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The original design ideas album with his own hands

Some are willing to do selfie at every step, others agree to be photographed only in rare cases, but without exception cherish pleasant memories. However, a stack of disparate pictures somewhere in a drawer cabinet, or more folders on your computer can hardly be compared with the original photo album made with his own hands. Such a thing is not ashamed to boast in front of relatives or to friends or colleagues. The only question is how to make a photo album so that it not only looks beautiful, but also carried a certain idea.

Photo album with his own hands: design ideas

The success of any idea depends on its implementation. It is best to realize their ideas with the help of already established styles and techniques. Also do not forget about such basic things as song and story. Especially if it is a gift to the house with his own hands. Consider everything in order.

This element of the implementation of the idea, as a rule, goes ahead. album design depends on the plot or theme. Can be considered classic albums devoted to the family, the birth of a child, wedding, travel and other vivid life events. You can also make a photo album as a gift to your loved one for an anniversary or for colleagues. Some options will be discussed in more detail below.

Making album with his own hands is not only a selection of the photos and embellishments. Much more important is to achieve visual edinstva.Luchshe all guided by the following rules:

  • determine the semantic center of the page
  • make bright accents
  • make sure the photos, inscriptions and decorations blend in shades of
  • balance the proportion
  • Pick up decorations within the meaning of the photo
  • Triangle mark the "photo-header-description"

minimalist lovers should pay attention to the style of the speaker called «clean and simple». He suggests a minimum of decoration. The minimum amount of decor is also typical of the "European" style. Its highlight is an unusual form of photos that are cut in the form of a specific subject. If you like to dive into the past, the ideal option - "vintage". "Chebbi-chic" presupposes the existence of ribbons, lace and scuffs. Even more decor is full "American" style. Before you arrange photos with your hands should look for a style that will introduce you and your family with the best hand.

Shtamping involves the use of different applicators stamps. Decoupage requires the use of drawings, pictures, ornaments. It kropping based on work directly with the photos. They are cut so that only the key elements remaining. Photos, complemented by the original description, it zhurnaling. Distressing represents aging of paper. The network can be found even at least hundreds of original techniques.

How to make a photo album with his own hands: step scrapbooking

Step 1. Selection of material and tools for the job

To work need:

So that the result does not disappoint, you must be clear about what you want to get a result. Even before the how to make a photo album with his own hands, work on the template. book an appropriate size can be used for a future album template. It is possible to sketch out the name of the pages, draw the approximate location of the photo and decor.

Take a prepared paperboard, cut into 3 strips of 24 cm in height and width increase proportionally. Fold sheets twice so as to form roots increasing proportionally. The dimensions of the roots can be drawn in advance, as indicated in the photo. As a result, should get a notebook with a spine. All parts are glued on the spine line. The resulting binding can be sewn waxed cord, then gained a strong album with his own hands. Scrapbooking by which to find a master class is not difficult, provide many options for decorating such a cord.

With the help of a set of paper scrap creating rough page layout. Attach additional elements will help double sided tape. The resulting patterns are glued to the already ready-binding. They can be supplemented with clamshells or substrates for photo. As an additional decor can use a variety of elements:. Clippings, applications, beads, ribbons, etc. It is important that the volume inlay located uniformly and not deformed album sheets. Get it right will help a previously created template album with his own hands. Step by step with photos you can easily happen to work until the desired result.

The artwork must be done on the basis of the binding size. Suitable 2mm intertwined cardboard.

  1. It is necessary to prepare a carton blank 2 for the covers and spine.
  2. Further, the respective cut pieces from the adhesive-sided fabric.
  3. The spine is disposed between the cover blanks, departing 0.3 cm.
  4. Unites all with the help of an adhesive fabric.
  5. Then cut the size of a piece of padding polyester preform and attach it at the top.
  6. We are putting a soft finished workpiece to the tissue selected as a decoration.
  7. On the sides follow leave 2.5 cm tissue. They are attached to the workpiece by means of a 2-sided tape. Where there is no tape, glue anchoring.

Cover for album

In the last step you need to turn their hands to attach the double sheets prepared Binding. The first sheet is mounted directly to the cover. Move on to the firmware of the album is possible only after the complete drying of the structure. Opening the album is in the middle, we envisage place for holes. Next, break through them with an awl and sewn tape album. Secure the corners can be with special little corner. Also, no harm will be an additional decor cover.

Photo album for a newborn with his own hands

Photo album for a newborn has long ceased to be a rarity, can not be said about the originality of its design. But this is the thing that is important to do with the soul. To get started is to select the most typical photos, brighter than others reflect important moments in the life of the child. The scrapbooking album sure to include a photo of the first ultrasound, discharge from the hospital, familiarity with loved ones, the first smile, first steps, etc.

As decoration, you can use booties and tape that were previously elements of baby clothes. Do not forget to complement the children's album with his own hands a short description of the events depicted in the photo. Over time, a photo album, you can add pictures of your offspring, as well as evidence of his victories - certificates and trophies.

Family photo album with your own hands

One variation of this album can be a family chronicle or a photo book with their own hands. In addition to photos, you can add it in postcards, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia that are somehow connected with a family history. The cover of this album is worth to supplement the words symbolizing something important for the whole family. It is not necessary to invest time and effort to make a photo album with his own hands. Master class above, will facilitate the process.

Wedding photo album with your own hands

Wedding photo album with their own hands to create a step by step with photos much easier than it might seem. The process itself will bring pleasure, and perhaps revive old feelings. The main thing is not to forget that each leaf of the album - it is a story that transmits mood prevailed at the festival.

Finally, we present the video with the help of which the process of creating the album with their own hands will be more simple:

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Many thanks. Everything is very accessible and understandable. You umnichka!

Master class on the creation of photo albums with his own hands

Family Album - a tangible memory of the past, the creation of such a thing requires creative ideas and creative approach.

This was an interesting process can unite the whole family: children and adults, making registration of photos a good tradition. And no matter how much time it took to work, the result will justify itself, and will delight at times family members, friends and guests.

How nice to tie a tie? Be sure to read this article.

Interesting and beautiful photo albums lovingly created by craftsmen with their hands

Creating a family photo album, processing it according to your taste, you become the owner of an exclusive thing, the only one of its kind. We offer you to get acquainted with interesting works, which are presented in our photo gallery.

Remember album will cherish the history of your family's life, the most memorable and precious moments.

Today there are special engineering design, which, if desired, can be easy to learn, and items for decoration are available in a broad sell. The most important requirement - is the desire to create a family heirloom, and put into it a part of his soul.

Photo album created with their own hands - a unique family attribute

Photo album - it is a symbol of family unity, the part that connects the older and younger generations. Leafing through old heavy albums that preceded digital technology, you feel the warmth and charm.

This family photo album is not replaced by digital technology

They will never replace the computer files. Therefore, you need to print photos, and albums to draw his own - in the future they will be viewed with interest your children and possibly grandchildren.

Family photos can be devoted to an important event in the life of a child or uniting several generations (in the form of a family tree).

Photo album with a history of love and old wedding pictures - the best gift parents on their wedding anniversary. You can make this attribute is the initial step in the design of a series of albums for the family.

Cover design for photos custodian

cover design style is selected on the basis of subject matter and style of the photos:

The external appearance of the album is formed in the context of future pictures

  • romantic - for the cover fit the prepared fabric with embroidery threads, beads, decoration of lace, ribbons, lace, written poems, scraps of fabric flowers;
  • Retro - artificially aged paper, newspaper clippings, yellowed photographs, brooches, ribbons, lace, flowers made from natural materials, straw;
  • modern - a fabric with interesting prints, ribbons, beads, crystals, artificial flowers;
  • children - the cover can be glued child's drawing, flat crafts, buttons, images of cartoon characters.

The artwork can paste over the paper, fabric, leather or a combination of different materials. The fabric should choose dense: jeans, fedora. Insert between the base cover and decorative fabric piece syntepon - it will make a soft album. Welds suitable to decorate decorative elements.

Between the base and cover can put a piece of syntepon

When the design of the cover need to be guided by formulating the rules, make sure that the jewelry was too much.

For decorating the family album can be used for scrapbooking kits or search for materials on their own. Suitable items can be purchased at the store sewing accessories, but surely you can find some interesting products right at home.

To this end, it is worth reviewing the things that you do not wear, children's toys, jewelry, postcards, beautiful covers, unwanted handbags, buttons and so on. D. Do not neglect the details of wood, metal and plastic.

With an abundance of decorative elements important in the making of the album desire

Very nice look albums, decorated with different kinds of colorful threads stitches. They can be made by hand or by sewing machine.

A win-win option that fits most family albums - flower decorations. Flowers are made with their own hands in fabric, mesh and beads.

An interesting effect is given ribbons and narrow ribbons, which are located at the edge of the album. For this purpose, fit the harness, especially if the background design made from natural fabrics.

Flower decorations and beads will always be relevant

On the cover or pages, you can get unconventional result if part of the movement to consolidate a rounded shape. Family members in the large-format photographs can be decorated with carved crown magazines, hat and other interesting details.

For the children's pages, or albums more suited favorite cartoon characters. They can draw on their own, or stick cut.

Complete the proposed ideas on design details, close to your heart, it will make it even more memorable and valuable.

Scrapbooking and other modern achievements decoration

Scrapbooking - technique of needlework, which is gaining momentum today. This kind of art is aimed at the preservation of photographs in an interesting manner through the use of special tactile and visual techniques.

Scrapbooking allows you to create albums with his own hands, not only in the traditional form of a code, among the works of the masters found: box, photo album, photo album, house, basket-album.

Album performed by scrapbooking original decision and inetersno

decoupage technique represents decorating various surfaces printed images with subsequent lacquering. After drying nail polish image looks like drawn.

Interesting, creative ideas - the key to beautiful and unique album

  • Hardcover album may be an adhesive or a book, you can also connect the individual sheets with metal rings (eyelets) or springs. Album-Harmonica looks no less creative.
  • The album design, you can use colored feathers, which are now in the trend.
  • Family photo album made with his own hands in the form of a camera, it will look outside the box and effectively.
  • Use to design album fashionable print - black and white stripes.
  • Style "Shabby chic" - a family history, are luxuriously and elegantly decorated.
  • Use in the design of his own poems, or belonging to the poet, it is always interesting.

Internal pages album can be made in the form of fotoknizhki

As with their hands to make a cushion for the rings? The answer to this question can be found here.

In conclusion, we offer you a small video master class on creating a beautiful album with his own hands, in particular, you create a cover. Happy viewing friends!

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When I was looking for a wedding photo album, all perenervnichala. The stores sell boredom and handmade albums are a lot of money. I decided to make a photo album with his own hands. Time spent much looked workshops, but the result was worth it. You can perform in any technique, it is now on an album for children to work.

To itself to create an album that will always please and who wants to show guests, there are many materials and sposobov.Esli you have a creative streak, can turn nepovtorimo.Moya girlfriend artist, as her wedding album looks like a work of art.

Recently, I was fascinated by a photo processing program Photoshop and scrapbooking. Two of my hobbies have helped me to arrange a wedding album niece in vintage style)) She loved it!

Photo album with his own hands: create a unique gift for your wedding album and not just + 93 photo ideas

In today's world, most people make electronic photo: selfie phones, photos on the soap dish and professional cameras. Share them by sending each other or laying in the social network.

But still some ten years ago it was necessary to print photos from the photographic film in the studio, stick it in a photo album. But the photo paper and is not relegated to the background, and year after year, their popularity is growing.

And it is not only their popularity, but that album design - creative process, and its manufacturing unites all members of the family. This album will not only be a wonderful decoration of your living room, but also a great gift.

Make a photo album is not so difficult if you stock up on the necessary tools and materials, and, of course, the original idea. Here are some examples of topics for stories:

  • birth of a child;
  • wedding or anniversary;
  • leave;
  • outlet etc.

Such occasions weight. So, to determine the events that you want to display in your photo album, it's time to think about the tools.

How to make a photo album with your own hands?

You will need:

  • nail scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • stapler;
  • Knife stationery;
  • glue;
  • felt-tip pens and pencils;
  • Scotch double-sided;
  • paints.

Here are the basic tools that are often used in the production album. But that's not all, you might need - everything depends on your imagination.

In addition, you need the following materials:

  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • self-adhesive;
  • Cover: it can be framed fabric, leather, fur, sequins, etc.

Step by step instructions album manufacturing

  • We begin production of a foundation. To do this, we need all the cover page. It may even be an ordinary student's notebook or notepad;
  • determine the number of photos. On average, one-page 2-3 for a photo album. On this basis we calculate the required number of pages;
  • of paper do substrate for each page;
  • substrate is pasted on the cardboard sheets;
  • past the resulting holes for fastening squares;
  • album cover decorate prepared material (for beginners is better prepared to take advantage of binding, pre-paving beneath the foam or other soft cloth to make the cover of softness and volume);
  • Make a hole in the cover, and then use the lace or wire fastened to the cover page basis is almost ready.

Select photos and make a photo album basis - this is not all. As a result, all components of the album content should merge.

To do this:

  • within the meaning of pick up on the sheet center of the composition;
  • choose a palette of colors that should be combined with each other;
  • choose decorative elements, and try not to "overdo it" with them (it can paper, cloth, plastic, metal, etc. To make a wedding album, you can use lace, and a children's photos decorate the cutouts of children's fairy tales, small toys);
  • choose a location for the photos, signatures to them.

Options album for free

Themes to create album abound in every family: "Good-bye, school!" "Our first-born," "The whole family to gather," "Crimea-2012" ...

Consider the design options album by a concrete example - "My grandfather - a sailor":

  • cut substrate of colored paper or fabric navy blue edge also make wavy;
  • We make up the name, such as "Remember, Captain!";
  • Name decorate cut out of colored paper, or other fish of the material;
  • place in the center of the composition an old photograph;
  • in the lower left corner of the left glue anchor;
  • opposite the adhesive sticker with the signature, indicating the fleet and years of service, for example: "the Pacific Fleet, 1960-1963 gg."

If this is your first experience of such work, be sure to make a photo album with the number of pages is not greater than 20.

Probably everyone remembers family gatherings, congregations parent friends to visit, and many hours of revisions family photo albums, accompanied by constant vosklikami a la "What a sweetheart!" "And this is where are you?", "How Andrei vymahal".

I have not lost popularity this trend and now. How to make a photo album, which would not be ashamed to show the guests?

Consider a specific example, is gaining more and more popularity - mini-albums, united by a single storyline: a walk, some exercise, etc.

  • take for the base sketch pad;
  • cuts away half or even three-quarters;
  • We do a little book, which will be opened on the basis of an accordion;
  • on one page, put only one photo, on the second page, have a signature, decoration, quote or anything else.

  • On the Internet and bookstores you will find lots of tips, benefits design paper photo albums, even training sessions are held.

    But it's best to include fantasy and make a unique photo album with your own hands!

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