Ladder transformer 4×4

Benefits stairs transformers over conventional 4x5

One of the most essential items in the household - a ladder. But if for some work enough ladders, for others as well as possible will approach the stage, and in some cases require high design addl. However, the ladder will never be higher, and the ladder is difficult to transport and store. Yes and acquire each kind separately - it is expensive and inconvenient. The solution is simple - a multipurpose hinge ladder 4x5 convertible. The very title of the meaning of the enclosed goods - if necessary, it turns into the same one that you need right now!

Features Transformers stairs

Ladder 4x5 transformer, as shown by the numbers in the name, is four sections of five steps and four versions to work.

  • - L-shaped - Ladder;
  • - n-shaped - scaffold (or platform);
  • - ladder;
  • - g-shaped modification with the console.

Stairs transformers 4x5 produce different firms in Russia, China, Austria and other countries. model Specifications may differ from each other, but generally they are as follows:

  • Classical ladder height of 2.8 meters, through which you can work comfortably, for example, in the home, garage or garden. L-shaped structure formed in the middle, it is very stable and does not require additional support, the steps are arranged on two sides to climb the ladder on either side.
  • Scaffolds represent n-shaped structure a height of about 1.5 meters, but there are transformers, a folding scaffold working height and 3.5 meters. The scaffolding two end sections function as legs, and two internal - the work platform or table. If such a site to install an additional platform (which is for sale), you can enter without fear of the design different capacity or walk on it without falling between the steps. It is the most convenient option for long-term work such as pasting the walls of wallpaper or paint the ceiling.
  • In a modification of "ladder" all of the stairs transformer 4x5 laid out to its full length. The height of this structure in an average of 6 meters, but there are models with a height above this figure (model "Eifel", justifying its name, can be unfolded up to 6.7 meters - the highest of the Transformers). Thanks to a special device that provides maximum resistance ladder transformer 4x5, allowing safe to carry out work on the second and even the third floor.
  • L-shaped modification It has good stability due to the special console, which leans at a right angle to the top of the stairs transformer 4x5.

As a result, you spend repairing, cleaning the house without difficulty, any job in the country, but you never know where there is little handy ladder transformer 4x5! Due to its versatility it is not only extremely useful in everyday life, with even in small spaces, but it can also be used more broadly - in the building and electrical work, in warehouses, in show business and in other spheres.

The correct geometric design makes the product compact shape, its transport does not exceed 160 cm Transformer easy to carry, take the storage up very little space and fits perfectly under the bed, in the closet, pantry or on the balcony or loggia -. Unlike those species, which he successfully replaced. In this case, the design is made so that it could be expanded, modified and fixed in any desired position without difficulty.

Reliability stairs Transformers 4x5

One of the key features of stairs Transformers 4x5 - increased resistance, which gives them the clips, support and hinge mechanisms. Six high-quality metal hinges allow sections folded and locked in position.

The design is held on the base by broad stabilizers. Provide additional safety slip grooved steps, securely fastened to the rails by means of rolling, and slip the plastic plugs in the legs, which do not allow to disperse the stairs. In addition, the caps have another important function - they prevent scratches and marks on the surfaces where the transformer is installed.

Also, the design reliability is achieved, inter alia, due to the materials from which made the stairs transformers 4x5. manufacturers use extra strong aluminum alloys, for example, magnesium, or anodized aluminum, coated with a special film. Some models are made of anodized aluminum, which is further coated with a special film. The thickness of the aluminum profile is 1.2 mm, whereby the transformer 4x5 ladder to withstand a load up to 150 kg per stage and 100 kg as a scaffolding.

As a result of the use of these materials resistance ladders Transformers 4x5 successfully combined with low weight (less than 17 kg even in the highest of options) and excellent anti-corrosion performance. They have no problem to work outdoors in all weather conditions, rain or snow, even store on the street - material products are not subjected to decay, rust or other forms of corrosion.

All the benefits of stair transformer 4x5 over conventional ladders and its significant functionality allows you to comfortably use it in a variety of types of work without worrying about extra security. Those who have already bought a similar ladder transformer 4x5, speak of it as an versatile, user-friendly design, work which - a pleasure! Note also the convenience of travel, transport, compact design (it is well placed in a conventional car) and, in addition to ease of unfolding transformer.

By purchasing 4x5 ladder transformer, should pay attention to the following requirements for such structures, which must be met.

  • ladder resistance transformer 4x5. To work with the lower ends of the ground structure must be sharp, to work in areas they wear special rubber plugs. Mobile products are installed special locks that are not convertible driving around during work.
  • load strength. Note that by design will climb persons, including the load. The technical characteristics it must withstand at least 140 kg.
  • The overall quality of the product. Pay attention to the surface - on them shall be no burrs, cracks, sharp edges and details. All protruding parts should be covered with special caps that during the work does not hurt, does not damage the clothes and so on. D.
  • stage products. They should be made of corrugated material, in order to avoid slipping, and have a certain size, the leg was safe and convenient. The distance between the slats must not be more than 25 cm - it is the most convenient for the value.

From design quality depends largely on the result of work and safety of those who use it. Selecting a ladder transformer 4x5 from trusted manufacturers, you can be sure that it will not fail you, and become a reliable assistant in the household and other affairs.

Comfortable ladder-transformer 4x4: the main producers

These ladders are composed of several sections, each section may change its position and set as an angle, and horizontal ladder-transformer - a unique and versatile product which may be suitable for quite any cases, e.g., for hanging chandeliers installation of ceiling moldings and more. Such constructions are of different types: 4x6, 4x5, 4x4, 4x3.

Design features of convertible ladders and other types 4x5

Universal hinged ladder-transformer can be: in a stepladder, addl classic addl L-shaped, U-shaped, with an additional module disposed in the middle. It is worth noting that on the development of such structures is not working one technician and thanks to competent individual approach to the design, it was possible to create a high-quality and especially sought-after commodity.

4x5 category indicates that it includes the 4 flights of stairs 5

Ladders transformers, such as 3x4, 4x3, 2h3,2h4, 4h8,4h7 4x2 and usually consist of several elements which are put forward in particular, depending on the pattern height.

Also, the product type depends on the way it is put forward section, e.g., upwards at an angle of 90 degrees or smaller radius. Transformers are based on ladders stairs, only they are more advanced and convenient to use. They are easy to spread and fold, if necessary, and they are quite compact.

In order to lift the ladder to its maximum height enough couple of seconds. There are models that are kind of controls that allow to put forward portion of the length, without danger of folding at the time of use. Professional model transformer has forged connecting elements, but in everyday use only stamped parts. This is because social facilities used substantially less, and therefore the load on them is not as strong as that of a professional.

On sale you can find a variety of transformers stairs, for example:

Depending on the manufacturer and product specifications vary their cost.

The choice of a transformer ladder 4x4

Ladder-transformer is required for operation in high altitude, it is because to the choice of products should be treated as carefully as possible so as not to buy low-quality goods, which fail at the crucial moment.

Due to the special folding system, you can get the design of various shapes, allowing you to use the stairs during a number of works

Be sure to pay attention to:

  • The degree of expected load;
  • Product Parameters;
  • How many steps, and the sections in the model;
  • What structure is made.

The recommended load is evaluated in terms of reliability locks that are installed on all sections. Aluminum highest category used for the manufacture of transformer-ladder, as it is: a lightweight, durable, reliable, practical, and does not corrode. It is equally important to consider that the stairs should carefully consider the level of slip steps.

Than it is lower, the design is more robust and therefore safe to use. The best choice will be grooved steps.

Stability - is another factor that must be considered, and especially in the transformer. Before buying to test the model of aptitude. To do this, simply set it to decompose into its operating position and climb the stairs. They must not become loose, slip and the more sag. The optimal distance between the steps considered 25cm.

Visual inspection of the product must be smooth on the geometry and on the legs, always wear special rubber tips that are not only reliable fix the structure on the surface of the floor or the ground, but do not scratch them.

Benefits-transformers 4x6 ladders

The instructions to the stairs-transformers can meet parameters such as: 101415r, 101413r, 101413, 101414r.

Aluminum ladder 4x6 transformer consists of four equal sections with each other, portions with compounds - hinges

It is for him choose the type of structures Ishim, cruises and other models, but do not forget that the product must: be functional and multi-tasking, fully comply with the stated requirements, that is, if it's home or professional device, then apply them to their destination, if no defects during the inspection, load-bearing capacity specified in the technical specifications, placed compactly in the folded and the unfolded form.

Quality products fully meet all the above criteria and that they are their advantages. This also should include the fact that they are inexpensive, and exploit them for years.

Nuances ladder use transformer-4x3

Plenty of room when carrying out various works and the use of stairs is very important, but if there is no length or even the construction of some parameters, you can purchase additional items.

Through this structure, a ladder has small dimensions and weight, whereby the maximum is mobile, compact and handy

  • Lengthen racks;
  • Ladder arrangement increases reliability on uneven surfaces;
  • Increased space, which is needed for the bottom of the ladder support.

Additional auxiliary equipment may be mentioned the use of clips of wheels by which the decomposed products is facilitated transport within or outside the premises. If the structure is installed on the ground surface, it should be worn on each foot of a pointed tip. There are elements of the floating type, with which construction can make the most stable even on the rough surface.

If for any work required to place the goods on the stairs, then:

  • It should be done carefully;
  • It is distributed on two sides of the structure for the balance;
  • For this purpose, special hooks for them cling rungs.

Ladder-transformer Krause and other models has only positive reviews, because the product is really important, convenient and especially needed. Mobile design, save space, simplify the process of work, are the leaders among the ladders.

Scope ladder-transformer 4x2

As mentioned earlier staircase transformers: unique, modern, practical, essential to almost every person. Feature is the wide range of their applications, because they are very comfortable, durable and simple to operate.

To create a ladder served aluminum profile, wherein light weight and strength

Due to the fact that aluminum ladders are not susceptible to rust, you can safely leave in the open. They are not afraid of no rain, no snow, no sudden changes in temperature. In addition to the manufacture of the material applied to a special composition, which increases the service life.

It is used to make aluminum, since it is lightweight and does not require too much effort to move, folded, or expanded ladder-transformer.

Due to the fact that the household ladder have unrealistic compact dimensions, they can sometimes perfectly situated in the usual cabinet.

Household structure used for:

  • Removing the curtains;
  • Whitewash ceilings;
  • Washing boards;
  • Replacing light bulbs;
  • Watering the flowers and not only.

The apartment, private house or especially in the garden there is always a lot of work, in which the transformer ladder will be most welcome. Particularly useful are such products for repair and finishing works. After all, with their help you can easily hang wallpaper, paint the walls and windows, as well as to apply other materials on the surface to high altitudes.

Neither is complete without a cottager-transformer ladder to reach the most delicious fruit from the trees, throw the snow from the roof of the house and other works. Professional ladders are more resistant to stress and mechanical stress, as they are used every day, and not one time. Typically, such models can withstand a weight of up to 300-500 kg, depending on the product and its attachments.

Comfortable ladder-transformer 4x4 (video)

In general, transformers stairs - it's the perfect product, without which no cost nor life, nor industry in the literal sense of the word. Perhaps many times had to ignore such items in stores to get the goods from the top shelf or in a neighbor's fence. So why not buy yourself such a unique design, make life easier by several times.

3 features universal folding ladders 4x6-transformers and their configuration

Good stair design is extremely multifunctional products that achieve the desired point at a certain height. It is constantly used at construction and industrial sites, as well as in everyday life. Although each type of work is usually necessary to acquire the construction of appropriate size. But now you can do otherwise. After all, the unique stair-transformers 4x6 can cope with any task.

These ladders are often used even in order to replace a light bulb in the house or a quick climb to the roof

Key features unusual items

Such a universal foldable aluminum construction consists of four separate sections. All its elements are securely connected to each other by special hinges. And there are six stages in each of the sections. The total length of construction is exactly 6 m, but when folded it does not exceed 1.8 m.

Constructions of this type can even be used on uneven surfaces, not allowing the use of other similar products stair

These stairs - very light and incredibly easy-to-transport plane. Because the product photos which are available in the article will be useful to both professional builders and ordinary people producing certain work at home or at the cottage.

Mobility - it is one of the main advantages of the Transformers. Because they can be easily transported using a car

In general, the design of such a plan have a couple of very important features:

  • Stairs have a high-quality corrugated surface. With this foot will not slip at all with them.

Reliable stage became one of the reasons that skilled craftsmen are increasingly choosing to work such aluminum structures

People need to be up to the third level of the upper end of the ladder while using the device. Due to this they can further protect yourself

Despite the reliability of the ladder, set it in front of the door is not recommended

After viewing the various specialized video becomes clear that at the ends of the guides mentioned above stairs are relatively small stub. That they provide maximum stability of structures even on a slippery floor.

Substitute a transformer any items to increase the height of the construction is strictly prohibited

Configuration of modern stairs, Transformers

I should add that the above construction can be given different shapes. It all depends on what kind of work will need to perform with them:

  1. Side product. This is the main configuration is similar to the stairs. Due to the rather impressive height, it allows the required work without necessarily bringing any additional equipment.

When the construction is in the ladder, do not climb on the top step of his

With the help of the L-shaped product people can ascend to the desired height from two sides

Applying such structure, it is possible without particular problems to rise to a height of 4.5 m

Separately it is necessary to mention some stage. In this position, a universal foldable aluminum construction is used not only for construction but also for decorating. It can be used at high altitude for a long time.

The design, which has a U-shaped form, is not only fairly stable, but also reliable. While it may at first seem, it is not so

Why do people increasingly prefer the data structures?

Products transformers, photos that are striking in their originality, making the purchase of some other stair quite unnecessary, because they are suitable for virtually any application. Thanks to an incredibly compact dimensions, these buildings are very easy to store and transport in case of need. Yes and transfer the design from place to place without problems. Their weight is typically less than the mark of 20 kg. Although it depends on the particular model.

Prices of aluminum products, Transformers is now quite adequate. Especially given the fact that they replace four of simpler design, which together would cost the owners is much more expensive

Absolutely all sections when changing forms of ladders are fixed securely as possible, because people do not have to worry about their own safety. In addition, these products are able to withstand loads up to 150 kg, regardless of its specific provisions. And all kinds of videos posted on the web open spaces, beautifully demonstrate that these structures can be used a few people at a time.

The availability of special plugs and other similar elements makes these facilities safe at whatever height

Such devices shall be used in rooms with a ceramic coating, because they do not slip. It is also important that these ladders are resistant to corrosion. Even the humidity will not be able to harm them, because modern products are made from special anodized aluminum.

All the items of which the transformers have the correct form, and their joints - incredibly mobile

The question arises: Do these constructs at least some substantial disadvantages? I guess, yes. When they are aligned in the same plane and the charge to supports having rounded forms, their stability immediately deteriorates significantly. It is, for example, trees and poles.

Do not exceed the maximum permissible load on the transformer, clearly specified in the instructions

Is it possible to somehow modernize aluminum structures?

It would seem that a more multifunctional devices than-transformers 4x6 ladder, is simply impossible to imagine. However, it turns out that even such unusual items can be further enhanced by using various elements. The parts list data are:

  • Robust auxiliary support. They are primarily used to enhance the stability of the legs while working on a very high altitude.

It looks and standard auxiliary support for innovative stairs-transformers

Normally, standing on the ladder without these extensions, it is sometimes virtually impossible

The presence of castors greatly simplifies the operation of the ladder. Through this use it anyone can

When the ladder, photos of which can be seen below, are in a U-shaped form, or, in other words, in scaffolding position, they often use special platform. These adaptations in times increase ease of movement and placement of the required construction materials.

With these platforms you can not worry about what a bucket of paint accidentally fall while running

Also such constructions certain way upgraded with elements for fastening loads. These parts are attached directly to the stair treads or to the uprights. They are used to not go down each time for the necessary building materials, and all sorts of instruments.

Sometimes masters perform work on extremely uneven surfaces. In such situations, one extension rack is not enough. Therefore it is recommended to use also a special "floating" elements to ensure maximum stability of products. And to read more information about the features of different designs, Transformers is possible by means of this video.

The best offers at an attractive price!

To the universal-transformers 4x6 ladders could serve their owners for a long time, people should choose only those facilities that are:

  1. Possess strong swivels.
  2. Have corrugated striped patterns on the steps.
  3. They are the most stable.
  4. Supplemented with silicone or rubber pads for steps.

Aluminum ladders are in demand because of its reasonable cost, light weight and ease of application

Using the services of our experienced professionals, customers will be able to attain the required aluminum constructions in Moscow at the lowest prices. Finished products are characterized by high reliability, versatility and aesthetic appeal. In addition, they are only of the highest quality materials.

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