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How and why to use the edge band for DSP?

Such material as edge band, is often used for repair. Its main role is in dyeing the ends of furniture, which is made of chipboard, but the scope of the this is not the end. Thanks to it is possible to increase the strength characteristics, to protect the wood from moisture and prevent impregnation evaporate. Also edge band may be operated for restoration work. Work with the material is very simple and easy, so to cope with this task can not even experienced master.

Introduced material has the form of bands, for the production of which involve foamed polyethylene. On its surface has a protective apron and self-adhesive layer covered by a thin film of polyethylene. The material can have the following dimensions: width - 100 mm or 150 mm, thickness - 8 or 10 mm. Product is being implemented in rolls of 25 or 50 m. However, there may be other sizes, just presented are the most popular. The tape can be matched to the color of the plastic wall panels for the kitchen, as more fully described in the article here.

The main role of demfertnoy tape is to balance out fluctuations in temperature characteristics, absorb excess sound.

How to choose the wall panel by a brick for the kitchen, so that all would be coincided with a wall panel and a stove and table skirting tape here.

Also, the material can act as a sealant and additional insulation of thermal energy from the adjacent outer walls, when it is used for floor screed. If a large area of ​​the screed, the tape is used to create an expansion joint, which protects against cracking. Use material may be disposable.

Learn about MDF or chipboard for kitchen it is better to choose, you can learn by reading the article.

The main advantages of the material include the following:

  • not exposed to moisture, so there is no possibility of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • It is porous, easily, elasticity, durability, ease of the installation;
  • is not afraid to fluctuations of temperature indicators and aggressive influence of alkalis;
  • structure and properties are not volatile when exposed to sun and UV rays;
  • if decreased prolonged mechanical loading, then its original shape, thus can be used as a sealant joints.

In this article you can find out what size of chipboard 16 mm.

The video - edge band for chipboard:

In most cases the edge band is used around the room and as a separator for a large area of ​​the screed surface. If the band width of 100 mm, it finds application in single layer or bilayer screeds which are of the alignment and final layer.

If any repairs need to know what fibreboard and chipboard difference between them.

Perform such activities is very simple, so they can not make even a professional. All that is needed is to prepare the material and tune in to the job. Next, adhere to the following plan of action that will perform all works quickly and efficiently:

  1. Select the edge band. This material may have different thicknesses. You need to pick the one that suits not only their appearance, but also the thickness of the part. Typically, acquiring a product with a width value of 1.8 - 4.5 cm Often so that tape width slightly greater than the width of the surface to be treated.. This is acceptable, as long as the difference was not so significant. Choosing MDF panels for kitchens, it is important to know and understand what kind of material.
  2. Clear plywood edge of the existing dust. Initially, you should start from the end, as it will be the least noticeable. Tim images may be camouflage material joints. On the strong irregularities should be no surface to be treated. Some tape is capable of hide, but large depressions or bulges should be eliminated.
  3. Check the condition of the tape. It should not contain joints which occur when connecting the individual strips into a roll. As a rule, received the joints is very difficult to recognize, but their presence can greatly spoil the appearance of the product. After all, it will need to cover some staff on top of the film. It is important to know how to choose and that is water-resistant chipboard decking floor.
  4. Determine the values ​​of the length and width of the surface to be treated. It is necessary to cut out the tape by 0.3 cm larger end and is longer at 2.5. For these purposes, you should use hand-ball line. For cutting the material on line, you can use a sharp knife. But making sure that the blade is very sharp.
  5. Now in the process involves iron. You must wait until it warms up. Initially handle rounded corners. You need to find the middle end of the line, which is denoted with a pencil along the entire length. Now determine the middle of the edge and apply it on the face of the part. Make sure that all the lines have been combined. With gently heated iron to iron a piece of tape, and after the second. On iron ironed when necessary to provide a lot of pressure, otherwise the adhesive is melted, resulting in tape uneven lies on the rounded corner and any creases. Particular attention is paid to the edges. With insufficient nip their belt will begin to move away from the workpiece. When the glue is still hot, it is necessary to smooth the coating, using a round screwdriver.
  6. After the glue has cooled down again to take iron and walk them through the Ribbon, to the lower and upper edges of the workpiece surface. Thus the iron should be at an angle, while the tow line will have a small thickness. Pressed on the iron with the strength, but not dramatically. When the adhesive composition behind, it is possible to eliminate the excess tape. To remove unnecessary tape, you should use special tools, but it is quite possible to get the job done with a sharp knife. Before Parting extra pieces, you need to pay attention to the direction of the fibers detail. As they move down, the cutting should be done right to left, upward when - vice versa. Buying edge band is important to know the dimensions of countertops for kitchens made of particleboard.
  7. The final stage of operation involves grinding the surface of the plywood location along the edge band. Due to this it is possible to remove all irregularities. Location sponge should be directly relative to the workpiece corners. If the sponge is not available, you can use sandpaper on a sticky basis.

The video shows how the glued edge band on chipboard:

A wide range of material presented allows you to purchase the product right size, excellent quality and low price. The most popular manufacturers of edge bands to date are:

  1. TILIT® Super - cost 700 rubles.
  2. Energofloor - cost 600 rubles.
  3. Energofloor - cost 330 rubles.
  4. Energoflex Super - the price of 330 rubles.
  5. Uponor 1000080 - cost 70 rubles.
  6. TEPLOFLEX - costs 50 rubles.
  7. Uponor Minitec 1005276 - cost 46 rubles.
  8. Viega fonterra r1 609 474 - the price of 30 rubles.

From the article, you can find out what color you can buy chipboard panels, including the kitchen.

Edge band - it is very necessary material through which the workpiece DSP gains strength, reliability and long sluzhby.Vybiraya furniture is important to know what is best fiberboard or particleboard, the information can be emphasized in the article.

Wide range of products allows you to buy a tape that will fit the size, color and price.

Damper (bead) tape for floor screed

Smooth subfloor in the apartment and other premises is a guarantee of quality subsequent coating, whether parquet, laminate or ordinary plywood. The concrete screed is to be performed not only by using all technical nuances such as level, reinforcing mesh, beacons, but with the damper tape, which plays an important role for the whole base.

Edge material concrete floor screed - the essence, the use of the properties

This product is a strip of foamed styrene or polyethylene, certain parameters - the length, width and thickness, one side of which is adhesive. It performs a number of functions, namely:

  1. The main function of damping tape for floor screed was compensating for any mechanical stress on the foundation, in order to avoid the appearance of cracks.
  2. A seal joints between the screed and the adjacent walls.
  3. It reduces the effect of sound and heat waves on a concrete surface.
  4. It serves as an additional insulator, in the case of setting "Heated floor" system.

The material has good technical characteristics of primary importance in the construction of:

  • It does not react with moisture and, therefore, rot, mold, and other troubles of the species is unlikely to arise.
  • Edge band laid screed floor heating does not change its structure under the influence of aggressive media - from alkaline concrete, to ultraviolet rays.
  • Able to take the original shape after prolonged exercise.
  • Easy and convenient at work independently. Skills are required.

Importance of strip thickness and width for any variations screeds. Typically, a "significant" material used in the layered structured surfaces. A thin coating of less than 50 mm, the damper is not used at all.

Rules to lay yourself

First, determine the correct size of the edge band (damper) for floor screed. Based on the layering necessary base band selected optimum parameters. Given that the maximum single fully primed area should not be more than 40 m², the surface is divided into rectangular areas. In addition, each door must contain the necessary quantity compensator. The following actions are as follows:

1. Before installing the corners between walls and the floor is cleaned of fine litter. You can use a vacuum cleaner. Thumbs up will go a primer for better adhesion structures.

2. We need to start damping glue tape on the perimeter of the tie, and then move to other areas - expansion joint and doorways. The process is slow, with careful separation of the protective layer and carefully clamping the adhesive side to surfaces.

It is unacceptable to leave empty places, a large number of bonding joints and overlap wetting material. In the end, it will affect the quality characteristics of the damper and the subsequent operation of the floor.

3. When the installation is finished, the reliability necessary to pass on the tape roll - it smoothes small defects and further squeeze her against the wall. You can begin to fill, if all the previous work has been completed.

After solidification of the pouring edge band coupler solution shall look out over the surface of 2 cm. Residues cut prior to installation of the finishing coating a conventional office knife, although many manufacturers have taken care of the cuts that allow gently remove the excess.

At present, not only foreign companies can show off the quality of construction materials. Buy damper tape can be in any sales representative, working in the field of derivatives for repair.

It is important - to purchase this item you need to have proven commercial networks. The risk of working with a forgery, great.

From the table, it is evident that ruin the family budget is not going to happen, and the benefits from the use of such a tape a lot. Perhaps homegrown masters try to replace anything that material - ordinary foam, wood, foam. But these products are good to their purpose in other processes, and require fixing. A floor covering, they are not suitable in principle - wood rot, moisture accumulates foam, the foam crumbles and has low technical parameters. Alternatives damper no. Besides his presence depends on the quality of all the concrete base, if this neglect can hardly expect a comfortable floor.

In principle, any flooring requires more precise alignment. How to professionally and by what technique.

Application in construction of cement mortars is always associated with a number of problems. In the initial period there.

Levelcrete - a special coating, which is an intermediate layer between the monolithic slab made of.

Types and gluing process at the edge of the furniture chipboard PVC, melamine

If you are doing your own furniture from laminated chipboard or MDF, after cutting the sheets need to protect their end parts, which will increase the life of the product and give it a beautiful appearance. To do this often use PVC edge for furniture, but there are other varieties. In this article, we will tell about all kinds, the need for edging and a way to stick it with their hands.

Adhesive edge furniture - a narrow strip of melamine, polyvinyl chloride, ABS plastic or other material. It protects and decorates the cut. In the production of cheap furniture from chipboard edge is a must, since it saves people from the harmful effects of formaldehyde. In addition, it gives strength and protects the material from moisture inside.

The most popular are the following kinds of furniture edges.

  • Melamine edge with glue - the budget, but not the high-quality appearance. She is afraid of moisture and can fall off over time (even without mechanical action), easy to crack and erased at the corners. The only advantage - pre-applied adhesive layer, however melamine edge remains popular option in the home.

When buying furniture is important to pay attention to the quality of the processing ends. It is better not to take the furniture to the processing of melamine, as it will be short-lived.

  • Furniture PVC edge 2 and 0.4 mm - it is the best option. It is much more stable and more durable. Thickness of 0.4 mm is typically used for processing hidden places, and 2 mm on the outer ends of the glue, which will be seen. However, its application requires a special machine for machining edges, so it is only used in the production.
  • The edge of ABS plastic - a more ecological analogue of the previous version, which is found on sale less frequently.
  • Flush T-profile - is inserted into the machined slot in the end of the DSP. It was popular in those days, when a special machine for edges PVC was a rarity, and milling machines in the shops were full.

    Mortise T-shaped edging

    profile C18

  • Consignment U-profile C18 - a good option because they can be used for particle board at home. Typically, P-profile C18 simply put on the face and glued on liquid nails. Minus - protruding by a few millimeters edge under which clogged the dirt. On the other hand, this feature is very useful if you make the cut chipboard with their hands, large margins hide jagged cut and chipped. This type is often used for homemade wardrobes.
  • For bonding the machine using a special melt glue for PVC edge. It is sold in the form of granules, after heating become liquid. Adhesive tape is applied to either a hot or during manufacture of the tape.

    To edge for countertops or cabinet was beautiful and durable, the best way is to order the production of edging. This is usually done at the same place, where to buy and order chipboard.

    Sample prices for the application (for 1 running meter together with the material):

    • PVC edge 2 mm - 40 rub .;
    • PVC edging 0.4 mm - 25 rub .;
    • edge chipboard melamine - 25 rub .;
    • additionally have to pay for the processing of the curved sections.

    Most popular in Russia PVC edge Rehau, it has a wide range of colors, so you can choose the color for any chipboard. Belt width is different - from 15 to 45 mm.

    To order this service is to store necessary prestage circuit as PVC glue edge: in which locations, and what its applied thickness. Those places which will not wear out, can be coated PVC of 0.4 mm to save (e.g., rear and bottom faces). All visible places processed PVC 2mm. Where are fastened joint in a joint with another part, treatment is not necessary.

    Unlike PVC coating 0.4 and 2 mm

    • Deposit on the inner shelf treated with only the front face of a layer of 2 mm.
    • Upper hooded cover - from all sides (back face 0.4 mm, the rest - 2 mm).
    • Facade drawer processed on all sides of 2 mm thick.

    To simplify the calculations, we can take advantage of special furniture program, they create a project automatically. As a result, in order to collect an average closet, edge banding chipboard cost 1,5-2 thousand. Rub. Will be released is not very cheap, but the quality, safety and durability.

    For those who want to save there melamine edge with glue, which is attached by means of iron. This option is quite amiss for the repair of old furniture - not be the same in the shop a couple of small boards. To solve the question of how best to stick to the edge of the table top, it is better to not be lazy and seek to produce, or is it to use the invoice profile, t. To. The melamine is rapidly deteriorate from moisture and abrasion.

    For gluing best old Soviet iron or hair dryer building. Thermostat iron exhibited approximately 2,5 position. In addition, the required cloth, knife, fine sandpaper and support for fixing parts.

    • Detail record and cut edge with a margin of a few centimeters. Then it was applied and carefully heated his iron, sections approximately 40 cm. When it is well heated, the adhesive edge melts and comes out slightly prosyadet.

  • Immediately after that, you need a well with a cloth to press the edge band. This is done quickly, as it quickly cools.

  • When you're done with the bonding, it is necessary to trim the surplus. At first cut end parts, and then those that come along. The knife must be held at an angle. The motion of the knife is directed to the workpiece, rather than the outside. For convenient operation will need a sharp knife without burrs. During cutting the excess observe careful not to cut corners.

    Also with the help of the iron can be removed and the old edge band. To do this, it is heated and hock with a spatula or knife.

    In this video you can see how to stick a 2 mm edge at home:

    Additionally, you need to close the ends of the worktop special metal nozzle with a sealant to the inside from getting wet, then do not swell worktop (see. Article how to gather the kitchen).

    To achieve really good results it is better to order a factory-edging. The overpayment is not too great, but the durability will increase significantly. Now on sale you can find almost any color ribbon to simulate wood or solid color version.

    Pasting of wallpaper on the walls. Selecting the cheapest kinds of wallpaper.

    The choice of colors for the bathroom. The better paint the walls: acrylic, latex or silicone-latex paint. The process of painting and alignment of the walls in the bathroom.

    Technology gluing fiberglass wallpaper on the walls with the further painting. Adhesives, surface preparation and material specifications.

    RemBoo »Furniture» Forms and the process of gluing on chipboard furniture edges of PVC, melamine

    Ordered on the shelves in the closet PVC edge 0.4 mm, as a result of sharp corners turned. It is better to overpay a little bit, and at points of contact to make a thick edge.

    Yuri YOU do not fully machined parts. paste and trim the edges is not enough. they need to be more polished.

    At home it can be done with a piece of felt or thick fabric. sharp edges simply overwritten with no great pressure. reciprocating movement is repeated until the touch is not to be comfortable

    And you do not tell me if I want to replace the T-Profile mortise edge pvc hollow than this putty? And if this place will stick in edge band exactly?

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