Best tiller to give

Cultivator for garden

Cultivator for questioning - a lightweight machine agricultural m permanent type, which is designed to cultivate the land, with special cutters. It is also possible the use of attachments.

Proizvoditelnos be pattern (plot area treated per unit time) depends on the power applied to the motor cultivator, and widths of all the working parts.

Cults ATOR garden type is designed primarily for the cultivation of land and the possibility of mounting additional external devices - it is an indirect function.

These devices are divided into passive (stationary) knives, which make the work with the help of traction and is constantly active (drive) with a knife.

According to the type of drive to distinguish

Tiller to give is a power unit which is designed to handle ground.

When compared to the tillers, the latter is a much more powerful device, and may be in its stock a large variety of attachments. Due to this, they have greater functionality.

Walk-behind tractor has a gearbox and is capable of c suspended on a trolley to transport people or goods. Due to the greater force behind tractor is quite capable of performing more complex tasks. However, it is not practical, it is in the process of work, due to the large weight.

Elektrokultivat Orae to give equipped with two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustion powertrains. Those models, which are equipped with two-stroke engines, have lower lifespan than models with four-stroke engines. Also, four-stroke engine - a guarantee of the maximum duration and quality of work. But the most important feature - the significant fuel savings.

The use of these devices is important, wherever there is a need of cultivation, that's why, they are used by gardeners and farm owners. One of the most popular cultivators is this model, due to its low cost and high efficiency.

Hand cultivator for garden, is a device allowing to perform a variety of garden work, such as plowing, cultivating, split beds, weeding and so on.

These devices are interesting in that they have a minimum size, as well as simple to manage.

Mini tiller to give a very convenient and useful, especially where there are long and flat beds. Of course, to use this option for large areas is not quite appropriate, because all the work is manual and the amount of work is not big enough.

It is ideal for villas, gardens and small areas.

Choosing an electric cultivator for garden or plot, the question may arise in front of you - what characteristics to you will be a priority. If you have a large area of ​​cultivated land, then you better look in the direction of powerful options because they allow faster processing of land, as well as have the opportunity to use additional functions.

If the site does not require the use of high-power devices, because it is small, it makes sense to look towards a light device that can be easily carried, hidden in the barn and maintain.

Focusing on the area sizes, the presence of the power supply and their own preferences, selected gasoline or electric cultivator.

Electrical options are more quiet and only harmless, but less powerful. The cord can significantly limit the possibility of its application, if the area is really great. In this case it is better to buy petrol cultivator, independent of the network.

However, it is important to remember that to maintain the latter option is much more difficult, because you need to select the correct oil, gasoline, mix it up and keep track of all the nodes that can act up from time to time, even the most expensive producers.

If we talk not about the manual version, in principle, they are all the same on the basis of their work. You plug or the refilling device, put it in a place where you need to get started. When the device begins to work, you with little effort to push it forward, reaching the end point of the line. It is not necessary to hurry and put pressure on the device, because it is to dig the soil in depth, which is equal to 1.5 packing a shovel.

If you see that the unit gets stuck and can not plow a certain area, just to shake his hand into the side and then he would go back in a straight line. Do not forget to keep tight the device and do not let it overheat, especially if you often work on it. If we are talking about the petrol version, it is not necessary to use a mixture that has long stood for best make a new one, so you will save the engine.

1. Before you buy carefully examine all proposals on this device, and then to go to buy it;

2. If you get a heavy and powerful unit, be sure to take it to the wheels without cameras. The fact that the wheels with cameras are more prone to a variety of troubles and the most important trouble - sinking air. You just torment constantly swap or glue them.

3. Always try to trim oil for the device, according to the motor taktnosti, otherwise you can ruin it;

4. If you can see that with the device are still optional accessories, but not very good quality, it is not necessary at all to take such a model;

5. If you have not worked for a long time with the petrol unit, allow it to run natively on idling to warm the entire system and expenses.

This device greatly simplify your task, if you cultivate the land. In this case, even it does not matter how big your site is, as today offered for sale, a variety of options for any purpose, which may come in handy cultivator for questioning. How to choose the device you already know and therefore can not go wrong in choosing and will successfully use what is purchased, for a long time.

How to choose a cultivator to give an inexpensive and reliable?

The cultivator is a tool for the cultivation of the soil, to this concept include all diggers and rippers. How to choose a cultivator depends on the front of the work and the preferences of the hosts do physical work, use equipment with electric or gasoline engine. The more complex and functional equipment, so it is more expensive.

Technical characteristics of the proposed equipment

We will not talk about the hand tools, they are known to all, they are inexpensive, available in the barn each summer resident. We estimate the model, to facilitate physical labor. Suppose, care will have a garden and a vegetable garden on the site of 6-12 acres. Working hands mostly women and the elderly. How to select inexpensive and reliable cultivator for weak hands.

If you buy a tiller, and you offer it bundled with mounted guns, give up. Not the fact that everything you need shelters, and their cost is included in the total price.

But to buy a lubricant recommended in the instructions and the belt if it is available in a complete set, it is necessary.

In specialty stores and on the market are:

  1. Light cultivators are characterized by low weight, low grip and deep tillage is not more than 20 cm. In general, small nimble assistants are indispensable for the preparation of the soil in the greenhouse, flower beds and garden beds. It is fashionable to keep a vegetable garden on Mitlayderu, with a width of 45 cm beds and meter aisles. The most handy tool for this technology - a light cultivator. The actuator may be electrically or petrol use two-stroke model.
  2. Small cultivators can already handle the 6-10 hectare. They plow deeper, and capture them up to 40 cm in one pass. There are electric models, they are easier and cheaper gasoline. Network devices need an extension cord and a stable voltage, which is not always in the cottages. At the slightest dampness with electric cultivator can not work, it is dangerous. The weight of these models up to 15 kg.
  3. Average cultivators models no longer afford female hands. Units can operate on large gardens, effectively and deeply loosen the soil. With them, you can use other tools. 15-48 kg weigh articles, capacity 2.5-5.0 liters. c., in short, a major technique for male hands.

Of the three second embodiment most suitable for processing six hundredth. Assistant good and take away for storage is not difficult. But in addition to spring tillage and weed from him there is nothing more to expect. If the site is difficult terrain, the best model is easy. Selection of small cultivators by price:

  • Sturm series GK3610 electric, weighing 6.0 kg, the price is a little over 5 thousand rubles;
  • "Countryman" LE1300 series electric, weighs 13.2 kg, cost about 9000 rubles.

More expensive, well-known and reliable models are in demand - Champion, MTD, Texas, DDE, Huter, Elitech. They cost more than 12 thousand rubles.

Select by Model Specifications

All tillers have a structure - a power unit, the transmission operating mechanism, the control handle.

The lightest mechanisms work on cultural grounds, most toy in female hands. Models are considered disposable, not repairable. Therefore, a cultivator to choose depends on adding up all the pros and cons.

Petrol or electric drive cultivator choose how to decide?

Web-based tool is always easier and cheaper than their gasoline brethren.

Powerful models does not happen. Raise the ground to a depth of 25 cm with a small capture device such handy. Work machine's network quietly and without exhaust without causing disturbance to others. To give a good cultivator, but:

  • you can not work in wet weather;
  • you need to constantly monitor the finding of the cord;
  • you must use a special extension cord with a reliable connector.

How to choose a cultivator gasoline, for 2 or 4 stroke stop? Two-stroke engine runs on a mixture of gasoline and special oil. He is very noisy and consumes 30% more fuel than the 4 stroke. But it is easier and much more powerful if the dimensions are the same. Service life in two-stroke less, still he works harder. Repairing a two-stroke internal combustion engine does not make sense, it is cheaper to buy new.

The four-stroke engine - a classic. Install these engines on all current models, but they are more expensive. Motors have great resource almost no heat during operation, and combustion of fuel therein fuller cleaner emissions.

Cultivators with a four-stroke engine always have good power and weigh about 50 kg.

How to choose a cultivator to testify on the device of the transmission? This concept includes a method for transmitting the engine speed to the gear unit and the type of gear. Reducer is designed to reduce the speed taken from the motor. For example, the engine produces 3600 rev / min, is fed to the mill 20 times less.

For horizontal engine shaft arrangement used chain gear. If the gearbox is detachable, it is easy to repair yourself. Usually at low power cultivators worth worm gear. It is compact, mounted on a vertically disposed crankshaft. Reducer at work experiencing friction, backlash between worm and gear rapidly increases, there is a backlash. The gearbox is mounted on the low power cultivators.

There is gear and gear-chain gear, but they nm low-power techniques are applied.

Before using the tiller, read the instructions, understand the basic requirements for instrument care and follow them. The most affordable model in the caring hands will serve long.

Coupling intended to transmit torque to the operating mechanism. Pull the clutch - to start plowing. Are weak grip on the models set automatic centrifugal. On average power cultivators employed a belt with a tension roller.

An important parameter for convenient operation on the cultivator is the presence of reverse or reverse. It allows you to not force the muscles, reversing rescue from the ground to bury the cultivator. always only one speed on small models.

That's all there is to know in the beginning, when choosing a mate. In the course of development of the tiller, use the instruction manual.

Most inexpensive cultivators and tillers of customer reviews

Manual plowing the garden as possible, even if it is very difficult. You can also be connected to this case a horse or a bull - in Russia often resorted to this method. But it is now much easier to use tiller (or walk-behind, in the case of handling very large plots of land). In this case, you only need fuel - everything else the device will do for you, you only need to guide him to the right place. Most instances of encouraging low fuel consumption, durability and the ability to use additional accessories. But while these tillers and cultivators might cost too much. We talk about those models, the acquisition of which is not very strong impact on the family budget. Often, such techniques are retired even, which is a vegetable and sustenance, and hobby.

Tiller walk-behind and which company to choose

Basically, gasoline-powered tools manufacturers engaged release of such equipment. Because in fact cultivators use the engine, very similar to the one that is built into chainsaws and lawnmowers. Trust worth trusted brand. You can easily buy a Chinese product that has a minimum price tag, but it will last very long.

The most popular products in our country under the following trademarks:

If we talk about safety, it is best to show themselves cultivators Husqvarna. But they are much more expensive American equipment Champion and Russian units under the brand name "Neva".

Top cultivators light class

A great option for owners of very small areas. This cultivator has a modest two-stroke engine, working with the help of gasoline and having a capacity of 1.7 hp No gearbox is not here, the device will only move forward at a fixed speed. The wheels are made of cast rubber, for all time, accurate operation just did not happen to them.

Tiller Champion GC243 gets the job done with two cutters. They are able to cultivate the land to a depth of 22 cm width tillage -. A little more, it reaches 24 cm If you use this unit at some large area, you have to spend on plowing a lot of time.. But if you have a small garden, there is nothing better to be found. Like you in this case and the volume of the fuel tank is 1.3 liters. Another important feature of this model is its relatively low weight, reaching only 18.2 kg. There is no doubt that such a rolling cultivator under the force of even an elderly person.

  • Low cost;
  • The minimum weight for cultivators;
  • Very simple operation;
  • Quality, albeit small wheels;
  • It can be found in many Russian cities.
  • Not the highest power of the engine;
  • The width and depth of the soil tillage is not happy;
  • Due to the small weight much rides;
  • Low reliability of the design.

Has homely appearance Hyundai T 1500E is really capable of is very nice to please the customer. Firstly, complete will show four cutters. Secondly, the aggregate is electrical. This makes it less noisy, clean and very easy. But you'll have to stock up on an extension, if the nearest outlet is far from the house.

Despite a touch of class, the cultivator has a 200-centimeter mills. This allows a 30-centimeter-width tillage. Motor power set here is 1300 watts. It is enough, if your site is not located in the zone forever promorzshey land. Yet it should be noted the ease of use. In fact, here you have to press one button, then you can act. Of course, there is no transmission, and therefore the movement is carried out only in one direction.

  • Weight does not exceed 13.5 kg;
  • Simple operation;
  • Decent width for this class of cultivation;
  • Many mills in the kit;
  • Not very noisy and no exhaust.
  • It is possible that you will need an extension cord;
  • Power still leaves much to be desired;
  • No backing;
  • Depth of plowing - not the biggest.

Top cultivators middle class

One of the most inexpensive cultivators among the middle-class. There has installed four-stroke gasoline engine. Its volume reaches 196 cc The power is impressive - 5.57 hp or, if you are so accustomed to, 4,1 kW. Are supplied six cutters. They allow you to cultivate the land on a very decent depth of 33 cm - hardly someone it is not enough.

The width of the tillage can be adjusted here. A choice of options from 30 to 85 cm. This is very useful if your garden is growing not only potatoes. Creators cultivator Champion BC6712 could leave simplified management. They did not introduce here the gearbox. As a result, the device goes only forward or reverse - is a fixed speed. The wheels are made of cast rubber, and the gearbox is a chain.

  • No PPC, but still there is reverse;
  • Simple operation;
  • A powerful gasoline engine;
  • Excellent deep plowing;
  • tillage width is adjustable;
  • Good equipment.
  • High weight (49 kg);
  • The design is still not ideal.

Cultivator from the Russian manufacturer operated by many people for several years. During this period it does not happen any breakage. All buyers like and package, which consists of four cutters. The unit has turned out quite powerful. Thank for that you need a quality four-stroke engine. Its power reaches an impressive 6 hp

Domestic masters did not endow his creation gearbox. In connection with this tiller moves only forward at the same speed. Some people may not like the only worm gear - he can and reliable, but quickly clogged with debris. Well someone can knock back the weight reaches 45 kg. It is surprising that at such weight plowing depth not exceeding 20 cm, if the soil is very soft. But with the wide cultivation is okay - it varies from 35 to 100 cm.

  • Adjustable width tillage;
  • Normal Acquisition;
  • Powerful motor;
  • Control unit is very simple;
  • High reliability design.
  • Not the deep cultivation;
  • Can not cope with hard ground.

Best tiller heavy class

Very powerful product, almost as some motor-blocks. Included with them are available 8 mills. Also in the box you can find a set of wheels and coulter. All this allows you to adjust the machine for different types of sites. Max plowing depth here is 30 cm, and it is almost the maximum for a cultivator - on a great ability to be much more expensive tillers.

Husqvarna TF 338 reserves the treated soil, a width of 95 cm. With the problem tiller handle with the help of a four-stroke gasoline engine. With control of this giant will have to get used to. The fact that the manufacturer has given his product manual gearbox. As a result, the cultivator capable boast two front and one rear gears. The fuel tank is installed is 4.8 liters, for a new portion of the fuel has to go very often.

  • A powerful motor (4.89 hp / 3.6 kW);
  • Qualitative chain gear;
  • Capacious fuel tank;
  • High reliability of the construction;
  • Several speeds;
  • Deep plowing;
  • Wide enough soil treatment;
  • Very rich equipment.
  • It weighs a lot - 93 kg;
  • Cost can not be called a very low;
  • Not the most convenient pouring oil into the engine.


This monoblock formally belongs to the easy class. But in fact this 72-pound unit is able to give odds to many models of the middle class, for which he should thank thoughtful design. And it's worth, this model is not some huge amount of money, although it can not be called cheap.

Walk-behind tractor built at Subaru-Robin EP motor base 17 four-stroke engine power is 6 hp, which can be considered the best option. A special feature of this model can be considered as an automatic transmission. It allows you to get up and running in minutes without any difficulty. Total person provided two front and one rear gear. Tank capacity is not very large - perhaps this is the main drawback of walking tractor. For the rest, it is difficult to find fault with. It is able to plow earth to a depth of 32 cm, and the processing width is 90 cm. The ideal option for those who need to cultivate the land area of ​​2500 m2!

  • Pneumatic wheels;
  • Several programs;
  • Automatic transmission;
  • Excellent depth and width of soil treatment;
  • There is a PTO;
  • Management is easy to learn;
  • The powerful and reliable engine.
  • To fuel tank volume has a claim;
  • High noise level (95 dB);
  • Costly drive belt.

Very heavy machine capable of plowing any new ground. In its structure there is not only a four-stroke engine capacity of 9.11 hp (6.7 kW), but the manual gearbox. The latter provides three transmission tillers, one of which is the back. Most surprising is the fuel tank, accommodating up to six liters of fuel. But soon after the purchase you realize that with this engine is the best tank.

This model features a powerful pneumatic wheels. Walk-behind tractor plowing the soil to a depth of 28 cm, which in most cases is quite enough. Soil working width (105 cm), may even appear to be excessive. But with such a motor cultivator can cultivate vast expanses. On more capable only equipment related to heavy class. But it is not affordable for everyone, and therefore makes no sense to include it in our list.

  • There is a PTO;
  • Several programs;
  • Pneumatic wheels and a very powerful;
  • Excellent engine - powerful and reliable;
  • To fuel tank have no complaints;
  • Very large width tillage;
  • Worthy of cultivation depth.
  • Manual Transmission;
  • The cost, some people still afraid.

What a walk-behind tiller and buy

Without any doubt, the choice of motor cultivator cultivator, or - it is a very difficult task. You need to think about how often and for what purpose will be used this technique.

We once again draw your attention to the following models:

1. Champion GC243 and Hyundai T 1500E - sometimes people can arrange and these kids.

2. Champion BC6712 and Tarpan TMZ-MK-03, if you suddenly need more power.

3. Husqvarna TF 338 is suitable in the permafrost.

If you are thinking about buying a motor cultivator, which will allow more and stick to itself all sorts of accessories - such as a plow, then pay attention to:

1. CAIMAN VARIO 60S TWK + - inexpensive and proven option users.

2. Huter GMC-9.0. - a little more powerful than the first, but also much more expensive.

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