Eyelets for curtains with his hands

How to sew curtains on Eyelets: Master Class

Make your own curtains with eyelets is not as difficult as it may seem. Often there is such a situation that it is difficult to pick up ready-made curtains for interior room: not suitable colors, fabric or quality. A book in the studio will turn out quite expensive. So the best way - to make them yourself.

In this master class, we'll show you how you can own hands to sew curtains on the eyelets. To do this you will need:

First of all it is necessary to determine the amount of tissue. Fabric width must be twice the width of the eaves. It is necessary to form a beautiful deep folds.

In order to calculate the height of the fabric cut, you need to add the height of the finished curtains 12 cm 10 cm for the upper hem and 2 cm for the bottom.

The number of eyelets on each curtain must be even. This is to ensure that both edges of the curtains were turned toward the window. Otherwise, one edge will look out and it will not be very nice.

Eyelets come in different sizes. You need to choose those in which the inner diameter of the holes in the 1.5-2 cm more than the diameter of the curtain rod. Then the curtain will slide easily along the ledge.

The bottom and side edges of the curtains to handle simple stitch in hem.

The upper edge of the curtains need to be made more dense by a lyuversnoy tape. Then the curtain will meet in beautiful three-dimensional folds. If you have a dense fabric, it can skip this step and do without lyuversnoy tape.

Fold the top edge inwards by 10 cm. Then the paste into the formed folds lyuversnuyu tape iron and iron according to package instructions.

If the tape is wider than 8 cm, it can be cut with scissors to the desired width.

Make hem 1 cm and prostrochite upper edge.

Now it remains the most interesting - the installation of eyelets. On each edge of the curtains to the center of the first eyelets should be no more than 5-7 cm. Then the boundary will look beautiful.

From the top of the curtains to the eyelets need to back off 2-4 cm. The distance between the centers of eyelets should be 15-22 cm.

Now we need to calculate the exact distance between the eyelets. Put the curtain on a flat surface. First mark with a pencil the place where will be located side eyelets. Now, measure the distance between the center points of side eyelets and divide it by the number of eyelets.

Schedule pencil on the inner diameter of the grommet place for opening.

Gently scissors cut holes into the tissue at 2 mm wider than the intended line.

Then take one of the eyelets and puts a shade under it.

Cover with the second part of a ring, and strongly pressed with your fingers until it clicks.

All our curtains in the children's room is ready! Now it remains only to hang and enjoy the results!

Curtains on the grommet own hands: master class with detailed calculations

The dream of every woman to make your home, apartment or a room beautiful and comfortable. This task can be handled easily by stitching curtains Eyelets on their hands.

What should be changed in the interior, in order to feel at home peacefully and happily? Look at the window of your apartment, if you like the way they decorated the suitability for setting the color and shape of curtains?

If you are not very happy with what he saw, let us work together to create a new, sophisticated interior. Let's start to do it with the curtains shift. Do not be afraid, everything will turn out. As they say, are not gods burn pots.

What good is a variant of curtains with eyelets? The fact that these same eyelets is actually very easy to use with the manufacture of curtains. Simply put, the grommets - is a different form of attachment, consisting of 2 parts matching each other, which simply snap on the fabric where you want to make a nice hole.

Now in specialized stores you can find a lot of different variants. They may be different in shape, color, material of manufacture. For young designers and seamstresses will be easier to work with plastic eyelets, because they do not require special tools for their installation. In addition, they are easy to slip on the cornice.

The first thing to do - the right material for curtains, as well as the shape and size of eyelets. The curtains can be crosslinked both from colon tissue and organza, for example. In this case, you can immediately pick up and eyelets. For heavy curtains require a larger size eyelets, but the curtain of thin materials should be selected small. They will look better on the air cloth.

It is also important to measure the size of the diameter of the curtain rod and buy eyelets 1.5-2 cm larger in diameter. This is necessary for their free movement. And yet, eyelets color should be combined with a cornice.

It's time to go to the store and buy all the necessary materials.

3) Lyuversnaya tape or interlining.

In addition to this need:

5) The sewing machine.

And now - the most difficult. Making the tissue calculation. We start with the measurement of the cornice, on its length and depends on the size of the cut fabric purchased. Measured? The resulting figure is multiplied by a factor of 2 or 3 for dense tissue and 1.5 for thin. This increase will help create a nice curtains, large waves. Curtain length - to the floor, to the sill or to the battery - is determined based on the total room design ideas as well as taking into account where you plan to hang the curtains (in the bedroom, nursery or the kitchen).

Step by step instructions and a master class, and a photo will help to avoid mistakes and disappointments in the manufacture of curtains.

1) In calculating the fabric width must add additional margin for processing side seams (both sides) of 2x2 cm.

2) On the bottom hem - from 7 to 10 cm.

3) The upper allowance:. Lyuversnoy tape width + 2cm If this dense material on the bend is left, on average, 12.5 cm.

4) On the curtains put always an even number of eyelets. This is due to the fact that for an odd number of folds do not look very attractive.

Let's calculate the size of curtains, on the basis of standard indicators ordinary apartment. If measured in the apartment you will turn out other data, you can always adjust the figures on the basis of this example.

Thus, the curtain height will be equal to the length from the top edge of the eaves to the floor - 254 cm + 4 cm (this top curtains of eaves) - 1.5 cm (length decrease, as the curtain should not touch the floor) and obtain 256.5 cm. This figure is increased by the upper and lower allowance 256.5 + 12.5 + 10 = 279 cm.

Kroim fabric in accordance with the calculated length. It turned out two of the same fabric, which must bend below 10 cm. In order to facilitate the processing of iron use.

First, 10 cm measured from the edge of the iron and iron. Fold bend even 2 times inside.

Upper bend do as follows. Press out on the wrong side of the edge, 2 cm, and then the remaining 10.5. Thus, all the allowances remain inside the hem.

Take lyuversnuyu tape and by bending the upper edge of the curtain, at its disposal tissue departing from edges 4 cm, cover a large bend and ironed to make it stuck to two sides of the fabric.

In the same way can be ironed first lateral allowances to 4 cm, and then fold them in half inward. All Hem as they become available it is necessary to grab pins and then carefully sew on a typewriter.

The last phase of our work - a calculation of the number of eyelets and their installation.

For the calculation of web width divided by 20 and 1 is added, if the number is odd, add 1 more.

For example, when the width of the curtain 180 cm, by dividing the 20 figure 9 is obtained (odd), so we add 1 and the result obtained, we need 10 eyelets.

We begin installation. According to the rules, the grommets are installed at a distance of no more than four centimeters from the edge. Attach a circle and their inner contour, cut into 2 mm wider than the defined circle. the average distance from the middle to the top curtains grommet hole, is 3 cm.

Grommet consists of two halves, take the one that with the projection, combine with a hole, cover with spikes and second latches.

Measure the distance between the end eyelet and forward through any gaps remaining set.

That's all! We create with their own hands whatever we want!


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Curtains on the grommet: step by step instructions of manufacturing their own hands

Compared with curtains on the usual fixtures, curtains with eyelets look much more elegant. But to use these rings must take into account some characteristics that influence the choice of the cornice and periodic care of curtains. In this article we consider the production of blinds with their hands on the eyelets with steps. Read also Curtains on its hinges.

Eyelets called bushing intended for fastening in the holes of garments. When stringing a curtain onto the ledge by means of such fittings, the fabric acquires an undulating shape. Folds flat turn, which adds to the aesthetics of the interior of the room.

The material of manufacture of the ring are divided into metal and plastic. A variety of shapes and colors of accessories allows you to translate into life the most daring design ideas. However, the most popular among consumers circular ring shape. Also, designers recommend to combine colors and eyelet curtains, or, conversely, to select the color of accessories, expressed contrasting with the fabric.

Besides manufacturing material and shape and color, eyelets more divided according to size:

  • small, from 1.5 cm to 3 cm;
  • large, up to 6 cm in diameter.

Curtain hanging from the eaves by means of eyelets hardly subject to wear. This is due to the fact that the products do not have sharp edges that can catch hold of the material and keep it tight. In addition, the tightening will not go, and the fabric will not break even if strongly pull the curtain, so the main burden will fall on the ledge.

Efforts to move is not required, since the ring is excellent gliding along the eaves. In addition, the curtain is removed fairly easily.

Such curtains complement the interior room, done in virtually any style. Elegant wave obtained through eyelets, perfectly fit into any design intent.

As a self-sew curtains, tulle on eyelets - step by step guide

Independent sewing curtains using eyelets will take some time. However, unlike the ordered or purchased at a shop articles handwritten perform much cheaper. Costs will be linked only to the acquisition of the necessary material and actually rings. Next will show you a master class.

The peculiarity of the use of rings is that the curtains are undulating folds and scallop, which is located at the top of the curtains. Accordingly, the measurements are made on the basis of these nuances. In particular, the fabric is too wide will make heavy curtain, and when there is insufficient quantity of material folds will softly pronounced. As a consequence, the curtain will be stretched that complicate its movement. Therefore, to achieve a positive result, primarily measured eave length, and the value obtained is multiplied by a factor of 2-2.5. If light is used and the mesh fabric, the multiplying factor can be reduced to 1.5.

Determine the total amount of material, calculations based on the hem further manufactured, where the allowance:

  • bottom edge - 10.8 cm;
  • the upper part can be up to 25 cm This margin is required because eyelets must be fastened at several layers of tissue.;
  • side edges - 3-4 cm.

In the case of sewing a curtain, consisting of two parts to fit the pattern material taken from stock.

For attaching to the curtains eyelets need:

To install the metal rings on top of everything else needed a press punch, hammer and rubber gasket. The latter is needed to soften the blows of a hammer on fittings at the time of mounting.

Initial treatment material

Before fasten ring fabric pre-compacted. After all, even the dense material is unable to withstand the load of the long established him fittings. This applies to both plastics and metal.

Therefore, pre-mounted to reduce lyuversnaya tape on the curtain loads. However, if the use of such tape is not possible, the alternative compactor can act dublerin. Although this material is inferior in performance, yet as a reinforcing element is quite amiss. In any case, the tape is chosen in such a way that its width is greater than the outer diameter of the rings.

The upper part of the tissue are folded twice at the width established by the tape, and place the fold ironed iron. In turn, the sides, a sealant is cut with a margin equal to the width of the hem. Following the manipulation fabric unfolds, and the tape is adjusted according to the intended upper fold and secured with iron. To the canvas no traces from a hot appliance, work is carried out through a sheet of paper. For more reliable fastening lyuversnoy tape is a seam along the edge of the hem.

After lyuversnaya tape is secured on the curtains are applied dots representing hardware location centers. Starred places are marked with pins. Then, on the fabric apertures marked contours of the inner diameter of eyelets, and thereon the intended portion is cut with a margin of 2 mm. Then both sides are installed and snap rings, press or are pressed.

Council: for quick and easy operation, use and razvaltsovschik punch.

At this stage, the main task is even application of the center points. To the edge of the curtains were in the same position, the intervals between the eyelets must be an odd number.

Metal or plastic ring - which is better?

Although the metal ring looks impressive, self-sewing curtains are more suitable plastic products. Due to the design features of the plastic grommets are installed without special equipment. For attaching them enough small effort. In addition, plastic, unlike metal, does not creak in the curtains while driving. But metal products in cooperation with cornice can be jarring.

Also, these two mother's manufacturing vary widely in cost, and here again is an advantage for plastic fittings. In addition, the metal parts after washing curtains can oxidize and leave on the fabric traces of rust. Positive qualities possessed by the metal products - it is durability, wide color range, as well as the ability to withstand heavy curtains.

A wide range of cornices, of course, makes it possible to choose the option based on personal preferences. However, only one type of curtain rods for curtains lyuversnyh - round. Although the design works are found devices other geometric shapes, yet the standard solution is a circle.

As grommets, moldings themselves vary in the manufacture of the material to:

Cornices made of plastic, compared with other species, is much cheaper and the operation does not make noise, but they are not suitable for heavy types of tissues, because they can not bear the load.

Metal moldings have high strength and can even be made to order. These products are peculiar forged decorations on the edges. But the cost and weight of metal curtain rods is much higher than that of wood or plastic.

In turn, the strength of the tree and decoration nothing inferior metal. But choose the desired color for accessories wooden cornice is much more difficult because of the properties of the produced material. And if for the wooden eaves selected plastic fittings, before hanging curtains, rod abundantly waxed.

From whatever material neither has been made cornice, under the eyelets it is selected so that its diameter is slightly smaller than the width of fitting holes. The rings should be worn loosely on the ledge and move on it without difficulty.

Also an important factor is the material from which the curtain. Weight affects the choice of curtains cornice. Light tulle fabric and other small weight fine suspended on thin plastic rod. But dense and heavy materials can cause its own weight into disrepair entire suspension structure.

To curtain eyelets reach their potential elegance, first of all they need to hang on the ledge exactly fixed, and for this purpose:

  • using roulette measured the window opening;
  • pencil marked the place of installation brackets; pencil in the holes, made a mark;
  • at the marked locations drilled holes;
  • fixed plate and the front bracket;
  • on the rack is hung cornice, and on top of it is placed building level;
  • regulated height of the second bracket, after which it is installed.

An integral part of the care of garments is a wash. This also applies to curtain with eyelets. Wash curtains with rings products manufacturers are allowed. Moreover, on the label or packaging of products used by the specified parameters are recommended for automatic washing.

If the items themselves or their packaging factory stickers are missing, to avoid unpleasant consequences will hand wash. In this case, the curtain with eyelets for several hours soaked in warm water, and then thoroughly rinsed.

Video: How to make curtains on Eyelets their own hands - a master class

A wide variety of tissues and eyelets allows you to choose products that will fit the style of the room. Accessories in the form of built-in curtain rings will fit perfectly in almost any room design. In addition, the curtains on the eyelets, despite the myths as well as regular curtains, perfectly erased. A curtain is not subjected to ring and premature failure of help factory labels, which specify the parameters required for the washing and care.

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Very much like the curtains on the eyelets. It looks modern and stylish. Recently, I really like the style of Scandinavian design. I bought a linen curtains IKEA noble gray color. I want to do on their own in their grommets. Just in time your article.

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