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What are the dimensions of the sheet chipboard, and why it is important to know these parameters

Many aspiring artists who have only recently begun to engage in furniture, are often interested in the question, what are the dimensions of the sheet chipboard - the most popular material for the production of all kinds of furniture. The same question is often interested in designers who design new, original products for household items.

Why is it important to know the size of the typical leaf chipboard

Any item of furniture (cabinet, desk, bookshelf, bed and t. D.) Consists of a number of parts connected to each other through various compounds furniture. These parts are produced by sawing chipboard. The dimensions of the sheet and the direction of its surface structure largely determine how much material will be in the balance, what will be the future price of the product and how many sheets need to be purchased from a vendor. Note that the chipboard afraid moisture, so store it in storage is problematic. In addition, working capital to invest in the stocks of economically unprofitable. Therefore, many furniture factories the material in question is bought to order. Knowing what are the dimensions of the sheet particleboard, not only can accurately calculate how much of said material required for a particular product, but also to make the best cutting, in which the residues will be minimized.

Sheet size chipboard: what are they?

The thickness of the material ranges from 10 to 38 mm. Plate 16 mm in size is the most popular. Chipboard 18 mm in thickness is used somewhat less frequently, typically the material used to make better and more expensive furniture. From thin plate (10 mm) often make closet doors and facade framework, and of thick (28 and 38 mm) typically produce countertops for kitchens and dining tables. With regard to dimensions, the length of the sheet is as follows: 5500, 3660, 3500, 2750 and 2440 mm; width - 2440, 1830, 1750, 1500 and 1200 mm. Typically, sellers indicate in their price lists of all the necessary parameters.

In order to find out what size plate will be most optimal and convenient to use specialized cutting programs, such as 2D-Place application. Initially it manually or by importing from a file made size and number of parts. Then set the size of particle board, the thickness of the cut, the distance from the edges, and other technical parameters. The program will then follow one of the two algorithms will automatically show the best way to cut into the details of each page, and how many sheets you will need for the manufacture of the desired product. Cost chipboard depend, primarily, on-proizvoditelyai country, material thickness, and the presence and type laminated coating. Price plate popular brand Swisspan (Ukraine) varies in the range 240-400 rub. / M 2. A square meter of chipboard Egger German company will cost an average of 80-120 rubles more. Basically, this company plate produced in 18 mm thickness and quality of manufacturing somewhat better Swisspan products. It should be noted that non-laminated slab (m. E. Having no color coat) is the cheapest. They use it only in internal, invisible places, usually as a filler.

Laminated chipboard - what is its thickness?

We would like to testify in the room to put on the floor laminate. How thick it is, a better buy on the floor?

The range of standard sizes thickness chipboard includes significantly more positions than 26 millimeters.

Namely, 10 millimeters, 16 millimeters, 18 millimeters, 26 millimeters and 32 millimeters.

But with the previous speaker I agree. Chipboard floor to use it is not necessary! Swell you have it, even water-resistant chipboard, in fact afraid of water, though slightly less than simple.

The thickness of the chipboard (particleboard laminated) may be different, for producing these plates is not a single enterprise.

Here are examples of chipboard "Kronospan9quot; (Our, domestic manufacturer) the thickness of 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25, 28 mm-s.

But under the order and can be laminated chipboard 32-mm and even 38 mm-s.

The thickness of a chipboard 16 mm and is used in the case of particularly strong furniture designs.

Your business of course, but I would not advise putting the chipboard on the floor, and even in the country.

Cottage is a building with a seasonal residence, ie no heating (usually) the temperature drop and humidity hung just "ubot9quot; These floors moreover very quickly.

Even chipboard does not help in the case of flooring is better to use other options to suit the same Plywood water-resistant, but not chipboard.

Besides, in the manufacture of chipboard is used as a binder, phenol-formaldehyde resins.

About chipboard you already answered 10,16,18,26 (25) mm. But it seems to me that you made a mistake in the question asking about the laminated particle board and not about the laminate floor. If you want to lay a laminate floor in the country is aware that it is better to take the high-quality (preferably German production) protection class 33 or 34.

A laminated chipboard standard thickness of 16 millimeters. Use of such a material as a floor not advise. Such material is afraid of water, it is also sensitive to scratches. If you accidentally get the splinter out of this material, it can lead to tragic consequences. Floor is best to use plywood or MDF.

Dimensions chipboard sheets (length, width, thickness price +)

In this article: what size are chipboard, what are their properties, application areas, are important recommendations to customers.

Particleboard is widely used for the manufacture of a wide variety of products, for example for the production of furniture. And prior to the manufacture of a product for novice masters inevitable questions arise: What are the dimensions of sheets of particle board; what is the width, length and thickness of the sheet. And, of course, what is the price of plates with defined dimensions.

Now we will reply in detail to these questions.

Standard sizes chipboard sheets (length + width)

These geometric parameters are regulated chipboard relevant regulations. Along the length has 18 grades, width - 9.

Length chipboard sheets may be in the range 1830 - 5680 mm. The width in the range of 1220 - 2500 mm. This is the standard size sheets chipboard. The most commonly used and are found on the market of such dimensions:

Length x Width (mm): 2440 × 1830; 2620 × 1830; 2750 × 1830.

Why this size sheets are most common? Because they are easy to transport, and also be processed in the manufacture of various products (e.g., easily sawn into parts).

Of course, these dimensions of the sheets may be of different thicknesses. This parameter (according to regulations) can also be in a wide range.

The most frequently encountered chipboard sheet thickness 8 - 38 mm. Namely, 10, 16, 18, 22, 25, 28 mm. Of course, different manufacturers can focus on a variety of thicknesses. But in general, the situation in this market.

For clarity, the most common size of chipboard sheets we have reduced to a single table. These are the settings most commonly found on the market (including online stores).

Scope EAF depending on the sheet thickness

It is understood that for different products used with different plate thicknesses. The choice depends on the type of product, its conditions of use, the magnitude of the load, etc.

8. 10 mm - is often used in the manufacture of lightweight, low-loaded designs (e.g., decorative walls, etc.)

16. 18 mm - chipboard sheets of this thickness are used for the bulk of production of furniture. In addition, used for laying floors.

22. 25 mm - the material of such a thickness is great for the manufacture of various products srednenagruzhennyh (e.g., kitchen tables, doors, etc.).

28. 38 mm - is used to produce a particularly loaded structures (for example, it may be a shelf, table tops, bar tops, etc.)

Dimensions determine the properties of particleboard

Naturally, the geometric parameters of the sheets are directly dependent on the performance of DSP, in other words - properties.

With the plate thickness is related strength, not only the operation of manufactured products, but also during transportation. The greater the thickness of the particle board, the more able to withstand the load plate. Accordingly, the thicker sheets are used for high-loaded products.

With increasing plate resistance to deformation decreases its flexibility. Thin sheets of chipboard (10 mm), relatively flexible - this manifests itself even at low loads. But thick (25 mm or more) are characterized by a low flexibility. At high loads, they soon will crack and break than to bend.

The thickness of the sheets of particle board also affects the hardness of the material. With increasing thickness of the hardness is increased.

As is known, the value of all building materials with the passage of time may vary. It is influenced by many factors, including seasonality. In addition, in different cities, the shops on the chipboard sheets and prices may vary.

So here we shall only indicate the approximate cost in rubles (Moscow), which acts at the time of this writing.

Thus, the price of the sheet chipboard 16 mm thick and the size of 2750 × 1830 at this point is about 800-1000 rubles. The cost of the sheet of the same thickness (16 mm), but 3500 mm long and 1750 mm width may be about 50 rubles more.

If you want to know more precisely the price of particleboard in the city, we recommend that you right now use search engines - for example, by Yandex. Just type in a search engine the phrase "chipboard sheet size and price in Moscow," or something like that. You are presented with a list of the different sites (online stores), where you will find detailed information about the product and its cost.

Also keep in mind that buying particle board in the shop will cost you less. Some even offer free shipping material within their locality.

Pay attention to the fact that the particle board prices can be both retail and wholesale. Therefore, when placing an order to clarify this matter.

Sheet size chipboard: make a calculation before you buy

Not to overpay, it is first necessary to make the appropriate calculation. Calculate the area, how many sheets of particle board or that the size you need to buy. In this case, select the most appropriate size for you chipboard sheets that during the manufacture of structures, you have as little as possible to do cuts.

In short, measure seven times. Good luck in building!

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