Attic with his hands photo finishes

Construction of the attic with his own hands, a photo of the best options

Construction of the attic is the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to expand living space in the house. The construction of such facilities is much cheaper than manufacturing a residential annexe to a private house. Even if the room, prepared under the attic, has a very small size, it does not mean the absence of the possibility of its rational use.

Floor attic It is not only a good investment of money, but also an opportunity to show imagination in the design of an interior made with their hands. Here are a few photos of the best examples of how to efficiently use every square meter of the area of ​​the attic.

This room can be a great place everything the nursery, bedroom, living room. When selecting options for creating the interior of the attic with his own hands, it will be possible considerable savings. In this case, it will be possible to get a comfortable and cozy room.

Manufacturing steps of the attic with his own hands

  1. Choose your style for the interior, which is also to be observed in determining the type of furniture, decoration materials and accessories for the attic.
  2. A decision on the type of materials to be used as ceiling decoration, floor, walls, attic. Experienced designers recommend the use of only high quality and natural materials.
  3. Definition of the main color scheme of the room. In this case one can use multiple shades of one color, an elegant and stylish receiving room. If the end result should be more extravagant and bold accents is best done by applying a bright and saturated colors.

Project the future of the attic and materials for construction

The main element of the job in progress is the roof, characterized by its unusual structure. Quite common embodiment in which the window openings is mounted directly to the roof by arranging them at a certain angle. mansard roof, made with their own hands, often entails a change in the profile, as if breaking it.

For the attic, you can use either conventional lean-and broken gable roof types. Of course, the resulting appearance will depend on the loft of the materials used, as well as on the design features of the roof.

As a general rule, in order to build the attic with his own hands, We need the following materials:

  • Board.
  • Reiki.
  • Metal corners.
  • Wooden blocks.
  • Metal braces.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Fasteners.
  • Mineral wool.
  • Window design.
  • Stairs.

Furthermore, it may be useful set of various construction tools, for example, screwdriver, hacksaw, a drill, a stapler, a level chisel.

frame construction and design of the arched attic

Professionals believe that the production of the framework is the most time-consuming step of building an attic room. Alone, the execution of this work is impossible, so you need an assistant. To start fit mauerlat around the perimeter of the very top of the house. Then it is necessary to attach the rack to the two extreme horizontally disposed rails, interconnected. Finally, set the longitudinal bridge on top of the racks.

In order to produce an arched design with your hands as shown in the photo, it is necessary to pull a cord and formed between the arches to fix the inner part of the frame. Their value should match the size of the side arches. Fixing all the elements recommended to metal straps and corners. Finally, using a conventional hammer and nails, on the outer side of the roof you need to nail crate, formed of slats or planks.

These elements are a key step in the construction of the attic with his own hands. The best option to protect premises against moisture penetration will membrane film, is laid over the battens.

An excellent material suitable for attic insulation is mineral wool, which must be secured from the inside of truss system.

Laying roofing, installation of windows and interior trim

To date, the most successful option would be used as the material for the roof of the attic sheeting, metal or slate.

The final step is window installation and performing with his own hands the internal decoration of the attic space.

Interesting options mansard room design

The photo below shows some specific examples of how you can make a cozy living room mansard various purposes.

Living room or home theater in the attic

Room for receiving guests and the rest should be simple and representative. However, the living room, located in the attic, easily breaks the stereotypes. Carefully thought-out arrangement of the elements of the situation, in spite of the small area, can help to get in the end a stylish and beautiful room. Excellent results can be achieved, given the the following recommendations:

  • The minimum number of parts.
  • Ergonomic furnishings, furniture.
  • Carefully designed lighting options.

One of the most unusual, yet practical design options attic room is the organization of lounges equipped with a home theater system. It is worth mentioning that used as insulation and insulation materials residential attic can serve as well as to obtain an excellent acoustic effect. Therefore, to enjoy watching your favorite movies It will be exactly in such a small theater as well as in the present.

Library or study room

Work productively and enjoy reading a book will help a secluded and quiet place, what can become a loft, decorated by an office or library. By equipping the walls thoughtful built-in shelves and racks, intended for the storage of books is possible to combine both functions. Comfortable and convenient space can be made by applying the skills of correct use of available space and ergonomic principles.

Of course, the placement of the kitchen in the attic looks like a great idea, as for the realization of such a plan does not need a lot of space. However, this option will need a very good and well made insulation in the walls and ceiling. Such a requirement is due to the fact that hot steam which will rise in the cooking process, will have a strong impact on the circulation of air in the space under the roof.

Billiard room in the attic

If no preference is given to calm watching movies, and more active recreation a group of friends in the attic to better organize the billiard room, which is great variety to the daily routine. At first glance, to put a pool table in a small space is unreal. However, using special modifications home-like tables that have very modest size parameters, the problem can be solved. Pool table is recommended to install in the center of the room, making the most good lighting on him.

So, having a good taste, a sense of proportion and the ability to easily cope with the task, you can safely take up attic decoration with his own hands. And after some time there to fully enjoy the result.

Finishes the attic with his own hands, photo and design

Finishes the attic with his own hands, a photo of which affect the originality of its architecture, you need to learn before the start of finishing work in the attic. An important difference between the attic of the other rooms at home is the device of its walls. Rather, everyone decides, walls or ceiling will be the roof slopes on the sides of the room. It depends on the method of decoration and interior design.

In the attic you can create a comfortable, stylish and functional space

Preliminary work before facing the attic

In the attic if you wish, you can turn even an ordinary attic with steep slopes, pulls up to the ceilings. For this will be enough to build a low wall on both sides. In this case, the original and practical solution would be inset ceiling windows and the decoration-carrier beams truss system.

House with a loft: photos, projects, especially planning. Advantages and disadvantages of various features planning residential attic floor. Creating a project on their own.

If you produce quality insulation and finish formed the attic floor, it will allow to get quite a few high-grade rooms. It is necessary to formulate a number of principles that should be followed when carrying out work on warming:

  • rays must be perfectly protected from a variety of precipitation and wind. They must withstand a wide temperature differences;
  • insulation of the roof is made not only within, but also outside. It provides a good guarantee that the freezing and drafts can be avoided even in the most severe winter;

The attic room is equipped with a large children's playroom

  • as a warming roof trim rooms besides the insulation should be used magnesite or gypsum board and cement particle boards well conserve heat;
  • fly "pie" insulation must contain an inner layer and an outer parozaschity -vetrozaschity. This will prevent the formation of condensation inside the wall and will not allow the wind to get under the skin.

Elements of roof system can perform a decorative role in the interior of the attic

Next analyze each stage of finishing details.

ceiling decoration, which is the floor of the attic

In order to properly make the floor in the attic, require the establishment of a sound-insulating layer inside overlap. any acoustic material may be used for this purpose. Not bad copes with this task mineral wool. Mattresses from it are laid between the joists, not forgetting previously spread out on their film. The thickness of mineral wool may be between 5 and 10 cm. Well suited expanded clay, or granular Penoizol polystyrene crumb. These measures along with insulated floor in the attic.

For the flooring, you can use vinyl tiles in the children's room

Helpful advice! It is not necessary to use foam as soundproofing. It is poorly absorbed sounds, but is popular with mice that gnaw it with pleasure and make nests in it.

Parquet floor bedroom in the attic

On top of the joists should be laid subfloor. If the beam is located at least 40 cm from each other, it is possible to place them directly on the veneer, DSP or other similar sheet material. If the beam away, then you need to first put them on board (can be untrimmed) thickness not less than 3.5 cm The main condition -. Subfloor must not sag when walking. Already they screwed on the screws the same plywood.

Everything for the floor in the attic is perfect insulated linoleum

Finish on the floor of the attic

Finishes the attic with his own hands (photo proof) involve the use of a wide variety of floor finish. You can use all of the same materials as in common rooms: laminate, linoleum, carpet, and even ceramic tile (if the bathroom or kitchen will be located in the attic).

For laying parquet and laminate flooring you need to pre-pack special substrate, which will provide not only the softness of the floating floor, but will also provide additional sound insulation. Tiling device requires screed with obligatory use of reinforcing mesh.

Finishing floor attic room with laminate

Finishes the attic with his own hands, photo walls and ceilings

Partially or completely walled room is a mansard roof. If the house was originally built with a loft, then insulation should be carried out immediately after the construction of roof system. To this end, the bottom hem to rafters boards or plywood, and on top of them laid vapor barrier membrane.

It must be done properly by reading the packaging, which side it should be laid. On top of the membrane is placed insulation, attach it to the rafters and nailed slats crates under the roofing material. All this close windproof film and mounted the roof.

Full studio apartment, furnished in the attic of a private house

As a result, the roof slopes will have good thermal insulation. Alternatively, finish the attic with his own hands (photo will not slukavit) is made after the construction of the house. In this case, a heater inside sutured, and already on the wall it is made of plasterboard, plywood or other sheet material. Warming of the attic gable walls is similar.

Wide plastic windows provide natural sunlight in the attic

Making attic gypsum boards

In conducting walls in the attic of plasterboard we win repeatedly, since it allows you to immediately align and insulate the walls, it is easy to handle and install, it can be issued by any finishing material, even wallpaper. In addition, the drywall can create various architectural "excesses" such as niches, arches and columns. attic finishing sheets GCR technology is no different from any other method of finishing facilities.

With drywall can create a perfectly flat surface, wall and ceiling

Finishing of wall and ceiling space

One meynstrimnyh directions in the design of the attic floor, is finishing his Lining. Although it is one of the oldest ways, he has not lost relevance in modern design. If you initially plan to sheathe the attic floor wood, you do not need to create the walls of plasterboard.

Suffice it to hem to rafters board ends close to each other. Even better, they have a tongue and groove, like sexual rail. Lining in this case can be attached directly to the wall, not erecting additional frame.

Under drywall sheets can be mounted in a heat insulating material

The wealth of options allows the use of wooden decor battens completely different way:

  • Paint lining boards light tones interspersed with dark very effectively allocate the decorative trim in the interior;
  • if you use the block-house, it can be quite elegant space divided into different zones. In this case the visible part roof system can be contrasted with the walls. They may be most suitable to dye stain color shade;

Decorating the walls of the attic decorative panels MDF

  • very out of place will be the wallpaper with a silk-screen printing on the basis of plywood across the wall. This ornament is necessary to frame the decorative moldings;
  • very effectively combined with such walls of antique furniture "antique".

Helpful advice! Your interior gets a bit boring? Able to revive him decorative stone, which can be finished with a small fragment of the wall.

attic walls are covered with wallpaper and lined with PVC panels

Technology cladding Lining

For some attachment of siding on the frame it is preferable to other options for finishing attic with his own hands. Photos of this process can be sequentially illustrate the procedure for carrying out all the works:

  • We buy the lightest breed Lining, which include: maple, ash, fir, spruce. This visually enlarge the space slightly;
  • we will need the rack 5-15 cm wide;
  • We connect them between a ready tongue and groove;

Wooden wall paneling - an eco-friendly material, it is suitable for finishing children's rooms

  • before you start the installation of the walls fills the frame of the rack 15h45 mm at an interval of 50 cm;
  • battens fastened with special brackets or small nails to the construction of a regular frame;
  • then cover the surface of the protective film strips. For this purpose, we use a varnish, stain or sealant.

Lining combined with elements truss system in the attic

Helpful advice! To little to dilute the completely drab interior walls of the Lining, you can use the trim MDF panels. They create harmony in the interior, warmth and durability. The special effect of the bottom wall, which is decorated with MDF with cork floors and wooden skirting and all kinds of rail is better to make slightly darker.

The walls and ceiling of the attic rooms are lined with plastic panels

As we can see, there are many options for finishing attic with his own hands. Photos of many of them tell us what to do like we too are able to. The main thing here - to show imagination and accuracy. At the same time we must not forget about those recommendations that we gave you. It finishes in the attic will expand the territory to the bright and spacious private office, an excellent billiard room, exercise room or living room.

The interior design of the attic (video)

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Of all the options for finishing attic with his hands photo Block Houses for me personally the most liking. And after I tried Activities interior finishing the attic with its use alone, I realized that it really is easy to mount. So now all I recommend this option.

When finishing the attic plasterboard met with the problem of moisture even before that it seemed that the extension is insulated properly. However, after the first sheet is floated in a few days and it was necessary to remove the additional layer punt proofing. But now it is still very comfortable and after a cool finish. Photo attics excellent thanks!

Chooses a building material for the photo finish of the attic. inside lining most I liked, so I decided to work with her. As a result, when finishing the attic lining turned out that such a material, when choosing the right design, can fully mimic the natural wood. Many guests do not even know what is actually plastic trim.

Tried for interior finishing the attic with sloping ceilings use drapery fabric. From the first time I got pretty ugly, should be altered, but the second time turned out just gorgeous! Now the ceiling looks like the work of a professional designer, and photos interior decoration attic proudly shows off to all your friends.

Attic - finishes his hands, photos

Additional square meter ever will not be superfluous. If the apartment owners of apartment buildings sacrifice balconies and loggias, to turn them into a warm living room, the owners of houses and private homes are seriously thinking about how to build attic. Too much is wasteful - turn precious meters of space in the warehouse of useless things.

Even if it is necessary, as a rule, these things can quite wait for their time in the barn or other utility room. A loft, very spacious, has to be functional. Well, if the arrangement of the attic floor was included in the project when building a house, but that does not mean that from the warehouse has to be done other than residential attic floor.

Although why the living? You can do anything you want. It all depends on the budget. Attic often equip bedrooms, living rooms, but if it is good enough in the house, then you can use the attic floor, and as a studio, a billiard room, children's playroom, a kitchen-dining room, bathroom and WC. In short, when a dozen square meters of free, everyone will understand how to best use them. But this requires completion of the roof structure.

Only by doing a series of preparatory work, a comfortable and warm attic Finishes with his hands photo can be obtained which we have placed on the page, does not depend on how the preparatory work will be carried out. And in any case they must include:

  • insulation;
  • Ventilation device partitions and finishes;
  • room ventilation;
  • quality waterproofing;
  • installation of windows, if necessary.

The microclimate in the attic depends entirely on how well made these steps, but rather to lose sight of even one little thing, all the finishing work will go down the drain.

Warming of the attic and waterproofing

Of course, not everyone wants to complicate your life and re-cover the roof, attic floor if the device was not provided during the roofing works. In this case you should consider the option of internal insulation. Minimum roofing insulation in the cake should be, and it can be supplemented inside the porous material - polyethylene foam or izolona. Some experts say that the ideal in this case will be laying the foil material. It will prevent the formation of condensate.

In that case, if the roof insulation is not carried out, then it is necessary to perform the work from the inside, so as not to tear the roof covering. Depending on the design of truss system, the optimum material is selected and put it between the rafters. In this case, if the material for thermal insulation of light, not necessarily its fixed to the rafters. He just cut with a margin of a few centimeters and is laid in tension. Thus, it will be enough simply to lay a vapor-waterproofing and insulation, and start decorating.

Wooden obitsovochnye materials

Most often, of all materials that are sold in the market, choosing wooden facing materials or drevosoderzhaschie. This is logical, since the truss system made of wood, so wood siding materials will look organically. Organic organic, but the tree still gives a certain increase in thermal insulation and isolation from noise. It also should not be forgotten. Naturally, environmental cleanliness is most important when device in the attic of the dwelling. There is also a wood facing no equal.

Options for wood paneling of the attic you can think of a lot of:

  • Lining;
  • a simple piece of wood;
  • block house;
  • plywood sheets.

Each of them in his own good and to choose the material costs, based on the destination premises. Some advised to use for finishing the attic floor MDF panel, however, for each interior, they will come. Without combination with wallpaper or other materials MDF can look too formal, and for a small bedroom is unlikely to be the best option.

Practicality and aesthetics attic

If in the attic planned kitchen appliance, it is worth thinking about more practical materials and can be a good option plaster system. With the help of light frame partitions and suspended ceilings, you can get the kitchen-dining room absolutely any configuration. In addition, the drywall in the kitchen environment will be more practical than wood. Still, the room requires a certain humidity and sometimes high temperatures, then the tree does not like.

Why not use a truss roof system as an additional decorative element. Beams and rafters may become literally direction vector design idea, if you try to design a country-style loft or a modern style. It will look great in kompleksk exposed beams and wooden stairs. If it is good to decorate the beam, as shown in the photo, you get stylish accommodation, get extra both visual and physical space.

Be creative, and your attic is sure to become the hallmark of the entire house, cozy and warm an additional room or a quiet and romantic bedroom. Good work everyone!

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