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Refrigerator magnets with their own hands.

Refrigerator magnets with their own hands.

I wanted to make a simple souvenirs in the gift. But I had nothing: no blanks, no matching napkins, nor the ability to make prints ... I had to improvise, and Alice's advice Luchinskoye use the CD-disks proved handy.

So, we first need the discs and cards. Find suitable also proved to be not so simple))) Most made on the basis of photos and drawn not found immediately. Getting Started)

2. Drive the skins on both sides and gruntuem one layer of white paint with a sponge.

5. The face of the glue circles smaller. How many depends on the thickness of the paperboard.

If there are slits and have a groove around the hole, it is possible to cover all the filler.

6.Snova paint with white paint, dry them, the hard way.

7. Now do postcard. Soak it in water does not last long, just a few seconds to wet the whole. If you overdo, paint nichinaet burst and slazit. Anyway, it happened on one of those that I bought.

9. Since the image was printed on both sides, I got two pictures.

10. We cover the image layer akrilovago nail to save the image. Dry them.

11. Glue the image to disk with white glue, carefully smoothing and expelling bubbles. Sushim.Soshkurivaem excess from the edges.

Instagram on the fridge: how to make fun fotomagnity that will please everyone

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1. Favorite photo after applying insta filters and trim (in other words - the most perfect square in polaroid format), printed on thick photo paper;

2. The magnetic plate (sold in all stores for crafts or construction supermarkets);

4. The adhesive (preferably a spray);

5. stationery knife;

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Fridge Magnet with your own hands. Master class with step by step photos

Magnets on the fridge - eye-catching element of the decor. Since its introduction of these items very soon became very popular. There were people who began to collect them.

The first mention of these articles appeared in the distant 1971. During the entire existence with the magnets have been many changes: not so long ago they were engaged in manufacturing of large factories, today engaged in the creation of magnetic products can be anyone, regardless of status, money and the availability of entrepreneurial spirit. Occupation is a fascinating, so it's worth a try!

Author: Ivashchenko Victoria Nikolaevna, teacher of additional education to MBU Siut city Salsk Rostov region.

Description of work: Master - class is designed for all those who prefer to decorate the interior of the home with their own hands.

Purpose: decorative objects.

Goal: creating small magnet on the refrigerator with their own hands.

- learn to create original articles for the kitchen decor;

- improve the skills of the work with the necessary materials and tools, observing the safety rules;

- develop individual creativity, artistic taste;

- nurture industriousness, perseverance, accuracy in work.

- plywood workpiece in the form of bonsai;

- ribbon on the old gum hair;

- various decorative elements (artificial flowers and leaves, polubusiny, medallion "watch)"

- any transparent all-purpose adhesive (hereinafter - "Moment of Crystal");

- sandpaper №№ 1-2;

- scissors, needle, monofilament.

The choice is usually huge. The blanks are sold in pallets which are not necessary to throw away because they are very worthy stencil that can be used many times!

Any product made of plywood or wood before dressing should be carefully sanded with sandpaper.

At the initial stage, we will need these materials and tools, which will be added later decor elements:

To start decorate the trunk with string, though it now seems to me that it could just paint the brown acrylic paint (I will consider in the future).

We turn to the crown bonsai. Nanesom glue, starting from the middle of the workpiece, but before reaching the edge. Sticking twine.

One of the parts of the old gum hair was used in the previous MK to create brooches in the style of "boho", now it is the turn of a nylon tape. Putting it in half so as to form two tiers and proshom monofilament by pulling it in the end.

The resultant circle-skirt attach perimeter bonsai, whereupon zaymomsya pot, burlap first paste, and then saved as a piece of lace.

Piece of leather cut out the shape of the pot and stick the back of the next magnet.

While the basis for the magnet is glued, will prepare the necessary decorative elements and magnet.

Fix the magnet with glue "Magnet Crystal", providing maximum strong pressure on the glued surfaces. Getting decoration bonsai artificial flowers, leaves, "a watch" and, of course, coffee beans.

Make a "fitting" on the refrigerator.

It seems you can add some details. Make a bow of twine, glue polubusiny.

Fridge Magnet "Coffee Break" is ready!

A neighbor came to visit in the course of work and said that it had bought a refrigerator! Hint understood !

Create fridge magnets are very exciting and fast. Such a nice a present can be done in just a 30 - 60 minutes! The main thing that there are people who can please a pleasant trifle! I did not have a problem with it.

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From such a pleasant surprise for sure nobody will refuse!

Take my voice number 1!

Master - class understandable and accessible, and the materials are always easy to find.

You - a workaholic. Thank you for your ideas. Take voice.

Nikolaevna! It was nice to get to know your new publication - master-classes for the production of magnets on the fridge. Beautiful and very original thing! Publication, as always, well framed, beautiful photographic material. From such a nice a present no one will refuse! Magnet on the refrigerator - an attractive decor elements. Take my voice

Master - class excellent!

I admire your talent!

Of course, these accessories are very comfortable, interesting and accessible. At the same time, few people know what is the process of making this available produktsii.Vy told and shown. Amazing results. I give you a voice and wish a sea of ​​new discoveries and ideas!

! Creativity and imagination All clear, accessible by you is shown in the photo and explained step by step, there is a purpose and tasks, which you successfully reached: was very beautiful original magnitik.Takoy gentle, elegant and in a single copy, made by hand with great taste and soul I think that such a magnet would be appreciated to decorate your kitchen.

Thanks for the interesting publication, with pleasure I give you my voice + 1.

All succinctly, aesthetically, it attracts the attention not only because it's a magnet, so that the following is remarkable! Each stage is registered, with the release of the excellent photo! Well done! I've just come to himself after the wedding, the youngest son, but that did not stop me see your good work! Voice № 26

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