Loft bedroom

Bedroom loft-style

The variety of designs in the modern design of the room responds perfectly to any taste preferences and financial capabilities. In recent years, quite a widely spread loft style, which harmoniously assembled different architectural directions.

This style is accessible and understandable, enabling independent of its use. So a bedroom in the loft with their own hands will not be something unattainable for the person who understands the principle of such a style. This will help readers understand the material in this article.

Key features loft-style

If you decide not just to repair the premises, refresh wallpaper and floor coverings, and to create a truly stylish way, the bedroom in the loft is a great solution.

To create a loft-style interior room designers recommend to adhere to certain rules, namely:

  • Use natural (preferably cold) color concept;
  • Used in the design of a variety of materials and textures to be contrasted with each other;
  • When choosing furniture preference should be given to practical and simple models. The number of objects in the room to be small. A decor completely absent;
  • Even small bedrooms in the loft should create a sense of the presence of large space, filled with air (this effect can be easily achieved if the room has a very large window openings).

At first glance, the observance of these rules may lead to the fact that the bedroom loft-style apartment will look cold and uncomfortable, however, when making adjustments to the interior of personal taste and preference, you are guaranteed to get the real classy exclusive.

Loft style suggests that part of the walls in the room must remain undecorated. As a rule, in this form it remains a central wall, near which will be the head of bed. Other walls are decorated with the minimum (plastered or decorated with saturated coating of the same color).

This style involves the presence in the room, large high windows. These windows should not hang heavy drapes layered to the overall impression of the room was easy.

As a rule, the ceilings in the room, having a loft interior, covered with a white or light-gray paint or sewn planks of wood. At the same time, in order not to deviate from the style, you should keep all the design features of the ceiling structures (rafters, beams, etc.), Not to hide them for decorations.

Interior design bedroom loft-style

For registration loft interior in the bedroom is perfect neutral set, which can have such decorative elements as rivets and other metal objects (industrial elements). In such an interior which is fit bed which is formed without polishing and varnishing, as its production has just been completed artisanal masters. It is often used as a platform bed small height and covered with a cloth. Regarding the cabinet can say that perfectly fit into the overall picture of a very solid option.

The interior loft bedroom large mirror to be used (preferably having no frame), and the textiles used only simple textures and in minimal amounts (kit can confine bed and a small bed mats).

Additional elements loft interiors can be a little exclusive stuff that made the designer or independently. In this case, depending on personal preference in the general design solution can bring, as a glamorous chandelier made of crystal or expensive lamp and a box which is made of natural wood. These elements only emphasize the uniqueness of the interior created by you.

Quite often (if space allows) bedroom loft-style combined with an office, library or home bathroom. At the same time to emphasize the austerity, which is inherent in this style, in the equipment of such premises used sverhminimalizm. As an example, the bedroom, where the bed and bathroom separated only by glass decorative partitions or hot tub, which is located near a window or in the middle of the bedroom. Such designs should not be surprising, since the style loft choose creative imaginative person for whom the interior originality is more important than comfort and practicality.

In conclusion I would like to note that the design of the bedroom in the loft style in your apartment or house is real, and it is possible to accomplish this task with your own hands. This will help you pictures and recommendations, which are collected in this article.

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The bedroom in the style of Provence

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Loft style in the interior

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The bedroom in the style of Provence

The bedroom in the Italian style

Loft style in the interior

I love this style! On the one hand it is very simple and looks in the industrial, as there are bricks in the interior, on the other hand on a background of standard renovation, it looks unusual and original. I think that will make your bedroom in the loft, I want to buy this white ceramic tiles under brick.

How to make a bedroom in the loft

Loft - the perfect solution to create an original, practical and, most importantly, durable interior of the bedroom. This separate area of ​​design, rude simplicity which makes the situation apart and brings to it a sense of freedom and looseness. And this is the most that neither is a good condition for rest and sleep. In the design of the bedroom in the loft there is nothing difficult, but the work is still necessary. However, there is no requirement to complete the decoration of the room. On the contrary, some of it you will have to remove, exposing the bricks. But first things first.

Simplicity and practicality "attic" of the interior

As a trend in interior art loft was born in 40 of the last century. Then, at the height of the industrial boom, which was fed by hot sauce free housing shortage, it became fashionable refurbishment as the last empty warehouse and industrial premises.

Loft has its own special character. It is reflected in a concise and naturalistic environment created.

Key features loft:

Rough plaster, bare brickwork or concrete, open laying engineering communications - all these features of the loft, which translated literally means "attic."

Industrial loft character

  1. Large windows and high ceilings

In small urban apartments, loft can be created without the giant window and door openings and industrial ceilings. For registration will fit a large, full-length mirror, painting, abstract artist, exclusive mural or mosaic and so on. As for the height of the room, it can visually enlarge with the help of multi-level ceilings with lighting.

The main attributes of the loft: floor to ceiling windows and high ceilings

  1. Minimalism

Every detail in the loft has its own special purpose. The bedroom, decorated in this style should be a minimum of furniture and it is highly desirable that it be multi-functional.

Loft bedroom: the simplicity and minimalism of the situation

  1. Industrial decor and accessories

As the details of registration of the bedroom in a loft style, you can use literally anything - from old posters and graffiti to the metal shelving and plywood panels. In this situation, will look great homemade shelves, lamps, hanging flower vase, etc.

Industrial scenery "attic" of the interior

  1. Vintage furniture

If you wish to throw away your old coffee table, ancient leather chair A used or not one year nightstand, loft - exactly what you need. In a bedroom they will have a second life, having turned to the organic component concise and at the same time a truly cozy atmosphere.

Vintage furniture in loft

"Attic" design does not welcome the presence of partitions. The bedroom of this rule, you can move, but the space of the room should give a sense of freedom and to be the most functional. This can be achieved using a variety of frame and hinged design.

It is best to look in the loft is large and spacious rooms. But for a bedroom a lot of space is required, which means that it can be combined with other rooms - living room, kitchen or even the bathroom. But in the case of an open-plan sleeping area will not prevent separate opaque false wall. In the role of the latter, you can use the screen, frosted glass or shades.

Bedroom loft, delimited by a glass partition

Strict ascetic mood loft bedroom desirably mitigated. This can be done by adding to the interior of bright colors and a variety of attributes of home comfort - rugs next to the bed, curtains on the windows, etc.

Home comfort in the bedroom loft

The central point of any bedroom is the bed. In the loft, the perfect place for its location is the middle of the room. If the bed has a high frame, it is possible to issue forged elements or rivets, and even better if it is made of rough planks, without varnish and sanding. Often attic interior choose a platform bed with a low-slung - because the room is perceived higher and more spacious, or loft beds, which can save the space of the room. The last option in a small apartment is simply irreplaceable.

Bed: center "attic" of the interior

If the bedroom is separated from the rest of the apartment wall, the door can be dispensed with. In the presence of the latter, it draw up to match the bed. Incidentally, the fabric upholstery of the furniture in the loft should be pastel. The same color scheme should be selected bedding. As for the curtains, they can be both dense and transparent, light or dark - it all depends on your taste.

Option window decorations in the loft

The loft lighting pay attention. Conventional lamps and chandeliers for this interior is not fit - lights must be made of materials that are relevant specifically for the loft. This glass, untreated wood, plastic or metal.

Any room - spacious or compact - should be properly illuminated. The loft lighting performs a number of very important functions:

  1. It creates appropriate hygienic standards luminous flux.
  2. Responsible for zoning space.
  3. Complementing the interior ensemble makes it unique.
  4. It focuses on the individual details of the situation.

Variants of arrangement of lighting in the loft in the photo

Everything for "loft" interiors are used:

  • Exclusive chandeliers;
  • point, including built-in lights;
  • Suspended track system;
  • strings and multi-point system;
  • original wall lights;
  • floor lamps, floor lamps;
  • Combined lighting design.

Loft does not provide for strict rules in light, but it should be subject to a uniform interior idea to be simple and universal. When choosing lighting for the bedroom it is desirable to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Spotlights are located either uniformly over the entire area, or are set in small groups where it is necessary to emphasize the unusual layout and beauty of the individual pieces of interior decoration. Spot lights in the bedroom studio
  2. Track systems allow you to create a spot of light in the place where it is needed - in dressing area, bedside tables, closets, etc. The track lighting system for a bedroom in a loft
  3. Interior center is always a chandelier. It was she who sets the overall tone of the situation and is in itself a powerful design accent. Chandelier fan to match the interior design of bedrooms
  4. Floor lamps are separate design elements and bedrooms have a significant impact on the overall mood of the interior. Floor lamp in the bedroom loft

Colors and trim bedrooms

The basic idea of ​​the loft - a maximum of space and light. Therefore, when you make a bedroom in this style, it is desirable to use a light or neutral colors - white, gray, brick, metal, wood and so on.

Loft - a separate direction in design, where, unlike other interior styles, the best solution is a cool tone. This is especially true for areas that do not differ a great area. The spacious bedrooms also allowed small blotches of brown and blue. As for the other colors, they are in the "attic" interiors use very sparingly and with great caution - otherwise the situation will become too variegated and will bring to nothing the basic idea of ​​the interior.

Bedroom loft in bright colors

Meanwhile, the traditional design in the "attic" style involves the use of not only a muted "dusty" colors - high enough popular variation of shades of beige and dark chocolate. In this case, you can always add a little expression by painting one wall in bright saturated colors, such as bright orange or indigo. In any case, brickwork and other industrial details of the situation will take the brunt of the visual load.

Decorating the situation in the bedroom studio

In the classic version loft includes a partially finished wall. Most of them should occupy Bare and masonry or concrete. If you are setting up a bedroom in a city apartment, the walls is recommended to give a lighter shade to match the dazzling white ceiling. This visually expand the space and provide a feeling of space.

Loft bedroom: simplicity and refined luxury

As a floor covering in the loft without a doubt need to choose a tree. Ideal - solid wood, but it is fine and high-quality laminate. Plinth stand should not - they should be painted in the tone of the walls or choose the same color scheme as the floor.

Solid wood floor in the "attic" interior

Furniture, accessories and decorations for the loft bedroom

Furniture in a room decorated in the "attic" style must be free - it gives the interior hints at ease and originality.

The furniture in the bedroom studio

The regeneration of the loft in the bedroom should be guided by three simple rules of placement of furnishings:

  1. Between the walls and the furniture must be left free space. Exceptions are built-in wardrobes and open hanging shelves.
  2. The main idea of ​​"loft" style - minimalism, so the situation should not oversaturate furniture and accessories.
  3. To create highlights in the interior must be chosen unusual combinations of shapes and colors.

After bed the second most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is a closet. To loft ideal integrated compartment with mirrored doors and trim elements of the facade under the tree.

Built-in wardrobe: the optimal solution for loft

Special attention should be paid to the nightstand or table. Their appearance is selected depending on bed design. At the exclusive design of the latest best choice is utilitarian side table. If your bed is standard, it perfectly complements the low coffee table.

Bedside cabinet and open shelf for bedroom loft

By the way, the presence of a dressing table in the loft is highly undesirable - in a bedroom much better would look great wall mirror in a rough frame. Relatively decorative design details are the following:

  • in the "attic" style not welcome private members, so from the cabinets, chest of drawers, etc. is to give;
  • the number, size and type of accessories in a room is selected depending on its area, and a pitch clearance;
  • This loft style, which perfectly combines the seemingly incongruous shapes and materials, but do not forget about the main principle of interior design - restraint.

"Attic" style is pretty cool. To mitigate industrially situation and keep in touch with nature, try to decorate the room bedroom living plants or decorative elements from natural materials.

Living Tree bedroom in the attic style

Thus loft, has a pronounced urban notes will be much warmer and more comfortable, filled with the atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Modern Style Loft bedroom - design ideas, tips, photo 50 new products

Stylish bedroom - a delightful space, simple and luxury, at the same time, filled with only positive energy.

Bedroom loft-style - fashionable solution, but at the same time the most precious decoration.

This style - varied, it does not look like a standard benchmark. Interiors it unique and inimitable, they should be a surprise. Found engineered perfectly help in this matter!

Style should be dynamic. It is perfect for those who prefer to be alone, and noisy companies. Sleeper accentual should be allocated in the entire room. For example, a false wall - a perfect solution for sleeping space.

Sophistication bring such a wall bed milky, amid wildly rough-ceiling windows, which can be a tremendous fan, bricks, pipes and other engineering elements.

Also, as a false wall can be a cabinet or other furniture options. The main point here - it accents. It can be placed directly in the part where the head of the bed or on the opposite side.

In general, the bed can be the basis for the entire interior ideas. It will be seen from any part of the interior, while it is separated by only a little barriers according, and maybe even a curtain. Nearby can be installed wall, created from pieces of furniture, or maybe just a transparent sliding screen.

You can also add to the design of textiles and bed generally put on the podium. In general, if you are young and lonely man, or you are a couple in love, it will be fine to issue a bed canopy.

An interesting idea to organize a berth directly into the niche. It will be cozy, airy and comfortable. All this will help to create and matte paint, which should paint the walls, floor and ceiling of a niche, make the light is soft and muted.

The bed also can be placed absolutely anywhere. For example, under the stairs, if you have a house or apartment, or in the attic.

For raising the bed variety of designs which can be made of plastic or metal may be used, glass and expensive wood. As a rule, they have a fairly robust attachment and a very beautiful shape.

In the attic, right along with the bed can be installed font. At the same time, in some cases, the bed is not separated from the original bath even by a partition.

Very many of those who love and appreciate the style loft, prefer such registration bedrooms. Of course, this can not help but like particularly delicate aesthetes.

Photo bedroom loft design will surprise everyone!

Browse a selection of our photos, you definitely will not remain indifferent to the proposed options for interior decoration. Here, in rare cases, they may be isolated from each other zone. Even the area bathrooms are not hiding!

Here it is appropriate to use the column, communication systems, exposed beams and brickwork.

Loft - for successful urban people!

Here, the main principle of the style must be maintained. And it is generally the interior space, introduce the idea of ​​intelligence as well as the topic of conceptualism. For example, in the attic of the largest shopping center, located in the city center, you can arrange the perfect accommodation creative person, which will be a great white bedroom loft!

The recreation area - a lot of air and light, there are no partitions, soothing and calm, relaxing and revitalizing.

Loft - a style for different people. Here the main thing - outlook on life, and the thickness of the purse does not play a major role. After all, this style can equip each of its housing.

The main factors that characterize this style are:

  • The combined space
  • No partitions are removed, and the walls
  • Surface - not processed, masonry bricks made rude
  • Functional zones simple and elegant
  • Lots of light
  • Furniture, all in bright colors, used glass, metal, wood.

All those who prefer pure art, will like this style.

The walls have photos or pictures of rare, luxury items, expensive accessories.

Here combined works of art with the feelings and experiences of residents.

Very often, these apartments are similar to the real picture. Bedroom design becomes a game in which objects can not fulfill its main purpose. For example, chairs are used only as a fashion accessory.

Loft - a fresh, unusual perspective in a different interior. It is preferred by many people today!

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