Ladder with their hands from metal drawing

How to make a metal ladder according to the drawings with their own hands

How to make a metal ladder with their hands? That's the question asked by many people who have decided not to give the construction of its nest at the mercy of the workers, professionals, and to do everything yourself. Firstly, a palace built with your own hands, you can show off to old age. Secondly, the legend of the ancestors who built the house, is sure to be passed on from generation to generation!

The only thing to be able to sleep peacefully and not be afraid that the ladder will not sustain all the tasks entrusted to it expectations and duties, it is possible only in the event that all works are carried out qualitatively, in particular, great attention will have to be paid to the calculations, drawings and preparation for construction. Perhaps the style of the house has already been selected, and under it the perfect metal ladder.

Why was she - metal ladder?

So, to begin construction of the stairs, it is worth considering what the best one would be skeleton staircase, in particular, with a metal frame. It is durable, reliable and strong. Metal stairs also are different, can be hidden under the frame veneer, and you can leave the metal as part of the decor. By the way, in terms of metal stairs are incredibly beneficial to the design, they allow the imagination to turn to the full: you can play with the turns and angles. Plus, all metal stand - from a person's weight to what a heavy carved railing of bog oak centenary exposure.

What are metal frames?

  • One stringers (support located in the middle stage).
  • On kosour (stage mounted on a support).
  • On the string (support stage side).
  • And rails (frame not mounted on the stage of special bolts to the wall).
  • Screw (pillar - pillar in the construction of the center).

If your budget is limited, it is worth paying attention to the hidden skeletons. Hidden or closed frame means that the frame will not be seen, it is closed in steps. Cheapness is achieved at the expense of appearance: the beauty of such frames are no different, and the material for them - cheap channels with the corners. Of course, despite the price, a kind of design will be reliable, importantly, get your strength correctly. However, it is important for anyone, even the insanely expensive stairs - and we'll talk about a little later.

When money is not an issue, you might think about an open frame, which after installation steps and handrails enameling - such frames is very distinctive and modern, of course, if the welds are made svarschikom- "jeweler" with years of experience. In general it is a good option when you need a lightness and airiness in the style of the house.

We do metal ladder with their hands

If you feel the potential of the welder or welding with the skills at the elementary level - to make welded labor ladder will not be!

Let us take as a basis odnomarshevy option. We need two ingredients: angles and channels. Plus welding machine as a sauce to the whole dish. The recipe is as follows:

  1. Weld a frame of U-sections;
  2. On the side faces is welded corners;
  3. Puts steps:
    • You can put them in the corner, then it is completely closed under the stage.
    • Dowar possible to the corners of even two pieces, so that they form a frame, in which the stage and fit.
    • Nobody forbids weld stage of iron, of course, the sheet. More should be sure to do a thorough sweep of all welds with a file to remove nasty burr, which can be very unsafe, to the same and they look unattractive.
  4. Gruntuem cherished ladder solution against rust and paint in a favorite color.

There are a lot of different options for the construction of its metal ladders, but we settled on the simplest of them, a perfect metal, you can invent your own.

Then proceed to the most important: calculations and drawings. They are important because ensure safe operation. Nobody wants to be screwed to a ladder, which had invested money, time, and soul.

Requirements for stairs from any material

  • The minimum width - not less than 900 mm.
  • Constant slope flight of stairs.
  • Powerful guard rail, which cope with a load of 100 kg.
  • The depth of the steps of 270 mm.
  • step height of about 170 mm + - 10 mm.

To calculate the recommended use of a special computer program that can create a 3D model, and easily change any of the parameters and elements, and, therefore, create an almost dream ladder. In addition, the computer immediately and prepare all the necessary drawings and calculations.

But if the technique does not want to be friends, it is possible to cope with their own head and hands. Calculation make an example the same stairs, straight odnomarshevoy.

  1. Measurements. It is necessary to know the distance between the beginning and end of the staircase to the first floor floor level (a). Also requires height between floors of the first and second floors (b). The optimum angle - 30-45 °.
  2. The length of the stairs is calculated as the hypotenuse of a right triangle, the square of which is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs, as will be known from the length after the measurement.
  3. Selection of the number of stages, based on the allowed size. Then, by determining the amount and depth measure overhang (part stage which hangs over the previous).
  4. Dimensions are obtained, then we calculate the required amount of materials and go to the construction market!

At first glance, it seems that nothing difficult in the construction of stairs is not - in fact must be very careful and neat, to conduct welding work really efficiently, because it is a guarantee of long-term operation.

The metal frame is very undemanding, and when the main construction work is finished, it can be decorated with different materials: wood, tile, stainless steel. Thus, the staircase will look very presentable.

The main argument in favor of metal stairs, made with his own hands, it is still building efficiency. A raised such a way the money can be spent on other activities, such as repair and design of the room.

Metal stairs - examples of design and technology of installation

Metal as a building material for manufacturing ladders, amid other variants allocates optimal bearing capacity and operational longevity. Its technological qualities allow the creation of small-sized, light-weight design of the configuration of any type and complexity, metal stairs fit perfectly in almost any interior composition. They are installed, both inside and outside the building, are in the household and in the central premises presentable.

An additional advantage - a simple ladder welded metal can be done independently, and to get experience and skills to start a handwritten exclusive manufacturing facilities.

Classification of metal ladders ↑

According to the structural features of metal stairs: interior and exterior do not differ from analogues of concrete and wood. According to the typical rules and regulations for them are drawn projects, selected the most rational form. According to the method of manufacture they can be forged and welded. Forging technique, of course, you need to master for too long, but for the welder skills quite a few practical lessons.

The most common types of project which can be realized personally, include:

  • designs with metal stringers - peculiar ridges, which are mounted to the stage;

  • Metal ladders and rails - structures without frames, consisting of individual steps, are attached to the supporting wall by means of special bolts;

  • construction on sloping supporting beams - bowstrings, between which the tread and risers, or only the tread;

  • spiral staircases with ladders spirally arranged and carrier central column;

  • prefabricated metal stairs, consisting of modules made in the factory, the construction process of the assembly resembles a simple children's designer.

Based metal building can only overlap. To increase the reliability can be installed under the support landings, stairs with a segment zabezhnymi steps.

Site can also lock consoles, racks and hide in the wall. The function of the carrier element under the metal ladder can successfully perform a concrete or brick wall is specially constructed interior.

Variations on a theme combining ↑

Tech durable material blends perfectly with any type of finish, with wood, concrete, brick, natural stone, glass, and its organic counterpart. Any kind of metal stairs can be equipped with protections: photo shows how wonderful look facilities with standard vertical balusters and handrails traditional. Instead of the standard elements parallel prokidy, glass or perforated steel screens hand forging and carved wood can be used.

Note. Details of barriers may be attached to a metal ladder in two ways: a stage mounted or fixed by welding or bolts to the end stage.

Depending on the operational specificity and dictate the style of carrying the metal elements can be supplemented by steps of concrete from expanded metal, porcelain, reinforcing steel, corrugated iron, and others. In the lobby of a country house will look great metal staircase with wooden steps, built by the original design. Its more modest analogue successfully provide communication between the household premises, or help arrange a separate entrance to the attic floor.

Installed outside the building stairs can be completely metal, but created only one means of internal metal interstorey posts will not please users pleasant tactile sensations and warmth. Inside, it is desirable to use a trim. Wherein the metal ladder can be equipped not only with standard varieties of steps, it is useful carpet, abrasion resistant laminate parquet ram veneering ceramic.

Features separate buildings ↑

Required for the manufacture of welding machine, a mechanical saw and sanding wheel for deburring. If the timber casing is assumed, it is also circulating saw, a clamp for the temporary joining of parts and the drills for metal for forming holes for screws.

According to the pre-established project, the implementation of which can be read in the corresponding article, calculated as required meters of metal profiles, pipes, steel sheets and steel reinforcement. It should be noted that worthy metal ladder with their hands will be cooked after a series of practical exercises, the course where you can also go through their own video and description.

For the manufacture of bearing beams (kosoura or string) is recommended to use a channel, I-beam approach is quite suitable angled steel pipe with a rectangular cross section.

EXAMPLE structures elementary design ↑

This simple ladder made of metal with their own hands will be constructed from the supplied on the edge of sill with sizes 8-10. If it is assumed subsequent plating, the steps for manufacturing steel sheet can be used for outdoor constructions steps require sheets with a relief suitable extruded metal grid flooring or similar material with anti-skid properties. For fencing needs to be angled steel supports to perform to tread reinforcement.

  • Of reinforcement needs to be done on project size fillies - congruent to each other support device, mounted on the beam.
  • For that part of the mare, which immediately "lay down" stage, you need to weld the mounting brackets.
  • To put on an edge u-need to weld the filly for accurate pre-formed markup.
  • In order to achieve full identity of the second channel is recommended to apply to u-beam welded to the already fillies and adjust the layout in case otkloneniy.Obratite attention. For ladder device with a standard width of 1 meter is enough to make two or kosoura bowstring. Broader structure to be equipped with three or more beams.
  • Then, all the components of the metal ladder assembled together by arc welding, if everything is made of metal or by installing wooden steps.
  • The finished structure should be primed and cover protects against corrosion composition.

Support members for fixing steps can be welded of channel racks, metal corners, welded to the joists.

A more sophisticated variant - manufacturing of metal ladders with cut from thick sheet steel sawtooth bowstring. Cutting the need to very carefully, thoroughly following the dimensions.

plating technology steps tree ↑

Suppose it was decided that the external metal staircase is equipped with wooden plates for treads. Before performing plating is necessary to estimate the probability of the Advanced tab fasteners.

  • On metal steps is marked location of the holes for the screws or bolts with washers, the frequency of 15 cm. From the end of the hole must retreat at least 2 cm.
  • To assemble the tread metal substrate of plywood. Its mounting is made by means of specific mounting adhesive effect with the filling, it will not be crushed after solidification. Filling voids adhesive will help to eliminate defects are inevitable even when performed qualitatively svarke.Vnimanie. Attach the substrate for mounting the foam is impossible, since it is not resistant to collapse.
  • Two clamps strip of wood is fixed on a metal tread and fastened with screws through drilled holes in the bottom or open podtaet bolts with screws.

Learn simple ways and learned how to weld metal ladder, you can safely proceed to the construction of a simple device, leading, for example, in the cellar. And then the singer has experienced quite able to make a more complex, more aesthetically pleasing design, handwritten production which is not a sin, and will boast.

Convenient metal ladder with their hands: drawings and calculations

Taking into account all the safety requirements, the iron ladder, you can make your own order for quality design drawings iron ladder, you need to calculate a number of indicators and to consider even such things as the type of construction materials used. On how to correct will be performed construction depends on the strength, reliability and durability. About how to manufacture a ladder of metal, especially steel structures what will be discussed below.

Metal stairs with his hands: Features

Paramount need to consider such a question as particularly ladders of metal in general. To do this, pay attention to the principles of the main elements of the connection. Features of a design project should reflect the design drawings of the metal, should consider how to make them yourself at home.

First of all, you need to calculate the following indicators:

  • The height and width of the step;
  • Slope structure;
  • Placement of steps with respect to each other.

Calculation of doing exactly the same way as for any other ladder. If drawings are made with their own hands, should pay attention to what is necessary to distribute the load correctly and the place where will be located an additional connection to the entry to the 2nd floor was safe. It can not be said about the merits of metal stairs.

Before proceeding to the manufacture of stairs, you need to calculate important indicators

Advantages of structures made of metal sheets as follows:

  • Reliability;
  • The abundance of design solutions;
  • The ability to combine with other building materials;
  • Long service life;
  • Quick and easy installation input designs.

If desired, the house can be made 2metalicheskii design. The most important thing to prepare all the necessary and carry out the work as specified by step instruction.

Production of metal stairs: that prepare

In order to accomplish the production of truly reliable ladder, it is important to use only suitable building materials.

Regardless of the type of project developed independently of the metal frame elements will be connected to each other seams need professional welding.

This condition is necessary for the purchased modular structures. In this connection, welded elements must be welded, as well as to maintain a sufficient tensile stress. It is therefore not necessary to take to work in a private home stringers sleepers.

But success is the use of:

In the manufacture of metal pipes and stairs need shvelerry

When the charts and calculations are made for the iron stairs, it is necessary to pay attention to the load distribution. This requires the calculation of the mass of all the steps, their number and area. In order to determine the estimated load result should be multiplied by a coefficient which characterizes reliability, namely 1.1.

To drawings diagram indicated load during transporting of objects on a floor 2, it is necessary once again multiply the result by a factor of - 1.4.

The result is what kind of load to the maximum may have the steps of moving people, without prejudice to the stairs. Places, which is under increasing pressure, it is necessary to strengthen the bolts, even if there is no confidence in the reliability of the welding. For the arrangement of steps and handrails may combine metal with wood. For outdoor garden designs to create a good degree of perforated sheet steel rods or rebar.

Welded metal ladder: configuration options

When creating a project of metal ladders must take into account the nuances of each type of metal.

Often the choice is made from these options:

  1. Direct march. The steps are the same size, are arranged sequentially in a straight line. Reliance on kosour.
  2. Winder stair design. Marsh rotary, mounted thereon modular stairs or step platform.
  3. Helical structure. Basis metal frame - axis, modular stairs attached to a rung at a right angle with a comfortable step for man.
  4. Folding the attic. This is the most compact ladder that consists of interconnected sections nominated. The model is similar to ladders and generally serves to log on seldom used, the upper spaces such as an attic or loft.
  5. Metal ladder.

Configuration options welded ladders may be several

In each case, it worked out a separate drawing, detailed drawing is performed for the estimates of metal ladders. digit calculation is based on the calculation of the appropriate parameters for the individual placement steps and pillars.

If data necessary for calculating the formula for collapsible enough to determine the frequency rungs device to movement was convenient for the cruise design. Spiral and modular stairs stairs build, if a person is not an expert it will be difficult, because the drawings are partly based on the graphic approach.

Ladder with their hands from metal: Drawings

To develop a design project stairs of iron to the 2nd floor, you need to draw the drawings in 2 projections: horizontal and vertical. If you plan to calculate the parameters using the graphics, it is necessary to compare the 2 nd image scale so that the dimensions, may be moved to a coordinate axis. This approach makes it possible without problems to approximately determine the location and dimensions of input steps.

Plans for the stairs with his hands necessarily drawn in two projections

Since I still need to most accurately calculate the parameters of the metal stairs to the 2nd floor, it is important to consider these points:

  1. The number of steps - the production of calculating approximate and to be confirmed in the future. It is the span length divided by the height of the step, which is scheduled.
  2. Step ladder - this is the distance that sets foot upon entering or descending stairs. Traditionally, taking the size of 60-65 cm.
  3. The width of the tread - an integral part of the ladder step, the step depth. It should allow the foot to gain a foothold on the surface.
  4. Riser height - the height of the steps, that is, the interval between 2 successive tiers. Also included in the distance provided by step.
  5. The length of the stairs - is the width of the ladder should enable a person to pass without hindrance with the load.

When the drawings are drawn, you can begin construction.

How to make the ladder from metal: assembling

After you have calculated the ladder and will create basic elements of self-made steel, it is necessary to begin the first stage of installation. First we need to strengthen the metal frame. It includes metal stringers and supporting pillars. It is for these elements and calculates the maximum load.

For steps devices can be used fillies of pipe, angle or a channel.

It is also possible to carry out fixing directly to the bowstring. Then it is necessary to perform the calculation of the location of fasteners intervals and to develop schemes drawings for step stringers.

Before starting the installation of the ladder must be strengthened metal frame

Run your own project design stairs to the 2nd floor or weld the frame of external models is not so difficult, if you follow:

Estimates have been developed for almost all types of products. Sketch, pattern and design can be ordered at a specialized company in Cherepovets or another city, such services are relevant today. The main thing is not to forget about the contract.

How to make a metal ladder: outdoor design

Metal construction for outdoor use is quite simple. It is only necessary to have a welding machine or other special equipment, with which it is possible to realize the most courageous decisions. in many respects superior to metal structures stairs made of wood, they are more reliable, more durable. Rung of the ladder must be done from the fixture with a gap.

The rods will not delay the snow and frost can be easily removed. To arrange the sheets are not recommended, this ladder is slippery and dangerous.

The outer metal ladder structure is fairly easy

Tread and landings can be made of corrugated steel. For the construction of ladder should be used channel. It is necessary to arrange on the edge. It must be remembered and on the fence. It can be made of angle steel, 45 mm in width. To interconnect all components are best using arc welding.

If the channel is used as stringers then be welded thereto fillies of metal that have brackets for fixing steps.

Iron ladder with their hands: step by step instructions (video)

With dimensions should be defined at the stage of preparation of drawings. With a little effort and time, you can get a result in a beautiful, safe stairs that will last for many years.

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