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Rating detergents: a review and feedback

The inhabitants of modern cities are increasingly finding themselves in a variety of allergies. One of the most common causes of such a reaction, the doctors seriously consider the environment. Food manufacturers aggravate the situation, adding harmful preservatives which, while improving the taste, but ruining our health. Household chemicals no better - often from poor powder skin rash and itching.

People prone to allergies, choose the means sometimes it is very difficult to wash. Therefore, we present the rating of children's laundry detergent, which will bring the least harm.

From birth, we are trying to protect children from chemistry. The newly minted mom are doing their best to continue breastfeeding, and do try to eat only healthy foods. Then the probability of transition to milk mixture is reduced, and the immune system is strengthened baby naturally.

Another problem are the diapers. Do without this hygiene products and two years is simply impossible. Buy diapers is only in trusted places, because as a fake in our time is very common.

Finally, detergent. Diapers, undershirts and tiny body spoiled with great speed, and without a good stain remover we can not do.

Rating detergents for kids opens means "our mother." Many parents are advised to concentrate precisely this, thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. As part of the silver ions are stated, as well as series of teas and chamomile, the presence of which can not even harm the smallest. According to user feedback, detergent powder copes with its task, and does not dry the skin in the case of hand washing.

In the second place settled brand "World of childhood," which are proud manufacturers lack flavorings, additives, and synthetic dyes. We are confident that such a means to cope with diapers and undershirts, but traces of grass it is not exactly on the shoulder.

The next rating detergents for quality continues "Aistenok9rdquo ;. This versatile tool contains aloe vera extract that acts as a conditioner. Judging by the reviews moms powder cope with all kinds of contaminants. However, for washing wool and silk can not be applied.

Children "Tide9rdquo ;, at the request of the manufacturer, suitable for sensitive skin. Despite the aloe extract and chamomile as a part, parents are increasingly complaining about allergies from the powder in the newborn.

Rating detergents for kids contains samples that cause the most complaints from consumers. Products "Eared nannies" are well known to us - it's a variety of cleaning supplies and a bright yellow packaging with the bunny. The powder is easy to cope with any impurities, even at low temperature and with constant use does not damage the fabric. However, it is the means most often sounds when talking about allergies in children.

As part of "The Myth kids Delicate freshness" manufacturer honestly have the presence of synthetic components, optical brightener and enzymes, which may cause unpleasant reactions.

The worst powder found "Karapuz9rdquo ;. Inscriptions on the package "does not cause allergies" on the practice test can not stand. When hand washing, many mothers complain of sneezing and discomfort in the nasopharynx, so to experiment on a newborn, we do not recommend.

Washing powder for the whole family

In order to find out what detergent suitable for all family members (except infants), we have considered the most well-known brands. Daily advertising on TV tells us about the magical properties of powders and even cope with the very difficult tasks.

All the tests, the results of which ranks the best washing powders, are about the same. The Expert Group takes tissue samples, in this case, cotton, and causes them the most popular spots: chocolate, ketchup, wine, grass, gouache, dirt, cosmetics and motor oil. For greater effect, experimental specimens are left for a while to pollution as best we can penetrate into the tissue structure.

The next step is wash as recommended dosage and temperature of the package. Experts estimate how well the powder is handled with a particular contamination.

Most laundry detergents, ratings and reviews that deserve the first place, produces "Procter and Gamble". Among the brands owned by the company can be found Pampers, Venus, Always, Oral-B and other personal care and household products that filled the shelves.

Two kinds of powder Ariel - "Color Lenor" and "mountain fresh" shared the first place. Means for washing coped with mustard, ketchup, mud and gouache. The only thing that failed Ariel - is to completely remove stains from cosmetics.

In the three leaders also included Bimax "100 spots." Washing powder from Nafis Cosmetics (Russia's largest manufacturer) easily defeated all the declared contamination, except for mustard. It is worth noting that the results of the study coincided with the views of the housewives. Many consumers, making their ratings washing powder machine, give preference BiMax. Sometimes this means is not used for its intended purpose, e.g., for cleaning cutlery. The effect is obvious, but the consequences of the use of household chemicals nobody studied, so we recommend not to experiment.

Rating detergents failed to lead Persil Vernel. High price does not guarantee a good result - we have seen once again in testing the production of the German company Henkel. Represented by a sample "perfectly well" managed only with chocolate spots.

Despite the fact that the detergent, "The Myth Frosty freshness", "Tide9rdquo; and "of Ariel White Rose," produced by the same manufacturer as the winners of our study, with pollution they coped badly enough. Stains from grease, dirt and grass emerged victorious in the battle with these contestants.

Not the best washing powder machine, whose rating is average among buyers, it Losk Color. Despite the low cost, detergent from Henkel copes with its task. However, contamination of cosmetics, paint and red wine after the test remained in the tissue samples.

Of network marketing leaders

Companies that operate on the principle of network marketing, there are in Russia a long time ago. Pioneers can be considered two cosmetic brand - Avon and Oriflame, which began to distribute its products through catalogs. Open your business with them and everyone can, it requires the ability to communicate with people and basic sales skills.

Today, in catalogs, in addition to decorative cosmetics companies offer home clothes, home accessories and even household chemicals. The greatest popularity gained by the Amway products, so our rating detergents can not be imagined without the brand.

Amway In the catalog you will find fourteen kinds of laundry detergents, including three powders: usual, for children and for colored fabric. Buyers agree that the only drawback for the American producer is the high price. Three kilograms of powder will cost about 1,800 rubles. However, many say economical and safe structure, not to mention the fact that his task of washing powder which is high enough rating to cope with all kinds of stains.

You do not know how to choose a laundry detergent? Rating "Test purchase" will certainly help you. This transfer of one of the federal channels has become incredibly popular thanks to independent review.

Ideas for testing send yourself viewers and editors "test purchases" has chosen the most common queries One of the issues of the program was devoted to powder detergents for automatic washing The test was attended by the familiar brand:.. Sorti, Ariel, Losk, Dosia, Tide and Myth.

According to experts, the best result belongs to Ariel sample. So our rating detergents coincides with another independent expertise. In addition, the survey found that the other participants have excess foaming norm established by Russian standards.

"Test purchase" also conducted research on the bleaching powders. This time, the winner was "Deni9rdquo ;, leaving behind the more popular competitors. Another advantage may be considered a low price.

During the program, the experts answered the many questions that concern consumers. For example, viewers learned that there is no need to add a separate tool from scale, because the powders already contain it.

Recently, in order to counter-advertising, many write about the dangers of phosphates in laundry detergent. Firstly, these substances prevent the contamination of the fabric after washing. Second, if the damage has been proven that none of the manufacturing company did not use, and even more so to did not indicate their presence on the packaging.

Do not forget to listen to the professionals and to follow the rating of washing powders, as is done by experienced housewives.

Top 5 powders for washing machine

In today's world to monitor the cleanliness of clothing has become an order of magnitude easier, because the washing machine is at everyone, and from the range of detergents, scatter eyes.

To demonstrate what today is the best powder for the washing machine, we have compiled this rating.

It includes the top five powders are popular with buyers.

The evaluation criteria for washing machines powder served:

  • The ability to cope both with fresh and with old stains.
  • Composition. So as clothing and bedding immediately adjacent to the body, it is important that the washing powder does not contain harmful impurities and different allergens.
  • No unpleasant odors or intrusive.
  • The versatility of the powder.
  • The possibility of its use even for thin delicate fabrics.
  • These control purchase.

For objectivity in the ranking we have pointed out not only the strengths of each powder - alas, to find the perfect failed. Therefore, we suggest that you weigh the pros and cons of each type before you make the right choice.

Washing powder MYTH automatic Frosty freshness

Russian detergent Myth surprises with its budgetary cost - only 85 rubles per kilogram. Thus it is quite popular and this is not only low price.

The first thing to mention its versatility. Such a powder can be used both in hot and in cold water. Undoubtedly, to be used for washing delicate and colored fabrics is a significant plus.

Another bonus - efficiency due to the increased concentration of detergent components. Because of this, the powder is consumed more slowly than its less concentrated counterparts.

He is suitable for use in hard water - special elements soften the water, not allowing it to have a negative impact on the structure of the tissue.

Buyers of this powder note his ability to wash grease stains, traces of clay or oil paint without the use of stain removers. But with old stains he does not consult, it is necessary to use additional funds.

In addition, the powder does not leave any marks even on the black clothing - a definite plus, as most unique in this price segment guarantee the absence of this problem can not. I am glad and smell - pleasant and unobtrusive.

Sticky film on the things will not remain. But here without rinsing is not enough - the powder is still better than a good wash.

As part of no aggressive or toxic elements, so the allergy risk is minimized.

Of the minuses - fragility. Many say that the flavor disappears on the second or third day.

However, given that the powders of low price segment only Myth received virtually no negative reviews and earned a place in the ranking, it should definitely pay attention to.

Our next nominee is more expensive, you can buy at a price of 147 rubles per kilogram. Its distinctive feature - a recommendation for the use in hotels and restaurants. However, with a home washing it handles more than successful.

The powder is designed to be used for colored fabrics. However, as noted by buyers in their reviews, with washing white clothes or bedding he copes with a bang.

However, there are significant limitations.

The powder is not suitable for washing silk products and natural wool.

However, despite this, we decided to include it in the ranking due to the outstanding ability to remove stains.

According to reviews, Ariel Professional Color successfully removes even the old and stubborn stains: Soak up and stale fat, blood stains, soot. In this case, there is no need to use different stain removers allow you to save considerably.

Another nice feature - the preservation of the color of colored things. Even if you collect things in the washing machine of different colors, they do not fade and the colors are not distorted.

Note and a pleasant smell, which lasts up to a week - a definite plus when washing bed linen.

The powder is also quite economical - one kilogram enough for thirty washes. This is more than the powders in this price segment.

Pleasantly pleased and no soap stains on clothes - what often err powders middle class. Overall, for the money powder can be considered almost perfect, if you close your eyes to some restrictions.

Another high achiever in our ranking - household chemicals, two in one. Powder and stain remover at the same time allows you to reliably remove contamination and ensure freshness of the clothes for a long time.

The cost of one kilogram of powder - about 400 rubles. However, consumers believe that price is justified. In our rating of this powder was, first of all, in terms of quality.

The first step is to evaluate its environmental friendliness - a drug consists of predominantly phosphate-free ingredients, so safe for children and people with allergies.

And really - a lot of feedback never mentioned cases of irritation and allergies by using this powder.

Moreover, young mothers wash their clothes for children - is not worthy of recommendation to the quality of the goods?

Mark and its strong capacity to wash out any stains, even the toughest. Thanks to its formula powder really is considered both a stain remover. Even if you forget about some things, and it is long enough to lay in the washing tank - it is not a problem. Powder reliably removes stains and odor.

It is often used to adequately view spetsformy because Powder copes without additional funds, even with very dirty clothes.

He fits for both manual and machine washable. It's great helps in situations when you need to quickly prostirnut one or two little things. Most powders for washing machines can not boast of such an option.

One minor flaw can call the almost complete absence of odor. Rather, it is, but it is very faint and unobtrusive. For those who like floral scents or frosty freshness, this powder will not do. However, if we remember that it is often used for washing children's clothes or in the presence of an allergy, then it becomes clear.

A little overhead and price - not everyone is willing to pay four rubles per kilogram of powder. However, there is no need to buy additional funds partially pays for the high cost.

We note in our rating and eco-friendly powder production of South Korea - Perfect Multi Solution.

The price of 250 rubles per kilogram relates it to powders of an average price segment. However, like most Korean household chemical products, it has a number of distinctive features compared with counterparts from other countries.

Containing no phosphate powder is considered to be hypoallergenic. It contributes to this and control foam - foam when washing is very small, so its particles do not remain in the fabric fibers after rinsing. This eliminates the problem of c irritation due to poorly washed powder.

A unique feature: the powder contains Anti-D component that kills harmful bacteria, fleas and ticks. This is especially true in the summer, when the risk of catching the parasite is much higher. Will appreciate feature and pet owners who know how difficult it is to bring fleas from a dog or litter chosen by cat Baby Soft.

As for the fragrance, then everything is more complicated. Fans of the brightest persistent odors do not appreciate the Perfect Multi Solution. Unpleasant odors when washing it removes with natural extracts of green tea and lemon. Certainly, a strong aromatic properties of these ingredients do not possess. But for asthmatics react to strong chemical odors, such a powder may be the salvation.

Of course, with its direct responsibilities powder consults on a solid top five - otherwise he would not have fallen into our rating. According to the reviews of the owners, Perfect Multi Solution is suitable for color as well as for white linen. There are online video, where powder was noticeably lightens spots already soaking.

Special whitening effect, in spite of the manufacturer, does not possess.

But stains, even the most resistant prints very well. Especially I recommend this powder man, who was able to wash things after painting the room - definitely worthy of recommendation.

Mark and its ability to deal effectively with patches of sweat, which will delight athletes and those who like to wear light-colored clothes.

Universal washing powder WascheMeister Universal

If you are looking for a good laundry detergent, then pay attention to the German WascheMeister Universal. The cost of it, for environmentally friendly phosphate-free laundry detergent low - only 100 rubles per kilogram. In Russia, sold in packages of 10 kilograms - enough for three hundred washings.

You will be pleased with the versatility: the powder is suitable for both manual and machine washable. It works well in cold or in hot water; copes with dirt on the white and colored fabrics.

Usually so universal laundry detergents in something are not strong enough, but then the buyers point out that all the declared features powder copes quite well.

With old spots, such as fatty droplets or traces of chocolate to cope without adding special stain removers. As for washing white clothes, WascheMeister Universal does not have a whitening effect, but displays good spot. However, bleaching powder for universal rather negative - it would limit the possibility of washing colored fabrics.

Adds efficiency powder and the presence in the composition of calcium supplements. Thanks to them prevents the formation of scale on the mechanism of the washing machine. This removes the need to use special tools to clean the drum and extends the life of the washing machine.

Life hacking: Did you know that such tools can easily replace conventional citric acid?

Fragrance in powder fresh, pleasant and fairly stable.

A little discomfort gives no instruction in Russian, and even English. However, even if you do not know German, diagrammatic instructions will help you to understand the powder doses for different modes of washing and temperature conditions.

We hope that our rating will help you choose the perfect powder to your washing machine.

We select the best way to wash: 4 options

The store has a wide variety of laundry detergents that differ in efficiency and composition of today's hard to imagine without the washing process of washing powder. Modern technology has taken over the chore, facilitating human life. To choose the right tool will keep the quality, kind of clothes and bedding, as well as prolong the service life of the washing machine. The modern market offers a wide range of different detergents. However, not every powder can cope with the task. Further washes properties, a means must be harmless to human body and does not cause allergic reactions.

washing powder: types of funds

Manufacturers produce powders for hand wash and washing machines. Different foaming agents. In the first case, it is better than foam, helping strengthen the action of the active components, allowing you to remove dirt effectively. Why is excess foam in the washing machine reduces the quality of the wash? Strong foam will not give underwear to fall into the water. A large number of bubbles can provoke damage to the machine.

The laundry detergent may be in the form of liquid and powder

Depending on the type of tissue and the desired result, household chemicals released into the wash several embodiments:

  1. Auxiliary means for the water softener.
  2. Universal designed for daily use, with an average degree of contamination and removing stains.
  3. Special, designed for a variety of fabrics, color, white linen, silk and wool.
  4. With active ingredients, allowing to cope with old stains of organic origin.

Powders for white things contain chlorine or oxygen bleaches. There may also be special components, which, settling on the surface of the fabric, give extra whiteness. Means for color linen contains a large number of enzymes.

Enzymes eat away stains of protein origin, actively cleaning cloth.

Clean things do not lose their bright colors, but the washing woolen clothes this tool will result in loss of appearance. special powder, a reduced amount of enzymes designed for such fabrics. There is a washing powder for the black stuff. He does not wash off the paint and leaves a rich color.

The best washing powder machine: characteristics and rating

On the market providing a rich selection of various detergents. According to customer reviews, picked list of the best powder. The leading position occupied Sarma-automatic, automatic Bimaks, Eared nannies. Sarma is often used for washing white clothes. She copes with pollution at the lowest powder consumption. The advantage is its affordable price. Composition sufficiently aggressive and capable of causing allergy.

Among the buyers are popular means for washing by German manufacturers

Selection conducted with the following characteristics:

  • The powder;
  • The quality of washing various spots;
  • Lack of an allergic reaction;
  • Quality carrying and storage;
  • Price policy.

Good results showed Bimaks which cope with the task. Powder for washing of various fabrics, except wool and silk. Fairly cheap option. A small drawback is the poor flushing pellets at short wash modes. Earful nannies, made by manufacturers for baby things. Good prints spot does not cause allergies, dissolves at low temperatures, and well washed with tissue.

Qualitatively wishes to wash at a low cost item powder tend to this embodiment.

Ariel - admirably with spots on a variety of tissues, even in cold water. The manufacturer produces various lines of white, black, colored, baby clothes. It has a pleasant aroma. The composition includes components that protect the metal parts from corrosion and scaling. The active substances can cause allergies. The price is slightly higher than in the previous funds. Frosch Color Powder with German quality, established on the basis of a hypoallergenic, spent economically, has different smells. Unable to cope with age-old spots, it has a high cost. This means choosing a family, caring for the baby's health.

How to choose a laundry detergent composition

When choosing a powder, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition and the components included in it. To choose a quality powder, it is necessary to understand for what purpose, and how the water will be washing things. For hard water must be used products containing phosphates.

When studying the composition of the powder is necessary to pay attention so that it does not contain harmful substances

The composition of the powder usually consists of:

  1. Surfactants elements affecting the level of foaming. A better option is the content of 3 to 5% of these substances. By using these substances, it is necessary to rinse well things, to avoid allergic reactions.
  2. Chemical bleaching agents that improve washing white things. Not recommended powders with elements containing chlorine.
  3. Antisorbenty reduce pollution things after washing.
  4. Sulfates and phosphates that make softer the water, enhancing the effect of other active components.
  5. Perfumes and fragrances, saturated underwear pleasant odor, in poor rinsing can cause allergic reactions.
  6. The enzymes contribute to the destruction of mud stale, not operate at high temperatures, spoil silk and wool.
  7. Fluorides and chlorides to prevent scale and corrosion in the washing machine mechanisms.

Manufacturers offer a variety of analogs of powders in the form of gels and tablet products. Such means have an increased concentration, but effectively washes at temperatures up to 70 degrees. They are good to use when washing for color and mixing underwear putting the machine in a delicate wash cycle.

For heavily soiled laundry detergent is necessary to pour directly into the machine drum.

it is recommended to take the powder with a high foaming soak things for 20-30 minutes for manual operations. It is better to choose several tools for a variety of washes and clothes, you buy 1 universal powder. It is necessary to pay attention to the packaging material. The packaging should be made of polyethylene, which excludes moisture.

Test detergents known brands

To select a quality product, test purchases of several types of powders for the white linen was made. The test was conducted on the safety for the hands and fabrics, as well as on the effectiveness of removing stains. The comparison was made of 5 well-known brands.

For white clothes sell special powders having respective designation on the packaging in the form of drawings or stickers

The manufacturers claim that their tool is the best:

  1. The test is Procter brand & Gamble, Henkel and Stupino.
  2. In the three leaders in quality out big washing Stupino, which coped with numerous stains and marks Bimaks, and Ariel.
  3. The last took place Tide and gloss. These powders to wash partial spots.

View Forums Ixbt identified the top of the best powder. These include Persil German or Polish production and Lavel the Republic of Bashkortostan. Members noted that the powder easily washes inveterate stains of organic origin, quickly washed away, has a pleasant smell, does not deprive things the brightness of colors.

Best detergent Banzai

If the family wants to environmentally friendly powder, you can use the brand Banzai. The powder is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, but has a sufficiently high value. Customer reviews vary. In environmental clean washing performance depends on the water temperature.

Among the advantages of Banzai powder worth mentioning the small price and efficiency

High concentration saves on washing clothes. The latest technology uses active enzymes and additives that enable to deal efficiently with stagnant spots and facilitate easy washing laundry

The powder is designed for drying clothes indoors. Special additives do not allow to soak in different flavors, leaving things fresh. Manufacturers have taken care of a convenient package. Hard and stable surface will put a small box in a convenient place. The tightness of the package will keep the powder, avoiding contact with moisture. How to wash the powder, every woman decides independently. The choice must come from the individual characteristics of the financial situation of the consumer and the names of dietary supplements.

The best means for washing (video)

The safest powder must not contain chlorine and fragrance free. It is better to purchase environmentally-friendly options Banzai, Frosch, Earful nannies, intended for washing children's clothes. Cope with the age-old spots will help the effective composition comprising a greater number of enzymes. It must be remembered that such a formulation is harmful for hair. For continuous operation stiralki desirable presence of fluorides. The best powder must cope with various contaminants and contain environmentally friendly additives.

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