Stairs for a country house

Design examples of stairs to a private home country - style, material, ergonomics

The phrase "career ladder" or "Stairway to Heaven" is associated in our minds with a bridge to a new and better life. Similarly, construction ladder design for a country house - is not just a bridge to the next floor, and a symbol of family nest and the connection between generations. What will be the interior stairs in the house, designed not for one generation kind? Will it be a spectacular style ideological center of the room, delights guests and hosts, or else he will get a modest utilitarian role of the stairs to the second floor or attic?

How to choose the design of the staircase? ↑

Unlike typical city apartments in high-rise buildings each rural family house is unique and the design of stairs at home, too, can not be universal. And if the future homeowner in choosing the material and color of wall decoration or furniture still has the right to make a mistake, when you select that single ladder, which should please the beauty and convenience of a generation households, this right is practically no. To make the only right choice, consider printing illustrated in video blogs and beautiful stairs in the house and the right solution always exists.

Tips on choosing a designer concept ↑

Considering that the stairs, regardless of construction, usually takes quite a large area in the house and is a central element of its interior, choose its form and the material is recommended even in the design, and then build accordingly choosing the interior of the house. Creative search for the topic on the stairs in a private home will necessarily lead to the birth of new and interesting ideas to create a harmonious interior, in tune with your tastes and preferences, and modern technologies allow embody any of the material, the most unexpected design fantasies.

Therefore, creating an image of the ladder, it is first necessary to determine the place of its installation. This may be a staircase leading from the hall or living room of the first floor in any room of the second floor: common room, library, study, dining room or bedroom.

When choosing a location for the stairs is important not to disturb the simple rules:

  • Steps should occupy as little usable area of ​​the wall, in a corner or in the center of the room;
  • rung of the ladder to the second floor, at least the first few should be addressed to the entrance to the premises.

The second important point in the choice of the stairs at the design stage - to determine its type, the appropriate size space, tastes and needs of all family members. Traditional and popular FLOATING spacious rooms look majestic, but close - too cumbersome.

Spiral staircases, compact, stylish and effective, can be a challenge for elderly households and dangerous for children.

If the design of a rectangular two- or trehmarshevoy ladder provides a turn, several winders in the form of a fan instead of "rest areas" will do all the design is more compact and elegant.

The spacious rooms are good "branched" staircase in the house - the photo below shows how competent combination of interesting plastic solutions and seemingly incongruous materials log house and polished stainless steel bring to the interior spatial intrigue.

Especially the choice of material depending on the style ↑

Among the stone, metal and other composite tribeswoman wooden stairs for a country house remains a symbol of the unique atmosphere of home and comfort. Light wooden structure fits perfectly into the interior of any style.

Do not try to pick up the wood of the same texture to the entire ladder and in the tone of adjacent pieces of furniture and wooden windows - is inexpressive and boring.

True beauty and elegance timber is shown in combination different from the tone and texture of wood in one unit as a single entity.

Turned balusters, carved rack tricky sculptural decoration or deliberately laconic forms, the natural wood texture and bright coloring make a unique wooden staircase to the house - photos of interesting interior solutions:

In the manufacture of load-bearing structures of stairs can not use wood of different breeds. Uneven physical and mechanical properties, and linear expansion coefficients of different wood species can degrade indicators stability and durability of the assembly.

The combination of dark stairs noble wood with a polished yellow metal forging or delicate lace gives the interior a special solemnity and respectability.

In pure form, forged stairs to the house because of the heavy load on the floors are rarely used, but fine forged fences and other decorative elements to visually transform even the bulky stone steps into elegant architectural structures. And, of course, graceful wrought-iron spiral staircases with delicate steps make the interior a stylish and perfect.

Finally, the glass as it is "ladder" of the material confidently entered into the interiors of country houses in a modern minimalist style. Multilayer laminated high strength provides durability and reliability "crystal" ladders in light and air filled "air locks".

Glass stairs as if dissolved in small spaces, which can not be overloaded bulky designs. Flicker brushed metal railing or cold gleam of chrome-plated steel cables as protections reinforce the impression of the fragility of glass and industrial "style techno and high-tech.

Massive stone staircases are timeless, but too expensive. If you like natural stone in the interior, you can oblitsevat rung of the ladder natural or artificial stone, ceramic, majolica tiles or mosaics.

Creating an image of a unique staircase for your home, do not forget the laws of ergonomics, compliance with which will make the design and comfortable for all family members.

It is considered the most convenient step height 15 cm at its depth of 30 cm - optimal combination for a person of any height with any foot size. In accordance with the rules of fire safety width of a flight of stairs in a building should not be less than 100 cm, the height of the fence - not less than 90 cm If the growth of most of the family members is above average, and the height of the rail can be raised to 100 cm and above..

Stage "with the lumen" - not a very good solution for a staircase in a private home, especially if a family has young children. Closing the wrong side of the stairs a convenient built-in wardrobe, you can save a lot of space. And in Deaf risers can make an interesting lighting that will make the stairs safe and outwardly give it lightness.

Dream, experiment and implement the boldest ideas in one of a kind beautiful stairs of your home.

Choosing the stairs to give 4 kinds of metal structures

Skillfully assembled ladder cottages - rugged and durable design ladder can be made of concrete or metal, but the most accessible, simple and economical ladder of tree species. Full details below.

Stairs economy class for questioning: the selection rules

Better options for the design of solid wood, because they are not only durable, but also look very aesthetically pleasing, but their cost is higher than the price of the stairs Economy option, for example, made of larch. Having defined the wooden stairs material selected its structure. First of all, we must make sure that the building was safe for all family members.

These requirements are met to design a "golden step":

  • The width of such steps stairs - 29 cm.
  • Riser height - 17 cm.
  • Form the ladder depends on the choice of host.
  • Bearing part of her - sloping beams - stringers or beams with notches - bowstring. They can be placed in the midst of construction, and on the edges.

Stairs for giving an economy class may be made of larch

Another interesting variant of the ladder rails or rods of metal. For it does not need risers, as the load falls on the rod itself. View this attractive ladder, it seems very light, airy. Its level can be made of glass or laminated glass, the thickness of which - from 8 to 12 mm.

This high-strength material is coated with an anti-slip layer.

For a small country house is comfortable small spiral staircase, consisting of 1-2 missions, between which there are intermediate pad. Typically, such a ladder set in the corner. Stage fixed, stringing on a solid rod of wood or metal, which is firmly attached at both ends.

Another option - folding ladder. It gives an opportunity to save space of the room, not clutter it, because when folded is a hatch cover that opens and closes with the help of special tools.

The original staircase in the country house with their hands

Before carrying out design and construction of stairs, you have to choose a place that is ideal for her.

The most convenient to her room - a hall or vestibule. If they are large, you can construct a straight ladder. But more often, in a holiday home is preferable to set the near-wall structure, which has narrow marches and set in a corner of the room.

Even more space saving swivel design spans. Select a location for the stairs, her drawings are prepared taking into account the sizes of all its parts. The most convenient tilt angle spans - 23-37ᵒ. design width varies from 0.8 m to 1.5 m best option -. 1.2-1.4 m Carrying manufacturing stairs with his hands, it is necessary to make sure that between the balusters to be such a distance that does not allow the child to stick his head between them. .

Before you design and build a ladder to the original country house, it is necessary to determine the place of its location

  1. If the ladder consists of more than 3 steps, be sure to set it to the railing height -. 90 cm Railings should be easy to support them by hand.
  2. In height, the steps must have a deviation of greater than 0.5 cm.
  3. The structure must withstand the weight of up to 220 kg, the railing - not less than 100 kg, an adult man might without fear rely on them.

Stairs, designed to meet these requirements will be easy to use and will last a long time.

What kind of ladder to the country to pick up

There are two structural models.

On the first move easier, more convenient, on the second - harder, but they are still more than acceptable.

Installation of spiral staircase is carried out in a specific order. Installation and support the strengthening of anchors, welding metal plates to the ceiling and floor overlaps. Welding Profile - frame for the steps. Fixing by misconduct bolts on the metal frame. Installation of supports for the handrail on the outside steps. To carry out the installation of a ladder, you need patience and skill.

And need tools:

Stairs to the cottage, you can choose a cruise or a screw

The supports are made of metal. Inner railings complemented by profile bars with rounded wood.

Currently there are prefabricated kits and handrails, as their components are made of plastic and stainless steel parts.

A disadvantage of wooden support posts in their fragility. The rotten wood can (especially if near kitchen), crack from dryness, its life span is limited. It is important that the ladder was not traumatic: its parts should not be burrs, rust.

Metal barriers may be made of the following materials:

  1. Aluminum or stainless steel. This can be chrome or nickel-plated sets of parts.
  2. Weldments. The elements of such structures are connected to each other weld.
  3. Forged stairs. They are constructed of curved elements created by cold or hot forging.
  4. Combined product. In such fence is acceptable combination of different materials: wood, metal, glass, plastic, MDF.

Quite simply mounting the staircase railings accomplished by welding. For it need tube or plate material for a handrail. The concrete base is first vertically installed racks, which are welded to the horizontal elements.

Chrome parts more accurate, easy to operate. They are not susceptible to corrosion, have a very smooth surface. The diameter of the tube is optimal for comfortable use. These enclosures can withstand as extreme temperatures and heavy loads. To make the stairs with guardrail more refined form, using glass or high strength plastic. Chrome pipes are connected with screws and clamps.

Garden stairs to the country with their own hands

Decorate the interior of a country house, like wrought iron openwork collection, and simple swirls of metal rods. They are securely fastened with screws and pins. Railings can be as aluminum and plastic.

forgings made all sorts of figures:

Interesting combination of these elements. Leading positions - have combined railing. That, and the original design of the stairs, and improved the practical performance. The basis for this type of fence frame is made of metal. All load-bearing parts - from strong alloys. To design was particularly strong, you must carefully consider the drawings. As the rack is better to use a perforated steel and cast iron. On the frame are channel, pipe, angles. For steps using corrugated sheets.

Ladder country house originally looked with forged railings

Attach details on a metal frame is best nuts and bolts, combining with welding. At the same time, it is necessary to observe safety precautions and a good knowledge of the rules of implementation of the seams on the metal. If the home has small children, so that the baby does not penetrate to the stair treads, use a protective grid or a grid constructed from conventional ropes.

If the cottage is located on a hilly area, there are horizontal bars and trampolines, it is desirable to build on it and the garden stairs. steps for the material should be durable, non-slip, it is better when it has a corrugation. For safe movement on it, you must install the railing. And in the dark stairs on the slope usually well visible through street lighting.

To descend into the cellar or garage, lift to the attic and summer kitchen to the attic, you can also do yourself slopes and prostupni entrance to the stairs. They can be installed inside or outside the house. Their installation is pretty simple, does not require large expenditures. You only need to carefully calculate the size. Low hills or stairs are also needed when the child should climb on an inflatable trampoline, or reach out to the bar horizontal bar.

The staircase in the country with their own hands (video)

Thus, the staircase at their summer cottage - the subject of a very high demand. She can decorate holiday home can significantly accelerate your rise to the ceiling and down into the cellar. The main thing is that it is durable, easy to use, secure, especially for children and the elderly.

How to choose a ladder to a country house

Cottage - a favorite resting place of many of the city's hustle and bustle. Equip it according to your tastes and needs - the number one task for every owner who appreciates comfort and stability in their home. One of the most important elements of the houses are the stairs to the second floor. They must meet several requirements: be comfortable, to ensure the safety of movement, combining high aesthetic characteristics and practicality.

There are varieties of stair design solutions:

Design cottage stairs for country houses depends on the owner of the original ideas: it can be standard or combine several styles at the same time, to be with or without handrails. The photo shows the most popular types of timber constructions, made with his own hands.

Wooden stairs to the country house is selected in accordance with the taste preferences of the homeowner. However, there are some rules, if ignored, could result in some problems.

Popular style for a country cottage are increasingly becoming a country, or the direction of "antique". Design, leading to the second floor is made from untreated wood. Can achieve the effect, if you take the material from which the treated surface is a class "B". This refers to the artificially aged surface with small knots, while the procedure brushing. Presented chalet stairs in the photo made in this style, with additional decorative elements.

Frequency of residence in the country

Chalet stairs to the second floor at the design stage can be adjusted depending on how long the person will be in the country during the year. If the plans do not have a permanent residence, you invest in the construction of finance products from expensive materials is not necessary. Constant temperature extremes, lack of sufficient heating in the winter and humidity change will lead to a disappointing result. Details become more mobile, their attachment will gradually become loose, and the staircase in the end may simply fail during lifting her.

Staircase Cottage wood loses original form, the upper layer material cracked, lacquer depart in several places. To avoid such incidents, it is better to give preference to conifers, located in an accessible price point. The most effective option is pine, birch and beech, and only suitable for those homes where the owners live all year round (with uncontrolled moisture they swell and deform).

Mansard ladders - saving space

If the building has a loft or attic, and they are equipped with a living room, it is better to set a ladder in a holiday home drawer type. Cost-effective solution, when the total area of ​​the first floor is not is large. It was previously popular ladders design, but in this case it was necessary to solve the problem with a place to store it. Consolidate and make such a product can be fixed with their hands, without involving professionals.

A characteristic feature of this structure - the absence of wooden railings, stairs otherwise simply not be able to fold and raise. In some models it is possible to construct them with one hand, using the folding mechanism, but it is very troublesome procedure, and with his own hands it is difficult to implement.

The inclination angle should be 60-65 degrees, but the descent and lifting on the loft should occur always in the same position. To compensate for the inconvenience as possible, using the technique masters called "duck step" - a special sequence of steps of the broad elements. In the photo shown variant of this villa stairs.

Problems solved by retractable staircase:

  • space-saving,
  • connecting the first floor and loft,
  • convenience and comfort of the user.

Production of wooden stairs with his hands

If there is a possibility to order a sufficient amount of wood, as well as present the skills of this type of work, you can start manufacturing.

Cottage stairs constructed with his own hands with the help of tools:

Measure the desired length of the steps, vypilivaya them as carefully as possible. For support beams made of stages, in which grooves must be present for assembly. Next steps are mounted on racks mounted securely into the slots with screws.

At the end of the assembly staircase in country house handled a plane for the purpose of grinding and removal of roughness. The final stage - the finished product coated with lacquer. Do not use the design to dry completely (the period is different for each agent and is indicated on the label).

If provided banisters holiday home, they need to grind after assembly base. This will help to avoid mistakes (size mismatch) and make the design attractive and stylish. The photo shows the finished product - chalet stairs constructed with his own hands.

Wooden stairs for a country house - the possibility to realize their ideas, if none of the finished product does not meet the aesthetic taste of the owner and the construction needs. Assemble your own - saving energy, time and money. We just need to make it technically correct.

Guest book:

Country house - it is certainly a loose concept, who is there and "the king's mansion", and someone even shed which barely fit tools for the garden. Personally, I have something average - a small two-storey house, built it on the site itself, and it is equipped with a conventional wooden staircase, without any frills, but what on the 1st floor we have so say the workplace, and in the second place of rest - 2 small rooms .

I have in the country is worth the most common staircase, made it the principle of a step-ladder, and then on the sides of a sheathed it.

In the barn a staircase to the attic is not needed very beautiful. I have not punched boards, I cant fixed metal braces, rely on them steps. The house has stairs so may not fit well in a shed or bath is quite normal, saving time significantly.

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