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How to decorate the box with their hands?

In order to decorate the box with their hands necessary to determine the technology, which will be made finish. Here's what you can choose from:

  • Decoupage, To do this, choose a suitable cloth to fit drawing to style box, and then degreased surface and apply the adhesive, and then, and acrylic paint, glue on top of the cut pattern of the cloth to be pre sprinkle with hairspray so that the picture does not break

  • Bag in technique kanzashi, for this you need a tape made of satin, silk or organza, as well as a pair of scissors, a ruler, a lighter, one of the workshops can be found here. Then to the box, you can add rhinestones and beads.

  • Box oplesti beads, if needlewoman knows beading technique, it is possible to try to make these boxes:

  • Box decorated with macaroni, on the box have to stick colored patterned pasta, I think that to deal with that and aspiring needlewoman.

I found a wonderful master class decoration boxes skewers:

As you can see, skewers, you can decorate not only the box, but attached to it framed πŸ™‚

There are even pictures ka do yourself a box of adhesive tape on reel

And so, from nothing, we have done a wonderful box under the little things πŸ™‚ More detailed workshop can be found here

You can decorate the box buttons and sequins, get the oriental style as the photo

Here is another option, but it is likely decorating mini-chest, but also very interesting to get πŸ™‚

These are great tips I found on the Internet, I wish you every success πŸ™‚

Very nice, you can decorate shkutulku embroidery and lace.

and on top, sewn braid

The mass of options, how to decorate the box with their hands, here the main thing to decide what style you want to have a box at the end. So, I offer you such an option here as you can decorate the box:

This, in my opinion, the easiest way how to decorate a box. You need to purchase a shiny stones or beads or buttons, just paste over the box.

In every box you can bring your jewelry, now there are a lot of suitable material for this purpose. Decorating the casket expedient one that just looks. Suitable for decoration and satin ribbons and rhinestones, and shells, beads, and much more. In addition to these materials need more glue, and then you tell your imagination.

Take kleymozhno take paper quilling and obkleyte casket circle these stripes, try to make carefully so as not climbed the glue, and the top can be covered with lacquer (not so that hair and nails). Or can be made of fabric flowers, take openwork fabric. Still it is possible to paste over the box of coffee beans.

In the picture box and so beautiful - but if a black - the first you need to cover it with varnish, and then paint the contours of the glass - on the nail perfectly lie kraska- applied dots drawing better, and it is difficult to maintain a straight line loop, but if it turns out the line - it's just wonderful.

Ready-made, but boring box can be decorated with polymer clay or salt dough.

Boxes paint furniture varnish and let dry. Roll the sausage of clay (dough) and make one whorl. These patterns glue PVA glue in raw form on the box and allow to dry. Then the pattern cover the furniture varnish, let dry, and once again cover the varnish and let dry.

Very difficult technique kanzashi.

Casket, adorned with precious stones.

The colored sparkling stones stuck, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. To do this, you need to clean the surface of the box and paint it with acrylic paint. Glue hot glue pearlies previously laid out in the pattern. Read more here.

Found just such an unusual box:

You might think it's just a doll on the table. But no, this is a real box for jewelry) And how this can be done to learn and master class on this link

I also really liked the transformation of an ordinary plastic container in a beautiful box. You can do this, look at this master class

How can originally decorate a box

Every woman has a house box, box, jar, which stores jewelry, jewelry, cosmetics, and so on. The most common items to store things - this box. They are made of wood, cardboard, glass, metal. Now you can buy more at the store, but there are many people who love to create, decorating objects with their hands. If you decide to make the decor of your boxes, make it original and unique, you will help our master class. decoration technique is the most simple, accessible and understandable. It is not necessary to have a special ability to decorate the box with their hands and add to her charm.

If the repair was a piece of vinyl wallpaper, you can use it to decorate a wooden or cardboard boxes. Our workshop will talk about how his own hands, using textured wallpaper, decorate a simple thing, and make the surface of the metallic effect. Suppose you have stayed here a roll of wallpaper. Background can be any color, our task is to paint the paper under the color of the metal.

To work need:

  1. A piece of wallpaper or textured paper.
  2. Construction glue PVA.
  3. Paper towels.
  4. Acrylic colors: black, copper, red, silver, green, dark gold.
  5. Nail coating.

For decorative box with your hands, you need to take a roll of wallpaper or textured paper, attached to the box and cut a piece from the allowance bumpers.

It can be issued only to cover the box, without touching the side walls. You can decorate and cover and sides. As you wish. Pasted to the cover, smear a brush or sponge to the back of the paper. Take PVA glue and a little dilute it with water. We need to spread so thickly that the paper is well soaked with the adhesive and swollen. Reserve at the time of paper aside before full swelling. Then pasted it on the surface of the box. Properly presses a sponge or your hands to the surface. Make sure that there are no wrinkles or bubbles.

Next, we give the glue to dry and then paint the box and attach it the appearance of metal, aged by time. In order to apply paint to the surface using disposable paper towels soaked in the water. We need to lay the paint evenly and irregular islands. To begin, cover the surface of the boxes black acrylic paint. We have it in the can, but may be in the bank.

Dry them and then cover the red acrylic paint.

Adding silver paint after drying the previous one.

Dims red silver bronze color.

Next, add a little black. Then, a little red again.

Next, it's time to oxidize our product. Act, as in previous cases: the product cover green paint wet disposable towel. The latest decor - dark gold.

At the end of the master class was placed on obtaining a product varnish. Varnish can be either matt or glossy, aerosol or simple. You can make a decoration vase, you get a set.

In this master class, we have combined several techniques to decorate the box with their hands. We try to mix styles, textures and techniques. The main theme of the master class - it is an imitation of painting with fabric. Since not everyone is able to draw well, we decided to apply a stencil here.

Figure stencil is attached, you can choose any one that you like.

Master class uncomplicated to cope with it even a novice.

To work need:

  1. Bag or box.
  2. Acrylic primer.
  3. Acrylic paints.
  4. Brushes.
  5. Stencil.
  6. Masking tape.
  7. Sandpaper.
  8. All that can be useful for the decor: cord, ribbon, lace, ribbons, and so on.

If the box or blank is made of wood, you may need it sanded with sandpaper and varnish. So we protect the workpiece from swelling.

We are waiting for the dry and cover the acrylic primer.

Dry them and oshkurivaem. Seal the upper and lower corners of masking tape.

Stained all sides of any boxes bright acrylic paint. Thus making the lower layer fabric for the simulation.

Paint brush in a horizontal direction to put the paint equally and uniformly. Further, the workpiece give dry oshkurivaem sandpaper and coated with varnish. We mix our bright paint with the same beige to darker tone.

The paint should not be too thick, so be sure to wet the brush in water and wring out. Apply it on the side of the horizontal strokes.

Then take a sponge or a brush and hold by the surface in the horizontal direction.

That is, we need to do an imitation of fabric. This will be one focus of our "fabrics". That's what should happen after the treatment with a sponge or brush:

A layer of varnish we needed to ensure that the paint does not soak into the surface of the product. If not varnish, such textured surfaces we would not get. Also come with all the side surfaces of the box: paint and erase paint with a sponge or brush. It would be great if you will inflict on top of the varnish. We look forward to when the product is dry, a wet brush recruit the same paint and the side of the paint, but vertically. Erase ink sponge vertically. As a result, we should get a "fabric".

Dry them and a little treat sandpaper side of the unit. Choosing a template for our pattern. Suppose this pattern with a rose.

Sealed with adhesive tape places that are not needed for the decor. We have a stencil on marginalia products.

Choosing colors for printing the pattern. In this master class is yellow, burgundy, light green and dark green. Recruit the paint on the brush or sponge, and we put it on the stencil. Paint should not be a lot, so it does not numb the pattern. Your brush should be medium-dry. Do not rush, if it did not work the first time clearly, you can walk a brush again. Remove the stencil, waiting, when the paint dries. Overturn the screen in a different direction. Flowers should be arranged randomly. Coloring stencil.

Here is the lateral side. Empty seats should not be, instead draw on the main background of leaves. Fill empty space with small leaves.

Next, do figure surround the rose. When dries, impose our stencil on a familiar pattern. Fasten with tape. Apply the paint color in the middle of burgundy roses, dark green paint do the volume of the sheet.

Further, oshkurivaem sides after the surface dries. To complete the work, you can cover the side of the product in several layers of lacquer. It's time to take cover. Stuck on the sidewall cover strip masking tape. Stained cover in the same manner as that of the sides. At first light color under the "fabric", varnish. Then the very "fabric": paint brush horizontally, then vertically.

Dry the cover, lay at her screen in different directions. Apply the yellow and light green colors. All empty spaces fill with small leaves. Again impose a stencil, paint the rose color maroon, dark green leaves. Oshkurit brush horizontally and vertically after drying. Admiring his work and causes nail in 2-3 coats.

The bottom of the boxes and sides decorate to your liking. In this master class sidewall cover painted in yellow color, glue gun glued cord. Downgraded goes velvet ribbon, glued glue Moment. Glued wooden legs. It would be nice, if you put a strip of lace or gold braid, cord, and so on.

Decor caskets - is unlimited space for your imagination. All this beauty can do with their hands. Not all boxes have a sleek design and are suitable for interior decoration. But if desired it can be easily corrected. Make exclusive thing can anyone who has a little time, patience and inspiration.

Can decorate everything: buttons, paper flowers, lace, polymer clay, beads, glass, coins, shells, and so on. Perhaps you have is jewelry that you do not wear, but do not throw rises hand: it is also useful for decoration. In the photo varied dΓ©cor items for storage. We hope that these ideas and master classes will be useful to you in the work.

Copying of materials is permitted only with the active link to the source.

How to make a box with his hands

To make the box with their hands do not need to have special knowledge in a particular area.

Enough to have the necessary materials, and ideas you can draw here.

There are many options boxes and the most interesting and simple presented below.

Gather the tools, arms and turn ideas imagination.

Bag with your hands (master class)

- 2 package from milk (Tetra with a square base)

- two small magnet

- wrapping paper, beads (for decoration boxes)

- wooden beads (to make the legs)

To learn how to make flowers to decorate the boxes, go to our article:

From sticks of ice cream making boxes for jewelry

- sticks of ice cream

1. Make the foundation box.

- To do this in a number of 10 sticks to spread.

- The right and the left stick for a wand to fix the foundation.

2. Raise the wall. Glue sticks as shown in the image, turned to the box wall. The height of the box you can choose.

3. Making the cover. To do this, just repeat step 1 (you can add 2 more sticks across those that fasten the cover).

4. The cover can decorate to taste - for example, paste a picture, a photo, a sticker, or just paint the gouache, making a few patterns.

5. To attach the lid to the box, prepare two pieces of identical size tape and glue them to the lid at one end, and the other to the box (see. The image).

Bag with your hands (photo guide)

Box out of the box with their hands

- simple small box

1. Prepare a few sheets of paper (preferably thin) and start to twist them into the tube. Ducts need to do a lot.

2. Prepare any box - this will be the foundation of your boxes. Turn it upside down and draw a rectangle on the bottom.

3. On the perimeter of a rectangle traced start pasting paper rolls (see. Picture). Between the tubes leave the distance of 5 cm.

4. To the bottom of the box was a flat, you need to cut a rectangle of cardboard. Its size is the size of the bottom of the box. This rectangle stick to the bottom of the box to close the ends of the tubes stuck.

5. Now begin gently weave paper rolls around the base. It should be noted that the tube should fit tightly to each other. Each tube is desirable to fix the glue.

6. In a similar way to make a cover for caskets. With the help of the ropes you can attach the lid to the box, making small stitches.

The box is made of paper with his own hands

How to make a box for jewelry

How to make a box out of cardboard

This handy box for needlework hard to do. It is compact enough to take her with him.

- fabric in two colors

- Stationery knife or scissors

1. Prepare a piece of cardboard and cut it out of the square. In this example, a square dimensions 28 x 28 cm

2. This square ruler and pencil divide by 9 squares (9.5 x 9.0 x 9.5 cm)

3. Cut a square 4 located at the corners (see. The image), and put them aside.

* To fold the cardboard in place of destination, a knife can make partial cuts in the fold lines.

4. the inside of the fabric and cut the stick too much, at the same time you need to leave on the edge of 2 mm, then to bend.

5. On the front side of the board you have to stick the fabric, the size of which exceeds the size of a cardboard form on a 1.5 cm.

6. Fold edge of the fabric and the adhesive attach to the form.

7. Take the squares that you put off, and then cut the edges with each of 0.5 cm (the size of each square must be 8.5 x 8.5 cm).

8. Glue foam for these squares (sintepon).

9. From the tissue cut squares with dimensions 1.5 cm longer carton form. Wrap the squares of fabric squares of cardboard and fold the edges. You should get the pads.

10. Now wrap a rubber band each pad and secure it with glue.

11. The pads stick to the cardboard backing.

12. Prepare another cardboard square, measuring 18 cm x 18 cm and sketch, and then cut to form said image.

13. To make the cover, prepare a square, 15 x 15 cm. Measure and cut at the edges of 2.5 cm.

14. Now bend edge of the workpiece and its obkleyte like and box.

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