Linoleum on concrete floor

How to lay linoleum on concrete floor: instructions and video

Using linoleum as a floor covering is rooted in the Soviet and early post-Soviet times, but the constant evolution of technology, production capacity and scope of design is not necessary to modern linoleum considered a relic of the past - has increased both the quality and the visual characteristics of this material. Linoleum is very popular in many office buildings due to wear resistance and a relatively low susceptibility to mechanical damage, and it can be successfully used in apartments and houses.

Visually using linoleum can be simulated under the cover stone, tile or laminate flooring, but it is much cheaper and easier to self-assembly than any of the coverage options.

Preparation of the substrate and the alignment of the concrete floor

During the repair can be asked whether it is possible to lay linoleum on concrete floor. In this article we will discuss in detail how to lay linoleum on concrete, because basically it is made of this material is the main floor of the modern buildings.

How to align the concrete floor under the linoleum?

Leveling concrete floor before laying linoleum should not be neglected, as the quality of the base depends not only on the aesthetic appearance of linoleum, but the period of its operation - more even than the base, the less coverage is subject to wear and "staptyvaniyu".

Stages leveling concrete floor:

  • first of all, necessary to completely dismantle the old flooring, insulating layers (heat, noise and hydro), leaving only a concrete base, which must be thoroughly cleaned of debris, dust and other possible contaminants character;

If additional alignment is not necessary, the entire floor surface, including joints of slabs, it should be thoroughly checked for damage, which must be eliminated. Defects in the concrete slab must be addressed with great care, since they will be stacked on top of these insulating materials.

To eliminate the cracks and pits can be used putty, epoxy resin or cement mortar premixed with varnish, hillocks can be gently knock or cut;

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Laying insulating layers before lay linoleum on concrete floors:

  • as thermal insulation can be used leafy DMP or plywood - since the linoleum itself is thin enough for laying directly onto the bare concrete base floor may remain cold, even when using linoleum with the insulating substrate;

material consumption calculation for laying

In order to calculate the cost of laying linoleum on the concrete floor, it is necessary to sum the cost of:

  • Materials for leveling concrete floors;
  • insulation materials and the elements of their fixation;
  • linoleum;
  • Lock for linoleum (adhesive tape assembly);
  • baseboards.

Calculation of materials for floor leveling must be carried out depending on the state of the concrete base. Flow rate of the cement mixture and primers produced on the basis of the quadrature space. it should be remembered that the coupler, if you need it, should be not less than 3 cm in height. For priming the surface of only one finishing primer layer, materials which also can be calculated from the quadrature space.

Calculation of insulating materials and is based on squaring the premises sheet and roll materials should be stacked so that there is a minimum number of joints, especially chipboard and plywood, which are presented in a number of standard sizes.

Particular attention should be given to places where the material will need to be trimmed or cut to form the protrusion or recess, it is extremely desirable to use small pieces of waste material - it is better to cut the unnecessary fragment of the base web. The joints are glued masking tape.

When calculating the linoleum to be considered a standard roll width - optimally if the roll width is greater than the width of the room, since minimizing the number of joints increases the operating time and visual material coating appears uniform.

If the joint can not be avoided, it is best to place the fabric so that the joint as short as possible (parallel to the shorter wall).

With great care should also be taken to the calculation of linoleum, which involves the combination of a pattern on the junction - coating the cut length in this case should be about 1.5 meters more than the length of the packing. It should also be remembered that the linoleum with ornament fits entirely in the longitudinal direction.

Calculation of the retainer for linoleum It depends on its type:

  • assembly / masking tape - cheaper, more economical, but less sturdy - it is easier to dismantle if necessary. In the calculation should take into account the length of the joints and flat perimeter sizing coating the walls;

For example, concrete floors must be leveled and laid linoleum in a room with walls 4 and 5 meters:

  1. A solution screed = 20 m2 (area of ​​a room) * 0.03 m (screed height) = 0.6 m 3 or 600 liters.
  2. Self Leveling mixture = 20 m2 (area of ​​a room) * 0.02m (filling height) = 0.4 m 3 or 300 liters.
  3. Insulation materials:
    • Sheet = 20 m2 (square) + 10-15%.
    • Round = 20 m2 (square) + 10-15% of the stock roll on the long side in terms of its width.
    • Waterproofing foil m2 = 20 (square) + allowances for laying overlapped by 20 cm along the sides.
  4. Linoleum:
    • Without having to docking pattern inclusive of a 10 cm gap at the perimeter of = 5.1 m * 4.1 m = 20.91 m2.
    • Given the need to dock pattern gap of 10 cm and perimeter = 26.65 m2.
  5. Catchers:
    • Glued or mastikoobraznoy basis - an average of 12-15 kg (more precisely can be calculated based on the manufacturer's specifications, which are indicated on the package).
    • Mounting Tape - 25-30 m.
  6. Consumables (the average amount which is largely dependent on the base floor state):
    • Putty - 400-500 g
    • Rags - 100-200, the
    • Epoxy resin or cement mortar - 1-1.5 liters.

How to lay linoleum on concrete floor?

When laying a concrete floor linoleum, even considering the fact that additional heat-insulating layer, it is recommended to select the coating material itself and with the heat insulating substrate such as a sheet of linoleum yet insufficiently dense. Before laying linoleum in addition to preparing the floor, which we discussed above, you need to expand the rolls and allow the material "lie down" in the room during the day, where he will stay all the time - so the web will reach the same level of humidity and temperature, and in the most room.

The cloth is cut and aligned along the contour of the room with a sharp knife of office, if it is assumed seam - it should be longitudinal.

The linoleum glued to concrete?

  • bitumastic - one of the most appropriate one for bonding to concrete linoleum. Bituminous mastic itself is also a good waterproofing material, and is capable of due to its pasty consistency to fill remaining after alignment irregularities and microcracks. Note - when choosing bituminous mastic as preservative concrete base must be primed with a special composition which is used for further coating is mastics;

When choosing the material for fixation should be considered as durable coating should - mounting tape can be easily removed if necessary and the coating can be saved for repeated mounting and dismounting of adhesive mastic requires considerable effort without saving coating integrity.

Getting laying: it is important to take into account?

Despite the fact that the laying of linoleum on its own is quite simple, before you start it, you must consider some important nuances that help to get high quality results:

  • mount technology can be 2 - Trimming, when we leave the perimeter of the stock material 10 cm, and without a bend, that is precisely the contour of the room's walls. When choosing, consider the curvature of the walls, especially if it is significant enough - trim material "place" can be much more accurate than when laying without bending;

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On the internal wall insulation foam can prochitattut - the most detailed and necessary information.

installation steps, or how to lay linoleum on concrete floor after preparing the base coat:

  1. Cutting the material is important to do after material "otlezhus" and will take its final shape. Stripes that intersect, overlap, and it is necessary to lay down with a ruler and a sharp knife to cut off the extra pieces. If you need to work around any protrusion above should be carefully vymeryat all distances, make marks on the material and then cut or cut the desired fragment.

From this, you can choose one of three technologies linoleum fixing:

  • on the mounting tape (double-sided foam tape) which was previously placed on the web and dot perimeter of its central part;

Linoleum is now represented in the construction market in two main types - natural, which is environmentally friendly and which includes flaxseed oil, PVC, which in spite of the fact that is made of synthetic fibers, it is absolutely safe for health. Both of these coatings are universal, easy to clean, resilient, very durable and little susceptible to deformation, and due to its texture and properties take subfloor form it can be installed on virtually any surface, making sure that it is dry and smooth as possible.

On the preparation of the floor before laying, as well as about how to lay linoleum on concrete floor, watch the video:

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He found himself at fault, when it spread a own room linoleum, and looked after the video. Like, I did everything right, and one bit miscalculated - had still a good glue over the entire area. Although it is said here that a small area of ​​glue is optional, but with time near the skirting on the one hand there was not clear the jam. Conclusion: it is necessary to glue in small rooms.

I want to give a little advice on the topic. When we bought the linoleum in the construction market - we liked option turned out to be the remainder of the roll, which after cutting to length, would have remained another meter .. I had to buy out the remainder of ((But we persuaded sellers leave the store unnecessary piece of us that they tried to sell - suddenly someone needs and a size .. We were called back from the store during the week - the remainder sold then I saw in the local forum that remains of linoleum in great demand So do not rush to throw unfit for!. The pieces of linoleum.

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Laying linoleum on the concrete floor with their hands

The construction market is full of a huge variety of modern flooring. In terms of technological progress, production capacity and scope of design services linoleum is very popular and continues to be a bestseller. Despite the fact that it has been used for many years and has its roots far in the Soviet and post-Soviet times, modern material can not be considered a relic of the past: not only improved the quality of the coating, but also its visual characteristics.

Due to its practicality, durability, ease of styling, affordable price and resistance to mechanical damage linoleum for many years a well-deserved love of buyers. It can be seen not only in offices but also in homes and apartments.

With linoleum, you can create the effect of covering natural stone, tile, laminate and even flooring. In this case, it does not require large material costs and is more easy to self-install than any of the above materials.

Despite its simplicity, laying linoleum on the concrete floor with his hands has certain nuances. They need to pay special attention, because it affects the quality and durability of further finishing operation.

Methods of laying flooring on concrete floors

Laying linoleum on a concrete floor can be performed by one of the following methods:

  1. At a small square room floor can just lay on the floor and fix the skirting. The main thing is that the material lay flat, without wrinkles and waves.
  2. Fastening by means of special self-adhesive tape. For this purpose, double sided tape. This method is also used in small spaces, but the experienced staff and use it to cover large areas.
  3. The use of special adhesives and mastics. This is a rather complicated way. However, to fulfill his own very real.

Laying linoleum without glue on the concrete floor can be effected old fashioned way. As the fasteners are used with screws and nails. This method is considered in detail it makes no sense, since it has long outlived its usefulness.

Before replacing the floor covering must be completely dismantled old floor covering and the insulating layer, leaving only the concrete base. Gender should be thoroughly cleaned from dust, construction debris, and any other form of contamination.

What follows is assess the quality of the concrete base and make his diagnosis. It is necessary to identify the different defects. If the collection of all the irregularities of more than 20% of the total surface of the base, it is recommended to perform a concrete screed.

How to perform a concrete floor screed?

The main objective of the screed concrete floor - creating perfectly smooth base. It should not be too thick, although it will depend on the degree of roughness. The greater the difference plane of the floor, the thicker the turn buckle. Accordingly, this leads to large financial and labor costs. However, save in this case can not, because it will affect the final result.

Vertical surface plane which is not more than 2 mm, for example in the case of linoleum installation is performed on a concrete floor with a substrate bonded to the material itself. When using a cheaper coating it is desirable that the concrete floor is completely flat.

If the old finish with difficulty departs from the concrete foundation, it is better not to dismantle, as it takes a lot of time and effort. In this case, you can simply pour the old finish the tie, which will be a solid foundation for linoleum.

What you should pay attention to

Laying linoleum on the concrete floor is not possible without pre-preparatory work.

  1. If you are using the traditional cement-sand screed, it is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the base (at least four weeks). During this period, the screed will acquire its maximum strength.
  2. If the screed leveling grout is used, then laying a concrete floor linoleum possible after the time specified in the instructions.
  3. In just a few days before flooring linoleum installation is necessary to bring into the room where he will be laid. This is necessary to ensure that the material received the required humidity and temperature. Roll better positioned vertically.
  4. The humidity level in the room must not exceed 60%, and the temperature should not be below 18 degrees.
  5. After drying screeds must be spread out linoleum on the floor and left in this position for a while. This is done in order to fully straighten the folds. If this does not happen, it is better to return the material to the store, as the folds and waves in the future can lead to cracking.
  6. When laying linoleum on the concrete floor is performed using adhesives, to protect the room from drafts.

Laying linoleum with fixing baseboards

Laying linoleum with his hands without adhesive is only suitable for areas with limited space, as the material is sufficiently flexible and elastic. Under the action of temperature and humidity fluctuations flooring will modify their physical characteristics, the contracting then expanding. This will affect the quality status of linoleum - creases may appear over time. If the flooring is laid in a single band in a small room, skirting boards will act as latches and prevent its displacement.

Laying process is quite simple. The roll must spread out lengthwise along the floor surface and the undercut, leaving an allowance of not more than 10 cm. Platen aid material should align and install one side moldings, securing it with nails or screws. Pre-need to drill holes in the concrete and insert the wooden plugs. Pulling on the canvas, you must install a plinth on the other side and fix it. Laying linoleum in this way does not require much effort, and it can be run independently.

Laying linoleum on concrete floor using duct tape

Such a method is used for small spaces with a small cross. To do this, you need to roll out the masking tape around the perimeter of the room, as well as in the joints of the two roll bars. The upper protective film is not recommended to remove before laying process. The concrete substrate should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust, this will depend on the quality of the bonding tape to the floor.

Further customize the linoleum on the floor area. To do this, roll the roll and are cut precisely the size of the room. Only then you can begin to remove the protective film. It is better to do it in stages, slowly moving from the edge of the wall to the joint roll bands. The protective film should be removed gradually.

There is also another option of laying linoleum, opposite to the above. In this case, you must first adjust the material of the base area, then apply to the edges of the masking tape and only thereafter to fix the floor covering, after removing the protective film. However, this option will take more time and effort.

Laying linoleum on concrete floors with an adhesive

Method for laying a flooring using the adhesive is considered the most complicated and require specific skills. However, it is possible to perform on their own, if the recommendations of experts.

Laying process begins with the unfolding of the material and adjusting the size of the room. Trim linoleum necessary with an allowance of 10 cm.

Preparation of necessary materials

Since laying linoleum on concrete floors using adhesives - the process is fairly labor intensive to prepare all the necessary materials should be in advance. For this we need:

  • special glue;
  • roller;
  • building a sharp knife;
  • metal ruler;
  • brush (roller) for applying adhesive.

After leveling and cutting edge of the strip material located at the walls back down and fold in half lengthwise. On the exposed portion of the concrete base evenly applied adhesive prepared. To the adhesive composition dried up a bit, you want to leave it that way for 10-15 minutes. Thereafter linoleum back in place and rolled across the roller surface clean. If excess glue made on the edges of canvas, they should be removed with a cloth or rag. In the case of adhesive contact with the front side of the fabric will spot that in the future nothing will wash off. The second half of the roll strip is glued in a similar manner.

If in the future it is planned to replace the floor, it is possible to apply the adhesive only on the perimeter of the stacking material. Such a method is much easier and cheaper, but the linoleum have to carefully align and tighten.

Bonding two strips of linoleum

If the room where the flooring is laid, and small enough to be a strip of linoleum - it is a great luck. But if the concrete base area is huge, of course, it raises the question of how to efficiently and accurately process the seams?

There are several types of welding joints - hot and cold. Hot welding - is bound edges of the two strips of material with a special welding machine and component materials. This is a rather complex process that alone will not work to perform, if you do not have the skills to work with this unit.

If you are laying linoleum on the concrete floor with their hands to the substrate, it is possible to use cold welding. There are two types of glue - "A9raquo; and "S9raquo ;. The adhesive of the first type is used only in conjunction with an adhesive tape, as it is more liquid in consistency. Primarily at the rail end is applied tape, which is then cut along its entire length. The adhesive is poured in a thin stream section. After complete drying of the adhesive tape was removed. Glue "S9raquo; It used without tape on similar technology.

Laying linoleum on the concrete floor (photos can be seen in our article) - a process that can be performed independently. However, we must take into account the recommendations of experts and take into account the nuances of the operations. This will determine the lifetime of the floor covering and its external characteristics.

How to lay linoleum on concrete floor?

Now on the market of building materials there was such a huge number of flooring, the choice of the optimal variant is given not so simple. Despite this, the familiar linoleum remain in their positions, due to the low cost and long period of operation without loss of primary properties. To lay it quite easy to carry out installation work is not necessary to address to experts - the right to put linoleum on the concrete floor as possible and by reading the process characteristics.

All work related to repairs, begins with the choice of materials. Laying linoleum on the concrete floor - a certain type are selected based on the type of premises, the estimated temperature conditions, humidity levels, even interior.

If we talk about the color scheme, the choice is to adhere to a few recommendations:

  • For a small space suit coat with a small figure.
  • If it is assumed that the linoleum is in several rooms, pick the same or a combination of colors - it is visually expand the space.
  • Buy coverage with a stock - it concerns the linoleum with a certain pattern.

It is worth noting that the advantages of this material is substantially greater than the disadvantages. Among them:

  • Versatility - the coating is suitable for any room.
  • Easy maintenance - just wipe with a damp cloth coated with a conventional detergent.
  • Strength, durability - the material does not crack due to its softness and elasticity.
  • Abrasion resistance - attractive, bright colors will please long time.
  • Unlike vinyl tile or laminate, with time does not undergo deformation.
  • Thickness 4 mm allows lay linoleum even if substantial unevenness in the floor, to visually align them.
  • Moisture resistance - allows you to lay linoleum, even on the balcony without fear of mold or mildew.

Shortcomings few, but they are still there:

  • Heavy objects are left dents on the cover, which can not be leveled.
  • For production use a lot of chemical substances, and laying material of natural components is carried out solely by professionals.
  • Under the influence of high temperature deformation.

Any flooring requires prior preparatory work with the surface on which you place it. In the case of linoleum, the work is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Rate concrete floor for the presence of irregularities. If a lot of them and they are too obvious - the surface should even out by pouring the cement screed. If on the contrary - a few flaws, they are small - you can align them with cement or putty spatula.
  2. Clean the surface - for debris can significantly reduce the quality of the work will have to redo. Ideally, wash your face, let dry thoroughly and proceed with the installation.
  3. Before how to lay linoleum on concrete floor, you need to lay a layer of polyethylene waterproofing material - the floor will be warmer, increase service life, will give a sound-proof properties. The layers have to be laid right next to each other.

As mentioned earlier, laying linoleum on the concrete floor with your hands is different complexity. After reading some of the recommendations, it is easy to lay such coverage without help.

The choice of materials and tools

Concrete field itself is quite cold, so when choosing a cover note on the multi-layered linoleum on the felt basis. Such coverage is more expensive, but the price is fully consistent properties. Based on the size of the room, you should not take the material back to back measurements - better take stock of a few centimeters. If the picture is large, and in one piece to cover the whole room is not enough, take the material, bearing in mind that it is necessary to select a pattern.

Special tools for laying their hands do not need - enough to have on hand brush rollers. Only at the stage of cutting knife need (or office building - dependent on the coating thickness), and square ruler for precise marking lines.

By purchasing linoleum, you can ask him to cut out right in the store, but still there is a chance that you have to cut it during installation. Cutting - not a complicated process, all the errors and jagged edges are hidden baseboards. If the room has projections, columns, pipes it becomes necessary to cut some figure linoleum areas. For such work is necessary to prepare cardboard patterns - then errors and irregularities will be minimal.

Linoleum with precise pattern must be spread out before laying face up, link up boundary for proper placement pattern and fixed with a heavy object to avoid slipping of the knife during cutting linoleum material.

Actually, we came to a milestone. Options for laying your hands there are several - for example, in a room with low permeability, the area up to 20 square meters. m does not require additional fasteners - enough to fix linoleum skirting. For other cases when it is necessary to lay linoleum on concrete floor, there are three of the most common, simple ways.

Masters recommend before bed coating, do concrete floor - it will level the base, linoleum lies more tightly. Before laying the screed on the concrete floor of debris, all debris that could spoil the flat surface. Pour the cement mix, level of area of ​​the room and wait until dry. It is further recommended gently clean the surface with a brush and laid linoleum, which pre lie down for several days in the deployed position.

This method is best used when you want to put linoleum on the concrete floor, but the coating is not too rough. First, the double sided tape adhered to the prepared, cleaned and degreased floor without removing the protective film on the other side. adhesive tape strips should form a kind of net - because linoleum is stronger hold. Spread a coating is folded one half and remove the protective film from the tape. Gently unfold the fabric, then it is necessary to align, simultaneously pressed to the floor - arms or roller. We do the same thing with the other half of linoleum.

The use of construction adhesives and mastics

It is best to buy the adhesives in the same shop where the linoleum - consultant can tell you which tool is best suited for this type of coverage.

Adhesives are of two kinds, they are divided, depending on the method of bonding: for solid and for fixation. Second consumption is considerably smaller and less labor-intensive application. Manufacturers offer the following types of adhesives:

  • water-dispersion;
  • one component;
  • two-component;
  • in a solvent;
  • polyurethane;
  • for fixing.

Glue is applied when laying linoleum notched trowel, roller or brush.

Glue is applied over the whole floor area or dot on the perimeter (adhesive for fixation). Due to the properties of moisture resistance and high strength when laying linoleum often used bituminous mastics. If you are working in a room with a large area, the use of mastic a must. Furthermore, by using this material can insulate the floor from the damaging influence of moisture, align minor defects and irregularities after the concrete screed.

Before applying the mastic floor must be well primed, the composition is applied to the floor and linoleum - a layer of about half a millimeter for a thin coating for coarser - 0.9 mm. When choosing a mastic give preference to well-known manufacturers - their products are of high quality and reliability.

Strict observance of technology of laying linoleum with his own hands is not enough for a good result. Improper docking of paintings can spoil the whole appearance of the floor. There are two welding method for connecting sheets of linoleum - cold and hot.

The advantage of this type is that it requires minimum time and effort. In fact, he is not much different from the usual pasting. At joints an adhesive tape is applied, cut along the line engages. The resulting gap is filled adhesive, after drying the adhesive tape was removed.

Hot welding requires more time, accuracy in work, but it is justified by the result. The seams are almost invisible, the life of linoleum significantly extended.

Hot welding is necessary to have welding equipment and special bonding polymer cord. The work can be divided into two stages:

  • Put the cord into the welding machine, heat up to 350 degrees Celsius. Party with which the binding cloths, no matter will occur, but it carried out exclusively in the direction of the middle of the room. The molten lead is poured exactly into the gaps after hardening surplus cut by a sickle-shaped knife (you can use other types of sharp cutting tools).
  • The equipment is transferred to the other side, begin to fill in the polymer. Central seam should lie down on top of the freshly applied, after application to repeat the procedure remove excess crescent knife.

Align seams on the linoleum with a large pattern more difficult - make sure that the pattern match correctly. And most importantly - the process does not tolerate haste.

Despite the variety of flooring, linoleum flooring does not lose positions due to a number of indisputable advantages. One of them - the ease of application, which does not require special skills.

It is enough to learn the basics of how to put linoleum on the concrete, and repair their own hands will be almost impossible to distinguish from conducted by professionals.

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