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Landscape Design Ideas yard of a private house in the photo

Depending on what the house itself, it is an individual or a guest, huge or small, located in the village, cottage, historical part of the city or in the vast land of tens of hectares, to change the design of a private house yard. Based on the location of the hacienda, based on the possible use of land and taking into account your own preferences, you can start planning landscape areas courtyard and the choice of objects, their decorating.

Ways to implement the conceived:

  • independently;
  • by the company masters, specializing in the implementation of landscape works;
  • forces wage workers, which organizes and controls itself the owner of the house.

Location of home ownership dictates the appropriate requirements to design its surrounding area.

Regulated height, transparency material and manufacturing fence (or its absence)

Strict requirements for the appearance of secondary buildings on the plot

If the purpose of the land plot LPH, in the yard outbuildings allowed

Their views must comply with the existing way of the city

In addition to these features, every kind of private homes has characteristics that affect the basic design decisions in the development zone of landscape design yard area.

  • Cottage. Advantage of this house is the strict adherence to building codes in the construction and minus - architectural requirements prescribed in the contract and controlled by the administration of a cottage settlement. Customers concluding a contract automatically undertake to follow them in the construction of additional buildings on the site. These restrictions apply to outbuildings, secondary buildings, green spaces. Sometimes the papers may be indicated even can not accommodate a bath. Therefore, the owners of the manor, built in the Empire style, when suddenly arose thrust to agriculture, will not work in a few years to build in a remote corner of the courtyard a small chicken coop or container for compost. It is possible even planted their tree silhouette will disrupt the overall architectural concept, but because it will have to cut down.
  • Country house. Good because it can be built by combining different styles. It all depends on the willingness of the owner. Outbuildings permitted, located on a courtyard according to sanitary standards.
  • Mansion in the historic city center. Owner expect great difficulties in preparation of documents for the construction of the garage and other auxiliary buildings, violating the historical appearance. Convince management architecture is almost impossible.
  • Manor in extensive grounds. It takes a monumental project and the outstanding talent of the landscape architect, working in tandem with the builders to elevate a huge space, subordinating it to the logic of a creative plan, divided into zones on the basis of use, and then combined into a harmonious ensemble.
  • Cottage in the garden partnership. Compact, cozy space, the design of which is required in a small area of ​​the yard to place everything necessary for a good rest. Output: set minimum sizes that want to have. It is also worth to consider optical illusion. As well there is a perspective can make even a small portion of bulkier, so the mirror, framed by plants at the end of the alley, can significantly push the boundaries.

Disposition of private ownership areas

Styles, the most frequently used in the design of the courtyard of any private home - an English landscape, a Japanese garden, a French regular, Mediterranean style of Russian manor, as well as free from all signs of the times "native", ie eclectic mix of many different elements. Realizing the landscaping of its ownership is not necessary to maintain the style completely, we can limit ourselves to a few tricks, "throw" an object stylistic flair.

How would you have located the house (the construction of the main building are encouraged to plan so as not to obscure-and-garden area), it still is the center of the yard. To him seek walkways, driveway, tied the rest of the estate buildings. Each of the elements must comply with the main building on the site, to emphasize his view to present a guest come renovated courtyard of a private house well.

All private ownership is possible to differentiate into three major areas, according to their destination. These include: a resting place, a territory bordering to the main house, a green area with outbuildings.

Read more about areas of landscape design

Recreational area may be divided into an active space of the family in many ways, the sector "summer kitchen" and relaxation area, relaxation. The first includes a gazebo, children's playground (sandpit, swings, ladders), tree house, playground. The second is a barbecue, grill, oven range. The third combines the pond, a sauna complex, shady corners of the garden: openwork bench book lovers under a tall tree, summer house creative solitude. They should arrange flower boxes, supports the common garden coloristic. Connect the colors and fragrance of peace - this is the holiday in a country house.

"Green" zone includes a vegetable garden, an orchard, hedges of berry bushes. It should be located away from the entrance to the site, to minimize exposure to plant roadside dust, exhaust fumes. Street farm buildings can be addressed in agriculture or fairy styles. Become fashionable among urban residents is absolutely fad - a chicken coop for laying hens, made by original design, decorate the site. A cellar - house hobbit Bilbo with earthy grass roof - allow to show the creative imagination.

Children's House at the site

Some people recommend to do a green roof "psevdotravyanoy" replace freeze herbs that require significant ground plane, dressing, regular watering, drought-resistant creeping succulents, stunted stonecrop. These plants produce a spectacular surround the carpet that does not require special care.

House territory, consisting of a front entrance area (entrance, parking, garage, gate) and land adjacent to the house from the back side - this business card holders. It is important not only what is behind the fence, but also what others see when approaching the house. Paved driveway, fencing attractive, beautiful mail box on the gate or stone fence posts, flowering bindweed - all create an atmosphere of friendly, hospitable house, pleasing to the eye neighbors admired people passing by.

Private party means a way out of the house into the garden, the presence of a patio, where the group placed a forged or wicker furniture, blooming flowerbeds, alpine slide, or a man-made fountain. Plan your garden design so that from the living room window, the central room in the house, a beautiful view. Looking at the change from season to season garden - snow, blooming, bright autumn - you each time to admire his handiwork.

Special facilities of large-scale estates

When designing a large space, taken into account the priorities of the owners, the direction of their activities, interests. On the estate special zones allocated stables, alleys riding and walks, a garden, a park with solid wood connected lawns. For the hosts, their adult children, the staff provided a few buildings away from each other. Other buildings - garage, which houses a collection of vintage cars, the pseudo-barn, as a place for art gallery, gazebo on a hill that allows you to survey the neighborhood, an indoor pool, a winter conservatory - reflect the owners hobbies. Also can be scheduled a tennis court, football field, mini-golf, boat dock, vast reservoirs looped channels with bridges and crossings, linking the individual corners of the estate.

In addition to large objects large space is necessary to saturate the "highlight" areas, where interesting look, and once there, do not want to leave. Pergola, vine-covered, white statue in the bush blooming jasmine, chaise for plant scenes, where you can hide from home, feel the taste of solitude, merge with nature.

As a special decorating techniques on the territory of a large manor house is fun to use signs with the names of routes, designed on the basis of the overall design style. This organization is correct, and in addition, will play with the guests in the "Find Me".

Planning courtyard terrace with a swimming pool

We will pay a little more attention to design "green" private house area. In garden design favorite of recent years was a regular garden, a replica of the French royal gardens. Apart from aesthetic impression, this variant arrangement of garden area convenient for maintenance and work therein. Track with a hard surface, high curbs bordering the beds, symmetry, clean lines, the observance of the proportions make it almost perfect. Plant objects set, like a ruler, carefully sorted by growth, bushes configurations that support the annual formative pruning, fruit trees on trellis - all this makes the garden a mathematically harmonious, visible in different planes with a pronounced volume parts. A riotous colors of garden vegetation smooth impression heartless standard by making the seething life.

Regular planning well organize garden minimum dimensions. Clearly the calculated space required by each plant, the high or stepped ridges, flat distributed branches of fruit trees, occupying less space sealed planting vegetable crops allowed to realize all desires to show unlimited flight of imagination in a limited area.

The complete opposite of the regular - vegetable garden in free style, where different plants are mixed, and their existence is determined only by the desire. Following the principle of "dear to my heart," is placed in the neighborhood rose bushes, ornamental cabbage, marigolds, potatoes. Gardening & Horticulture separated from other space and barbarism pets low fence. A security guard in front of the gate may become a figure of fun man in a wide-brimmed hat. Interesting technique - landing on hat boxes in a thin layer of substrate succulents that do not require a lot of land and water.

Lighting plot - effective design method

Landscaped courtyard design is not without lighting at night. At night, the garden houses and acquire other outlines, underlined rays lamps, selected the style and material of manufacture to the overall design of the local area.

Organize backlight tracks can be laid electrical cable network, powering them from the main power source, or to provide the use of a completely free solar energy. If you are using the latest version of enchanting bright lighting does not work, but its main function - to ensure the safe movement of people along the paths of private property at night - accumulative battery will perform properly.

Light can beat the special object of houses adjoining space. Considered light group limit the recreation area, the envelope path, allocate pond with sparkling lights on the surface of the water - a fascinating spectacle that attracts like a magnet. Sit on the shore of the pond illuminated by looking at the stars - for the sake of pleasure to build a vacation home, it is thought out design of the yard.

Landscape design of a private house with his own hands from 30 yards photo

Before you begin to create the landscape design a private house with his own hands, you have to ask yourself some important questions. What do you expect from your yard? Do you need an entertainment area where you can actively spend time with family and friends? Or do you want to surround your home look beautiful and attractive garden nooks for relaxation?

Preparing for you tips and ideas for garden design, Dekorin tried to consider and take into account the different needs of the owners of private houses. In addition, we have gathered here 35 photos with examples of landscape design that will inspire you on beautification of the garden with his own hands.

Where to start landscape design a private house with his own hands?

The right thing is to sketch on paper sketch of your possessions. Schematically designate the following objects and areas on it:

  1. The contours of the house, the site itself, as well as all existing buildings (well, a garage, shed, terrace, etc...);
  2. Locations where lie underground pipes and cables;
  3. Trees and shrubs from which you're not going to get rid of;
  4. Solar and shady area (may be denoted by different colors, e.g., yellow, and gray);
  5. Problem areas, if any (with poor drainage, soil erosion, stones, high humidity, mink garden pests, and so on. D.).

As soon as you observe all this information in your project, a clear picture will begin to emerge in your mind about what to do for the decoration of your yard and garden.

So, after you check all of the above areas will be clear where to mark the rest area, and where to plant some plants. After all, they all have their own preferences to the amount of light, shade and water consumed per day. Clearly knowing your site and their preferences in landscape design, you can choose to fit perfectly suited plants, which are easy to take root.

The next step - to mark on the project site that you want to allocate to plants and all other decorative elements: paths, recreation areas, alpine hill, etc...

Create a beautiful landscape yard with his hands

Further in this article you will find some interesting ideas for the layout and landscaping of the yard of a private house with his own hands.

1. The main secret in landscape design a private home - contrasts

Creating contrasts - one of the easiest ways to success in the design of landscapes. Every experienced designer knows that the plants in the garden will produce a greater effect if you put them together. Even lush shrubs tend to look better in groups of 3 or 5. put in one place the plants of different heights, colors and textures, you force them to emphasize each other. But by grouping the plants on your site, remember that plants and flowers in each group must have the same need for sunlight, soil quality and irrigation.

If you do not plan to transform the yard of his private home in a lush garden, for which you need to take care of, then consider alternative combinations of different materials in the landscape. For example, in a courtyard design with a neat lawn can add site with bright mulch (crushed stone), or loose stones (pebbles, gravel). Rubble is now available in a variety of colors that can blend in nicely with the color of the facade and other external elements, and cost it much cheaper stone.

If you create a landscape design a private house with his own hands, do not forget to put under the gravel or mulch layer of landscape fabric that will keep the mound in its borders and will not allow weeds bark. Examples of such solutions do you see in the photo.

2. Curves in the landscape the yard of a private house

Strict rectangular flower beds and garden paths straight today is extremely disliked by most landscape designers. On the contrary, izgibistye line is one of the surest ways to make yard landscape look natural and give you the pleasure of natural beauty.

3. Add to the lawn or other alpine hill "ostrov9raquo;

Another idea for those who have a small patio or just does not want to garden planting numerous plants! Add on the front lawn rockeries, Alpine hill or simply "ostrovok9raquo; of lush plants and shrubs - and your landscape design will be much more interesting and sophisticated.

4. The flowerbeds and containers for flowers with his own hands

Nothing in the landscape design does not bring as much fun as an element of mystery. And you should be especially pleased that this element is very easy to add to landscape the yard of a private house with his own hands. This requires only the old stuff, which can be used as a vase or container garden for planting flowers. Look at the picture below, these simple ideas make us think about the past and inspire dreamy fantasy.

5. Use garden lamps

Small yard can magically be transformed at night, if you add in his garden lamps. You can install them along the garden paths, or under the trees, so that they shone beautifully below, or hang on the branches of the lamp, hand made out of bottles, cans and other scrap materials. The bizarre play of light and shade amazingly complement your site!

6. Create a cozy sitting area in the garden with his own hands

You often use your yard to:

  • Cooking kebabs and other dishes?
  • Enjoying the fresh air and games with your children?
  • Evening gatherings with the conversations around the campfire?

Then you just need to arrange rest area! In addition to garden furniture (table, chairs and armchairs), it must also be an element of protection from the sun, which can simultaneously serve as a comfort and a decor element. How about a forged or wooden pergola with climbing plants?

7. Terrace in landscaping the yard of a private house

Adjacent to the house terrace - a popular option today the recreation area, which can also be part of the landscape design. For example, as a variant on the photo below: such a brick terrace with a campfire in the center may well be made with your own hands.

8. Swimming pool or pond in the yard of a private house

In spite of all the costs and special requirements, small ponds - swimming pools and ponds - are becoming more common elements of landscape design a private home. Here you can find 6 inexpensive ways to create a body of water with their hands.

9. Inspiring landscape the yard with his hands

Are you one of those people for whom nature is a great source of inspiration? You want to use your garden for privacy, relaxation and meditation? Then, when you create a landscape design their own hands is provided in the yard secluded place surrounded by high and middle lush plants. Unlike gazebos and canopies, separating you from the environment, a couple of chairs or a lonely bench among the thickets allow you to merge with nature together. For the full effect can be arranged in the garden statues, large stones, water features, bird feeders, and so on. N.

10. The spacer elements as an important landscape decor

Another idea for landscaping the yard of a private house, which can be implemented with their own hands - is to install low fences and other visual separators that will give the court an interesting structure. In the role of such partitions can also be used hedge and garden paths. Combine different kinds of materials to emphasize the uniqueness of each area of ​​your site - the recreation area, playground, flower plants, garden, etc...

Incrementally legalize landscaping the yard of a private house

Every owner of a private house knows that in the sector of direct housing troubles do not end there, because you need to take care also about the design of the courtyard. And this question may require no less effort, time and money. To your adjoining land has become the epitome of practicality and comfort, it is important to thoroughly consider its landscape design. Functional zoning, landscaping, lighting, water and even decorative elements - every nuance requires elaboration. So that you do not become entangled in them, we offer to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the work on individual components of landscape design and evaluate a photo of modern households that will help you sort out the details.

Execution of landscape design can be arbitrary - if you do not want to quickly correct mistakes in a hurry well-equipped yard, it is important at the planning stage, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Geographical area. The characteristics of houses adjoining the site depends on which preliminary work should be performed before its design registration: slope reinforcement, installation of drainage, cultivation of the soil, etc.
  2. The architecture of the house. Since the house - the main plot element of landscape design should be clearly agreed with him in style, or yard will inharmonious.
  3. Climatic conditions. All sorts of terrain, weather conditions affect the choice of plants for landscaping the yard.
  4. household needs. The amount and the wishes of the residents depends on the zoning area, so decide in advance: how to allocate the area under fruit and vegetable garden, if necessary separate children's area or a better option would be a common recreation area, whether you bath, garage and other farm building are needed.

The first step is to do the trees, as their role in the courtyard is unusually large - they not only serve as a spectacular decoration, but also create a shadow zone and protect the land from wind and focus on individual elements of the garden.

The main criterion for selection of plant species - their size: the smaller the area, the smaller shall be the crowns of trees.

Council. Plant trees where they will not cause trouble if the plants shed their leaves, they do not place near water bodies - the leaves will clog the water and provoke rot and the pine breeds better not be located in a recreation area, and directly next to the house - have to regularly sweep the area.

Shrubs are best planted on the borders of the different areas of the yard - so they act as hedges. Especially suited for this role juniper bushes, roses, physocarpus.

Can not do without in the yard and lush flower beds. Choose for them the plants that bloom continuously one after the other - so the landscape of your site will always be alive and bright. A great option for landscaping - vertical vines on supports: climbers, lemongrass, Trumpet.

It is no secret that many homeowners dream of own artificial pond. If you are among them, to bring to your attention several variations of realization of a dream:

  1. Pool. If large yard, it can be equipped with a complete concrete structure with walls of tile mosaic or PVC film. For medium-sized sites fit ready-made rigid forms made from composite or PVC. But in the small courtyards is better to restrict inflatable structures.
  2. Pond. The main objective in the design of such a facility - to make it as similar to a natural pond. For this purpose, it is desirable to decorate the shore natural stone or pebbles. At the bottom you can "settle" the lotus, water lilies, Urrutia, Potbelly. And around the pond will look great all kinds of moisture-loving plants: sedge, water mint, bulrush, iris marsh.
  3. Waterfall. Such an artificial body of water is particularly well fit into the rest area: its murmur will have a pacifying effect on the household. If a large yard, you can arrange a cascading stone waterfall, and if small, would be sufficient accurate sculptural design.

Lighting - an important part of landscape design, because it performs three tasks: provide comfortable travel and vacation households in the yard at night, effectively transforming the site, adding it a special charm, and focuses on specific design elements. Based on this, you need to consider several types of lighting the yard:

  • light illumination facade of the house;
  • Lighting the entrance areas to the yard and into the house;
  • hozpostroek lighting;
  • lights around the perimeter;
  • decorative lighting.

With the first three points clear - choose your favorite model and set of fixtures in designated functional areas. But the fourth and fifth paragraphs, tend to cause a reasonable question: what exactly highlight? In the list of objects traditionally include a relaxation area, water, a few flower beds, garden sculptures, columns, stairs, garden paths.

Modern courtyard is impossible to imagine without the decorative elements of different formats - they and complete image of the site. Therefore, making out landscaping of its territory, pay special attention to them.

Of course, the first place among the decor - a mini-sculpture. The most successful, they will look at the boundaries of functional zones, as if separating them. Sculptures can be absolutely any subject: animals, equipment, imitation of garden tools, etc. The main thing is that they fit into the style of a selected portion. If among the households have children, it is advisable to use to decorate the yard figurines of fairies, gnomes and other fairy tale characters.

The second most popular option decor - authentic accessories woven fences, clay pots, barrels, arches, balustrades garden.

In third place - a variety of useful accessories. This may be the trough, belchatniki, birdhouses and other original designs for the fauna.

Do you want to get a really harmonious, functional and beautiful yard? Then do not lose sight of any of the above components of landscape design, and do not forget to focus on their needs and capabilities - so you get not only well-thought-out, but also unique in its kind courtyard.

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