Sheet of particle size and price

Particleboard: the size and thickness of the sheet, the price of products of leading manufacturers

A huge range of DSP allows you to choose the material for various types of construction works, ranging from furniture and ending with the installation of floor and wall claddings. The type and size of the material should be selected depending on the condition and use of space. The main points to be considered when selecting CPD: the dimensions and thickness of the sheet, the price and technical characteristics of the material. A closer look at them in this article.

Chipboards produced in different sizes

The popularity is due to CPD

Chipboard is recognized as one of the most popular and sought-after construction materials. Without it, a reliable and low-cost product is not costing the furniture industry, construction of new facilities, repair work, finishing and decorative activities.

OSB - a very popular material in the construction market

Thanks to modern technology improved, manufacturers manage to bring your final product to high technical and aesthetic performance. The output is a smooth and high-quality surface of the sheet, which has high rigidity and strength. The ability to select the desired format, the plate thickness and attractive aesthetic appearance allows widely used material for furniture, mounting partitions, flooring, wall panels, ceiling paneling and wall surfaces.

The thickness of the product affects the strength of the material and its ability to resist external loads. The thicker chipboard, the higher its resistance to deformation, but the rate is inversely proportional to flexibility. Therefore, thick sheets under the influence of mechanical stress will break rather than bend a thin, on the contrary, will bend the plate without damage.

Plate thickness also affects the strength of the product. If strike at Heavy plates, on the surface may remain only minor dents and a thin sheet will break through.

Various coloring flakeboards

To mount the decorative partitions and producing low-loaded furniture elements used plate thickness of 8-10 mm.

Different size sheet chipboard 16 mm and 18 mm thick can be used for floor mounting, as a base for laying laminate or linoleum. If required to receive more wear-resistant floor covering, then it is necessary to use a plate 20 mm thick.

Standard sizes chipboard sheet thickness of 22 mm and 25 provide a solid base for the manufacture of kitchen tables, thicker windows, the most loaded furniture elements.

Most thick slab thickness of 28-38 mm are indispensable to make durable shelves and kitchen worktops.

Helpful advice! Bars operate exactly chipboard maximum thickness, since the final product is subjected to high loads.

Before you buy chipboard sheets, it is necessary to define clearly their number, considering the most appropriate size of the plates. To perform any work on the use of plates pre-measure is all linear dimensions of the working surface. From the obtained values, and the areas portions can find the dimensions of the sheets that will ensure a minimum balance material.

CPD - the basic material for the production of furniture

Frequently the effective surface may be considerably smaller than the dimensions of the sheet. In this case, you can resort to the construction of shops, where there is a lot of waste plates. CPD specialists will cut the size of the customer to the best of their material remains. In this case, the buyer will pay the cost, not only pieces of particle board from the total price of the sheet, but also services sawing material. However, the price will be lower compared to the cost of the whole plate.

For example, a price per sheet of chipboard 16 mm thick and 910 mm is 2800h2070 rub. RUB 157 respectively. per sq.m. And if you buy half a sheet taking into account the cut, the payment amount will be about 650 rubles.

Particleboard: the dimensions and thickness of the sheet material price

Regulations which regulate the geometrical dimensions chipboard sheet 18 gradations determined by the length and width 9. sheet length is in the range 1830-5680 mm, width starts with 1220 and reaches 2500 mm.

Helpful advice! Chipboard sheet size (width and length) 2440h1830, 2620h1830 2750h1830 mm and most often found on the market, thanks to the easy handling and convenient transportation.

Chipboard sheet may have a thickness of 10, 16, 18, 22, 25 and 28 mm

Chipboard sheets of standard sizes can be different in thickness. This important geometrical parameter is also in wide range. The minimum thickness of chipboard is 8 mm maximum - 38 mm. The most popular are particleboard thickness of 22, 18, and 16 mm. This indicator should be considered when choosing the material. It determines the continued use of the product and affects its level of strength during subsequent transportation. The thicker the sheet, so it is more durable and hence can be used in loaded constructions.

Dimensional table of the most common chipboard:

The formation of the cost of any material affected by several factors. The first is the product manufacturing technology (quality of raw materials, the presence of additional components, application of protective and decorative coatings). Further criteria may be mentioned the size and thickness of the sheet, on which depends the amount of feedstock. Also important to consider is the season which brings about changes in the pricing policy. The next factor - the place the product manufacture, on which the transport component of the price of the product. In addition, prices in DIY stores different cities may differ materially.

SquareMeter chipboard sheet 135 rubles in cost and higher

Depending on the variety, brand, and surface material, the cost per sheet of chipboard can start from 650 rubles.

Price laminated chipboard sheet size and 2800h2070h16 mm thickness will be about 1420 rubles. While sanded chipboard the same size would cost 880 rubles. This difference is justified by the costs associated with the technology of applying a certain texture to the surface of the plate.

Comparative characteristics of the prices for most running positions DSP is presented in the following table:

As the table shows, the material has a very reasonable price per sheet. Buy chipboard available in any hardware store, or place your order on specialized Internet resources.

Particleboard leading manufacturers are:

  1. Plant «Kronospan», which is in g.Egorevsk. It offers high-quality material, which is produced on computerized nepreryvnorabotayuschem latest German equipment. The plant produces chipboard 2440h1830 size, and 2620h2070 2800h2070 mm thick sheets 10, 12, 16, 18 and 22 mm. It is possible to arrange individual order for sheets with a thickness of 8, 25, 28, 32 and 38 mm.
  2. Company «Egger», whose products are manufactured under EUROSPAN trademark and is used for the manufacture of furniture parts and repair work. The material has a solid middle layer and thin outer, making it most suitable for the application of different decorative textures. The company produces plates in length 5600 and 2800 mm and a width of 2070 mm.

kitchen facade is made of moisture-resistant chipboard

Laminated chipboard: product price

Nowadays, almost all cabinet furniture made of laminated chipboard, the dimensions of which are defined by the standard. They should be considered when choosing the material for further cutting elements necessary in each case to receive a minimum amount of waste.

This material has a huge amount of texture and color variation. He is easy to work.

Important is the fact that it is not necessary to saw into individual pieces of chipboard at home. Since during sawing slabs on conventional machine in places propyl laminate is split, which facilitates the formation of ragged edges of the articles. Therefore, the cut should be made of chipboard in furniture factories or construction departments that provide such services. You can also order individual items edging. All work carried out on the specialized equipment that allows for exceptional quality of the finished product.

Laminated particle board used in furniture industry

Buy laminated chipboard can be based on the pricing policy of manufacturing companies, taking into account developments in technology, the possibility of production equipment and quality of raw materials.

Prices for laminated wood sheet size 2800h2070 mm of different thickness and type «Kronospan» manufacturer are presented in the table:

All known manufacturers produce material of rectangular shape, wherein different sizes vary chipboard laminated sheet. Such an abundance of different formats allows Furniturer select the desired size for a particular product to provide the minimum number of off-cuts and waste.

Next, consider the leading manufacturers of laminated chipboard.

brand Kronospan is the leader among other world-class companies for the production of laminated chipboard. Material manufacturer produces two lengths and widths of different product thickness. Dimensions are laminated chipboard sheet length 2800 and 2620 mm and a width of 1830 and 2070 mm. The thickness of the product begins with the 8 and extends up to 28 mm. Thin sheets are used for filling the frame MDF facades, sliding doors in wardrobes, for furniture elements, which are subjected to slight stress.

Leading chipboard manufacturers are Kronospan, Egger, Swiss Krono Group and other brands

The company Egger It manufactures laminated chipboard standard size 2800h2070 mm thickness with various embodiments. But, in contrast to its competitors, a manufacturer other than plates with a thickness of 10, 16, 18 and 25 mm produces sheets of 19 mm thick.

The company SwissPan - one of the leading manufacturers of chipboard in the world. It produces chipboard following formats: 2750h1830h10, 2440h1830h16, 2750h1830h16, 2440h1830h18, 2750h1830h18, 2440h1830h22 and 2440h1830h25 mm. For manufacturing wardrobes and wardrobe used chipboard sheets with a thickness of 16 and 18 mm. Plates of thickness 22 mm and 25 mm are ideal for kitchen tops and other furniture component parts that are exposed to significant loads.

"Nevsky laminate» Plant It offers a unique wide range of materials for the manufacture of furniture. The company constantly monitors the global trends and provides its customers with the most relevant and expressive textures and decors. The plant produces laminated chipboard size 2440h1830 mm and a sheet thickness of 8, 10, 16 and 22 mm.

Element Furniture facades made of laminated chipboard of various colors

The company Swiss Krono Group one of the largest manufacturers in the world in the creation of wood-based panels. The manufacturer offers a quality product with a great variety of decors. Chipboard company produces two sizes: 2500h1850 and 2800h2070 mm thick sheets with a possible 10, 16 and 22 mm.

Water-resistant chipboard decking: new development on the market of building materials

Characteristics and advantages of the basic material. Areas of use. Features and installation rules. The average cost of production.

Today, building market is rich in a variety of sawdust products. The material gained its popularity due to the different formats of products, a wide range of textures and color palette, versatility, relatively low cost of the product. It occupies a leading position among the materials for the manufacture of furniture. Every year, manufacturers are striving to improve the production of particle board, to increase the range of products the technology to satisfy even the most demanding needs of modern man.

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Sizes and prices of chipboard - Price list

We offer the realization of furniture polished chipboard from warehouse and to order the following conditions:

GOST 10632-89 (mm)

Prices for chipboard sheet are in rubles and include 18% VAT.

Terms of payment - 100% prepayment.

Individual approach to each client. Mechanical loading into open vehicles on-board - free of charge. All products are certified.

on the grinding plate price. production EGGER thickness of 18, 22, 25 and 38 mm - water-resistant chipboard and availability of stock and specify the size of the sales department, you can order and buy the phone: +7 (495) 789-34-25.

Sizes and prices of chipboard sheet in Moscow please call.

The high cost of natural wood is the reason for the creation of unique and less expensive, but it's quality. We are talking about the sheets particleboard (chipboard). Plates are one of the most popular materials. They are actively used in the construction and furniture industries. In contrast, OSB has a higher strength and resistance to mechanical stress. The advantages include good moisture resistance and an attractive appearance.

Not to be mistaken with the quality, it is important to buy chipboard from reliable suppliers. The site of our company is represented in all sizes price:

With regard to size chipboard, then they vary in thickness in the range of 10-38 mm. The most popular sheet 18 mm thick, but if you need to buy a different size, the desired sheets must exist. Dimensions 18 mm., Usually required in the manufacture of expensive high-quality furniture. Size chipboard 10 mm. - the thin, suitable for framed facades or wardrobes doors. Dimensions chipboard 28 and 38 mm. often used in the production of kitchen worktops and dining tables.

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Prices for particleboard

Chipboard, MDF (3 mm) sheet size 1830h2440 mm

Chipboard, MDF (4 mm) sheet size 1830h2440 mm

Chipboard, MDF (6 mm) Sheet Size 1830h2440 mm

Chipboard, MDF (10 mm), the sheet size 1830h2750 mm

Chipboard, MDF (12 mm), the sheet size 1830h2750 mm

Chipboard (16mm), a sheet size 1830h2440 mm

Chipboard (16mm), a sheet size 1830h2750 mm

Chipboard (16mm), a sheet size 1750h3500 mm

Chipboard, MDF (16 mm), the sheet size 1830h2440 mm

Chipboard, MDF (18 mm), the sheet size 1830h2440 mm

Chipboard, MDF (24 mm), the sheet size 1830h2440 mm

Chipboard, MDF (30 mm), the sheet size 1830h2440 mm

The price range for chipboard sheet depends on the size as well as the grade and coating. Waterproof laminated chipboard certainly more expensive, but their cost is fully justified by the high-life. If you want to buy sheets of particle board for furniture and benches, as well as for creating formwork - you can do it with us at special prices.

How to buy chipboard in our company:

Buy chipboard and pick up products you can from our own warehouse or using delivery services. Select one of the following ways:

1) Delivery of particleboard without prepayment

2) Pickup chipboard warehouse

3) Non-cash form of payment

Furniture made of particle board today is widely used due to its durability, affordability and durability. Chipboard sheets in most cases there are 16 mm thick. First class is more expensive and is used for the production of furniture and construction sheets are used mainly for street stands, advertising models and molds.

Chipboard primarily find application in the furniture industry. They are affordable and very easy to process. Because this material is obtained most modern sets, table tops, shelves, partitions. Shop fittings made of chipboard panels are also often found in the pavilions and exhibition stands. In order for the product looked even better is recommended to use a water-resistant laminated chipboard. Moisture resistant chipboard have several advantages over conventional, and this is achieved due to the use of laminated films. Unlike products made of wood chipboard sawing easier to give in and have a lower weight, which is important for example, when transporting products, in the case of exhibition equipment. Buy particleboard and MDF for the price of 440 rubles / sheet, you can at any convenient day for you, because our warehouse is open every day.

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