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Paint for PVC windows and panels - selection consumption, reviews

The urgency of replacing plastic color may occur due to the need to create a harmonious interior design. There are many shades of colors for PVC windows. Just select your ideal and become familiar with the application of technology coloring material.

When you might need paint for PVC plastic? The material may be burned from the sun, lose their original appearance. It may be violated, and physical properties. Coloration protects the plastic from any defects.

First we need to choose paint for PVC windows. If not planned sanding and priming work, the paint must be suitable especially for plastic.

The choice of color schemes for PVC windows

In DIY stores offer customers special catalogs with which you can easily pick up interesting shade. Is to determine the necessary amount of paint, taking into account all the windows to repaint. Approximate paint consumption PVC 1m - 130, the colorant is better to buy with a small margin. But it is better to calculate approximately the painted area, it was not necessary to interrupt the repair work due to lack of caramel. In addition, the right paint color for PVC plastic at the time of stock can not be.

The paint must be prepared in advance, to dilute, if necessary, and give it a little stand. Only then you can begin to spray.

Experts recommend to opt for polyurethane acrylic water-based paint for PVC panels. The advantages of this are obvious color schemes:

  • preparing the surface quickly and without much effort;
  • at room temperature color dries very quickly;
  • at temperature 20 ° C to dry the coating will be about eight hours;
  • staining can be performed manually or using a sprayer;
  • vast decorative possibilities: imitation wood, pearly texture, metallic.

Preparation for painting windows

The surface must be prepared to paint. You need to remove all the dirt, silicone residues, grease stains - all of which can adversely affect the adhesion of the plastic color scheme.

Simple recommendations for cleaning the cover:

  • remove all dust, shavings, chips;
  • special cleaner for plastic, wipe the entire surface;
  • degrease the surface of various dirt and grease;
  • wait several minutes to complete drying and evaporation surface cleaner.

It should get a special cleaner for PVC-activator. Not only did he prepare the coating, but also contribute to the bonding material.

Perhaps sanded plastic and take care of his primer. But it will take much more time, in addition, this work requires certain skills.

Paint for PVC profile is to be applied in one layer at ambient temperatures. With the help of a sprayer to perform all the work can be better and faster. For applying caramel suitable roller or brush. The latter is better to use for painting complex small parts.

Painting PVC windows

During application need to monitor the uniformity of application and the absence of leaked. If you decide to make painting your own, it is better to give up the tools that require a specific skill. It is worth dwelling on the paint brush or roller for painting a large area. If this method is chosen, the temperature condition for drying plastic materials - from forty degrees.

During the work may need masking tape. He will prevent the ingress of paint on the surface and does not simplify the work.

To dry it takes about eight hours, but even 72 hours is required for full consolidation. If necessary, a second coat is applied, but only after prior drying. Thorough drying - a prerequisite for plastic. Otherwise, the paint will not last long.

Perform painting may own, if you follow all the rules and recommendations. The main thing in this case - the accuracy and sensitivity.

Advantages and characteristics of the inks for PVC products

It is often necessary to paint plastic windows or doors in accordance with the colors of the interior, to make less visible external communication of PVC or just protect the material from burning and destruction. This requires a special paint for PVC, which is firmly attached to the smooth surface of the material.

The main requirements that must comply with such paint is a high adhesion. Unlike wood, plastic has a smooth and slippery surface is very dense solid structure which does not give high level of adhesion between the materials.

Also, the ink composition must have the following characteristics:

  • water resistance;
  • strength;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • resistant to ultraviolet rays;
  • color retention throughout the life cycle;
  • Absence in the toxic and toxic substances that may be released during heating;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • long service life;
  • wide color gamut;
  • the possibility of giving the object a certain texture.

It plays an important role and the ease of application of the composition, as is often coloring plastic windows made with their own hands.

All these qualities has polyurethane-acrylic water-based paint for PVC. It differs coating uniformity, resistance to defect formation, fast drying time allows to independently conduct tinting. Using it you can create texture effects by introducing a base formulation of special additives.

A wide range of colors of such ink has more than 2,000 colors. In addition to the traditional colors, they include:

In this case, PVC profile coloring will give a room or building facade originality and uniqueness.

Before you paint the window sill, windows, doors or other surface with your hands, it must be carefully prepared. To do this:

  1. Remove mosquito nets, blinds, curtains, sills, and other items that will interfere with the work.
  2. Release surface from mechanical impurities.
  3. Remove grease stains.
  4. Cover the rubber seals and other accessories construction adhesive tape to avoid paint hit.
  5. Glass should be closed with plastic wrap.

For more efficient cleaning, degreasing and removal of static electricity may be used specialized-purifiers activators for PVC. They are applied to a cloth, which wipe the surface. After that, it is necessary to allow the solution to evaporate completely, it takes 5 to 10 minutes, and only then begin to paint.

If the surface is rough, scratches and other irregularities, they need to putty and then sanded with fine sandpaper. In conclusion, it should cover the whole surface of the steady primer layer. If there are certain skills you can do with your hands. But if there is no experience, it is better to hire the services of professionals.

Windows and other PVC products are painted using the airbrush. Before you pour it in a polyurethane-acrylic paint, it is necessary to add the appropriate color and stir thoroughly.

After opening the cans on the coloring composition of the surface it is sometimes possible to find a film that it is necessary to remove. Its composition contains solid particles that do not dissolve under stirring and clogging the nozzle gun.

If the paint is subjected to freezing, it should be discarded, as after exposure to freezing temperatures, it loses its properties.

For coloring is better to choose a dry, but not too hot weather. It is impossible to carry out work at a temperature below +5.

Paint Window applied in a thin uniform layer of 80 to 120 microns thick. Thus there is no need to pre-paint over the corners, edges and hard to reach areas. The composition of the well kept and does not drip from vertical surfaces. Paint starts to stick firmly on the surface after only 2-3 hours. But its complete drying continues for another two days.

forced drying is applied for two hours at a temperature of 50 in an industrial environment.

For painting small surface of PVC can be used paint in aerosol can. This packaging is convenient that securely protects the contents from the ingress of air, consequently, prevents film on its surface.

Other advantages of this paint are:

  • easy transportation;
  • the possibility of staining tight spaces and small parts;
  • there is no need to use additional tools;
  • an increased level of adhesion.

Most often, spray paint used for painting parts made of PVC in car interiors.

Uniform application of paint requires certain skills and experience, so it's worth a little practice before you begin staining procedure.

Despite the fact that the acrylic paint well remain on the surface of PVC products, they can be additionally protected with a glossy varnish for plastic material having a water-based. In addition to protection, it performs a decorative function, giving the product shine.

This material can be used for processing colored plastic and window sills in kitchens where they are exposed to aggressive factors.

The varnish is applied with a brush and does not require specific skills. Therefore, the work data is easy to implement with their own hands.

To protect the sills and pipes in the kitchen, passing close to open flames, are also suitable fire retardant paint, which are often used for metal surfaces.

Purchasing paint for plastic windows, must first calculate the required amount of material. To do this, take measurements surface that will be treated. The exact calculation will generate sales consultants.

The cost of polyurethane acrylic colorant composition is high enough. However, little material consumption and long life span without additional treatments justifies the cost.

When applied to paint the most important factor is to follow these instructions exactly. High environmental indicators presented colors for PVC make it possible to use them in residential areas, nurseries and hospitals, public catering.

The paint PVC?

The holiday home set metal-plastic windows, but the white profile of mildly not gormoniruet with light wood and brown roof. Know what color profile when the manufacture of windows, but nothing.

Need a special primer that provides adhesion to plastic, such as ">

and then paint any alkyd enamel

Metal-plastic profile except paint? Its laminated wood or made of colored plastic. Learn more precisely whether it is possible to paint and what a firm that sets the window, or call the factory.

The paint PVC?

The adhesive primer, e.g. Oteks (Tikkurila), then any alc. or acrylic. enamel bunks. works.

2VIN966 Just keep in mind that if the window falls on the sunlight, the painted windows in the sun heat up very strongly, there can be problems.

Incidentally, PVC self-adhesive film is glued fine, just need a special (not China), German desirable, to be able to cut out. Sometimes it is used for the repair of laminated PVC (there are bullies after transportation). Cheap, cheerful, forever - the film then sintered.

Craftsmen manage to even use a special, such as MDF facades. When the sticker is used construction hairdryer.

Paints for PVC, the way there is even a store type "hudozhnik9quot ;, and you can ask around in the advertising companies. friend "risuet9quot; advertising, asking, says there is a paint for drawing on PVC.

Color plastic frames. Opposite the house built kindergarten. Frame painted in brown. From afar, it looks good. In St. Petersburg, on the facades of many laminated wood window and door frames. Around the same they do.

There are special polyurethane-acrylic paints for rigid PVC. The coating does not require priming. More information can be found on this site ">

There are special polyurethane-acrylic paints for rigid PVC.

That such paints and paint PVC profiles for windows.

I think there are two small problems for private use:

-need to have a certain skill,

-you need to buy this paint for myself.

More information about PVC windows color can be consulted here ">

It's all outdated technology. Now use other materials for coating PVC windows.

Before painting, priming is necessary.

Know that the color profile with the manufacture of windows,

What he had not been painted in a couple of years will begin to crack and luschitsya, will drayat sandpaper and repaint. It you want? A rubber seal on the paint will fall - seal loses elasticity.

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