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Top 50 best hairstyles for boys

Encourage your child to take care of hair.

Modern boys pay to their appearance no less attention than girls. Today there are many styles and types of haircuts for boys who are comfortable and fit their style and way of life.

Definitely a classic haircut out of time and fashion, it is suitable for any type of hair, the face and the child's age, however, many boys like to experiment and innovate, preferring a more bold and interesting ideas.

Haircuts for boys - a classic for medium length hair

It is believed that the boy should be short, but in recent years become increasingly popular hairstyles on the average length of which are suitable for any hair type, and allow you to create a unique and exclusive style and image. It is worth noting that such haircuts for boys require special care and all the boys agree to tolerate unnecessary inconvenience.

It does not lose its popularity versatile haircut "Bob9raquo ;, which is loved not only girls, but also modern youth. The style of this haircut is suitable for almost any type of hair and oval face. Moreover, this hairstyle does not require special care and careful installation. Prerequisite is regularly updated hairstyle.

Adolescents 10-12 years perfect "Kare9raquo ;, which will help diversify the torn ends, cascading locks, asymmetry and smooth edges. Care bob is a simple washing and drying hair dryer.

Unfortunately, the average length of the hair is not always possible to create a model hairstyle. Also, be aware that your child is at least 6 hours spent in school for books and notebooks, in which case the elongated bangs can cover the review and adversely affect vision.

Short haircuts for boys

Modern technologies used by the masters of beauty salons, greatly expanded the possibilities of men's haircuts and introduced new trends in the classic short hairstyles for boys.

Popular among teenagers are sporting hairstyles, when the length of hair all over the head is the same. Such hairstyles does not require special care, and provide an opportunity to experiment with the creation of drawings and patterns.

Hit of the season - the absence of strict contours and patterns. When choosing a modern hairstyles can use a variety of techniques and styles, add asymmetry, a haircut more dynamic, to create a "creative chaos". Hair length in these hairstyles can vary. Shorn temples, long locks at the top and bangs will help to change the hair style and the look of a boy on a daily basis.

Classic hairstyle with strict observance of the circuit and make the parting boy mature and stricter. It is more appropriate to the calm and docile children. Fans of extreme contradictions and more appropriate haircuts with bangs oblique, pigtails or elongated neck, crew cut or a mohawk.

Creative "shapochka9raquo ;, poluboks, creative chaos and various patterns are in the trend of the coming year. Extra Long hair is the crown along with the ultra-haircut on the sides make it possible to modify the daily cut.

This season, the fashion fringe of any length and shape. Short bangs will give the boy mischief and wickedness, emphasize its individuality and make a person more open. In addition, this option is ideal bangs during school hours.

Lovers to experiment, be aware that some hairstyles require a certain type of hair. Thus, the owners of soft and silky hair is unlikely to fall in love "ezhika9raquo ;, since to create such hairstyles will have to do every day styling using special gels or mousses.

Contact a qualified beauty salon, you will be able to choose and create a hairstyle with all the features - face shape, hair structure and lifestyle. Do not think that the model hairstyle is something complicated and time-consuming, the basis of any hairstyle is its quality and form.

Haircuts for boys - expert advice

Our teens can not imagine their life without the outrageous and individual, want to stand out in the crowd. Therefore I'd like to give parents useful advice: choose a hairstyle, based on the wishes of the child and do not forget to listen to the advice of a stylist or barber. Perfect hairstyle - this hairstyle, combined with skin tone and face shape.

Do not be afraid to experiment with styles and images. Encourage your child to take care of hair, pay attention to nutrition as well as a lack of vitamins and minerals have a negative effect on the overall health and beauty of hair.

Hairstyles for boys in 2017: 100 new hairstyles photo

Cute boy hairstyle is important not only to parents. Of course, not all children recognize it, but it is important to look stylish and be recognized peers. And even before the child is older wrinkles his nose when he heard about the idea to go to the barber, after shearing a long look in the mirror - is provided.

In addition, as all in the fashionable world, hairdressing to seasonal trends. For example, short haircuts for boys are not nearly as popular as options with a long top. But shaved figures lead to the delight fashionistas.

And, of course, it is important not only to determine the length and silhouette, but also find a way to optimal placement. This is something we also discussed in our article.

Trendy hairstyles for boys in 2017

Ahead of all the children's haircuts for boys in 2017 (photo, however, make it clear why): With long locks, you can create almost any design - from the Iroquois to conservative classics. Canadian will be original look with curly hair.

Thus, in the upper part curls retained full, and at the temples and necks all curls are removed. Thanks to this trick styling retains its shape and does not disintegrate, as it happens, when the curl is cut in half.

When discussing stylish haircuts for boys, often due to a shortened or Canadian kviff. Sometimes called a "false mohawk" because long locks are often laid up, almost upright. Short whiskey and neck only to emphasize the contrast. This model haircut for boys is suitable for any type of person, with the exception of an elongated oval (fifth option is ideal for this case).

It should be remembered that the haircuts for teen malch Ikov different look on the hair of different colors. Due to this feature by using nozzles of different textures in brunettes can create entire "picture", but at the blond and red strands transitions are not so visible.

The boom in the short side with a variety of figures has affected everyone from preschoolers to graduate. Hairstyles for boys 12 years and over in many respects repeat the previous version, except for the shaved lines.

By the way, these lines can not only be simple: a haircut with shaved side often becomes a work of art of hairdressing.

Less likely to have asymmetry, when substantially shortened only one side.

Besides figure adorned temples, it is necessary to pay attention to design hairstyles in the forehead. Sharp geometric forms - the highlight of haircuts for boys 2017. Photos focus on styling features: the bulk of the side strands is removed.

Not every version of the short sides means a shortened neck. By the way, unlike the haircut with shaved temples (photo diverse, but you will understand what I mean), where the asymmetry is not provided. Of course, the pattern can be shifted, but the entire rear part remains equally open.

Harmonious concepts, where the "work area" becomes a space, in addition to the crown. This attractive hairstyles for boys 14 years and older: additional stowage is required, but the attention is guaranteed.

5. Fashion hairstyles for boys in the average length

The combination of long and short - not all that relevant offer haircuts for boys. Photo 2017 is the length of the square below the chin, graduated strands and so beloved boys negligence. Up front, framing the face, to be a little shorter.

Teenage hairstyles for boys assume greater contrast. It's not that teens dreamed to repeat the image of Elvis - just a form of giving a certain freedom. If desired fashionable hairstyle for boys grown tkov can be formed in the form of spikes.

But fidgets and fans of the experiments does not necessarily cut short - it is possible that after a short time such a style they like to stop. In this case, the hair "Mohawk" is built on contrasts. However, if necessary, the length can always be removed.

Children's haircuts for boys in any season include a neat bob. In 2017, the model will be recognized for a long whiskey and fluffy bangs, as appropriate for the majority of the oval face.

8. Mowing with accentuated forehead

This technique can be used all the fancy children's haircuts for boys. Hair at the forehead in the form expressed by a rectangle, accenting the corners of the temples. This course balances a round face and a distinct addition to the Iroquois.

Trendy hairstyles for boys in 2017:

  • raised from the roots of the hair, gently laid on its side, will transform the Canadian

  • another way to revive short-cut temples and long riding: pick up bang

  • side parting on the average length of the hair: the best option for men who do not like to spend a lot of time on her hair, because you need only throw the strand on one side and slightly forward

  • actual imitation haircuts "on site"

  • If your hair is prone to curl, this feature should be used to form soft locks open

  • haircuts on the average length of the same shape of the head, in this fashion season decided to lay hair to hair

  • on the other hand, the simulation does Vikhrov by organic haircuts for boys grew tkov: photos below show the effect after twisting strands

We hope trendy haircuts for boys, photo and description that you see here will inspire you to some new solution in 2017.

The most fashionable hairstyles for boys. Stylish children's hairstyles for boys: photo

Today, in our post we will look at the most fashionable hairstyles for boys and the most stylish hairstyles for boys, which is worth a photo to adopt a caring mothers and fathers this year, and show you what a super hairstyle for the boy to choose the best.

The most stylish and fashionable hairstyles 2017-2018 year are not inferior to the characteristics of adult men haircuts, which is much more serious approach to this issue.

Modern guys easily can give a head start to their fathers, because often the boy's haircut will look even cooler parent hairstyles.

And it's not just empty words, because grown men sometimes can not afford trendy haircut for one reason or another, while as for their sons can choose hairstyles for boys, adhering to the most daring, trendy and stylish trends.

Remember that hair cut for a boy to be adjusted correctly, only a haircut for a guy will look stylish and relevant.

Wrong hairstyle for the boy, both in principle and for an adult, can visually distort the appearance of the wearer. To choose the right hairstyle for the boy, taking into account such factors as the type of hair, the shape of the boy's face, whether the child can put your hair, if not hair cut short, and there is an opportunity to update the hairstyle.

Haircuts are popular for boys 2017-2018 classical type in this year that will never go out of fashion, hairstyles for boys in lengthened version of such stylish haircuts for boys, as "Caesar", "Bob", "Under the pot", "poluboks "" Bobrik "," Hedgehog "," Iroquois ", and fashionable children's haircuts for boys with sharp, cascading asymmetrically or straight hair strands.

Most boys prefer short haircuts, because care for this hairstyle is easier, but a lot of guys older choose hairstyles for boys in the extended version.

Equally important are the children's haircuts for boys in sporty style. Such shearing for boys may be supplemented with a pattern or a pattern.

Professional stylists by creating new masterpieces men's haircuts, moving away from the strict contours and patterns, preferring the original exclusive technology.

Dynamic fashionable hairstyle for a boy with a lung disorder or uneven bangs will look very stylish.

Deciding to choose a hairstyle for the boy, do not forget, not only about the external characteristics of the child, but also his character and temperament.

Quiet hairstyles for boys with restless flighty character is unlikely to fit.

Hyperactive children will approach the same active children's hair. It will emphasize the emotional state of restless, harmoniously combined with his inner world.

If the family council the question arose, how beautiful boy haircut, what hairstyle to choose a boy, our picture gallery "The most fashionable children's haircuts for boys 2017-2018 year" will be very useful.

Here you will find photos of hairstyles for children child of any age and on any length of hair, learn about what trendy haircuts for boys with design and pattern making professional hairdressers and stylists.

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