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Beautiful and colorful napkins sets will serve you a practical decoration of your dining room table or tea. Each napkin is unique and has its own flavor.

napkin №1 with floral pattern 29cm in diameter.

Set №2 napkins for glasses for juice, and a pitcher. Large diameter napkin 22 cm, 12 cm small.

Square napkin №3 size 26 x 26 cm for knitting napkins set under dinner plates.

Scheme knitting square wipes:

napkin №4 25cm in diameter will complement the desktop vase.

napkin №6 28 cm.

napkin №7 diameter 32 cm - light airy openwork.

napkin №8 diameter 35 cm looks elegant and festive.

napkin №9 size 30cm with unusual rounded shape.

Napkin 10 № diameter 26 cm - A beautiful delicate flower.

Napkin 11 № 30cm size - from such a stellar gift no one will refuse.

The scheme of knitting cloth - Star:

Napkin 12 № diameter 18 cm perfect for a tea set.

Napkin № 13. Unusual doily with a diameter of 30cm clear outlines.

Napkin 14 №. Flower in a square size of 23 x 23 cm will be left without attention.

The scheme of knitting a square motif:

Napkin 15 № 22 or 15cm diameter. Use crochet napkins set two shades of thread and a simple pattern shine.

The scheme of knitting a set of napkins:

Napkin 16 № 28cm diameter made beautiful flower motif.

The scheme of knitting floral motif:

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Schemes crochet napkins crochet for beginners with a description of

Crochet for beginners Wipes better to start a yarn thicker (but not much), so as not to get lost in the thread. For example, semi-wool or acrylic.

Hook thickness thread choose accordingly. This is done by trial: if you take a very thin hook, then knit thick yarn is hard, almost impossible. Hook with a very large number will turn out too holey cloth.

For dense knitting napkin Starter suitable hook No. 2 - 2.5. But, again, I repeat, do not follow strictly what is written. Try it, choose the option you think is more convenient.

It is better for beginners to choose the simplest scheme of knitting crochet napkins.

Crochet little wipes can be used as a stand for glasses, cups. White or multi-colored compact little wipes are well will look in the table setting.

Well, in the future for knitting openwork napkins is better to use thin cotton thread reel, such as those used for sewing (№0-10). Of these, the product will turn soft and airy.

The hook in this case, too, take the lowest numbered 0.5 or 1.

You can even knit a napkin from a thick cotton yarn such as Iris, a hook fit with a number of 1.2-1.5.

So, how to tie a hook a napkin?

Excellent vidiourok knitting napkins hexagon

Napkin sunflower video hook part 1 and 2

Attention to the training video lesson for beginners.

First, one can learn to knit a small vase napkin, for example. How to do it? First, let's get acquainted with the implementation of several loops. The knitting is based on the air loop, and bars with and without sc sc. Everything else - a derivative of these figures, which, combined together, constitute a pattern.

Napkin diameter of about 30 cm, yarn c / b of about 50 g and a hook №1.

Like most tissues, with the knitting start loop aerial (CP), in this case there will be 8, they are closed by the connecting column (comp. V.).

Symbols for Scheme

2 series: provyazyvaem 3. n. 2 and lifting column with sc (v. s / n) connected together to form a ring, (Scheme fragment napkins) * 3. p., 3 tbsp. s / n, connected together by * should be repeated 6 times and end 3. n. 1 comp. Art. vmestesvyazannyh Art. s / n.

Further rows are knitted on the proposed scheme based on the legend. Thus, instead of the first loop scheme provyazyvaetsya necessary amount of air lifting loops.

Such work is not difficult in the case where a beginner needlewoman acquainted with the graphic designation of certain loops. Simple schemes of various tissues can be found here.

And now look at our workshop below.

Instructions for knitting series:

You need to score 5 CP and connect them to the Comm. Art.

2 series: 3 recruit ce lifting ce and 2, then around 7 v. s / n, each of which provyazyvaetsya 2 ce, streaked for hinges ring.

3 range: 3 n lift, 4 tbsp.. s / n, knit under 2 ce between Art. bottom row. Now, under a ce bottom row in a circle of five Art. Several loops terminating connection leading from 3 p.podema.

Row 4: 3 n perform lifting and 4 tbsp.. s / n, provyazyvaya them with a single vertex. Then 5 ce Next is the alternation of 5 item. one vertex and ce Ce ends number 5, the latter of which is connected to claim 3. Ascent.

Row 5: The entire series of repeat of Article 9. s / n below ce bottom row. We connect leading n. A third paragraph. Lift.

row: 3 n lift, 4 tbsp.. s / n with a single vertex provyazat Art. bottom row, then 5 ce 5 and Art. alternate with a single vertex to the end. Terminating connection leading hinge with claim 3. Ascent.

Number 7: 3 n lifting and 9 art.. s / n at 5 ce bottom row. * Next, under the five-ce provyazyvaem 5 Art. s / n, by following item 5-10. s / n * and the combination (**) provyazyvaem until after a further 7 times.

8 number 3 n lifting and 4 tbsp.. s / n with a common vertex, then 5v.p and repeat.

Row 9: 3 n lifting under 5 ce. bottom row provyazyvaem 9 Art. s / n. Further, under the 5 * ce Lower-5 v. s / n, repeat this step, and for the next 5 ce for 10 st. s / n *. Combination (**) continue around the circle.

Handling diameter napkin can independently.

Napkins may be of various shape - square, circular, rectangular, polygonal, oval and so forth, all depends on the requirements. The simplest method for manufacturing of napkins may be knitting the same motives that are simply connected to each other.

It is highly recommended to view this video.

Square wipes often crochet of identical motives with an increase in their number napkin converted into cloth or blanket. For a square cloth size 27 x 27 cm 80 g of yarn necessary and hook № 1,5.

As can be seen, napkin consists of large and small motifs.

Close motive: provyazyvaem 10. n. and closes the chain of Ser. Art.

1st row: 3 provyazyvaem. n. lift, 23 Art. s / n on the circle. Ends using conn. Art.

2 Range: 17 to recruit. n. (where 1 c. p. lift, and the remaining 16 in. p.), 2 tablespoons. without sc (n / n) in the next 2 tbsp. s / n of the first row. Now, * 1 tbsp. b / n in a subsequent article. s / n the previous row 16. n. 2 and v. w / v 2. s / n * Combination of the previous row (*) is repeated 6 times. That is, a 7 arches, with 7 arches and a number ending with Port. Art.

number: provyazyvaem in accordance with the scheme, and cut the thread at the end. Such motives need 9 pieces.

To connect provyazyvaem little tune: dial 8 CP and closable ring.

1st row: 3 recruit. n. Recovery and 23 Art. s / n in a circle and finish comp. Art.

2 series: provyazyvaem 14. n., 5, Art. s / n is 5 Art. s / n the previous row. * 1 tbsp. s / n in the art. s / n the previous row 11. p. 5 and Art. s / n is 5 Art. s / n * preceding row, combination (**) is repeated 2 times, generally counting-4. End of produce using the Comm. Art. These elements need 4 pieces. Motives are connected on the circuit.

Standard napkins circular shape

If we consider the variety of round napkins, here is where carousing fancy. They will not only be the exclusive home decoration, but also an original gift. For round oval wipes can also be used in simple and complex design motifs. But in the end it turns out very beautiful napkins, including beginners.

need thin white thread and a hook №1. Napkin provyazyvayutsya 7 circular motifs. They are connected after 4 rows and 2 are strapped to complete rows of stitches. For each element 8 ce connect Port. Art.

number: provyazyvaem 3 ce and 19 v s / n and linking the loop with claim 3. ascent

2 series: in need 5. n. Recovery and 2 tbsp. three sc in the compound. Art. knit together as a loop, * 4. p., 3 tbsp. three sc in next loop * single column. Combination (**) Repeat 19 times, once to 4. n., completing a series of conn. Art. in the 5th century. n. raising.

The third and fourth rows provyazyvaem according to the diagram. That is, after connecting all parts of the strapping 2 rows ce

Particular attention is always get openwork crochet napkins, which scheme you will find below. Beautiful and elegant, they can decorate any interior. Masterfully executed product will not leave anyone indifferent.

For the execution of openwork patterns need certain skills, as thin threads and small hooks are used for knitting.

The scheme involves the use of a large number of techniques and combinations of loops.

and beginners can independently link the openwork cloth that is easy to implement. It consists of aerial loops, which under the force of a beginner. Make a loop and sliding provyazyvaem 17th century. b / n inside the loop. Putting a number of Comm. n. the first and last loops.

2 series: 3 CP and loop base provyazyvaem Art. b / n. and repeat the circle, the first and last connected loops.

3rd row: skip the hook under the arch and provyazyvaem Port. p., 3 ce and provyazyvaniya Art. b / n the arch, repeat the circle. We connect the 1st and the last loop.

Row 4: provyazyvaem through the arch conn. loop and 4 ce * and carry through the next archway provyazyvaya item. b / n. * The combination (**) repeat in a circle. We connect the first and last loops.

Row 5: The arch provyazyvaem 2 conn. n. 5 and * ce, we hold the arch and knit st. b / n *, (**) repeat until the end, connects the first and last loops.

number: 2 Port again. n and * ce 6, is held under the arch and provyazyvaem Art. b / n *, (**) repeat, ending with a compound of the 1st and the last loop.

The size of a simple but at the same time the size of the openwork napkins can be adjusted independently, adhering to the principle of knitting.

Must see a selection of our video tutorials for beginners.

For knitting, you will need: 40 g of white cotton yarn (265 m / 50 g), the hook № 1,25-1,5.

Description of knitting: for a great motive to tie a chain of 8 abstentions. p. 1 and comp. Art. connect it to the ring. Run 3 abstentions. n. v 1 instead. s / n, 1 tbsp. s / n, then knit circularly * 2 Sports. p., 2 tbsp. s / n, repeat from * 6 times, 2 Sports finish. n., 1 comp. Art. in the 3rd Air. n. beginning. Knit the scheme, each circular row start with the Air. n., whose number is indicated in the figure, and end comp. Art. In the diagram is shown only a portion of tissue. Circular rows to complete a drawing. After the 11-th row 1-th circular Motov completed. Total run 4 of the motif in the last row of each subsequent motif linking Port. Art. the previous one. For small motifs knit chain of 8 vozd.p. 1 comp. Art. connect it to the ring. Knit scheme. For the average motive perform 3 circular rows, in the last row to attach the motif Ser. Art. the others. 8 external motives to perform according to the scheme 3-series in the 3rd row to attach motives to the other comp. Art. The figures indicate the circular rows. Napkin and pull dry under a damp towel.

Napkin crochet "bunch of grapes". Step by Step Master Class

To work it needs 3 acrylic yarn colors (white, green and blue) and a hook №3.

Take the blue thread for knitting grapes. Attach the thread to the arch and is screwed onto the hook 7-10 elongated loops (number of loops depends on the elongated yarn thickness), then the loops are pulled through a hook and anchoring polustolbikom. After 1-3 knit loop aerial (again depending on the yarn thickness) and go to a new berry.

Similarly, knit the remaining 9 berries. Cut and fasten thread.

And of all fans on the first tier knit bunches of berries.

We turn to the leaves. First provyazyvaem 3 column with one sc, then 2 air loop, column 3 and again with one sc

Knit 3 air loop to access the cluster.

And connecting columns binds itself bunch. Between 1-3 berries knit connecting column (depending on the yarn thickness).

Further do loop aerial 3, column 3 with one sc, then air loop 2, column 3 and again with one nakida will repeat for the next cluster.

When it is completely knit series of green thread, we proceed to the second tier of the berries on each bunch.

Vyvyazyvaya following series of green thread to leaves by adding 2 columns in one loop of the lower row on each side of the air arches. The green part of the knitting should get wide.

So knit until until the whole bunch associate.

Strip all the ends of the thread, dressed them and tied the entire napkin in a circle arches of 6 stitches. Hook injected into each loop of the previous row.

The fillet crochet - it is in the style of knitting loin lace. With this technique work out a truly beautiful table linen, as well as summer blouse and fishnet scarves. And knit them simple and very interesting. Knitting loin sirloin like embroidery. Columns with sc and aerial loops form a grid and simultaneously it is knitted pattern. Those who want to make a beautiful thing, in the technique of knitting loin: scheme can be seen below:

Start your acquaintance with the art of knitting loin best with small napkins. A feature of loin knitting is that you need a large space for a complex and interesting pattern. Therefore, the larger the leaf, the more room for imagination in the technique of knitting loin.

Subject to the loin knitting can be varied, as can embody all that pleases in this technique. The most famous destinations loin knitting - a design checkered cloth which resemble the geometry. Therefore, the pattern embodied in the fillet technique looks very beautiful. Technique loin crochet scheme given below:

How to master this style for beginners

Sirloin grid, which is the basis of crocheting, is a simple and unfilled. But it could be a more complex embodiment, filling with cells constituting the pattern. However, this possibility of loin knitting is not completed.

These cells can also thread the tape, and the contour of these cells can be vyvyazat ruffles. To date, sirloin knitting resembles a kind of imitation of sirloin - gipyurnoy embroidery.

Nothing difficult in the technique of knitting loin not only need to closely follow the schemes, as well as to check the strength of the yarn, and then get a beautiful product. Sirloin knitting can be masters of different things: napkins, tablecloths, clothes. It is always nice to admire the things made by hand. The main thing that was a responsible approach to the development of materials. It is important that they be made perfect.

To learn loin Crochet for beginners schemes need a full description of the sample. You can start with a simple example, a photo is below:

conventional cotton yarn or yarns 10 № average thickness, any neutral color;

But above all you must learn to read the schema for crochet. An example of such a scheme the symbols can be seen below:

Work should begin by knitting a chain of air loops. The number of loops must be even, and another loop at the end to complete the series.

It is necessary to link the sample, which can be useful in the future. The width of the finished product must not be less than 25 cm, or about 30 cells or 60 stitches plus 1 air loop. The length of the finished product should be greater than 1.5 times the width, about 45-50 cells.

It is important to know that the number of stitches and the number of columns does not coincide with the number of cells and the number of rows corresponds to the number of cells in height.

You need to dial 12 loops

Next you need to connect the chain to the ring

Then, 2 air loop join in the third from the beginning

Then, 5 sts in the same loop

Then you must link columns with sc in loop, and the result is a neat grid

Now the needle women very lucky. After all, a huge number of magazines in which you can find about the loin crochet scheme free. Also, a lot of information is on the Internet. Forums about sirloin knitting can help to understand. In these sections, a lot of good schemes and patterns, which can be easy to learn. Having studied the technique loin knitting, you can hit all your wonderful works.



Large collection of beautiful napkins. Scheme

Schemes crochet round napkins

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