Leroy Merlin floor heating

Warm water floor in Leroy Merlin

It refers to the water section. During the construction of a country house or making repairs in the apartment, as a rule, tend to make the stay in the room as pleasant as possible and to reduce basic costs for housing and communal services.

In this difficult task will help the device warm water floor in an apartment or house. The meaning of his work lies in the fact that the laid special tube around the perimeter of the floor, and they are connected to the central heating or hot water boilers. Then, filled with heat-insulating concrete screed. Heat is generated by circulating warm water through the pipes around the perimeter of the room.

In many suburban homes had a good practice to use warm water instead of the classical field of electric heating. As many residents, they need not even include electric batteries or other sources of heat, if the system is already on warm water floor.

AT Leroy Merlin there are sub-sections of this product category:

  • tubes
  • collector group
  • Fitting
  • Heat exchangers and mixing units
  • Optional accessories

Among pipes exciting offers the following: Evoh pipe for floor heating size of 16 × 50 mm 2 meters of PEX-b material costs 2682 rubles, Evoh pipe size of 16 × 2 length 100 of underground PEX-b material costs 5164 rubles.

Regarding fittings, such variants exist: Valtec crimp connector collector for copper tube of 15 mm nickel plated brass as low 82 rubles cone Valtec for plastic pipes size 16 mm nickel-plated brass for the price of 160 rubles.

Interesting choice among mixing and heat exchanging units is as follows: Three-way mixing valve 1 inch and costs 3398 rubles apiece az, pumping and mixing group Uni-Fitt without the pump costs 12,074 rubles, a set of thermostatic ICBOX02 mounting of brass and costs 6215 rubles.

Leroy Merlin network creates all conditions for comfortable acquisition of products for construction and repair.

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Leroy Merlin floor heating

floor heating system in Leroy Merlin and application

Central heating with underfloor heating is gaining in popularity. This is not surprising: in this case the space is warmed uniformly, and the person feels more comfortable.

Currently distributed 2 underfloor heating systems: water and electric.

Leroy Merlin is pleased to both types of underfloor heating. Price underfloor heating depends entirely on the manufacturer, but the quality of the installation is high enough. If you choose a low-cost model, you can buy an electric field, but its use can go a lot more expensive than the water floor heating.

Many of us prefer to get acquainted with the technical data and deal not only with the principle of water and electric underfloor heating, but also with a range of companies. And before you buy a floor heating system, it is best for this sums up the catalog Leroy Merlin.

Much easier to see the characteristics and description of the floor heating system than to inquire the seller in the store. If you are interested in some specific control system for underfloor heating or manufacturer, then you can already clearly see the store Leroy Merlin or in the same building hypermarkets.

If you want to make a comfortable environment in the apartment, then a set electric floor. Under the laminate (without ties) or carpet mats suitable electrical system. Quick installation and low prices for the goods you are guaranteed to Leroy Merlin.

Radiant Floor Heating divided into elektrovodyanoy and classic.

Classic embodiment assumes installation in a floor surface of flexible tubes through which hot water circulates, either obtained from the boiler or from the central heating system. But it can not be used in apartments because of the inadmissibility of violation of the hydraulic pressure in the heating system at home and high-risk flood other tenants.

Elektrovodyanoy floor - one of the most modern solutions. It need not be connected to the heating system, as the heating element is located inside. But it requires a connection to the network 220 through the thermostat. Cable is immersed in a special heat-conducting liquid, therefore virtually never burn out. Such a floor is not recommended from a natural parquet floors.

The advantages of the water floor heating:

  • long service life;
  • high security;
  • can completely replace the radiator heating;
  • easily large area warms up the room;
  • energy savings.
  • It requires installation of the water pump;
  • no adjustment of heating temperature;
  • installation complexity (usually performed at the time of construction);
  • high cost of installation.

Electrical floor heating devi according to the principle of performance may be a cable, a film or a rod.

When installing underfloor heating cable using a cable that converts electrical energy into heat. These floors are made in the form of heating mats and sections.

Film floor includes laying a special film (mats). which can be easily removed if necessary. However, due to rapid heating of the surface, certain types of floor coverings can deform.

Operation of the rod based on the electric floor heating carbon rods. The main advantage is that the failure of one of them does not affect the sex work as a whole.

Advantages of the electric floor heating:

  • fast and cheap installation;
  • It requires no additional hardware;
  • choice for optimal stacking step of heating;
  • ease of operation;
  • temperature control is provided;
  • more uniform, compared with the water floor heating surface;

the possibility of determining the location of the fault, as a result do not need to open the entire floor during repair.

  • electromagnetic radiation (but it is not fatal, for example tea light comes up to 8 mT,
  • when an error in the calculation of the risk of fire is large;
  • It consumes energy, which increases the costs of it;
  • inappropriate use in larger rooms.

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Warm floor

underfloor heating system is designed to create a comfortable environment in a residential area. It heats a larger area than the usual central heating. In addition, the temperature of underfloor much higher and its distribution is uniform, maintaining optimum humidity. The most important advantage of warm floors is their environmental friendliness, compared with a radiator heating.

Catalog to create a warm floor in Leroy Merlin

What kinds there underfloor heating?

Warm floors are classified as water and electric. The latter, in turn, can be a film, cable, rod. On heating methods can be distinguished convection and infrared. The design of the electrical system is a heating mats and sections, different mounting methods. Heating mats are placed in the adhesive layer of the tile mass (possible laying on the last coupler), and heating sections - a mixture of cement and sand.

Water floors are divided into electric water (the cable is located inside the pipes) and classic (boiler and pipes). The kit to warm the floor, tend to acquire a thermostatic temperature sensor, thermal insulation, plastic corrugated paper, mounting tape and other accessories, to speed up the installation process.

Inexpensive warm floor in Leroy Merlin

Warm floor universal Teplolux Eco 210 Tues 17.05 m

Buy Universal floor heating "Teplolux Eco" in Leroy Merlin is possible at the best price - 1646 rubles per 10 meters. Product features secure the cable structure, protected against overheating, as well as two-wire cable for connecting the thermostat. This option is ideal both for tiling and flooring, as well as under the carpet and natural stone.

  • The price of film model «Caleo Grid 150W" and «Caleo Grid 220W" It is also one of the lowest in the Leroy Merlin - 1792 and 1887 rubles. Installation is performed without the adhesive elements. Warranty on infrared heated floors in Leroy Merlin is 15 years, which corresponds to the high quality of products.
  • Dear warm floor in Leroy Merlin

    1. The most expensive were electrical underfloor heating film type «Caleo Grid 220W" and «Caleo Grid 150W"
    2. Floors cable type «Devi» in Leroy Merlin. Their cost ranges from 17,000 rubles to 21,000 rubles.

    Floor heating cable Devi 2250 W, 112 m

    However, the greatest demand in the catalog Leroy Merlin are products of cable underfloor heating «Devi 2250 W" and "Teplolux 20TLBE2-100-200" and film «Caleo Grid 150W". The cost of these models is in the higher price category: from 14,000 rubles to 18,000 rubles.

    The main advantages of the popular types of underfloor heating is the possibility of their application in large areas that require high energy consumption. Also, they are designed for long life, the price is fully consistent quality product. Warm floors are manufactured in Russia and Poland and relate to an electrical heating system. Installation is simple and safe enough, in the course of operation can be selected economical heat transfer mode. The main drawback is the large floor heating time period of heating and cooling.

    How do I choose a warm floor?

    Of all the above types of water Heated floor presented in Leroy Merlin it possesses characteristics of the heating system and used with any kind of finishing coatings except cork, linoleum, and carpet insulated. Water floor peculiar cheaper operation. Installation can be realized both at the stage of building premises and in the household repair. Water heated floors can be connected to a central heating system or standalone. However, if you want low heating load, are ideal for electric underfloor heating in Leroy Merlin. They have anti-allergic effect, the property of uniform temperature distribution throughout the room volume. Also in electrical characteristics include the absence of mixed sexes air flows of different temperatures within the same horizontal line.

    When purchasing underfloor is necessary to estimate floor area, type of flooring, as well as to measure the heat radiators installed.

    In addition, Leroy Merlin offers a wide range of accessories for underfloor heating - from the mounting tape to thermostat.

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