Citric acid for the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid

Constant washing in hard water quickly leads to damage to the washer. On heating member and other parts of the machine are deposited salt, which eventually leads to the formation of scale. Experts recommend regular cleaning machine, and the most inexpensive and effective purifier is citric acid.

Why cleaning washing machine

Machine-gun - is expensive even for the modern woman. If you do not care for it, it quickly fails. The worst enemy for the miracle of the unit is tap water that contains rust, chemicals that reduce the service life of the machine. That bought equipment for washing a long time was functional, it is required to clean mildew, dirt and scale.

In the process, on plastic and metal surfaces of the unit accumulates a lot of mineral deposits in which the bacteria live, bringing unpleasant smell. The source of the contamination can be a low-quality detergents which do not dissolve in hard water and dirt jammed in the process of operation of the unit. Scale has no less a threat to the normal functioning of the art, since badly passes the heat.

Because of this, the device begins to work in emergency mode, and its elements quickly burn out. Form scale because of the salts, which are in the water. At high temperatures, they are deposited on the surface, then freeze all internal elements of a thick layer. In order not to spend money on costly repairs, it is necessary to periodically remove the dirt, mold and scale with industrial or home remedies.

Effective if the washing machine with citric acid cleaning

Once the steel to produce on an industrial scale for automatic washing technique, housewives have become interested in how to clean the washing machine of citric acid or soda? At that time there was no water softeners and special funds for this purpose. Purification of the washing machine has some advantages of the scum of citric acid:

  • cheap and cost-effective compared to other methods;
  • no harm TENu;
  • It cleans the heating elements;
  • the process does not bring trouble and does not take much time.

Chemical agents are not all housewives to take the risk to use, because they do not rinse out clothes and linen. Pineapple harmless to humans, and for cleaning equipment need only a small dose of agent that completely removed with water. If food concentrate used in moderation, they will not damage the plastic parts, rubber sleeves, heating elements and other items stiralki.

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid

To clean limescale in automatic machine, designed to 4 kg of laundry need to 60 grams of food concentrate. Since the product is sold in small packages, then one treatment is enough 3-4 package. Excessive application of material can result in damage to the unit. How to clean the washing machine with citric acid from scale and eliminate the bad smell? Follow the step by step instructions.

As clear from scale washing machine citric acid

To wash the car machine from limescale, mold and odors, use the following recipe:

  1. Prepare two bags of pineapples. Pour it into a special compartment for powder.
  2. Check for foreign objects inside. Do not forget to bend the edge of the gum.
  3. Turn on the full program, which takes place at the highest possible temperature.
  4. Program the extra rinse. If there is no such program, after completion of the cycle, repeat the rinsing procedure by pressing the appropriate button.
  5. After the end do not forget to wash the inside of the drum. There may be the remains of lime to be removed.

How to clean the drum citric acid

The first method is well removes scale from a heater typewriter. How to clean the washing machine with citric acid from the inside, because the drum is plaque, too?

  1. It is to pour the food concentrate inside of the drum. Number of take no more than 100 grams.
  2. Set the temperature regime from 60 to 90 degrees. The lower temperature not dissolve the substance.
  3. The longest run mode. After 10 minutes, stop and pause a program for one hour to concentrate is reacted with the calcareous deposits.
  4. After the program continue. If the process is accompanied by the roar - this split scale particles fall into the sink, which means that cleaning is successful.
  5. Upon completion it is necessary to rinse again with the unit to include additional rinsing.

How safe is citric acid for the washing machine

Before attempting to rinse the machine, should take care of the security measures. It is not necessary to fill too much concentrated powder because it can damage the parts of the intensity of chemical processes. Cleaning must be carried out only under the condition that the drum is empty, otherwise the food concentrate corrode and scale, and the things that will be there.

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid

Buying chemistry for washing machine, users often try to save money - powders, air conditioners and various additives are quite expensive. Here it is necessary to include the costs of the means for descaling. It is used to prevent the settling of the raid on PETN and drum machines. But there is a way cheaper - cleaning washing machine with citric acid gives fantastic results and costs mere pennies. Let's see how to clean stiralku pineapples and save money in your wallet.

In this review, we will address the following questions:

  • Is this method has the proper efficiency;
  • How many grams of lay and how to observe the correct dosage;
  • How often you need to be cleaned;
  • How to ensure proper care of your washer.

It will also be affected, and many other aspects.

The effectiveness of this method of cleaning

Shoe washing machine drum with citric acid is highly efficient. Acid cleans the metal parts and the heater from scale, giving the unit virtually pristine purity. Cleaning does not take much time, does not require disassembly of equipment, it does not harm the internal components, to cope with even the most severe deposits. Before we tell you how to clean the washing machine from scale citric acid, we talk about the effectiveness of a technique.

Despite the simplicity of the method of cleaning the washing machine with citric acid is an excellent preventive procedure, which allows the unit to serve a long and trouble-free operation.

Make sure that the citric acid copes with scum, very easy - for this we need the most ordinary kitchen kettle. If the water in your area is hard, you will see on the bottom of the scale in the form of a white or cream-colored plaque. It is insoluble in salt water, which are formed during boiling. Their penetration into the human body does not bestow special health. In the washing machine, they lead to the formation of various malfunctions.

The use of citric acid will completely get rid of even the most inveterate deposits. The kettle processing as follows:

  • We buy at the store pineapple - it should go to sleep right in the kettle;
  • Next, pour the water - should be boiled (in electric kettles wait until the automatic shutdown);
  • Drain the water and enjoy shiny clean inner walls.

Washing and cleaning of the washing machine is similar. Even the most hardened critics doubt the citric acid may possibly make on the kettle example that we have described a method gives excellent results.

Cleaning stiralki citric acid costs very very cheap - a large stack of pineapples costs 30-40 rubles, and in some places it is sold by kilograms (which is cheaper). Professional care are significantly more expensive. In addition, they need to buy all the time, while washing with citric acid is carried out every 3-4 months, not more. So the first advantage - it saves money, to which we aspire.

Many housewives often overdoing with the amount of citric acid used. Doing this is strictly not necessary, or unscheduled repairs your stiralki will be inevitable.

Citric acid is different environmental cleanliness, because it is the most common food additive. However, it is corrosive, and the products are added in limited quantities. To clean the washing machine pineapples need quite a bit, a few dozen grams. Its application is practically not harm the environment, as do the chemicals contained in the store means. And this is the second advantage - you will be able not only to clean the washing machine with citric acid, but also take care of the purity of nature.

Citric acid for the washing machine - it's cheap and accessible means that there are literally in every hall and a store that sells food. Therefore, with its search hardly have any problems. It is also sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets in urban markets. If you have friends in the food industry, ask them if they use a grenade - it is possible that they will be able to drag you to a couple of kilograms of this tool (this amount will be enough to clean the washing machine more than one year). The third advantage - it is more widely available.

Good cleaning effect is achieved by a washing machine with soda and citric acid - this powerful cocktail of two harmless substances able to compete not only with scale, but also persistent dirt, with a fungus. It helps and mildew that literally eats the rubber seals and lodges their disputes to wash clothes.

Lemon gave us citric acid, which we can use to clean the washing machine. However, it is not extracted from lemons and synthesized artificially, but the essence remains the same. Let's talk about the recipe of our treatments and show you how to clean the drum pineapple - this is nothing new. Some people think that it is necessary to add in the wash, but it is not - a procedure performed without a laundry within a single cycle. Here are step by step instructions:

  • Preparing a washing machine to clean - remove it from all things, inspect that the walls are not stuck subtle things;
  • It does not interfere with a damp cloth to wash the rubber seal and carefully wipe the glass;
  • Fall asleep citric acid into the compartment for the washing machine - it is necessary to ensure that she could wash trough through which the drum cleaner arrives. The remaining compartments are left empty;
  • Close the loading door, start cleaning - if you decide to wash the drum for the first time in a long time, put a very long program with a temperature of 90 degrees. If you do spend a periodic cleaning and preventive store means including a very long program with a temperature of 60 degrees;
  • Wait until the program end - cleaning washing machine with citric acid is complete, you can open the door and ventilate.

No additional not need to take action. If you will look at the heater, then you will see that he was a brilliant and clean - in some washing machines, it can be seen through the holes in the drum, shine a flashlight back and twisting the drum itself.

Dosage and other recommendations

If you intend to clean their washing machine with citric acid, it is necessary to determine the dosage. We recommend to pour into 6 kg load of 120 t. pineapples, 5 kg - 100 c. That is, for every kilogram - with 20 grams of acid. Exceed this dose is not recommended, as the excess of pineapples can act destructively on the rubber seal. Reduce the amount of the same is not necessary, since deposits on PETN and dirt in the car can be a great deal.

Many people do not even know about the presence of mold in their washing machine. But it can be extremely dangerous to humans. The benefit of citric acid to cope with it without osobgo labor.

Selectable program should be complete - with a final rinse. This is required for complete removal of acid residues from the insides of the washing machine. Together with the pineapple out of it the remains of scale will be deleted. We recommend stiralku chase on the program "Cotton 90", or the "Synthetic 60". Wash it will be long, but completely remove all limescale, to cope with other impurities, clean the inside of the tub and the drum.

As for the cleaning frequency, everything is easy - just once every 3 months in the temperature 60 degrees. If the last cleaning of the washing machine has been produced for a long time or not carried out at all, it is recommended to get rid of at a temperature of 90 degrees - in this mode, the cleaning will be most effective. Adding citric acid during washing is not necessary - that you will not achieve any effect at all, or reduce the effectiveness of washing powder.

Other recommendations for the washing machine Services:

  • If your area is very hard water, install a softening filter - so you will protect equipment from damage. Increased stiffness is manifested in the form of a hardly noticeable film on the surface clean, just drawn from the tap water or as a grand scale limescale in your teapot;
  • Even if the water in your area is relatively mild, we recommend to carry out preventive cleaning your washing machine with citric acid - in addition to the plaque on PETN and drum can settle other deposits requiring removal (including the pile);
  • After cleaning, the washing machine is recommended to look under the rubber gasket in the filter - here are found the remains of citric acid and the remnants of scale. All these contaminants must be removed.

Thus, in the care of the washing machine is no big deal - just enough to regularly clean with baking citric acid. And forget about the expensive tools like Calgon - grenade more effective and cheaper.

How to clean the machine-Machine citric acid from scale?

When you are planning to purchase a washing machine, you probably hoped that it will last long and will not require repairs ahead of time. However, few people think that in order to achieve this it is necessary to properly care for the equipment and from time to time to clean it. After all elements of the device during operation scum occurs, and the water from the faucet does not differ a great purity. In some areas, it is very hard, contains a large amount of iron, as well as salt and other components.

When they are heated in water, then converted into deposits which can get rid of just using acid. The higher the temperature in the wash, the greater the scale will be formed on the internal elements of the machine. If the tap flowing clean water, then such problems would not arise, but today it has a rather poor quality, but to cope with the problems still can. Some solve this problem by installing polyphosphate filter that can be used to soften the water and reduce the risk of scaling of the tubular heating element.

Scale assumes no danger, but has a detrimental effect on the processes that occur inside the washing machine. This can lead to an increase in power consumption. Normal water heating will be slowed down, because the upper part of the heating element will be covered by foreign elements, and this implies additional energy consumption.

Learn that the heating part was covered with scum, you will be able, when the time of heating the water will increase. However, this may indicate other reasons. Scale can lead to equipment failure, because TENu to work in emergency mode, which will certainly bring him out, sooner or later you will face the need to replace this spare. If time replacement is not made, then the machine may break even more serious, because sometimes even burns software module. Limescale can cause the formation of fungus, it brings more problems.

Cleaning machine with citric acid

Many housewives today are wondering whether to clean the washing machine with citric acid as possible. Not always have the means at hand, which can be used to solve the problem. Yes, and do not need to purchase expensive chemical compounds, when you can buy cheap citric acid. Means "Kalgon9raquo; unable to cope with scale, because it only softens the water. Use this requires a food grade acid, lemon juice is not going to help.

Visiting the store, you can find everyday or special acid. The first option is sold in any grocery store. With regard to special acids that are commonly used in industry, they help clean the machinery. hydrochloric acid concentration should be formulated from the relation means to the percentage millimeter scale. If you prepare the solution, the concentration of which exceeds 10%, it can cause corrosion of parts. But if you use three percent up, it means not to be effective.

Recommendations for the use of citric acid

Shoe citric acid descaling typewriter machine is carried by a particular procedure. The tool could have a negative effect on the rubber drum elements. The method should not be used too often, in this case, you may encounter a washout of grease seals. If acid dissolved in hot water, it can cause substantial damage to the temperature sensor. However, in practice, it happens this is quite rare. While cleaning is necessary to add a means to dissolve the lime, only then can you make sure that large items not score details.

Shoe citric acid typewriter machine can be carried out at home, for approximately 300 g of citric acid necessary to fill the powder into the compartment. Further, the machine is turned on, its work is exhibited in the cotton clothes washing mode. The temperature may vary from 60 to 90 ° C. The powder used in this case is not necessary, the laundry in the drum should not be.

Switch the machine on a spin cycle is not necessary. In order to rid the device of the scum residues machine must scroll at a low temperature again. It is important to check the rubber drum component. In the sink you will find large pieces of scale. Delete them can be hand or a sponge, thus it is necessary to use rubber gloves. This treatment can be carried out every four months.

Citric acid, anti-scale in the machine allows you to get rid of the deposits cheaply and simply. If you've spent considerable sums on emollients, but this time, you can resort to an almost free technology.

The use of chlorine and citric acid

It would be more effective cleaning, when citric acid is added to the bleach. To do this, take a glass acid and the same amount of chlorine. Last enhances the action of the first ingredient, it will achieve the shining brilliance of internal elements of the machine. Before you clean the machine-Machine citric acid and chlorine, you should be familiar with the drawback of this technology, which manifests itself in an unpleasant smell during the works. To carry out such purification may be once every three months, thus you eliminate corrosion of rubber parts.

If you notice that the drum is covered in some places black mold, it is possible to use the same citric acid for this purpose. Pre top cover is removed, but for this purpose the machine must be turned back. The cover is strengthened by 3 screws, which can be hexagonal or cross-shaped, depending on the model. Screws can be turned out, that will open the door. If you raise the question of how to clean the machine-Machine citric acid, then the next step is to pay attention to the pump, which is located at the bottom of the equipment. From it to the union held hose. The fitting, which serves as the attachment of the hose, it is often quite transparent. Therefore, there you can see the traces of mold. The hose must be removed to inspect it, and if there are dark spots, it is well washed with the solution of citric acid.

Putrid smell may occur when the mold and come down through the hose reaches the bottom of the equipment. By the same principle, unscrew the front cover mounting machine, underneath it you will see the hose, fixed to the pump. If it is not transparent, then it must be removed and inspected for mold deposits, for this you should use the pliers.

Removal of black mold

If before you there was a question about how to clean the machine-Machine citric acid from black mold, you need to take citric acid, install a fan in the car so that it contributes to the circulation of air masses. You must comply with this condition, if the equipment is in a humid place, here include a basement. The hose can be replaced if necessary.

Tips to prevent the formation of deposits

Prevention of machines must be carried out approximately every six months, but will not damage a part of the procedure, which is carried out once every 2 months. Instead of citric acid can be used descaler or vinegar. Each machine has a bottom filter after washing it is dirty and should be cleaned regularly. How to clean the machine-Machine citric acid, you could find out if read the information provided above. It is important to remember that the scum is crystallized by heating water to 75 ° C. Experts advise not achieve this level of temperature, stopping at 70 ° C. TEN, however, remains clear, so you should select the appropriate program. Cleaning the citric acid can be carried out more frequently than recommended above, but this advice is more relevant to those who use the equipment frequently. With the acid can be removed not only scale, but also eliminate odors, if any. Prevention of any harm to detail brings, it is checked in practice.

Before you clean the machine-Machine citric acid, you should consider also other ways of carrying out such work. Alternatively acts white vinegar, which you want to pour in the amount of 2 glasses. Then hot water is added, turn on the washing mode without clothes and powder. The cycle should choose the longest. Before citric acid to clean the washing machine should be familiar with the technology of the work. It says that after the completion of the washing process with the acid machine again it is necessary to put on a short program.

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