mulch (bark and stone) harmoniously united under a single style of rectangular and curved shapes, elegant solution for use in a color tone curb stone and mulch. All these methods of landscape design forms a stylish appearance.

Place bright accents in the garden.

Part of the area under the tree, stone mulch can become the main focus of your garden.

Make a spectacular flower garden in an uncomfortable stretch.

This stunning dry stream along the narrow paths around deaf fence - spectacular example of landscape making small efforts.

Combine stone of different colors.

The use of two contrasting types of mulch creates a striking effect for this beautiful flower garden around the house.

Undemanding plants planted homogeneous groups and decorated gravel mulch, create an interesting structure of the flower bed.

Pay attention to the difficult sections.

This portion, located on the slope by a gravel mulch decided not only by the problem of drainage higher neighbor section, but also unusual decorative element added to lawn, which increases the space visually.

Landscape design: the right choice of the type of stone.

The stones that you choose can set the overall style of your entire garden. Rounded river stones or sea pebbles form a cozy, warm style. White marble chips will help lighten the shadow areas. Flat stones are more relevant in the landscape garden, but it may seem out of place in the garden a formal style. black lava rocks are ideal for the modern minimalist garden. Pick the style that you like, because the life of a stone open-ended and it is important to choose the look that you will be happy with for many years.

How to use decorative mulch in landscaping.

Regardless of where the mulch is applied - on a bed, under a tree, a house wall, it carries the 5 main functions:

  1. Careful preservation of the soil structure.
  2. Preservation of soil moisture.
  3. Smoothing the soil temperature drops.
  4. The reflection of sunlight.
  5. Protection against weeds.

One of the main advantages of mulching - regulation of soil temperature.

Mulching helps to avoid overheating of the soil during the hot summer days, and can keep the temperature difference on cold nights.

This constancy of temperature is a key factor for a healthy and strong plant growth.

The choice of materials for mulch in landscape design is endless. Stone, bark, hay, pine needles, and even synthetic materials.

Mulch from the stone can be a good choice for mulching large landscape areas - which can include large and medium-sized ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs.

Such mulching make it easy to enter the water and do not require replacement.

It is important to remember that stone mulch eliminates weeding and soil enrichment.

Therefore correct Such mulch used in conjunction with a film protection against weeds and use plants that do not need a rich soil.

Landscaping. Mulching stone workshop

Let's see how the procedure works in decorative mulching stone in landscape design.

First, remove 5 cm of the soil, selecting roots. Please note that the original site we located on a slope.

Set garden profile in accordance with the contours of the flower beds, leveling the soil level at each level (as we've got four mini terraces on each level). At this stage the flower is good to add in 1-2 cm soil enrichment, which will power the plant for many years.

Pour in the sand beds and rammed it. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally damage the agrovoloknom that we placed on top of the sand.

Agrovoloknom lining, making it fit for the slots. For large plants makes an incision from the edge to the center, then form a hole. Presses the film at the ground metal clips (you can make your own in a U shape from a metal rod).

Let us dwell a bit on the color film - you it will depend on your climate. In landscape design uses about 7 main types of film, we will focus on white and black.

white good for hot climates because well it reflects sunlight and prevents burning due to overheating of the soil. For colder climates, such a film is not suitable, because under it warms up enough ground. Furthermore, it requires additional mulching above, since still does not completely eliminate sunlight access to the soil, which does not prevent the emergence of weeds.

black film effectively stops the growth of weeds, since fully absorb light. On the other hand, it is fast enough for the sun warms to 70 degrees, which can be the cause of the combustion plant.

The optimal option in the middle - black and white mulch will combine all the advantages of the previous two methods and has their flaws.

Fall asleep prepared beds stone layer thickness of 5 cm. Subject 7-8 cm from the base of the plant to stone mulch. Lined lawn.

Pour the flower bed as usual and enjoy his new project in landscape design.

Where to use stone mulch.

A favorite trick of modern landscapes - a combination of contrasting colors, such solutions provide an unexpected and striking result. And the best place for such flower beds - the main entrance, where they dazzle and enchant at first sight each of your guest.

Natural stone gives a new color, texture and shade of the Eastern contemplative style of your garden. But he did not for each area in your garden.

The use of stone - it is a long project, which does not involve changes in a long time.

In order to preserve the health of your plants, use this technique for landscaping perennial shrubs and ornamental grasses, and not for a gentle flower beds of annual flowers.

Also, consider your climate and position these elements of the landscape outside the zones of enhanced leaf fall, organic debris which can give a bed slovenly appearance.

But such a beautiful solution in the middle lane can be done, for example, conifer garden.

Landscaping. Mulching stone "FOR" and "AGAINST"

Mulching stone gives the area a modern look finished. But, on the one hand, like mulching does not enrich the soil; On the other hand, these solutions are durable and require little maintenance.

Mulching stone allows you to implement new solutions in spectacular landscaping. A variety of colors, shapes and sizes allows you to become a separate stone design element in your garden.

When installing a perimeter fence without stones can roll on lawns, paths, beds, causing significant inconvenience. Therefore guard rim should be slightly above the level of mulching.

Mulching smooths out the critical temperature peaks plant - stone absorbs heat during the to and slowly releases it at night. Stony mulching - is usually preservation of moderate soil moisture. In conjunction with agorovoloknom - is an effective barrier to weeds.

Stone may create obstacles to the breeding and development of plants. Moreover, when long-term use of stone in the flower bed, requires additional spraying plant bait.

Organic materials for mulching can be a real fire problem in the hot season, stone mulch solves this problem.

Beauty in landscape design - a purely objective fact that you like may not like the possible future of your home to the buyer. A dismantling of stone mulch matter-consuming and troublesome.

The use of mulch in landscaping your garden can provide him with a number of benefits, including the reduction of erosion and water loss, improving soil nutrition and a balanced temperature regime of the soil.

Different types of mulch differently solve these problems: river stones and gravel are often used to prevent the growth of weeds and are effective methods of landscape design, in addition, they help to keep moisture in the soil and require little or no maintenance, but they do not feed or insulates the soil in the same way as an ordinary organic mulch.

Landscape design suburban area - the best styles and beautiful ideas

Without a competent landscape design, at their summer cottage is difficult to achieve harmony. But this does not mean that it can handle only expensive design agency, you can manually create a landscaped terrain, keeping the style and practical tips. To transform the land hundreds of unrecognizable and subordinate nature of the art, it is necessary to appreciate the possibilities of natural resources. How to sew dresses for individual standards, and the idea of ​​landscape design suburban area need to cut out individually.

Landscape design suburban area with their hands

Where to begin landscaping the site with his own hands

Everything starts with an idea, planning and smart design. In suburban landscaping to modify existing or create new natural systems use components of animate and inanimate nature. Unlike agriculture landscaping garden aims to create harmony and beauty in the area, rather than ensuring human food.

Coming up with your garden, picking flowers and plants, caring for them, the owner of the garden with his own hands creates around itself a different world. And here at home, it is not a performer, a true creator!

To create a landscape design suburban area, not lurid chaotic flower bed, you need to initially seek to ease content. Do not rush to extremes just to "outdo" dacha neighbors. And to build a personalized space where you can be with your family and alone with himself, escape from everyday worries.

Not all standard designs can be adapted to design your very own garden. Why? Due to the characteristics of soils, natural topography, land Orientation ... The main mistake may be that you will create a project that will take you uncomfortable.

Where to begin design? Of course, with the choice of style landscape garden design, which determines the choice of plants and the geometry of the landings. Largely determines the style cottage garden architecture house.

Styles of landscape design suburban area

Landscaping in the traditional (regular) style

The main leitmotif of the regular style - order and symmetry. The simplest way to achieve the traditional landscape in the garden - planting trees and shrubs with compact crowns, which respond well to shearing, tracing the tracks to make a straight, and the stalls and flower gardens give a geometric shape.

Landscape design suburban area in regular style

The photo project dacha in the regular style with topiary shrubs

Landscape design section in the country (forest) style

Invasion of the design of a garden plot, located in the woods, should be minimal. Suffice accents by wild flowers, brooks, ponds, to link forest landscape with the house. Most of the forest area live grass should be covered. As decorations, garden complement the stone paths and wooden benches for rest.

Landscape design suburban area in the country (forest) style

The photo project of forest landscape in the country, complete with a mini-sized coniferous bushes, and creeping ground cover plants

Landscape design suburban area in the English style

Landscape design suburban area in the English style English garden at the cottage - it's hills with lush green shorn lawn natural shape of the lake and winding paths that are lost between the sculptured topiary shrubs and flower beds of daisies, freesias, asters, nasturtiums and dahlias.

In the secret place of the garden, surrounded by deciduous plants: host, Heuchera, irezine, put benches.

Resting place of the English garden at the cottage is decorated with an elegant concrete pot with petunias

Landscape design suburban area in the Moorish style

For the Moorish gardens characterized by a fountain or pond, the desire to maximize the lush flowers bloom and the infinite variety of shades of green. Center section is always decorated with a fountain or pond, around which moisture-loving plants grow freely. Not planted areas and the bottom of the water garden objects spread colorful tiles or stone, painted oriental pattern.

Landscape design suburban area in the Moorish style

Photo colorful garden in the Moorish style at the time of the lush flowering

Landscape design suburban area in the Japanese style

Landscape design suburban area in the Japanese style to recreate nature in miniature in the country of 10 acres, it is necessary to use ten main elements of a Japanese garden stone, streams, deciduous and Flowering trees, flowers, moss, pebbles, sand, typical Japanese decoration landscape and cropped conifers.

Landscaping garden in the Japanese style is always a little "zamshelyy9raquo; from excess moisture.

Landscape design suburban area in the Chinese style

Looking beautiful and tranquil scenery for your garden, pay attention to the garden in the Chinese style. They are always beautiful and serene.

How to draw a Chinese garden and how does it differ from the Japanese?

In traditional Chinese landscape architecture is a constant change of scenery. With each new species points to open a separate picture. In the Chinese garden is no place for "vyglazhennym9raquo; lawns and flower beds symmetrical the upset. But here you can see the tall dark bamboo growing along a circular flat stones, traditional pagodas and dragons, executed in the carving, calligraphy and sculpture.

Landscape design suburban area in the Chinese style

In the photo suburban area in the Chinese style, recreated wilderness area.

Landscape design suburban area in the ecological style

Landscape design suburban area in the ecological style of heightened interest in environmental style, landscape architects explain the increasing dominance of man-made environment. Customers want to see in their natural forms gardens, a beautiful combination of colors and a riot of colors.

The eco-garden all works, as opposed to the industrial landscape. In this eco-style is more evident in the ideological, inner principles of design area.

For example, in the country using special systems, biofilters that allow gently use water in ponds and streams device.

Landscape design section in the French Provence style

In landscape design garden expressive and easy style of Provence can be found on a large number of small decor. Garden sculptures, beds, lanes Artificial chip streams succinctly complement each other, forming a thematic environment. Aromatic herbs: thyme, lavender, rosemary, often become the protagonists of the garden style of Provence.

Landscape design section in the French Provence style Garden furniture in the style of Provence

Left garden design garden in the style of French Provence which is dominated by purple and pink shades.

Right: characteristic style - garden furniture, which bears the "time stamp"

Landscape design suburban area rustic Country

Basic elements lush and non village (rural) design - dense planting flowers, fruit trees Flowering, beds with vegetables and herbs. Charming landscape garden in the style of Country complement gazebos, hidden amongst lush foliage, decorative items made of wrought iron or wood, which can not always be seen for the abundance of beautiful annual flowers.

Landscape design suburban area rustic Country

The photo of landscape design suburban area of ​​focus has got a traditional country-style color scheme

Landscape design suburban area in colonial style

Formal atmosphere of colonial garden soften the pastel colors.

If the home is no veranda, then the area required to equip a cozy patio with pergola pergola, put hanging sofa swing.

Landscape design suburban area in colonial style Landscape design in colonial style

The arrangement of the suburban area must use the climbing plants: ivy, rose, wild grapes.

Landscaping area in Mediterranean style

Step by step to recreate the Mediterranean landscapes of Italy, France, Spain, the country, landscape architects offer through tiered fountains, sculptural columns, cypress trees, lavender and garden furniture warm terracotta color. The only thing you will miss after Garden Makeover - it's sparkling blue waters of the dacha fence.

Landscaping area in Mediterranean style Landscaping area with Moorish tiles

Mediterranean garden, decorated with Moorish tiles

Landscape design suburban area in the Art Nouveau style

Landscape design suburban area Nouveau Gardens nouveau minimalist, are characterized by a large number of asymmetric patterns and mazes in the landscape structure.

Modern cottage style is different from other smart planning and inclusion in the design of natural stone landscape, concrete and metal.

In this case, the plant is allowed to use a variety of colors, but in most modern projects, preference is given to green.

Bright delfinumy, lilies, rhododendrons, irises, peonies planted in a plot to create a contrast.

Night dacha Art Nouveau light LED lights.

Landscape design suburban area in the African style

African garden gives unlimited scope for stylistic maneuvers. But with one caveat. The ethnic style is only allowed to use natural, environmentally friendly materials. And the most valuable and desirable of these is natural wood. The color scheme of the African landscape - warm, even hot. Wooden garden paths, stacked "paluboy9raquo ;, so it was nice to walk around the area barefoot.

Landscape design suburban area in the African style

Organic design looks figurines idols, stone vases and furniture, wicker rattan.

Aged gardens in the landscape garden design

Among the popular fashion trends are gaining landscaped gardens artificially aged: abandoned with wild herbs and flowers.

How to create a vintage garden in a small cottage on their own?

Increase the feeling that the garden at the Vintage area and has long no longer young can:

  • Arch-Pergola of rough unpainted boards, entwined with wild rose or ivy.
  • Beds of old bricks, which are sprayed with a cocktail of moss.
  • Flower beds, which together with the refined colors, such as roses and delphiniums, grow cereals and unpretentious wildflowers.
  • Freely growing deciduous and coniferous trees, which never cut.
  • Moorish lawn with perennials.
  • Garden furniture handmade from aged wood textured.

Where to get vegetable matter for the design suburban area?

Landscapes landscape style must maintain beauty for all seasons - a standard requirement. Therefore, among the architects especially revered the evergreen juniper, pine and spruce - "three friends of the Russian winter."

To start in the spring do not frantically buy plants and seeds to natural markets, you need to know in advance the contact information of good nurseries and gardening stores. Natural material for landscaping garden need to buy homologated (fitness for a particular region) for planting in a particular climatic zone of the country.

For landscaping suburban area of ​​10 acres, which is located in a region with a temperate continental climate, well suited the English style. The basis for the English garden - dwarf weeping willow, mountain pine, arborvitae, cotoneaster brilliant, ivy, petunias, roses, crocuses, etc.

Landscaping suburban area of ​​landscape design success of a small portion of the design in 6 acres lies in simplicity. Change the perception of space are able to close a holiday creepers on the walls of the fence. To decorate the arbor or fence with decorative vine shoots northerners do not buy seedlings southern beauties. Taking into account the regional peculiarities of plants, they are unlikely to please a luxurious flowering. But freezeproof Perfoliate Honeysuckle, girlish grapes and Actinidia shall winter directly on the supports, without shelter.

Outdoor gazebo in the landscape of the suburban area of ​​changing trends, styles of landscape design, and main components of the landscape garden that successfully complete each individual project and form unity, remain.

Flowers and plants for landscaping suburban area

In planting small and large area using special techniques in which compatibility is particularly important plants, their shapes, forms, colors, flowering periods between them. Apparatus lawns, flower beds continuous flowering and tree planting - a starting point for self registration of the design problem.

To simulate the space are important green lawn. Lawns good as "soft terraces" for family entertainment and as children's playgrounds. But at the cottage lawn should be in a minimum amount, as the owners usually cause a lot of trouble (lawn stomping during and requires constant care).

If we do not want to give up the traditional beds of carrots, parsley and red beetroot, arrange them on the site in the form of flower beds. Look beautiful vegetable beds-bosquet, in which groups of stunted crops are divided into sectors, as well as green fences appear stunted shrubs that can be easily molding.

French bosquet-beds

In the photo landscape design suburban area with French-beds of Bosquet

Planting trees (saplings and krupnomerov) includes weight components. It is important in the first stage to calculate the distance between the trees. Better then to occupy space berry bushes than to solve the problem of "tesnogo9raquo; space pruning or worse - felling a healthy tree.

Variants of arrangement of flower beds in the landscape design:

  • alpine slide
  • rockeries
  • rabatki
  • vertical and horizontal beds
  • curbs
  • mixborders
  • frontage
  • flowerpots
  • rocky hill
  • tapeworm
  • rose garden
  • arabesque
  • marge
  • water flower

Flower beds in the landscape design

Decorative elements of landscape design portion

Ponds, lakes, streams, fountains and pools

Artificial pond in the landscape design for the resettlement holiday cottage area does not necessarily imply something big. But if your landscape, you do not think without the water facilities then ready to sacrifice for the benefit of the pond or stream three beds with potatoes. Construction of an artificial lake the task is not so difficult (for those who know how to keep a shovel in his hands). You need to start working with the choice of an ideological concept. To pond created artificially organically looked in the overall picture of the landscape. On a photo a water garden at the cottage in country style

Living and decorative fences

Garden furniture for the living fence of flowers on the plot of 12 hectares is quite fit and garden furniture, sheltered from the prying eyes of a living wall with a textured leaf shrubs and garden, separated from the orchard bright mixborders.

Permeability view, heterogeneity destroys fences border compressive suburban area and create the illusion of volume.

In the picture gazebo for a living fence of flowers

Lane with pebbles and metal balls Lanes cottage allow portions move unobstructed in any weather and not sink to the ankles in chernozem. In landscape design suburban area with lawns, flower beds and paved terrace well blended track of timber (larch), or natural stone. The choice of material for the track depends on the design of the surrounding terrain and topography of the area, the anticipated loads and groundwater level. In the picture path with pebbles and art object - made of metal balls

Playground in landscape design is well thought out plan of landscape design suburban area, built: the economic bloc, sauna, garden furniture, barbecue, pool, garage, children's playground; not close to each other, do not look or reckless "sluchaynymi9raquo ;, and maintain the style of the house, emphasize all the advantages of the main building.

Playground in the garden landscape design

Artificial lighting and artistic lighting

The backlight in landscape design in garden landscape lighting, lamps appear in different images.

The luminous paving paths fiberopticheskie light sources, draws the outlines of buildings, lights around the perimeter allow to solve several problems: functional, emotional and decorative aesthetic.

Small architectural forms and decorative elements

Small architectural forms and decorative elements are often artistic level garden figurines in the garden leaves much to be desired. Especially when they lose their flawless appearance over time from temperature changes and humidity.

Owners of country houses and cottages, anxious ennobling their plots, but not arranged to pay for the expensive landscaping firms in choosing the design elements are advised to give preference to small-scale production of garden sculptures in wood.

Due to the natural component and wooden accents harmoniously blend into the landscape garden.

What to consider when planning landscaping suburban garden?

  • natural topography and terrain;
  • the shape of the land portion;
  • type of soil;
  • location area Orientation.

Optimal algorithm for drawing up technical specifications for landscaping your garden looks like this:

1. Decide on a budget (prepare a detailed budget).

2. Make a list of all landscape elements that are needed in the area, by level of need. Proper delineation of the necessary, mandatory and desirable objects in the landscape allows to choose in case the money for the full accomplishment is not enough.

An example of using the three degrees of need:

  • Planting fruit and ornamental shrubs (required)
  • Lawn Uncovered with annuals (optional)
  • Raised beds at the main entrance (required)
  • Hedge the arbor (preferably)
  • Footpath, paved with flagstones from the gate to the gazebo (required)
  • Lawn, in the center of which is planted Christmas spruce (required)
  • Rock garden (preferably)
  • etc.

Use a calculator to find out if you keep within the required amount. If yes, then you can start planning. No - or change gardening and landscaping materials or shorten the molding area portion.

Unfinished landscape projects in dozens of villages. The money ran out, and enjoy still nothing.

3. Design. In this step a portion of the future view. Ideally, the landscape are working together: the customer and the architect. But if the landscape design suburban area you choose to draw their own hands, determined to save the design, then take the ideas of like websites or magazines. The likelihood that the project will be better than what you come up with on their own, almost 100%.

If you carry out landscaping and beautification garden alone does not work, then to create a beautiful site design have to draw a landscape designer - artist, a gardener and architect in one person.

Trust the execution of landscape work on the project need only a specialist with the presence of higher special education, experience and deep knowledge of surveying, engineering, land reclamation, landscape construction, floriculture, dendrology, soil science. People who know the market trends, and annually attend exhibitions and seminars. There is always a talented designer portfolio, where 3-5 landscaping suburban area projects - masterpieces.

Landscape design suburban area - photos of beautiful ideas

Landscape design suburban area with a fountain Landscape design suburban area under the mountain The original waterfall in landscape design BBQ at summer cottage Garden path in the form of leaves Mini-zero with the bridge beautiful flower beds Beautiful in the style of minimalism

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Landscape design for suburban area - 60 photo ideas

Man and nature - this is an eternal theme of art of any kind. Landscaping - this is not only a way of expression, but also of the direct contact with the pristine nature. The territory adjacent to a private house, gives a wide scope for the imagination, opening endless possibilities for designers all over the world.

Regardless of the size of the suburban area, it is necessary to strive for the creation of a unique atmosphere for solitude and contemplation of nature, for families with children and friends, for a romantic dinner under the rustling of leaves and the quiet dinners for reading books in a small pond home. Nature provides all the tools to create the necessary mood. It is only necessary to know how to use them.

Fundamentals of modern landscape design

Landscape suburban area is an integrated approach to the improvement of the infield. This space is designed to blend in with the inner world owner, is the display of his tastes and interests.

In landscape design, as well as in any other kind of refining space there are modern trends, followed by the majority of professionals.

The origins of aesthetic design of the site go deep into the times. For many century styles and landscaping have undergone many qualitative changes. At this point, among the experts on the improvement of the site there is a commitment to natural and pristine. It is very fashionable alpine slide, a Russian folk garden with an admixture of notes of technological progress: the use of glass, metal, clear geometric shapes, straight lines.

In the modern landscape design is dominated by eclecticism. You need to have a real talent for the harmonious combination of these two incongruous ways. But the result is able to surpass all expectations.

Modern styles of landscape design

Over the long history of the art of design infield formed many of its destinations.

The main ones are:

  • Classic or regular style. Famous French parks - typical representatives of this trend. The idea of ​​this design is the idea of ​​the elevation of the human mind over nature, its subordination to the laws of geometry, familiar to us.
  • Landscape style. Historically emerged as opposed to the regular direction. It represents the "free", the maximum primordial landscape. Landscape style is designed to surprise human beauty of the natural world, cleverly designed and created by the designer.
  • Country style (country music). "Home" for the landscape style, which are representatives of ordinary villagers gardens in different parts of the world. Arbitrary direction that does not require a large capital investment and careful maintenance of the site. Placing ornaments arbitrary, dependent on the historically established areas of folklore.

  • Architectural style. Pushing back the natural beauty of the second plan focuses on the area of ​​decorative buildings: bridges, terraces, arches, paved areas, architectural reliefs, steps, etc.
  • Japanese style. suburban area design in oriental style is an art. It is filled with symbolism. Landscaping area is perfect for creating classic oriental atmosphere. The main components will be the stones, boulders, small pond, a place for the contemplation of the beauty of nature.

Planning area around the house

After selecting the appropriate style, planning should design area near the house, the definition of the constituent elements. Without planning phase can not be competent construction site.

There are several standard types of planning applicable to the majority of spaces:

  • The rectangular layout. The most popular win-win situation. rectangular portion easily zonirovat circuit, which is divided into separate sections and is well suited for creating a fine geometrical composition.
  • The circular layout. This layout is artificially created from a rectangular embodiment with the aid of auxiliary elements:. Flower beds, grass, green space, etc. Direct geometries masked décor. Landscaping around the house round motives may be a non-trivial solution.
  • Diagonal layout. It based on the creation of diagonal parallels. Landscaping with their hands a small area in a diagonal layout will help visually expand the space, push the boundaries.
  • Free planning. Admission free placement of design elements with the natural territory of relief. It is important to correct accents in a garden. Otherwise, it may appear in terrain neglect and landscape lose appeal.

Make a large portion of the most comfortable and visually enlarge a small garden space will split it into several functional areas. Their number and size depends entirely on the original area of ​​the terrain and its target destination.

The territory can be divided into:

All zone areas should be a single picture, do not look as separate islands on the plot. Zone should combine single idea, style.

One logical zone should move smoothly into the other. To do this, it is best to use green spaces, arches and decorations.

What type of plan would not be used, the biggest area is better positioned on the edge of the area, while a small focus in the center.

The composition of landscape design

Landscaping area - it is a combination of a variety of functional and decorative elements. Below we take a closer look at the main ones.

As a skilled builder lays on the floor at home flooring, so a skilled gardener veiled his land lawn. If before the lawn was a luxury of the emperors, each in today's world can afford to ennoble the territory of a soft carpet of grass.

The process of healing lawn labor intensive and requires full-time commitment, but its completion will bring the owners deserved the result as an ideal basis the rest of the landscape. In addition to the decorative function, grassy lawn a positive effect on soil structure and purity of the air, and mutes the extra noise.

By the choice of the lawn must be approached with the utmost seriousness: it will last more than one season. Exist:

  • An ordinary lawn. It is a coating medium density single color.
  • Sports turf. It is denser lawn views, not afraid of loads.
  • Decorative lawn. Beautiful perfect lawn, is not designed to be walked on.

Garden path - is a functional element of landscape design. She plays the role of special zones liaison territory are "skeleton" of the whole area layout. Depending on the stylist, tracks may be of different shapes, sizes, made of different materials.

While classic design direction geometric area and straight lines, more natural landscape design looks winding paths. Drawing on its relaxed, they turn the corner leads guests through the garden.

The most important question in home track - the choice of a suitable material. The landscape design is not welcome inconsistency finish, but also the use of only one material is not required. The main thing in this case - the harmony and uniformity.

Central track should be more and more solid. Good design will look mosaic of different colors. Advantageously looked simultaneous combination of different shapes and floral arrangements. Today's manufacturers offer services in custom-made paths. Emphasize the central alley, you can use spot lighting unit built.

The special charm of the back streets of the garden will add dirt paths, decorative sprinkled with sand or grit.

Standard materials for garden paths are:

  • paving stones;
  • gravel;
  • concrete tiles;
  • a natural stone;
  • brick coating;
  • decorative tiles;
  • natural pebbles.

In choosing the material necessarily take into account its compatibility with the specific soil and climatic conditions, in addition to standard operating conditions.

Hard to imagine a landscape design suburban area without plants. Composition preparation of flower beds can be a real art, and the main focus of the entire site. It is important to carry out competent selection of plants. The main selection criteria will not only their appearance, but also compatibility with each other, the necessary climatic conditions, vitality, and others.

There are the following ways of placing plants on the site:

  • Flowerbed. The most popular flower, represents the imposition of a particular geometric shape arts and deciduous plants.

  • Group planting. Dense planting of individual plants on several types of groups.
  • Ridges. Variety planting decorative foliage plants rectangular strips to frame boundaries lawns, paths and other elements of landscape design.

  • Rough. Kind of flower bed in which the plants are planted tiers.

  • Tapeworm. Method single planting.

  • Parterre flower garden. Properly complex flower garden, located at the entrance to the infield. It usually consists of a combination of several plant species with architectural elements.

  • Mobile flowerbeds. Plants or flowers are not suited to some of the terrain (the ground, certain weather conditions, specific season) are exposed in the landscape site in decorative pots or vases without the transplant in the ground.

  • Arenary. Exotic solution would be a desert area in the garden. The artificially sanded arenary planted various kinds of succulents, and the like.

The pond can be a highlight of any landscape. But before we proceed to its early establishment should consider the appointment. In areas differing in size are appropriate different types of water bodies.

Holder large portion, of course, can afford absolute any size, shape and depth of the water body.

Bodies of water - a very time-consuming to maintain, so you should foresee whether it will be feasible service.

Plot size of about 12 ar allows to construct for swimming pool or small pond breeding smaller fish. It is appropriate to the size of the object up to 8 square meters. When planning the reservoir should definitely take into account that the dimensions of the finished pond visually less than originally planned. Therefore, we need some margin space.

The pond should be in direct accordance with the overall style of landscape design. With regular style pool should have straight forms, and the landscape more suitable for asymmetric streams from natural materials.

Landscape design suburban area qualitatively transforms the creation of the now fashionable alpine slide.

Alpine slide is simulated wild mountain scenery with its characteristic plant species. Despite the time consuming process of creating such a decoration is able to become the pride of the infield any country house.

Typically, alpine slide represents a special kind of rockeries: compositions with stone decorative plants. To create a rock garden are used in our area available materials: limestone, granite, sand lance. Live composition is combined from plants rocks.

The main emphasis is given to the rock garden with the help of light and shadow play. Corresponding effect can be achieved as the initial selection of places with beautiful falling sun, and the creation of artificial lighting.

a sitting area with barbecue and fireplace

Owning a vacation home, it is possible not only for the benefit of spending time gardening, but also successfully to relax in the company of friends, equipping its seating area barbecue or fireplace.

The corresponding site can be both open and closed. Though the first option is less labor-intensive, small canopy construction does not only give a place of great comfort, but also to protect from direct sunlight or rain. A suitable location for the recreation area will be the back yard, spacious and hidden from prying eyes. Well, if next to this place will be located area for children, and a number of open picturesque scenery for admiring. The proximity to the pond will give more freshness in the hot summer days.

Location in a recreation area barbecue, fireplace or outdoor fireplace - this is not only part of its interior, but also an important functional element. In addition to its main purpose, it is possible to use it for heating, creating an atmosphere of comfort in the autumn evenings.

Construction of an open-air dining area

Landscape design suburban area with an open dining room - a luxury not available to everyone. Meal in the fresh air - not just a trend in modern fashion, but also a very useful practice, improves metabolism and overall health.

To create a summer dining room, first of all, you need a suitable space. Perfect solution will be a platform of about 10 square meters. For convenience, the house should hold the stone path to the location of open table layout.

The open dining room should be located not too far from the main house, or transport the dishes and prepared food can become quite long and laborious process.

It is important to bear in mind the possible surprises of weather and climate change: it is necessary to choose furniture that is resistant to moisture and equipped with a dining room fixed or mobile shelter. As protection from the sun, you can use a large branch of a tree, if there is one in the area.

The dining room can be arranged as a gazebo from a variety of materials to surround hedge or left on the lawn free space - it all depends entirely on the wishes of the owners.

The lighting system of any garden and plot has two functions: a practical and aesthetic.

The first involves the lighting zones to move freely in the dark, and the second is designed to create a special atmosphere and the accents of landscape design.

With skillfully shaped lighting system, it is possible to achieve a radical transformation of the night garden.

Lighting landscape design suburban area is:

  • Poured. Implemented by use of floodlights on auxiliary parts perimeter.
  • Total. The bulk of the lighting is to install a classical lighting fixtures along the main portion of the object.
  • Marking. Used to create visual effects for selection (marking) functional components.
  • Decorative lighting plants, reservoirs, architectural structures.

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