Chandeliers hallway and corridor

Chandelier in hallway: inlay or functional element

Correctly matched hallway chandelier will look perfectly modern market can offer a huge range of the most diverse lighting fixtures, this can be normal or ceiling elegant chandeliers. The design of each and every lamp is designed individually for each room, therefore, a chandelier, designed for the living room, is not suitable for the hall. The hall is considered to be the smallest room in the house, although there are exceptions. But it often has an irregular shape has remained unchanged for many years. It would seem to illuminate in this room is very simple, but it is not so, because there are many obstacles.

How to choose a chandelier in the corridor: the types of lamps

Most often, the chandelier for the hallways are not allocated a special grace. There are models of neutral design, they are no bugles and decorations.

In major cases in the hallway acquire chandeliers that have not svetoregulyatrov or jewelry.

Chandeliers for vestibules can be divided into two types:

There is another variant of the luminaire arrangement, when it is placed on the floor and connected to a power outlet. However, such a lamp is used as an additional source of light, but not the core.

Chandeliers for the corridor are ceiling or wall

The first option is most often used, as it is the standard and is suitable for most models.

Wall lights are an excellent choice for owners of low ceilings. They do not take up space on the ceiling and help to visually enlarge the space in the room. Magnification occurs only if you pick up the lamp itself correctly.

Chandeliers hallway: Right Specifications

Besides the right combination with a common interior, chandelier should possess a number of characteristics and others that need to pay attention when choosing.

What should pay attention:

  • lighting mode. When buying, you need to ask what features they have and how many of them there are;
  • Energy consumption. An important feature in the overall energy savings. If you like a few chandeliers, ask which one consumes less energy;
  • Cartridges to be used. The cartridges can be different not only in size but also in the manufacture of the material. This can be carbolite, ceramics and other equally popular materials;
  • Number of bulbs that can be used. It is believed the larger chandeliers, the more bulbs in it, it is not. Select the number of bulbs you need based on the size of the hall. The larger the size, the more lamps need to create the desired lighting.

When choosing a chandelier for the hallway, consider the lighting and power consumption mode

Form hallway as important, so for example, for a square room is best suited a chandelier in the center and a few additional devices on the sides. As for the narrow and elongated corridors long chandelier model.

Wall chandeliers hallway and corridor

The modern design of the hallways have been increasingly used instead of the ceiling wall lights. Taking into account all the features of the room, as a result you can get not only a perfect interior, but also an interesting play of light. If there is a desire to achieve a fully harmonious combination, it is best to resort to professional help. design ideas that you can see in the photo, will always be able to transform even the dim room.

Par with the wall lights are very popular hanging chandeliers. They are inexpensive and have an interesting view.

Of course, the design of the room, and you can do yourself, but you can find out by contacting a specialist that correctly placed lighting can dramatically change the final image of the room.

Chandeliers hallway wall can be made of various materials

The materials that will be best to look in the hallway:

  1. Crystal. This material will provide brighter lighting;
  2. Fluted glass. Like the crystal provides bright light;
  3. Matte plastic. It helps ensure hallway soft and quiet light;
  4. Textile. Wall chandelier of this type has the same properties as that of the previous material.

inexpensive can be selected from each of the above material, but high-quality lamp.

A beautiful chandelier in the interior of the hall: the relationship of choice and forms

Most often, an entrance hall, this is a room that has no natural light, so a small lamp is not enough, of course, if you do not fill the entire ceiling of the entire room.

Large chandeliers and lamps in the hall will help to visually enlarge the space

Supplement small lamps will expand the room visually, but does not fully illuminate the room.

If the apartment is a narrow corridor would be appropriate to use multiple chandeliers small size. If the corridor is rectangular, you can install wall sconces, but the emphasis on large chandeliers better not to do, and stay on plane models.

Beautiful chandeliers hallway (video)

As you can see, choose a chandelier for the hall is not an easy task. Shape the future of chandeliers depends on a number of criteria. Every detail it is necessary to take into account. Calculate the height of the ceiling parameters and length of the wall, this is what needs to be done before the purchase, in addition to the need to determine their shape and the overall interior room. The main thing that was in the corridor bright light, in order to assess their appearance before exiting.

Chandeliers in the hallway

Chandeliers in the hallway can give comfort small spaces. These lights are small in size and versatility that allows them to successfully place a small hallway and a large veranda.

In most cases, the usual hallway apartment try to choose a more modest models of chandeliers. The main function of the device is to provide a comfortable use of the corridor. For this reason, the hall should be selected small and functional models.

Good demand for ceiling lights, which are embedded in the ceiling, forming an original composition. LEDs hardly attract attention and create a sophisticated lighting. It seems that the design of lights on their own.

Hanging chandeliers in the classic type of help to give the corridor hallway luxurious. They are able to be a central element of the composition of the ceiling, where there are ceilings with lighting behind the cornice. Choosing these chandeliers, take care that the ceiling height does not exceed 2.5-3 meters. If the corridor has a low ceiling, beautiful lighting with a long suspension will only hinder free movement.

Choose a bright light in the hallway, because the dim light creates a gloomy atmosphere and prevents freely navigate.

When choosing a chandelier for the corridor, consider the size of the area that it should cover. This indicator has a direct impact on the number of diffusers and their placement. Consider the question of power, which is the sum of all the power of the lamps used in the luminaire. Small room enough for 80-100 watts of power, and to a larger corridor will require 120 watts.

Despite the variety of lighting equipment, lamps are divided into two types:

Ceiling fixture is divided into two groups. There are wall-mounted and subsurface. For the corridor is better to choose a small lamp, in which a bubble is present.

Hanging lamps set at a distance from the ceiling. This type of lighting has the following advantages:

  • easy installation;
  • you can make adjustments placement height;
  • simple maintenance.

All these advantages would be inappropriate if in your apartment low ceilings. If it is only a little more than two meters, the best option would be to purchase the surface of the ceiling chandeliers. Installation in this case will be accompanied by additional difficulties because it will take to fix the ceiling mounting plate. However, the chandelier will be closely pressed against the surface and does not take a large area.

Wall lighting fittings made of materials that go well with the interior corridor. Typically, manufacturers offer models of chandeliers made of the following materials:

  • crystal, which gives the room brightness and attractive play of light;
  • glass, in which there are regular projections and recesses. Such a decision is responsible for maintaining the clarity and light iridescence;
  • anti-reflective plastic. This material ensures velvet and cozy lighting of the space;
  • textiles. Chandeliers made of fabric give the room a pleasant and gentle light.

Wall lamps are considered a better alternative for the corridor, where there is a low ceiling. The lamp, which is mounted on the wall, will not hang down from the ceiling, preventing members of the household. Well-chosen wall lights help to visually enlarge the area of ​​the premises.

When choosing a chandelier in the hallway, you should remember the main rule: the smaller the area of ​​your corridor, the more modest model chandeliers should be purchased. This does not mean that the spacious corridors need to install light of enormous size. A few well-chosen lighting paired with wall chandeliers for the more significant areas will be the most optimal solution.

  • If the hall has a square shape, look for round or square versions. The installation should be carried out in the center of the room;
  • Design rectangular space implies the existence of lamps with an elongated shape;
  • If a narrow corridor, choose the ceiling, the width of which does not exceed 1/3 of the width of the premises;
  • Long hallway can be decorated with a few lamps which are present plafones square or round shape;
  • Swivel ceiling on the bar or on the holder of the flexible type will give you unlimited opportunities to question the transformation of any room, including a corridor with a large area.

These guidelines will help you in the selection of chandeliers to the most appropriate size and shape, which will hide all the flaws of the room. Standard ceiling lamps can be combined to wall embodiments. This combination will give the interior harmony, hides minor flaws of the situation and help to give the desired effect.

Choice of color plays an important role in the interior corridor. When choosing a chandelier, take care that it looked a shade harmoniously with the rest of the details of the situation. With the help of well-chosen color scheme can emphasize certain parts of the premises. When choosing lighting is required to comply with a rule, which is as follows: color, which is a subsidiary of the main shade must correspond with the colored chandeliers.

If you like bright colors chandeliers, be prepared for the fact that such a lamp will be a central element in the interior hallway. Choosing a translucent and transparent model, keep in mind that they will only lead to shade colors. To avoid mistakes when choosing colors chandelier, consider the issue in advance a combination of the selected interior.

Most owners of small hallways are willing to make this room visually more comfortable and functional. In these questions will help the right choice of lighting. To visually enlarge the room space, choose bright colors for the finishing materials.

These surfaces serve as an excellent reflector of light, so the designers recommend their purchase into a small hallway. To "expand" the distance between the walls, they suggest light. Try to direct the lighting in the upper half of the walls and in the parts where they intersect with the ceiling.

The modern layout approves the installation of several chandeliers. Do not listen to advice that in small rooms can be set only a few fixtures. To date, the designers offer a rational approach to the issue of lighting and create the right effects for the interior.

The quality of light affects not the number of lighting fixtures and their locations. Many experts have resorted to the widespread acceptance of an increase in space by using mirrors with the reflected light. In such a "mirror world" would be comfortable not to each person, but a similar effect deserves special attention.

In many homes there is a narrow corridor, which is a communicating room. Each owner of the property wants the room became more beautiful and functional. In addition to a proper choice of furniture, special attention should be paid to lighting.

Designers recommend the following tricks:

  • It is possible to visually increase the width of the corridor by reducing the length. Reduction of this parameter is possible with separation room to the entrance, the checkpoint transition zone;
  • Other experts prefer to emphasize the shape of the room and turn it into a tunnel. This effect can be achieved by installing several identical luminaires on one wall.

You ate interesting option with the division of the room into several zones, the effect can be obtained with the help of a competent arrangement of lighting devices:

  • To isolate the required entry area lights hangers, shelves for small input stack for shoes;
  • Passage portion should be issued with a chandelier, which emit soft light. Direct lighting should be on the walls and ceiling. This option is ideal if there are low ceilings in your hallway;
  • Transition zones should be maximally flattened. If there will be a sharp change of lighting, it will cause discomfort and lost in space. You can resort to the installation of interior doors with a transmissive glass inserts.

The decoration of the hall with the help of chandeliers can be of different types. Some people prefer bright and provocative lighting, other owners of apartments purchased a modest décor. Lighting should be chosen based on the interior, in which he made the hall. there is the decision of each design, which will help transform a room and make it more harmonious.

If your living room is decorated in a modern style, pay attention to the intricate chandeliers model. This interior presupposes complete freedom in the use of expressive elements. Designers recommend to buy chandelier unusual shape and place them asymmetrically.

Often in the hallways installed chandeliers classic models. Despite the fact that this design involves standardization and accuracy, it has a wide variety of models. Look good lights in the shape of antique lamps, chandeliers. Many designers offer their customers a ceiling that mimic candles, torches and flowers.

Natural materials are suitable for classical interior. With their help, the surface finishing is performed corridor, furniture, and other decorative elements. After careful consideration of the interior can proceed to the selection of chandeliers. For example, marble flooring looks perfectly lamp with mosaic canopy.

Hi-tech - it's the most fashionable solution for lovers of modern design. Such interior typical of open space, functional environment. Not allowed chandelier with curls and floral motifs.

With the help of carefully thought-out game lighting, clear geometric forms and contemporary inexpensive materials, you can create a unique interior design in the corridor.

Ecostyle gaining popularity in the last few days. For such an interior need lighting that will permeate the room. Consideration should be given flowers, palm trees, fitostenam. A wide window opening and well-chosen chandelier on the ceiling - a key point ekostilya. This design should be preferred models of luminaires that combine functionality and attractive shape.

For vintage and retro elements peculiar to antiquity, as well as the presence of gramophones, dim mirrors, wrought iron fixtures. Chandelier should be in harmony with the general situation of the corridor. At the moment, many manufacturers offer "aged" models of ceiling chandeliers that fit into the retro interior.

How to organize the lighting in the hall, see the following video.

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Choosing a chandelier in the corridor: 4 Very Important Tips

The correct choice of lamps in the corridor is important for interior Modern domestic market offers the customer a wide variety of lighting models: from conventional shades and ending with elegant chandeliers. Note that the design of each lamp was originally designed for any room, and so the chandelier, designed for the living room, it is hardly suitable to your hallway.

The chandelier in the hall: how to choose

As a rule, chandeliers for corridors and hallways of rooms, no different special grace. Most models are discreetly lighting-neutral design, without glass beads and other ornaments.

In most cases, the hall selected lamps without dimmers and decorations

However, these lamps are divided into two main types:

There is another option, when the lamp is a separate unit, located on the floor and plug to the power outlet. However, such a lamp is set as an additional, rather than the main light source.

For the first two options, most people prefer to ceiling option. It is considered standard and suitable for most interiors.

Wall model also will be a good choice in the hallways holders with a low ceiling. The fact that the wall lights not only take place on the ceiling, but can also visually increase the space in the room, if you choose wisely lamp (cold or warm lighting).

What to look for when choosing a chandelier for the entrance hall and corridor

In addition to the design, which should as much as possible in harmony with the rest of the interior of your room, there are still a number of characteristics that should be considered when choosing a chandelier.

The selected fixture should be combined with the interior space

What to look for when choosing a chandelier in the entrance hall:

  1. lighting modes. Take a look at their number and characteristics.
  2. Energy consumption. It is also an important technical characteristics. If you like a few chandeliers, which will join the great interior of your hallway, then take the one that consumes the least amount of electricity.
  3. Used cartridges. Cartridges themselves are divided not only in diameter but also the material of manufacture: a ceramic model karbolitovye and other less popular.
  4. The number of used light bulbs. Although it is believed that the greater the luster, the more it is used in lamps, this is not always the case. When choosing a chandelier should come out of your corridor sizes. Accordingly, the larger the size - the more necessary for a comfortable lighting lamps.

Corridor Shape is also important. The narrow but long space will perfectly oblong models of lamps, and in the square - a chandelier in the middle and a few extra lights on the sides, if necessary.

Modern idea in the design of the hall room will purchase the wall rather than the ceiling lights. Taking into account all the features of the room, with the right approach, you can get not only a unique interior, but also an interesting play of light. If you want to achieve maximum harmony and originality, it is better when it comes to lighting hire the services of professional designers.

Very popular in the interior of the hall are hanging chandeliers

However, on their own, you can get very interesting results. For example, by sharing their secrets, the designers say that placing wall lamps at different heights, we can radically change the final design of the room.

If you are standing in the hallway mirror, then make sure that the wall lights were on opposite sides of the mirror, and thus ensure the best possible coverage.

Materials wall lights:

  1. Crystal. Lamps made of crystal provide the most vivid and intense lighting in the room.
  2. Fluted glass. As with cut glass, light passing through the fluted glass, will be the most intense.
  3. Matte plastic. Unlike the first two models of lamps made of frosted light up your hallway is not intense and quiet light.
  4. Textile. As in the case of plastics, light emanating from the lamp textile soft, mild and calm.

Each material can find an inexpensive, but quality model, which will be to your liking and fit into the interior hallway.

How does the choice of fixtures on the shape and size of the hall

Most often in the hallway there are no windows, and therefore plenty of natural light. Therefore, small lamps do not always fit in this room, if only not to clutter their entire ceiling.

Several small lamps will help to make the hall bright and spacious

If you have a long, but narrow corridor, the best option would be to install two or three small-sized chandeliers. If your hallway is rectangular, like a standard room, a good option would be wall sconces. But to install large chandeliers in the low ceiling, which is most often found in the hallways, it is not necessary, it is better to choose popular now flat model.

The lighting in the hallway should be bright enough for you before you leave could fully appreciate his appearance in the mirror.

The correct choice of chandeliers in the hallway (video)

As you see, choose a chandelier for the corridor - not such a simple task as it might initially seem. It is necessary to take into account the height of the ceiling, room dimensions, its shape, as well as the overall interior design.

Design chandelier in the entrance hall (photo in the interior)

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