The best means for washing

Which means for the washing of children's linen better

For children's clothes, including clothes, diapers and bed linen require regular washing. It is necessary to maintain the required hygiene and health of the child. Experts recommend to wash baby clothes two or three times a week, baby bedding - once a week.

It is important to choose a safe detergent. After all, babies and young children are most vulnerable to the adverse effects of chemical components. Such additives are often irritating to the skin and cause allergic reactions.

No small importance and effective means. It should remove stains and pollution of various kinds, while keep things in good quality and aesthetic appearance. Special attention should be paid to silk, wool and other delicate fabrics, as they require a soft and gentle care.

Otherwise such products can lose their shape, color and presentable appearance. Let's find out what the best way to wash the children's clothes can be found today.

How to wash baby clothes

  • Hand-washing thoroughly rinse things. Repeat the procedure at least three times. It is important that the fabric is not detergent left;
  • In the washing machine select the wash cycle with a double rinse;
  • For washing silk, wool and other delicate items, use a liquid detergent. Choose delicate washing course at a low temperature water;
  • To use the rinse water is not less than 50 degrees;
  • Wash and stroked things is not recommended to wear for the child for three days. During this time the concentration of harmful substances in the material is reduced;
  • Any washing and ironing services are performed in accordance with the recommendations on the label clothes. Otherwise, you can ruin the fabric. Explanation of code on the label, see the article about caring for linens;
  • Choose washing only special children's facilities with natural means safe.

Can I erase things baby soap

Some mothers believe that the safest and the best one for washing the newborn baby things and become older soap. However, it is not. Soap disinfects well, but due to the alkali content can cause skin irritation. In addition, it contains more toxins than eco besfosfatnye washing powders or liquid helium.

As for the children's soap, it can not effectively wash out difficult stains and dirt. Experts recommend to abandon the rigid baby soap and use a liquid detergent for washing and bathing baby. Laundry soap suitable for washing and disinfection of baby bath or washing reusable diapers.

Soaking and zastiryvaniya clothes newborn choose soap for washing baby clothes Antipyatin. It effectively removes even persistent and old stains, with different vegetation composition and hypoallergenic. And there is such a soap for washing clothes is quite cheap.

Select means with additional softening ingredients for moisturizing and protecting the skin. By the way, Antipyatin perfectly removes food stains, beverage, grass, blood and adult clothing.

You can also use ready-made soap flakes or your own bar of soap to rub on a grater and diluted with water. However, such compositions can not remove severe contamination and suitable for everyday washing.

Special household detergents are suitable for a deep cleansing and removing stubborn stains. Today, manufacturers offer products specifically for infants and young children. Before purchasing carefully choose gels and powders for washing children's things, study the composition and shelf life.

Choose products with a special mark. By the way, often on the packaging indicated by the age of the child, for which is recommended to use the tool. Children detergents and cosmetic products must have certificates of quality, which you can request a check in the store.

Baby Care should not contain phosphates and optical brighteners and include no more than 4-5% surfactants. This is the most harmless compounds. But the concentration of phosphates are allowed up to 10%. Such powders can be used, provided that toddlers have allergies or propensity for given disease.

Loose powders are suitable for hand washing and machine washing. They are used to remove heavy stains and dirt. It is desirable to choose besfosfatnye compositions, since they are completely washed out of the tissue fibers do not cause adverse reactions and do not impair immunity. In addition, such washing powders do not decompose and do not harm the environment.

The most popular means are liquid gels due to environmental and safety issues. They do not contain harmful phosphates, retain their color and brightness of things, do not harm the environment and health, do not cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Gels are convenient in storage and application. The dosage is easy to measure by a cap on the container. Pour the desired amount directly into the washing machine drum or poured on contamination and sent to the machine gun. Possible to fill the compartment and means for the detergent. However, if the washing effect will decrease.

In addition, now produce gels capsules. They immediately presented in the correct dosage, which further simplifies the laundry. Capsule gels are more gently and carefully. However, the capsule can not be divided and to reduce the dosage, making it uneconomical consumption.

Gels for washing provide a soft and gentle care for woolen things, silk, lace, and other delicate fabrics. They retain the structure material pellet and prevent occurrence of stretch marks. Components gels are readily soluble in water and completely washed out, so do not leave marks and stains on clothes after washing.

However, note that the gels can be used for machine washable only in cold water. At temperatures above 40 degrees some components cease to operate. As a result, many spots are not satisfied with this content. In addition, not all gels cope with old and stubborn dirt from the mild and gentle composition.

Air conditioners for baby clothes

Air conditioner softens the water, makes things soft and pleasant, easy ironing and extend clothing life, long lasting freshness and imparts a light pleasant fragrance. However, such tools are not recommended for children under three years, even if it is written on the packaging that they are suitable for newborns.

For babies older than three years, choose safe air-conditioning plant-based without synthetic fragrances, acetate, ethanol and other hazardous substances. Such tools should have a light or unobtrusive neutral flavor.

In addition, you can replace the air conditioning in the home remedy. Rinse often use wine or white vinegar. Conditioner or vinegar added to the water hand-washing or poured into a special compartment of the washing machine.

The best soap-based powders

Today, manufacturers offer a lot of different laundry detergents. Special attention is paid to the soap powders based. They are safe, as well as the traditional soap, but it is much more productively. But be prepared for the high cost of such products. We offer a rating of such funds:

  • Garden - eco-concentrated detergent without perfumes with the ion content. It's suitable for babies from the first days of life, so it does not cause an allergic reaction. This tool has received a lot of positive feedback from parents;
  • Babyline - oxygen remover from Germany, operates at any, including a low temperature and contains elements that prevent the formation of scale in a washing machine. Allergy-safe formulation does not cause allergies, does not leave a smell and a good children's clothes washes. Babyline suitable for each type of fabric, does not damage the materials and cost is spent;
  • Sodasan - children's detergent organic-based phosphate-free and surfactant. Easily removes biological impurities, including stains from food, drinks, blood and food. Saves the bright colors of clothing, suitable for different types of material and water hardness, prevents the formation of scale and plaque in the washing machine;
  • Tobbi Kids - affordable and safe product on the basis of soap and soda with the content of soft surfactants. Means is divided into three age groups, and is suitable for babies up to a year for children 1-3 years old and children 3-7 years. Powder washes pollution complex and does not cause allergies, but the blue granules can get stuck in the fibers of the fabric;
  • Our mother - safe concentrated agent for newborns and older children. It contains a series, chamomile extract and chips of high quality soaps. Does not dry and does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergies and other adverse reactions, it has a disinfectant action. However, before use is necessary to prepare a solution, mixing the powder with hot water. Therefore, wash slightly more complicated. Furthermore, the agent does not immediately washed out of the tissue;
  • Aistenok - Russian hypoallergenic cosmetic line which offers children gels and powders. Funds contain aloe vera and natural soap. Have a mild sedative effect, remove difficult stains in cold water and rinse well.

We also offer other rating detergent for washing children's clothes, so you can choose the best powder or gel. It will help to determine the means by which you can wash things babies and young children.

The best means for washing children's clothes

Eared nannies - a popular cosmetic line for children in Russia. The range offers a free flowing powder and liquid detergent for washing baby clothes.

They eliminate the pollution even in cold water and keep things in good shape after repeated use, rinse thoroughly and leave no trace.

However, many parents complain about the appearance of the rash and redness in infants, although the products declared as hypoallergenic. This is not surprising, because the washing powder "Eared nannies" contains phosphates and surfactants. In addition, such means can not cope with a strong pollution and are not suitable for wool.

Burti Hygiene not only washes but also disinfects things. Powder kills bacteria and harmful microbes, cope with difficult dirt and whiten fabrics so perfect for white linen. It does not cause allergies and completely washed out of the fabric, economically spent.

In addition, Burti Hygiene is suitable for the disinfection of other children's items, including bottles, tableware, toys and so on. What else can wash children's ware, please click here.

Pigeon - universal liquid gel for washing children's clothes, which keeps the color washes and stains. Components well washed from the fibers do not require additional rinses and do not cause allergic reactions.

If you want to color, black or white clothes do not lose attractive appearance, use the Pigeon. He does not leave white streaks and traces, warns yellowing, loss of color and shade.

World winged samaras and childhood - Russian production of detergents based on natural fragrances and without other harmful additives. They do not form powder dust does not cause an allergic reaction, preserve the aesthetic appearance of the product, have an antibacterial effect, not dried, and do not irritate the skin. However, these means bad foam and is not suitable for the removal of stubborn stains.

Experts do not recommend the use of such powders as a children's myth, Tide, and Persil Pemos. They contain synthetic compounds, and phosphates, optical whitener and perfume, a large number of toxins and surfactants.

Such powders are not safe for infants and are not recommended for washing the black stuff as they leave streaks, stains and marks.

Children Myth suitable for children older than two years without allergies. He is to wash the white stuff and protect the washing machine from scale. Child Tide provide a soft and soothing effect due to the content of aloe vera and camomile extract.

In children Pemos worst indicator of toxicity, so it is extremely harmful to health. But the greatest number of surfactants observed in Pemos.

When washing may be used and popular means of soda and soap or of dry borax. It is soft and harmless compounds that are easy to cook at home. However, constantly apply domestic powders or gels can not, because they do not provide 100% cleaning result.

Therefore, experts advise to alternate between home and household remedies. What can replace the washing powder, look at link.

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What is the best detergent for washing machine

Is not as important the frequency of washing, how to choose a powder that is perfectly washable, does not harm the washing machine and safe to carry out their functions. To determine which detergent is best, you need to know the criteria for selecting a good powder, and the requirements for its composition.

Will help determine the choice of our top laundry powders, compiled on the basis of customer reviews and opinions of independent experts.

How to choose a laundry detergent: what to look for

Before you select a tool, check out the factors that may affect its quality, safety and efficiency:

  • composition means;
  • price;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • focus on a certain type of washing (e.g., by hand or machine);
  • line type washing machine (for CMA or semi-automatic);
  • effectiveness in removing stains.

The choice of suitable means for washing machines is complicated by the four negative factors:

  1. Wide assortment on the shelves.
  2. Frequent fake brands.
  3. The constant changes in the composition - the buyer usually does not notice it.
  4. Features of use of funds.

Before you buy the powder machine, you need to select it, focusing on the functional qualities. By groups of contaminants all the tools can be divided into three groups:

  • Normal: for things pollution of mild to moderate severity.
  • With special additives: used for washing clothes with difficult stains and whitening.
  • Universal remedy: It can be used for non-uniform spots of different types.

Approaching the counter, carefully read the composition of the powder - is it worth risking health for the sake of white or too nice smelling linen. On the dangers components discussed below.

Ranking of the best detergents

Despite the preparations and possible harm, powders actively bought up the residents of the Russian Federation, so the demand is there. We studied the reviews and expert opinions, and ranked the best means - both conventional and least harmful. So, explore our TOP to choose the good powder.

Suitable for most fabrics. Pros:

  • Disinfectant effect without chlorine substances.
  • It can be used for colored and white fabrics.
  • Economical.
  • Acceptable price.
  • There are a variety of packaging options.
  • Cope with difficult stains.
  • The "old" stains can not wash out at low temperature wash conditions.
  • If the short cycle, for example, the "Fast 30", the powder hardly washed out of the clothes.
  • Aggressive substances in the formulation.

"Ariel" took second place in the ranking due to the qualitative removal of all types of stains from a variety of fabrics. Very good for cotton, but also with other materials to cope "with a bang".

  • Cope with patches of grass, wine, juice.
  • Effective at low temperature wash conditions.
  • Light pleasant smell.
  • Economical in consumption.
  • Price is above average.
  • May cause allergic rashes.
  • Can not be used for washing children's clothes and delicate fabrics.

As a result, "Ariel Mountain Spring" removes nearly all household stains, but do not use it on a fast wash cycles.

German quality from well-known brand - Frosch Color Powder with aloe vera extract. An excellent alternative to a dangerous chemical compounds.

  • Non-allergenic.
  • High concentration of active substances, so spent economically.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • No characteristic odor of "chemistry".
  • It runs at low temperatures.
  • It does not dull things.
  • It is not always cope with the age-old spots.
  • It packed quite impractical - in cardboard.
  • High price.

This tool is recommended for families who care about health. At the same time it shows excellent washing quality indicators. Suitable allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

One of the most controversial tools in the section of household chemistry for children. The reaction of consumers and reviews about it are different.

  • Washes spots organic and inorganic origin.
  • It is effective at low temperatures.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Packaged in different ways: from the 400-gram boxes to 9-kilogram packages.
  • Almost no smell.
  • The composition does not meet the child powders, a lot of toxins.
  • If an allergic rash.

Apart from the disadvantages, it provides the quality of washing. But for the children's clothes should be avoided.

Manufacturers insist that the agent is able to wash out stains easily.

The advantages include:

  • Compatible with all fabrics, except sensitive.
  • Effective against most types of stains: grease, juice, coffee and wine, grass, dirt.
  • Economy.
  • Convenient packaging: there are zip and measuring boxes in large bundles (3,000 g).
  • Availability, low price.
  • Poorly soluble at low temperature wash cycles.
  • Not always washed away, especially in the "fast" mode.

They are not used every day hostess, but only for "hard cases": working clothes washing and difficult stains.

What is the best powder washes

It is not always good for the quality of the powder was successfully erased. Therefore, for clarity, it should conduct a comparative description of the most popular tools. See the table below.

"Ariel" and gloss showed the best performance in terms of efficiency. The other powders not justified. Based on customer estimates, better washes ARIEL.

What is the most harmless powder

Is it worth it to shop, ignoring the various bio-novelty - you decide. We only tell you about the dangers of the most aggressive chemical additives in modern laundry detergents:

  • phosphates. Manufacturers add them as part of the means to soften the water to improve the quality of washing. Harm phosphates is that they increase the toxicity of A-surfactant, cause allergic reactions, long and hard to dissolve washed out of the fabric fibers (to completely wash phosphates, you need at least 10 rinse cycles!).

Getting on the skin and into the body, phosphates reduce the protective properties of the skin and may even adversely affect the blood and immune system. Phosphates are harmful to the environment: in ponds, they provoke the growth of blue-green algae, and they violate the ecology of the water body as a whole. If phosphates into the water or food, it can be dangerous to health: they can affect the pregnancy, the occurrence of gastrointestinal tumors and decrease the duration of a person's life.

  • phosphonates. Lightweight alternative to phosphates. Also soften water. Not as bad as the previous matter. Their decomposition is difficult, but they are better washed.
  • zeolites. Replace both of the agents, softening the water. Not as bad, but they do not dissolve in water and leave stains, and fabric to the touch will be tough. Better to choose a powder with silicates and carbonates.
  • SAS. Surfactants entering the human body, are accumulated in the cell membranes. If their concentration exceeds a certain level, it may disrupt biochemical processes in the cell and even destroy it. Simply put, the consequences could be lowered immunity, allergies, damage to organs such as the brain, liver and kidneys, lungs.
  • Important! Today surfactants were replaced on the "detergents". But that they do not bring harm to their concentration in the medium should not exceed 7%.

    • optical brighteners. Nothing they do not bleach - this is an illusion. It's simple: particles means deposited on the fabric, and under the influence of UV rays creates white effect. Rinse them is almost impossible. Negative impact on the condition of the skin.
    • Chlorine. It can cause diseases of the heart and vessels, arteriosclerosis, anemia, hypertension, allergies. This component may break down proteins in the body, interfere with normal hair growth, to spoil the skin, increase the risk of tumors.

    Now we will define the most harmless powder, presented in the Russian market. In order to have an objective opinion formed, we will introduce you to top the most environmentally friendly means.

    In the composition of the hazardous components of anionic surfactants is from 5 to 30% and zeolites.

    Hazardous and harmful substances it contains in a large amount from 15 to 30% zeolite, 5 to 15% anionic surfactant, optical whitener.

    Composition means identical to the previous embodiment, but the concentration of the optical brightener is higher - around 5%.

    Frosch already appeared in the previous rating, but hit in the top, because among its components from harmful substances only zeolites at a concentration of 15 to 30%.

    Experts have not found as part of the means of aggression "chemistry".

    Baby powder concentrate «Burti»

    In its structure was not without its hazards: there are 15 to 30% of zeolite and from 5 to 15% anionic surfactants.

    Alive - concentrate for washing white and colored fabrics

    Anionic surfactants are found in the powder in the amount of from 5 to 15%.

    Found phosphonates, anionic surfactants and optical brightener.

    It has phosphonates and optical brightener.

    Absolutely harmless powder of natural components and soda.

    "Chemistry" is present in the composition, but there is no potentially dangerous compounds.

    Another harmless powder Asian production.

    Based on the list, you will be able to choose the safest and most environmentally friendly option.

    Important! Not always the smell is a sign of "chemistry". manufacturers often use natural fragrances such as essential oil and extracts. If the powder smells like lemon, it does not mean that it is injurious to health.

    If you care about your health, you can make the detergent itself - the recipes you will find in the article "How to make laundry detergent at home."

    What powder is best suited for the white linen

    Choosing bleaching powder, guided by oxygen and not a part of optical brighteners.

    Today, there are plenty of powder for the white linen, and we list them in order of effectiveness (tested for washing white tablecloths with stains of various origins):

    Important! If you do not decide which is better - a powder or gel for washing, then the quality of washing and bleaching consistency is not affected. But liquid detergent dissolves quickly in water and washed out better. But washing machines manufacturers complain of liquid funds, as they are deposited on the working elements of the CMA.

    We told you about almost all powders: Now you know how to choose the best and safe remedy.

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    Ranking of the best detergents

    The market of washing detergents represented a variety of brands from well-known brands from around the world to small companies. Select the best washing powder of a variety of goods - is complex. He must deal with stains of any complexity, well washed out of things and have a gentle fabric composition. We have prepared a list of the best laundry detergent, which will help make the right choice.

    Sarma-Automatic Mountain freshness Price 400g - 56 rubles

    Opens a list of the best means for washing «Sarma-Automatic Mountain freshness for all types of linen". It is intended for washing of color and white linen, copes well with washing cotton and synthetic fabrics. The powder contains enzymes designed to remove dirt and bleaching component. According to the manufacturer, "Sarma" gives white linen pure white color, removing from yellowness.

    The facility has a pretty strong smell, but the dried laundry smells not so intense.

    From plus "Sarma" detergent powder should be noted that it contains no chlorine and has antibacterial effect.

    The average price of a powder package (400 g) - 56 rubles.

    Eared nannies Price 4.5 kg - 600 rubles

    Ninth place in the ranking of the best detergents takes "Eared nannies". It is positioned as a means for washing children's clothes, but has a fairly aggressive composition. The level of phosphates used in the powder is high, so it should not be used as a detergent for baby clothes. At the same time, "Earful nannies" copes with the removal of impurities and brings good with clothes and linen stains from juices, watercolor, pen and felt-tip pen.

    Use washing powder for all fabrics, except silk and wool. "Eared nannies" has a pleasant, barely perceptible aroma.

    By powder advantages is economical expense.

    Cost per piece weighing 4.5 kg - about 600 rubles.

    Ariel the Color Price 3 kg - 490 rubles

    Ariel FROMolor It takes the 8th place in the ranking of washing powders.

    The tool is designed for washing colored clothes and remove stubborn dirt. Their task powder copes, but the stubborn stains do not always washes.

    One of the disadvantages of powder - excessive foam formation, which is unacceptable for funds intended for automatic washing machines. Even if the powder dosage specified on the package manufacturer, Ariel can form too much foam. The disadvantages can also be attributed, and a strong fragrance.

    Product Cost - 490 rubles per package weighing 3 kg.

    Bimax 100 spots Price 3 kg - 400 rubles

    7 in the rating of detergents is Bimax «100 spots". The product is suitable for all kinds of clothes, except for wool and silk. "Bimaks" copes well with heavily polluted and can wash out stains from coffee, herbs and juices. By powder advantages include its economy.

    Using Bimax 100 spots, should take into account its shortcomings:

    • poor solubility of the powder in cold water;
    • at short wash conditions it is not completely washed out from the tissue.

    Ideal "Bimaks" for washing work clothes and heavily soiled laundry.

    Cost yes trehkilogrammovuyu purged package is about 400 rubles.

    Tide White Clouds 4.5 kg Price - 490 rubles

    Sixth place in the list of the best detergents takes Tide «White Clouds". Effectively coping with tough stains from chocolate, red wine, herbs, coffee, lipstick, and while quite economically spent.

    Among the shortcomings can be noted a strong smell of powder.

    The average price of the product - 490 rubles per pack weight 4.5 kg.

    Ecover Belgium NV industriweg Price 600-850 g - 750 rubles

    5 line is located in the ranking of the best detergents Ecover Belgium NV industriweg. This ultrakontsentrirovannoe means well with impurities even in cold water. The powder is included in the group of ecological laundry detergents. He hypoallergenic, completely destroyed and does not harm the environment. It does not contain dyes, perfumes, pigments and optical brighteners. Suitable for washing baby clothes.

    Lack of money - the high price.

    The average cost of a product - 600-850 rubles per pack weighing 750 g

    Losk 9 Total system automatic Mountain Lake Price 450 grams - 90 rubles

    Losk 9 Total system automatic "Mountain Lake" located on the 4 position in the ranking of detergent powders. The tool is designed to wash all types of fabric, except wool and silk. powder advantages: flexibility (it can also be used as detergent) and a good quality of washing. It has a strong odor, so the powder should be used with caution for people prone to allergies.

    The average cost of the product for packaging weighing 450g - 90 rubles.

    Nordland ESO 1.8 kg Price - 690 rubles

    Nordland ESO 3 takes place in the ranking of washing powders. Means included in the group of environmental powders, it contains phosphate and has no odor. Suitable for both machine and hand washing. It copes well with all kinds of contaminants. Nordland ESO decomposed by 90% and causes much less damage to the environment in comparison with other detergent powders.

    The only drawback Nordland ESO - quite a high price.

    The cost of packaging means the weight of 1.8 kg is 690 rubles.

    Persil Expert Color Machine Price 450 g - 130 rubles

    Second place in the list of the best detergents takes Persil Expert Color Machine.

    The formula means includes a capsule stain remover quickly dissolved in water and acting on pollution at an early stage of the wash. Are composed of powder tsvetozaschitnye components help to preserve the bright color of the fabric. Persil Expert Color is used for washing clothes of all types of fabric, except wool and silk. Effectively coping with heavily polluted and contains emollients.

    The cost of the package (450 g) is about 130 rubles.

    Top House Super Effect Price 4.5 kg - 1200 rubles

    Highest Rated washing powders - Top House Super Effect. It is concentrated universal remedy. Top House is designed for washing colored and white clothes. The powder has been developed taking into account the recommendations of the automatic washing machine manufacturers. Copes with pollution of any complexity and cost is spent. By the conviction of the manufacturer, one package of tools designed for 76 washes.

    The lack of powder - the high price. For the packaging of 4.5 kg will have to pay 1,200 rubles.

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