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  • Hall - part of the apartment, which was the first open view household and guests, so it is important to make it practical and beautiful. It would seem that in an area of ​​1.5-2 square meters difficult to implement any design ideas, but it is not so! To increase the visual space and cost savings, there are many techniques, which we describe below. If we approach the design of a small hallway with the mind, it will be a place to store all the necessary things, and the interior will please home comfort for many years.

    The style of the interior for a small hallway

    To finish, furniture and household stuff looked together as an ensemble, it is very important to choose what style will be sustained interior. Small entrance hall decorate discreet areas: modern, classic, Scandinavian, Provence or loft. They all share a minimalist, orderly and harmonious. Thanks to these features, even a small space will be comfortable and enjoyable.

    Elegant functionality - this is the motto of modern style in design. It is characterized by clean lines, contrasting colors (usually achromatic or close to it) and a smooth surface. high-tech materials are used throughout.

    In the modern interior of the small hall is almost no decorations, drawings or protruding elements. In general, it is the impression of good taste and refinement.

    Classic first sight captivates with its elegant nobility. The soft glow of gold on a white or beige background, perfect symmetry, luxurious texture, and a gorgeous decor - all this creates an atmosphere of well-being and makes the interior of the hallway the elite.

    French romance of Provence - pastel colors, vintage light furniture, floral ornaments and fishnet inserts. In such circumstances, always a lot of light and air. A small entrance hall, decorated in the style of Provence, its gentle simplicity resembles a dollhouse or a summer holiday in the village with my grandmother.

    Exposed brick walls, metal abundance and roughly processed wood, exposed beams, and communication - all this makes the loft quite brutal, but in a small hallway is a design can be quite appropriate.

    This style does not tolerate pretentiousness - rather banal headset on the wall can be only a few hooks and one or two shelves and shoe storage can be adapted an old chest of drawers.

    It is in the loft organically fit bike, backpack, roller skates, skateboard and other attributes of an active lifestyle, so that such a concept certainly will appeal to travelers, as well as creative people.

    Hallway in the Scandinavian style

    Inspired by northern nature, Scandinavian style gives the interior a fresh. In its basis - spotlessly clean snow, ice and river darkening cliffs, and supplement their warm notes inherent in Swedish and Norwegian homes.

    Bleached wood, ethnic patchwork tiles and mats are typical dilute austere design hallway, creating a cozy lived-in look.

    By the choice of colors for the hall should be approached responsibly, showing the artistic taste and moderation. In a small area, it is desirable to use no more than 2-3 colors: one primary, the other - for contrast and fine details.

    A small entrance hall in white

    The white color is ideal for interior design of a small hallway, since expands the space visually. Snow-white room will become a model of order and cleanliness, black and gray elements nicely complement the achromatic design, and colored inserts next to the white will look cool.

    The small entrance in a beige color

    Milk-coffee tones many people love for their practicality. Beige decoration and furniture look great in any style. It is very light, but at the same time warm, homely color. Best neighborhood for him - dark brown, creamy, soft green.

    A small hallway in shades of gray

    Neutral and restrained gray - the best solution for cool design. Polished steel, mirror and proper lighting will make the environment more lively monochrome and white blotches will remove the sense of gloom.

    A small entrance hall with pastel colors

    Lavender, light blue, pale pink, mint and lemon color - create a lovely atmosphere and unobtrusive. They are indispensable in the style of Provence, but also in other directions can be used individually.

    Finishes and materials for hall

    Entrance hall is not a problem premises, so it demands to moderate moisture resistance, but it was there that accumulates the most dirt from the street. This means that the material is best to choose a smooth surface - ones that are easy to wash and clean.

    For practical reasons, the floor in a small hallway worth doing durable. For this purpose the perfect tile, granite tiles or linoleum. It is also possible to arrange a self-leveling floor. Parquet and laminate in the active mode of operation is likely to last for long.

    For the walls in the hallway often used artificial stone, ceramic tile (imitating brick), and the usual decorative plaster, plastic panels, as well as wallpaper. An interesting embodiment may also be cork, from a visual perspective Mural painting or paint blackboard on which can be drawn with chalk.

    To the room did not seem even less - from the lurid images, contrasts and allocates bands on the walls should be abandoned in favor of plain bright colors.

    Visually raise the height of a small-sized entrance hall you can arrange a two-level ceiling of white gypsum frame around the perimeter and the mirror in the center of the film.

    However, the fit and the usual paint the ceiling in a light color, and tension option and mirror pvc panel. The main thing is not to place over the head of large or massive structures, pulls attention to themselves.

    Uncomfortable furniture - the main problem of small hallways. This means that the time has come to throw out the old corridor bulky cabinets and replace them with modern, compact storage.

    The square hall is convenient because there are many places around. Thus, along one wall can be put straight furniture (for example, close to the corner by the door - open rack with hooks, underneath Stand for shoes next cabinet, chest of drawers and a mirror), and along the other, if fit - shallow closet .

    Another option - at the corners radius cabinets with rounded doors and the rest of the space used by low shoe racks.

    Narrow (rectangular) little hallway

    should make maximum use of space near the front door and above it in the narrow hallway. On both sides should stay in the narrow storage system, and at the top - a stylish mezzanine.

    Instead of bulky mirrors with pedestal, better just hang it on the wall, and purchasing a closet with mirrored door, you can see yourself in full view.

    For special shoes it is desirable to acquire kaloshnitsu with folding shelves, wherein each pair is arranged not horizontally but at an angle.

    A small entrance hall of irregular shape

    In private houses and two-storey apartments to save space hangers often arrange under the stairs. Sometimes a non-standard form of the corridor is the result of redevelopment, or such was the original idea of ​​the architect.

    In any case, for an unusual space is better to order furniture to individual measures and drawings - then each cabinet fits perfectly into the niche provided for him.

    Lighting in a small hallway

    That because of the lack of windows hallway did not seem gloomy, should provide good lighting in it. This point can be LED or neon tape around the perimeter and a small pripotolochnaya chandelier (or better - a little) in the center; two or four lamps in the form of torches or other suitable forms of style; angle floodlights.

    Gender can be illuminated by fluorescent elements or built under the toughened glass LED-lights - it will not stumble in the dark.

    To create a cozy atmosphere best suited warm yellowish light shade. Cool white can be illuminated on both sides of the mirror at face level - it allows you to see without makeup shadows and distortions - such as it will appear on the street.

    Design a small hallway in the Khrushchev

    Expand the space of a small-sized hall and modernize the interior of the apartment-Khrushchev often possible with the help of redevelopment. Of course, this requires a financial cost and performance of legal formalities, but the result justifies itself. By combining the hallway with the living room, you get a spacious hall, and for clothing and footwear will be enough one corner.

    If this is not possible, it is simply to make better use of free space that is usually left unattended - the space above the door, the angles, and the ceiling will not prevent spacious mezzanine for storage of seasonal things.

    Another interesting option - to arrange a niche in the wall and mount storage system right there. The main thing that it was not the bearing pad and the inner partition, the destruction of which will not harm the house.

    Interior design small hallway - photo

    Especially for you we have collected the best examples of design of small hallways. In the photo you can find a variety of unusual solutions, interesting ideas and secrets of how to organize space and ergonomically comfortable. Get inspired!

    Entrance hall into a small corridor, photos and tips

    Most of the design solutions designed for large spaces. But model homes hallways or small, or limited to a small corridor. All this limits the ability of functional content and design registration premises. But if you are interested in an entrance to a small corridor, it is quite possible to create a very small space.

    Development of design solution is limited when the hall consists of a small corridor. many are trying to choose between a small filling and beautiful appearance on this case. But you do not use this approach.

    In this case, the size of the room becomes the starting point for the study design solutions. It is important to remember the number of square meters in all stages, from project development to the repair work and installation of furniture.

    Among the complexities are the following:

    • low ceiling;
    • narrow space;
    • the presence of turns and corners.

    But do not worry about these features corridors. If you look at a photo, you'll see that many of these features can be circumvented by using light, color and texture of materials features.

    Planning corridor space Khrushchev

    The most problematic is the corridor in the Khrushchev. This is due to the fact that there is often limited space of two square meters, which significantly complicates the flight of design ideas. In the photo you can see how to solve the problem with the lack of space in the Khrushchev. To do this, the principles of minimalism are actively used. When selecting the cabinet give preference to models with the following features:

    • shallow;
    • maximum height;
    • functional storage system.

    In Khrushchev is so small corridor that we should abandon the idea of ​​storage are all outerwear. It is better to store seasonal clothes only.

    But most of all it concerns the storage of shoes. If you put here all the available shoes, just no room to pass. Leave only the shoes that wearing or plan to wear this season. And the rest of the shoes can be stored in any other place. It is important not to clutter up the space of the entrance area in the Khrushchev and make it visually spacious, as in the photo.

    Space concept corner hallway

    You have a corner entrance and you do not know how to organize its space? This is one of the most challenging in form and size of the room. During the planning of the interior seems to be that it is impossible to do anything. But it is not so. Uncomfortable angle can conveniently beat. You do not have to think how to place along the wall all the necessary pieces of furniture. Also unnecessary selection cabinets suitable depth. This is due to the fact that the angle of which can accommodate a fairly wide furniture.

    There are specific guidelines that allow you to properly equip the angular hallways. The following principles can be distinguished among them:

    • unity of furniture design: It is important to fit all - hats, shoes, accessories, outdoor clothing. All this does not make sense to separate. In the photo you can see how it is assembled in a corner cabinet with sufficient capacity;
    • corners mitigation: this solution is designed to angled hallways, occupying very little space. In this case, the cabinet may occupy the entire corner. And not to touch the sharp edges, prefer rounded designs. This is especially clearly seen in the photo.

    Different finishes allows you to select functional areas, even in the small hallway. Of course, you are limited to the design of the room size. But here it is possible to go several ways:

    • bright finish. In this case, even in the hallway Khrushchev will look visually more spacious. Prefer a different texture. So, you can use wallpaper to the top of the walls and wood paneling to the bottom. Thus the latter can pass into the floor covering. Interior complement white glossy ceiling spotlights, installed around the perimeter of the room. The photo is often found just such an option, so choose the right without any problems;
    • dark finish. This solution allows you to create a truly intimate atmosphere in a small space. Give preference to dark tones in the selection of finishing materials for walls and floors. As for the ceiling, it should not be white. The best choice would be suspended ceiling paint or beige. In this case it is necessary to abandon the white baseboards and ceiling baguettes.

    Lighting is very important when choosing any color finish. Thus, inadequate lighting dark interior make it dull and gloomy. A white wall will acquire a grayish hue.

    Select a wallpaper for a small hallway

    If you plan to select the wallpaper in a small entrance hall, it is important to proceed with caution. But it is necessary to take into account everything - the texture, color and matching furniture. Consider the following guidelines when selecting a wallpaper.

    A small space should not be a problem during installation of furniture. As a starting point can be used simplicity and conciseness. The best solution are built-in wardrobes. They should be inconspicuous against the background of the environment.

    Successfully looks entrance made in any color. So, it looks good white furniture on a light white wallpaper and the ceiling. It is important to set the right lighting. If suddenly this interior will seem boring, please make the few bright accessories.

    Prefer modular furniture to set the required number of elements. The photo shows that it is modular furniture all looks advantageous in the interior hallway. You can refer to a collection of one manufacturer and choose only those pieces of furniture that you need. The advantage of this furniture is the opportunity to meet not only in design but also in functionality.

    If you have enough budget, hallway furniture can be made to order. Choice you have to do with the following features:

    • the required dimensions;
    • material;
    • color solutions;
    • the presence of such additional elements as decorative lighting and mirrors.

    Wardrobe in the interior of a small hallway

    Wardrobe is one of the best options for the interior hallway. Photo you can see how many of its variants can be used in the entrance area of ​​the house or apartment. A budget wardrobe is largely determined by its design features.

    When choosing a wardrobe is necessary to take into account the design features:

    • design of facades and doors;
    • internal filling;
    • the height of the enclosure;
    • the presence of additional elements.

    ideal for narrow but tall cabinet for a small hallway. For certain cases, it can reach up to the ceiling, which can be seen in the photo. As the facade is possible to use veneer, which is an environmentally friendly material. But you may prefer to MDF or particleboard, which is much cheaper.

    Capacity design can be increased if it will reach up to the ceiling. Due to the absence of the top cover is significantly reduced budget expended. But here highlight some limitations. When installing suspended ceilings must be at least a small space between the door and the cabinet elements.

    In the hallway is often placed all sorts of decorative items. A number may be quite large. it is not always suitable for the small corridor. But completely refuse should not be on the decor.

    The best option for a small hallway are decorative items that can be placed on the walls. As these elements can be distinguished paintings, photos, posters and mirrors placed in the frame. Prefer a small mirror surfaces, as they are visually increase the room and bring it more air. Such surfaces can act closet or even the original mirrored dresser.

    Thus, the design of a small entrance hall can make it functional and beautiful, even in the Khrushchev. It is enough to choose the right color, to place color accents and well-arrange the furniture. Important to remember that there are no trifles for interior design, because sometimes even incorrectly selected hanger or a mirror can spoil all the impression of the work.

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    Small lobby in the hall: photo ideas and original versions

    Before proceeding to the design and development of corridor situation, it is necessary to determine the size and shape of the room, as well as its location in relation to the other rooms. Modern small-sized halls in the corridor, which presented photos on the site are able to transform the narrow and dark space in the most comfortable room. Making the hall - an important task, as this room is a hallmark of the home and creates the first impression of the interior.

    Stylish and comfortable hall does not necessarily include many items of furniture and bulky cabinets. Minimalism is always in demand

    Small lobby in the hall: a photo of the best options

    It is difficult to create an ergonomic design in a compact space. In a small area should accommodate many things, shoes and some household supplies. It is important to choose the right style corridor design that would combine with other rooms.

    Furniture design should be combined with other objects and accessories in the interior

    Interesting layout solutions can be seen in the photo. Small lobby in the corridor are selected with regard to the shape and dimensions of the room. The standard apartments following architectural forms are used:

    With proper design of even the elongated room will look perfectly

    • entrance hall - a compartment. With this embodiment, miniature room of the door moves in continuation of the corridor;
    • branch in the corridors, which are often used in the one-bedroom apartments.

    The interior of the narrow space can be divided into parts. To do this, use different colors and flooring materials. Zoom close quarters will mirror and bright lights. By dramatically increasing the space measures hallway relates dismantling walls toilet and closet. individual design solutions hallways worth considering.

    The separation space via functional cabinet

    Helpful information! To create the most useful storage systems, it is necessary to use the height of the space. Unload shelves and cabinets help mezzanine.

    Making the hall in the Khrushchev

    Khrushchev have a narrow corridor, which is difficult to accommodate all the necessary furniture. You can look at the photos prihozhku for small corridors. In this room there is no relief plaster, artificial stone and frame wall coverings.

    Functional design in a small hallway is performed using a spacious and compact furniture

    To increase the area of ​​the pantry can be removed, and in its place establish a built-in wardrobe with mirror door. In the niche perfectly placed shelves and cabinets for shoes. When you create an interior corridor Khrushchev recommended to use wallpaper with fine patterns and bright stucco walls. The floor covering should be several shades darker than the main background.

    With the help of illumination can be visually enlarge constrained space

    Helpful information! For built-in niche furniture worth using additional light sources.

    Interior nuances for a long and narrow hallway

    Long corridor with high ceiling requires a special approach. To make a cozy room should be used ceilings or panels, which are placed at a lower level if necessary. Compact space obtained by using paint or gluing the ceiling in dark colors. You can also use the installation of the mezzanine.

    The interior of the narrow space can vary by means of the decor on the walls, original lighting and design flooring

    Effectively looks zoning long space. For this purpose it is necessary to get a functional hallway into the hallway. When this furniture is used with light colored or mirrored surface. The photo presents interesting options.

    To apply zoning such design techniques:

    • They use different floor coverings. For example, combinations of linoleum or tile;

    Some materials help to create the perfect combination

    • separation is carried out using different color palette;
    • entrance area is made via the podium.

    Small podium will divide the space

    Divide the room into several parts will help bright accent or an original accessory.

    You can see the options for small hallways to the corridor on the photo. Organized storage system and freedom of movement will help to provide the following attributes:

    • Wall hangers, Floor racks and various hooks;

    Open shelves and racks help to create more free space

    • Stylish stand for umbrellas give the interior refinement;

    Original stand allow you to create a stylish interior

    • sliding and folding stand for shoes are easy;

    drawer type shelves are part of the ergonomic interior

    • small tables and consoles for storing small things allow to organize the space correctly.

    Helpful advice! Since most of the corridors of apartment houses there is a lack of lighting, it is recommended to use LED lamps and fluorescent lights.

    Making small hallways in economy class corridor: the selection and placement of furniture

    Important tastefully furnished in a small hallway. Photo shows an interesting arrangement of the headset. In this room type is necessarily used capacious wardrobe, obuvnitsa and additional benches or ottomans. An excellent embodiment is a closet built-in type. It placed lattice, baskets and shelves.

    Successful registration of small hallways:

    When choosing furniture should take into account certain rules:

    • All items must be combined with the finish of the walls. If you are using wallpaper with patterns, the furniture set should be selected with a small number of small parts;
    • necessary elements are considered racks, cabinets, dressers, mirrors and cabinets, but they should not be used in large quantities;
    • It can save a useful area sets of furniture with sliding doors.

    In the interior it is recommended to follow the concept of minimalism and to limit the main subjects. To create the visual effect of a large room, you can use the mirrors. For best results, mirror sheet should be placed on the ceiling to the floor. Install mirrors on opposite walls create a feeling of limitless space.

    Budget option is to choose a modular hall. The individual items are perfect for each other in all sizes and colors.

    Using the modular furniture allows you to plan your environment to your liking

    Ideal option of furniture for a narrow corridor - a shallow sliding wardrobe with mirror door. It allows maximum fill angled surfaces, and on the side walls to install hangers for clothes or accessories.

    Furnish hall square shape by using hangers, corner cupboard and chest. If the shoe is too much, you can use a high cabinet with angled shelves. In this case, the objects are positioned compactly in a narrow space.

    Additional furniture

    Relevant intermediate floors in rooms with high ceilings. They contribute to the creation of useful space for storing things. Such a storage space or mounted above the enclosure equipped with a square. The last option allows you to visually reduce the height of ceilings. Unusual decision considered mezzanine structure - a ladder, which has a long design. At the bottom of these products are installed lighting.

    For some of the interiors of the cabinet can be used instead of a hanger. There are models that are equipped with storage space for hats or umbrellas.

    Mezzanine help to comfortably accommodate all the things

    An important element of the hall is considered obuvnitsa, but additional space is required for it. For small rooms suitable miniature but high design. Some models are equipped with cabinets compartment for storing shoes. Instead ottoman and bollards should use a narrow obuvnitsey seat.

    Obuvnitsa allows you to arrange all the shoes, but require a separate seat for her

    The hallways are often used shelf open and closed. Similar constructions are used for storing a variety of accessories. If the room has a niche, they can be converted into a comfortable storage. Complement rod structure and various shelves.

    open shelves can be used for placement of accessories

    A small corridor decorated with a variety of mirror elements that can be placed on the bedside table or on the wings. Vertical placement of the mirror sheet allows you to visually raise up the low ceiling, and the horizontal layout will help expand the space.

    Mirrors allow you to create original visual effects

    Gaining popularity such an option as the modular furniture. Its advantage is the ability to make furniture composition of their own taste, as well as meet basic needs.

    Helpful information! If the hall is too small, instead of cabinets used compact shelves and various hangers.

    Construction of small anteroom with wardrobe compartment into the corridor: the successful storage space

    Popular option anteroom with wardrobe compartment into the corridor. When placed in a narrow room you need to follow some rules. Doors do better mirror and wardrobe should be a small depth and height. Wardrobe fine saves space, since tight to the wall, and can be used without the rear wall. Such a set can be installed in place of a connecting wall.

    Sliding wardrobe can be complemented by a small furniture set

    If the corridor is too long, it can be done by means of zoning arches. In this uncomfortable space is divided into the hall and the main part. The main burden rests with the hall, which establishes a wardrobe and a comfortable bench.

    Versions with cabinet - coupe:

    An important advantage of this furniture set is its door. This is true for small rooms where inappropriate use furniture with hinged doors. The sliding-door wardrobes can be placed all the shelves and shelves. The outside is enough to put a mirror with a small shelf for small items. In some cases, the mirror panels are hung on the door structure.

    How to choose small-sized angular come into the corridor options for practical furniture

    Efficient use of all available space will allow the use of corner hallway into a small hallway. After mounting the corner cabinet, no need to install an open hanger. This allows a more compact space to organize.

    The corner cabinet-compartment can accommodate all your clothes and shoes. There is no need to install additional furniture items.

    Corner suites of different capacity

    When you create a situation following a corner hallway design principles must be observed:

    • unity must be respected suite of furniture. Compartment for hats, outerwear, and housekeeper umbrellas should be integrated element;
    • in a small room closet can hold entire angle, but it should soften the corners. Rounded edges will not interfere with the movement of the room.

    A variety of angular models:

    Wardrobe for a small room should be compact and maximally functional. It is not necessary to store all the garments in the hallway. Not leave things just for the season. In the tiny room, even a few extra components will effect the clutter.

    When making a small corridor is considered to be the basic principles of brevity and simplicity.

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