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Types and photo mansard roofs for private houses

Those who want to have a private house in the country, do not just have to wonder what will be the housing, how many rooms in it arranged. And what the area will remain free of built-up?

In our time, land prices are very high, so all options with a mansard roof projects increasingly recognized. Thanks to them, it is possible to have an extra room, which is important for large families. To whom we owe the emergence lofts?

By the middle of XVII century, wishing to live in Paris, it was so much that the housing is desperately short, and besides, it was extremely expensive. Students, servants, artisans huddled in a closet under the stairs and in the cellars.

Exactly then architect Mansart He drew attention to the traditional French roof having a break. This design allows to arrange additional living space.

Low income people were grateful to the architect and named this type of room in his honor - a penthouse. The cost of housing under the roof far below. In summer it was hot, cold in winter.

In Paris, there is an expression that can not become a great man, no fire and no pomerznuv in the attic. This is partly true. Many famous artists are huddled in the attic.

Conceiving the project selection must be determined at a glance which types of mansard roofs fit your needs. On this depends the total cost of construction of a private house, and in the future Useful area of ​​the attic space.

mansard roof is determined by the type of roofing. Consider a picture with the main types of roofing details:

  • abat-vent. The ramp is attached to the bearing walls that have different height. This option is easy to perform and does not require large expenditures.
  • Gable roof. The roof has two ramp that radiate in all directions.
  • Gambrel roof and poluvalmovaya. The roof has four ramp that allows the fullest use of attic space.
  • polyline roof. Variety of roof in two slope. This type of construction is one of the most successful for device attic room in a small house, because it provides the largest possible size of the interior. It has a more complex installation and additional material consumption.
  • Roof of a dome, pyramid, cone. They are used for buildings with a complex configuration. The most complex and costly.

Depending on the roof attic rooms are divided into two types:

  • One-level attic. Compatible with a broken line and a gable roof. They may also have remote console.
  • duplex Loft. Obtained by the use of different types of supports.

The main objective in the selection of a mansard roof to calculate the load in construction and in operation.

The device has a mansard roof several advantages, It is making them popular among other types of roofing:

  1. Increase the usable area.
  2. Allow to reduce the built-up area.
  3. Possibility to build on an already existing house.
  4. Low-budget.
  5. Quickly erected.
  6. It has a beautiful appearance.

Describing the benefits would not be wise to keep silent about available shortcomings this type of roof.

  1. Sloping ceilings. They create a kind of geometralnoe space, which is not always convenient for a comfortable stay.
  2. Good thermal insulation - an indispensable condition of a private house with a mansard roof.
  3. High quality waterproofing. It makes it possible to maintain an optimal level of humidity in the room.
  4. The high price of special windows for attics.
  5. The lack (total or partial) of the attic.

After evaluating the pros and cons, as well as carefully considered mansard roof, which has a photo directory, you can make a choice.

Features of the construction and materials

At the time of purchase of materials and construction must be remembered Five basic rules:

  • Materials for the roof should be light.
  • Nodes of wooden beams are pretreated with an antiseptic.
  • Inner lining using lightweight profiles and drywall.
  • High-quality and lightweight insulating materials.
  • Good steam and water proofing.

Do not neglect these rules. Detached house under construction for decades, so you need to be sure of the quality, durability and safety of construction.

Characteristics and applications sloping roof

Most often in the construction of the house with a loft used a broken gable roof. They look spectacular not only in photo but also in life. This design maximizes the interior space of the room.

The main feature of the sloping roof - no side walls. In some projects, they are present, but their height is minimal.

If there is a desire to increase the area of ​​the old house at the expense of the attic, the broken roof type is best suited. No need to worry about the load on the foundation, since no additional wall structures get easily.

Using the mansard roofs of other buildings in

At the present time, especially in small areas, try to equip the attic not only the house, but most of the outbuildings.

Mansard roof is used for construction:

Such an arrangement provides additional space for guest rooms or studio, gym or winter garden, a studio for an artist or a cabinet. Using mansard roofs allows efficient use of land, without cluttering it unnecessary buildings.

Mandatory requirement - the ability of the foundation to make an additional burden. Normally, when the construction of ancillary facilities is not perplexed strength and stability of the foundation walls.

Stairs to the attic in the back rooms can be arranged both inside and outside. In the photo is clearly visible. The choice depends on the taste and preference.

Advantageously looked a ladder outside the building. Designed as a covered gallery with a door inside the building - one of the best options. In this case, all the usable space at the bottom of the building is free. Opportunity to get on the ladder, without going outside, facilitates the use of an attic in the cold season.

The outer part of the covered stairs can be used as a pergola for climbing plants or grapes. If the leeward side, the best place to find the solarium. The space under the stairs serve as a reliable canopy firewood or inventory.

Construction along the perimeter will increase by only 1 - 1, 5 m, but the benefits and convenience, in this case it turns out a lot more.

On a small plot of land each family member wants to have their own space. Equipping buildings attics provides such an opportunity.

Three and a half centuries with the construction of Francois Mansart first attic. Since then, the popularity of such a roof crossed the French border and feels great in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany.

In Russia, on a grand scale is used in the construction of private homes and outbuildings. attic in preference to a two-story building is a simpler design documents for a new house, because under the law is not an attic floor.

Projects roofs of private homes with a loft - Photo

A properly designed roof with an attic is not only aesthetically interesting design, but also the protection of the upper floors of the adverse weather conditions. House with a similar configuration, the engineering can be built in different styles. The main thing: the presence at the base of a solid roof system, the presence of lathing and impact-resistant lining of the roof. A pitched or flat roof will loft home owners to decide, based on the overall evaluation of the influence of technical and climatic factors.

The most popular option - located under the gable roof with the presence of attic wall. Projects roofs of private houses with attic photo can be seen below.

This design allows to increase the functionality of the room (attic or loft). Wall mounted on top of the house. The height is determined based on the distance from the deck to interstorey mauerlat.

Mounted on the wall of the upper crown of the last slab on the profile of the outer wall. Further, it will build the roof construction. The main function of attic walls - uniform transfer of weight from the roof to the supporting walls and floors. For residential attic optimum wall thickness 0.8-2.2 m.

Without installing it as you can get, but do not forget that the weight will be immediately transferred from the overlap of the roof, in addition, lost useful square meters. The required height of the attic wall:

  • about 1.3 m - can be free to use the window under the wall is easy to place the bed;
  • 1.4-1.5 m - under the wall of a desk, at a distance of 0.5 m can comfortably walk;

  • more than 1.9-2 m - moving and simulation space is not limited.

But there are other options

  • Pent roof - is applicable to outbuildings or garages. Ergonomics and practicality in this case the attic will be minimal, so that such structure plan is used very rarely.
  • Gable roof with a loft - the most profitable way of arrangement of additional living space in all respects. Even with minimal construction skills, you can build without the involvement of qualified professionals, and therefore save money.

  • Hipped roof or poluvalnaya - enable maximum benefit to use an attic space.

  • Broken roof - require additional costs for building materials, difficult to install, but are indispensable for small size premises.
  • Roof of a cone, dome or pyramid. Selected individually for each construction as they have a complex configuration, which requires the cost of building materials and high professionalism of workers who will install them.

First of all, it is a comfortable extra living room in any season. With proper organization of all design loft is a favorite place for recreation and residence of family members, as well as an unexpected reception, which will need a sleeper.

Mnogoschiptsovaya roof with an attic looks very impressive and we can say, is a jewel of the house. But a desire to impress will not be enough. The structure itself is quite complex, and numerous intersections rays will form a valley (formed by inner corners). That valley considered the weakest in mnogoschiptsovoy roof as them will flow most of the rain and snow build up, which adds load on the entire structure. But with proper care all the disadvantages are minimized.

What size should be the attic? When parameters of housing 10 is 12 m 2, allocate enough area equal to one third or half of the house. That is 40-60 m 2. Materials used for the construction of: foamed or aerated concrete, keramoblok, brick, frame, wood. To understand what a loft is needed, you need to know the size of the residential buildings (10x13, 11h12, 11h13, etc.), presence of a garage, outbuildings and basements, number of storeys of the building. The type of material used for walls and ceilings, the desired functionality of the room.

Do not forget about the heat and waterproofing. If the attic, even temporarily, to be used for accommodation, mandatory quality gidrobarer, fireproof insulation and antiseptic treatment of surfaces of walls, floor and ceiling.

The approximate structure of the layout is as follows:

You also need to consider the location of the stairs: the outer "do not steal space" and make the room an autonomous, inner, more comfortable to use, but the small size of premises may cause inconvenience. However, the development of modern ergonomic design can neutralize all the flaws.

Popularity mansard roof (and the type of dwelling-house attic underneath it) brought the Frenchman Francois Mansart. In the 17th century it became decorate and use the attic space for residential purposes, providing the roof space windows and turning it into a low-cost housing. Since then, the name of the architect of the space under the steep roof is called mansard. In Paris it has become fashionable to keep residential attic, which continued to be regarded as a loft and is not taxed.

Attics can have very different shapes: a triangle or a broken line, be asymmetrical, to go across the width of the building or only on one side. Sometimes attic floor may extend beyond the walls of the building, in this case, an additional supports - columns or walls. A variety of mansard designs allow revive the appearance of houses.

The main symptom of a mansard roof is a division of the ramp into two parts when the top is flat and the bottom, forming a wall is steeper. If you use different angles of slope and pick up one of them, you can significantly increase the usable area of ​​the attic. Polyline sloping gable roof truss system is the most common one for mansard roof.

  • What types of hipped roof and how to carry out their installation, see this link.
  • Self-waterproofing of the roof is considered here.
  • What you need to know when designing the roof for a bath, tells the publication.

Advantages and disadvantages of mansard roofs

In a mansard roof, as any of the original building element has its pluses and minuses, which will allow the evaluation to properly orient the erection of the structure.

  • The living area is enhanced by the use of the attic.
  • It improves the appearance of the building.
  • Economies of energy consumption by reducing the heat losses through the roof.
  • You can set the attic on two levels.
  • Works are carried out without the relocation of residents.
  • There is no need to use heavy equipment.
  • Sloping ceilings reduce the height of the walls - is lost useful floor area.
  • The need to use more expensive dormers.
  • Snow accumulates on the windows, reducing insolation premises.
  • Need sophisticated insulation and waterproofing.
  • Psychologically, life in a room with sloping walls makes people a sense of threat, so it is best to use the attic as placement of temporary stay (library, recreation room, billiard room).

The construction of a mansard roof with his hands

It is better to initially enter a mansard roof in the design of the house. This will make the correct calculations of loads on the supporting structures and well positioned windows.

Screw-type ladder to be the most aesthetically pleasing and economical one input to the attic.

Usually in the attic makes a complete housing, that is, provide good thermal insulation, sound insulation and a pleasant exterior and interior. Slate or Tiles provide the best thermal insulation.

Attic windows are mounted in the roof and used for lighting and ventilation of the room, parallel to fulfilling a decorative function. A roof covered with roofing material any good, equipped with earth (for Chance case) and drain.

From the inside surface of ennobled wood, plasterboard, plywood or a block house. The interior of the attic space is used as much as possible ergonomic, arranging shelves and furniture in steps.

Raising the roof terrace with your hands, do not forget to thoroughly impregnate all the wooden elements of the protective solutions that slow down the spread of fire, protect from insects and prevent the rotting process.

Mansard roof on the design is very different from the usual. The durability of a mansard roof depends on the project of literacy, the correct choice of materials and the quality of the installation.

If the attic being completed on an existing building, the design and materials necessary to use light. Supporting structures can be selected for attics wood, metal or reinforced concrete. When the attic is formed on the individual level, the basis weight is transferred to the supporting pillars.

If the mansard roof to insulate properly, in the attic in the winter will be cold, and in summer too hot. The type and quality of insulation will determine the level of heat and comfort of living conditions in the attic and in the lower floors.

Pie in the under-roof attic system It performs the dual function of thermal insulation and hydroprotective. From working parts of roof pie depend on the performance of the roof, the period of maintenance-free service life of the roof and the overall efficiency of the entire system of mansard.

Usually cake roofing structure consists of a layer of a vapor barrier, insulation and waterproofing layers. Roofing waterproofing protects the inner side of the roofing from the condensate and at the same time prevents the penetration of moisture from the outside.

With proper training and proper calculations mansard roof can be constructed independently, but in order to avoid mistakes and miscalculations in the design and technological level, the construction of such a roof is better left to professionals.

Reconstruction of roofs in the mansard - common mistakes

I have long been designed, collected his thoughts and means to equip the roof terrace of our dome- there were some sketches, but still in the initial stage.

We made a couple of specialists and it took about six months, but it turned out that stoit- huge, warm living space. I recommend everyone not to spare efforts and resources on a roof kryshu- it's definitely worth it.

I am in the process of building a country house, already know that will build mandsardnuyu roof, it has been already mentioned, lots of advantages. It has long been looking for a detailed outline of sorts, I want to do the right thing, not to be mistaken, but did not refer to any help and do everything yourself at the same time. Thank you for the article valuable tips and tricks!

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