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Retractable stairs to the second floor - saving space and not only

The owners of cottages and houses a small area often faced with the problem of placement of internal staircases, designed to lift to the second floor. To address this issue, there are several options from which owners choose the most suitable on the basis of material capabilities, convenience, their own views and affection. Retractable stairs to the second floor is one of the most affordable solutions. They have their own obvious advantages and certain disadvantages that must be considered when choosing, but most importantly - assembled ladder-transformer is hidden in the ceiling aperture, making it completely invisible.

In some cases, you should consider a retractable ladder

To install a fixed ladder is required to allocate a sufficiently large area of ​​the room due to the fact that the norms stipulated SNIP possible angle of inclination. He should be in the range of 30-45 degrees. For ladders, which can be attributed to a sliding structure, the inclination angle may be increased to 75 degrees, thereby reducing the space occupied by them and dimensions stairwells reduced.

If a visit to the second floor or attic is supposed too infrequently, the output can be a normal ladder, but in the case of a permanent need for a room located on the upper level, to use it would be too inconvenient and unsafe.

Another point that is worth paying attention - is the presence of small children in the house. It is no secret that is too steep outdoor stairs are a danger to them. Drawer model inoperative completely hidden in the door, making them inaccessible to children, but the opening / closing process is as simple as possible.

To climb to the second floor, you must open the door, which houses the staircase design. This can be done in the following ways:

  • mechanical - a special stick with a hook at the end;
  • Remote - with the remote control and electric drive.

After opening the hatch ladder gradually lowered and becomes on the floor surface. One gets it is also quite simple.

Retractable stairs to the second floor has another name - telescopic. They are available in wood or metal of various sizes and designs, ranging from the more simple models with manual control and to fully automated systems.

It should be noted one feature that does not allow to install a telescopic ladder in a particular house. Despite its compact size, it requires though a small, but a certain space on the second floor to accommodate already collected march can not be said about other designs, such as folding.

The principle of operation of the telescopic ladder is quite simple. Its upper section is fixed to the upper support frame inserted into the ceiling aperture, while the other moves in parallel to the plane of the special grooves, located on the string. After reaching the desired length, the fixing ladder:

  • automatically - by means of fuses;
  • manually - using latches.

Some models of retractable ladders component manufacturers adjustment mechanism allowing to change the height and angle of the steps to the individual needs.

Retractable ladder are more reliable in comparison to others, such as sliding or claw structure. They did not have any arm joints, so able to withstand heavy loads (up to 150 more CHy). Intercommunication opening for stairs made dlinoy1,20 m. Its width depends on the size of the flight of stairs and is 0.60 m ili0,70.

Retractable stair design should be:

  • reliable and safe. It is recommended to purchase the model complete with handrails and non-slip (for metal steps);
  • ergonomic. Otherwise, every time on it will be increasingly difficult to go up and down;
  • easy to operate. Any member of the family, except for young children, should easily cope with the design;
  • fireproof. Wooden members are handled with special structures.

Of course, the extension ladder is not as convenient as stationary, but it is much safer than portable. And in cramped conditions where every half a meter square have to save, telescopic ladder will be very useful!

Compact stairs easily installed in the homes of a small area. They do an excellent job with their task and take up minimal space in the room. You can buy ready-made design or make it yourself. In any case, the stairs to the small opening will help to solve the problem of lift to the second floor or attic.

Rotary stairs are installed in the premises of a small area. They are placed along the walls, and the space formed at the bottom is used for storage or as an area for business or pleasure. Choosing the right design, it is necessary to take care that the staircase perfectly fit into the interior, and was safe.

With mobile and functional ladders stairs in the house, you can do many things: hang a picture or replace the curtains, get it off the mezzanine winter clothes or conservation, to make minor repairs. Species ladders are not so many, but everyone will be able to choose a suitable model.

Two-storey house without stairs is difficult to imagine. It is one of the most important structural elements of buildings. Without them it is impossible to climb to the second floor or down at first. The variety of ladders impressive. By their choice should be approached with great responsibility.

Retractable attic stairs: do yourself!

Now there are plenty of ladders. They are very helpful and useful in every residential building. With the lifting structure can go down into the basement or attic climb, also not do without it on the steps or in the lobby. Today is a very popular extension ladder to the attic, which in this case does not interfere in the house, and quite noticeable.

Now it is retractable attic stairs are very popular, as there is only when it is needed. It is embedded in the ceiling, and when there is a need to climb into the attic or loft, then you cling it to a hook and pulled out of the ceiling. Here's a guileless design.

Such designs are many advantages:

  • the product does not take place, and put them in the attic hatch, making it invisible;
  • the entire structure formed accordion, and it means that the product does not need a big opening in the false floor;

  • the cost is not very big, so it is available almost every person who wants to place such a device at home;
  • and last advantage is that attic construction hidden from the human eye, which means that they do not spoil the design and interior of the house.

Which to choose: fixed or sliding

On the one hand, it plays an important role the financial capacity and taste. Someone who likes the device to be hidden from the human eye, while others prefer steady. On the other hand, is the product compact, convenient and more suitable for small spaces, as shown in the photo. At the same time, pull-out arrangement will be much safer than fixed. The big plus is the fact that the extension ladder is not difficult to install, and it is quite possible to assemble their own hands, without any professional assistance, as its design is simple, following the instructions on the video. Most often they are used in country houses, where they want to save space.


Folding option is the most difficult type of their design. But such products is quite convenient and easy to use. The staircase is located in the hatch, as seen in the photo. But the larger opening and the hatch need for a folding structure. If you plan to buy a folding ladder made of wood, it is easiest to view pine. If made of metal - the aluminum.

Sliding device consists of sections which are put forward one after another and fixed shutters. Its often used in short distance from the floor to the ceiling. Otherwise, the structure is too cumbersome. When the device is pushed, all of its sections again fixed using clips.

Hinged ladder has a number of sections, which when the latch device in loft connected to each other by metal "shoes". Simply put, it is the design on the string, which is cut into pieces. If you decide to make a ladder with your hands, it is necessary to accurately calculate the size of the parts, because the structure can not simply enter the hatch, where it is retracted.

Do not forget that the legs rest on the floor. If you are wearing, rubber caps on legs, your floor may get scratched.

Almost all slide designs are sold immediately, together with the hatch. In a state where the device is retracted into the attic space, you will be nothing to remind of it, just hook or seam, which is needed in order to push it to the point you want. Luc such products has thermal insulation.

It should start with the fact that two people will need to install a retractable attic construction. One has to be on top and the other underneath.

  1. Firstly, make sure that the door of the unit and an opening match all sizes.
  2. Further, by placing the bars to the bottom of the opening, lift the whole structure up and stacked on the newly attached bars.
  3. Then we set the spacers which are located between the opening and the ladder frame and fix the whole structure by means of screws to the rear and front side.
  4. Next, remove the bars, which are placed on the design, and pushed her.
  5. After all these steps, it will be necessary to adjust the position of the device. How this is done, it should be specified in the instructions.

Extension ladder can be an ideal solution, especially if the house is not much space or move to the attic is in a location where a fixed structure simply can not be established.

Comfortable aluminum extension ladder for any work

Many people prefer to choose an aluminum extension ladder, because it can be used for many jobs How to choose a ladder if you want pokleit wallpaper or perform finishing work on the facade of a private house. We will try to sort this out later.

Description sliding ladders and types

Each telescopic ladder has its own specific work performed.

  1. Portable ladder needed to perform work on the average height of from 2.5 m to 3.5 m. Stepladders different manufacturing steps and the number of pictures. There are no ladders large area for tools, the employee will be required to keep the tools in the hands of, perhaps, it is inconvenient to use. If not monotonous work in different locations of such ladder will be a good helper.
  2. Ladders do not have any ground, they are often not stable at work and traumatic. Maximum ladder height may be up to 5 m.
  3. Construction scaffolding used when performing finishing, assembling process. Scaffolds are equipped with a platform for tools needed materials. Perform work on it safely and conveniently.

Sliding aluminum ladders are in great demand as an employee of any company, and an amateur carpenter.

There are different types of extension ladders, which can choose at its discretion

Depending on the work done, you can select a specific device:

  • Single-section extension ladders;
  • Two or more sectional staircase;
  • Step-ladders;
  • Professional hinged ladder.

All these ladders made of aluminum alloy, often with plastic elements (lugs, anti insertion) are portable.

These types of stairs are easy to transport from one job to another without the aid of technology and the second employee.

Extension ladders easily folded to a certain height, and it does not take much space when stored. It is easy to sort and stack, even an experienced worker can determine the strain and safety ladder. Aluminum ladder often has klopochnoe connection because in manual connection is experiencing heavy loads, vibration, changes in temperature and humidity. Bolting can not provide security, since the humidity, the surface exposed to corrosion, as the temperature increases, expanded metal, which can lead to a defect compounds unsteadiness design, but because of, and to tearing. Sliding ladders have a great advantage, as the presence of increased width stabilizer gives high stability.

Oversized retractable ladder: easy to use

The different sliding and retractable ladder? Sliding - this is such a staircase, the main details of which it is possible to push, serve as an example of a ladder-transformer and two or more sectional ladders, fiberglass ladders.

Spreading section 2 typically for stability on the surface.

Design with additional meters to increase the height of the work, for example, one-section, two-section, called such a design - retractable ladder. 2 can also be found in the 1, wherein there is sliding, and the sliding parts ladder elements which move due to special guides and mountings.

Quite convenient and practical is oversized retractable ladder

Retractable stairs a lot, but the most popular are:

When the section is moved to a certain height at a safe fixing, in such ladders are exciting hooks and ropes. For convenience, the extension ladder is due to plastic rollers. For safety in operation, there are anti-slip support, and she has a reinforced ladder side profile of a complex section.

Where sliding aluminum ladders of 12 meters are used

Staircase construction, is designed to work at high altitude, it should have certain characteristics.

  • Metal struts that impart rigidity;
  • Fastening steps performed in carrying beams;
  • Console view of the structure, which allows you to work on other things without support.

Universal standard device consists of three sections, each of 16 steps.

Steps to stand firmly on the plane, it is necessary to push as a slingshot for this 2 sections are held together with steel locks.

Sliding aluminum ladder 12 meters is well suited for work at height

The third section, which is complementary to the desired height, removable and can be used as a ladder. Sliding ladders great height of 10 m or more, Alumet manufacturers Eifel Prime et al., May be used in various combinations.

  • Stepladder with double ascension;
  • Extension ladder with the console;
  • Ladder;
  • Two and three sectional ladder.

Such stairs, easy to assemble, disassemble and make any desired configuration. Do not forget about the consumables for the stairs - is a tool box, a set of keys, gloves and a magnetic bracelet.

The design of the sliding construction ladder: description

For construction work, mainly used transformers ladders and steel towers tour. For finishing, assembly and repair work at high altitude outside of the building as well as inside, with high ceilings, the tower tour used.

  1. Screw mounts, which allow you to work on uneven surfaces.
  2. Due compounds sections and load distribution, the structure can withstand a load of 200 kg / m 2.
  3. There is a fenced playground for the employee working position, his tools and materials. High side platforms provide security during the work.
  4. The presence of wheels for easy portability, they are easy to move in the right direction, as have safety stops.
  5. Equipped with a platform where you can position the boxes with the tools and necessary materials.
  6. The presence of stabilizers supports for uneven work surface, which provide a rigid connection, prevent the tower from rolling from side to side. Such stabilizers are necessary if the tower is composed of more than 4 sections and mounted by means of clamps.

When choosing a retractable ladder, special attention should be paid to its quality and strength of the structure

According to customer reviews, the metal tower tour (5 m) is very convenient.

The tower can be easily disassembled and transported in the trunk of VAZ 2105.

It is also easy to make the tower higher, putting the individual sections. Universal ladder transformers are designed for professional builders.

The main advantages of such ladders:

  • Stairs easily be converted into a scaffold platform, ladder, ladders or stairs with the removal;
  • Having steel hinge for mounting in position;
  • Foldable;
  • Lightweight, mobile;
  • The presence of anti-slip shoes and a wide cross-arms for security and stability in the performance of work;
  • Corrugated stage and guides of aluminum, which makes the structure ease during transportation;
  • Hardness design gives enhanced profile.

Be sure that the maximum load on the stage (which is tested design) - up to 150 kg, and a scaffold 100 kg.

whether the work is comfortable with a sliding ladder for man

Retractable ladder used for fire and rescue operations. Most often, this is equipped with a retractable ladder fire truck.

With Retractable ladder easily get on the second floor.

All retractable ladders are constructed of several parallel connected knees (parts) and equipped with guides (mechanism) to move them relative to each other.

Extension ladder is a very handy, because it allows you to perform the construction work at a certain height

When installing a ladder to the working position, it is necessary:

  • Work to do together;
  • One person sets the ladder in the upright position, the second holds;
  • The second is to pull the rope down to the extension ladder to the desired height;
  • Plant a knee for the next stage of the hook.

These actions are carried out in order to fix the second leg at vydviganii ladder relative to the substrate 20 ᵒ.

It should be noted that for the second leg of landing on the hooks, it is necessary to weaken the tension of the rope. At this time, the first leg, while pulling out the ladder, pushed the second lap. Push the ladder to the required height to lean against the wall of the building or facilities, manhole. This work seems complex, but once performing with his own hands, easily can be repeated again.

How to choose an aluminum extension ladder (video)

As you can see, stairs models very much. It is only necessary to choose the right his version. And before using read the instructions, it will help to avoid many problems.

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