Paint the ceiling which is better

What a good paint for the ceiling? Selecting, reviews, price

Among the many varieties of finishing the ceiling painting is considered one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-design options. Today, the building materials market, you can find a plethora of colors from different manufacturers. Not so easy to choose among them the best option. all existing options and their structure in order to determine what a good paint for the ceiling, you need to consider. From the result it will depend on the durability and coloring the resulting layer.

Before figuring out what a good paint for the ceiling, you need to decide how it should look. To get a good result, you need to take into consideration the ceiling surface. According to the created paint effect can be divided into two classes:

These classes, in turn, is divided according to the characteristics and composition of such kinds of paints used for the ceiling area:

After staining, this kind of the ceiling will be completely absent shine. Matt paint for the ceiling is capable of hide minor defects and minor defects surface, so if the ceiling has flaws, it is better to stop the choice on this option. That it is recommended most often specialists. But compared with a glossy type there are also disadvantages. Matt surface collects more dust, and dirt from it harder to wash out. Such factors can be attributed to the positive aspects:

  • Ceiling surface has no highlights;
  • not visually visible problem areas: irregularities, roughness and other defects;
  • easy to get any shades;
  • ceiling quickly dries;
  • almost no smell when painting.

Shiny surface can be an interesting design solution. Glossy paint for the ceiling gives a beautiful shine, but is only suitable for perfectly flat areas. If there are even minor deficiencies in the plastering work, far away they are clearly visible. This option is suitable only for coloring flat ceiling surface without flaws. In the ceiling, painted with glossy paint, have a distinct advantage - it is resistant to abrasion and washing, so reusable dry cleaning. As a result, the surface over a long service life.

Everyone who chooses what is good paint for the ceiling, and does not have this experience, you should know - an option that is categorically not suitable for coloring ceiling surfaces is oil paint. After final drying, it becomes like a continuous dense film, a pair of liquid impermeable and air. Over time this will lead to destruction in the floor structure, so this species is not even worth considering.

Quite often, it is with the help of painted ceiling surfaces. Typically, the latex is white only. Desired shade is formed using the toner. The paint has many advantages:

  • non-toxic and environmentally friendly;
  • easy to apply and does not has a pungent smell;
  • suitable for all surfaces, except for previously painted gloss paint products;
  • It allows you to change to any color;
  • if necessary, well washed with soapy water.

This species is divided into two main: acrylic latex and latex having an acrylate base. all of these types can be found in the construction products market. They are presented as a more expensive paint production Dulux, Sherwin Williams, «Tikkurila9raquo ;, and cost options (paint" Teks9raquo ;, "Marshal9raquo;).

Acrylic type of paint products is composed of not only water and chalk, but the acrylic polymer. Coating quality is sufficient, but is washed off as whitewash, if necessary.

By the addition of latex (natural material), acrylic latex paint becomes stringy in consistency and abrasion resistant. It is suitable for ceiling surface with microcracks or prone to shrinkage, such as indoors new apartment.

Acrylic paint is considered by experts the best one due to the good performance properties. Because of the combination of acrylic latex and it is both durable and sticky.

Today, one of the topics discussed at those who are planning or have just made repairs - this paint "Teks9raquo ;. Due to its relatively budgetary cost, it attracts the consumer's attention. Paint bucket weighing 14 kg series "Universal9raquo; It will cost in the range of 400-450 rubles, and the capacity of the same weight class, "Profi9raquo; It can be purchased for 650-700 rubles.

Experts using it for painting ceiling areas noted such positive aspects:

  • It is eco-friendly properties and is safe for others;
  • during solidification perfectly diluted with water, by means of which can be easily cleaned and tools;
  • Its thick texture does not drip when applied;
  • completely dries in about 6-8 hours.

But opinions about the negative qualities diverge significantly. One of the professionals argues that this is a good option on the ratio price / quality, and they are quite satisfied with the result of coloring. Other experts note a lot of disadvantages:

  • expertise required for application;
  • necessarily require priming;
  • bad hides imperfections;
  • required for coloring coating layers of at least 3-4;
  • unsuitable for washing.

Finnish brand Tikkurila - one of the most widespread in the Russian market. Painting "Tikkurila9raquo; for ceiling, according to experts' opinion, it has all the necessary safety features are relatively durable and comfortable enough to use. It covered the area meets all the requirements for coloring ceiling surfaces. Paint and varnish products "Tikkurila9raquo; not only have a rich selection by type, amount and basis of, but also a wide palette of colors, which allows to implement any design ideas. Recently, however, some customers refuse to use it, as in the past two years, it has risen by almost 50%. The relatively high cost of declining consumer to choose more affordable domestic counterparts. For example, acrylic series of SIRO Himmea (matte) of 9 liters will cost 4300-4500 rubles, and the elite class HARMONY (matte velvet effect) of the same weight will cost about 6,000 rubles.

Not one expert points to a certain type of paint products, saying that it is this good paint for the ceiling. Reviews professionals choosing different brands. Each type has its positive aspects in the use and disadvantages. Experts say that a good paint must meet the following criteria:

  • good moisture resistance;
  • High level of resistance to abrasion;
  • flow rate per square meter;
  • ability to pass moisture vapor and air.

Many experts believe that reasonable and the best option for the ceiling area are water-based and water-dispersion paint types. In this case it is of great importance and purpose of the room. For example, for the bedroom and children's rooms, many experts recommend acrylic latex-based, but for areas with the presence of moisture (bath, kitchen), it is not very suitable.

Kitchen - is the humid zone in the house. For it does not suit many variants of paint products. A good paint for the ceiling in the kitchen should meet the following requirements: the need for easy to clean, do not burn, have resistance to abrasion, to be environmentally safe and have a composition which prevents the formation of microorganisms. An ideal option for the kitchen ceiling surface considered silicone paint. They meet all the above requirements, but have a relatively high cost, so do not fit in every budget for repairs. Acrylic, latex and silicate paint also perfectly suited for the kitchen ceiling.

Having considered the property of all kinds of paint products, it is easy to decide what is a good color for the ceiling. But in each individual case, the choice will be different. It will depend on the tastes of the owner of the premises, the type of the room itself, the budget planned for repair and requirements of the owner to the ceiling surface.

We consider the types and choose the best paint for the ceiling

Today, the ceiling painting remains relevant and in demand, despite the abundance of more modern materials. In this article we consider the basic types of paint for ceilings, study their features, benefits.

To facilitate the choice of paint for the ceiling, manufacturers began to produce special ceiling formulations that can withstand the impact of negative factors. The basis of the mixture is dissolved and dispersed synthetic components. Initially, the paint is white, and to impart the desired color pigments are added - Kohler said. Adding it is necessary before painting the walls.

Consumers are three categories of paints. The difference between them is abrasion and moisture resistance:

  • Whitewash. They can not be clean, wash;
  • Painting. Cleaned soap solution, but without the use of brushes and abrasives;
  • The surfaces are cleaned with brushes and soap solutions.

Consumers themselves have come up with such a division. A distinguished designers paint for the ceiling depending on the gloss - matte and glossy.

If the indoor humidity is observed, then the painting ceilings should only be carried out by special water-resistant formulations having additional antifungal protection.

Because painting the walls in the kitchen, bathroom inside should perform mixtures softened grain based on acrylic or vinyl. They are well repel water, do not wear, do not wear out and dries quickly after application to the surface.

To paint the ceiling with his hands given the desired results, you should first select an appropriate mixture. It is best to share their views, depending on the base which is used for their production.

Today paint dulux proved themselves from the best side, although they have a lot of competitors. In the end, which one is better and what part should be chosen - an important question.

Modern Ceiling paints are:

They are used for walls and ceilings, but will consider each type based on the fact that the need to carry out painting ceilings.

Are in high demand these days because they provide high quality coatings. Start to paint ceilings can be almost immediately. Open the jar and mix thoroughly, add color pigments, if required, and start the work.

The following parameters are among the main advantages:

  • The paint is non-toxic, completely safe for health, can be used when painting children's rooms;
  • It does not contain harmful or hazardous contaminants harmless;
  • Odor is virtually absent, it is non-irritant, evaporate quickly;
  • It is possible to paint any surface apart walls with a glossy finish;
  • Easy to clean in the usual detergent;
  • Vodoemulsionku top paint can be applied to any mixtures thereof;
  • It can be white, red, green and any other color by adding callers.

They are considered universal, accessible, and working with it is very simple. From this they have become so popular.

Of the main advantages of acrylic blends should be noted:

  • High rates of resistance to moisture;
  • wear resistance;
  • Ease of application, maintenance;
  • Excellent preserved pristine color, even if the paint is snowy white. But it is important to remember that after drying, the color gets darker than a bank;
  • On the surface will not be affected by the ultraviolet rays.

Apply this composition easily. Basic color is white, but the use of pigments enables to achieve the desired color change. The important point is that acrylic able to mask minor defects in walls and ceilings. But choose to be dulux quality compounds or analogues are tested.

If you are interested in, what paint is best from the point of view of moisture resistance, and a mixture of not cover the wall or ceiling in order to protect from abrasion, then the answer is simple - latex. It can withstand an infinite number of wet cleanings after them will look after the just completed painting.

Thus cracks are masked composition to 1 mm. Despite its density, latex mixture dulux perfectly breathable. This allows surfaces to breathe.

Silicate paints dulux created on the basis of liquid glass, which allows them to refer to the category of mineral. Their cost is high enough, but the execution of such a composition painting ceilings is fully justified. Typically, they are applied over a concrete or plaster surfaces.

But there is no interaction with the polymers. Because you have to completely clean the ceiling of the silicate mixture to dye it with something else.

Mineral paint is not characterized by good elasticity, because of which hide a defect, it can not. The composition has about 10% of alkalis that requires caution when painting ceilings. Alkali introduces restrictions variety of colors, but it acts as a highly effective antiseptic. Additional treatment of the walls, ceiling antifungal compounds is required.

Such paints from dulux absorbed main advantages of organic and inorganic compounds. This is due to the use of silicone resin as the basis of the mixture.

In painting ceilings silicone compositions have one drawback - it is their high cost. But the cost is offset by the impressive long-lasting, prestigious and attractive appearance.

Decide for yourself how to better handle paint surface ceilings inside your home. The choice depends not only on what part of the company, what is the cost of ink. Should be guided on its specifications.

Nobody argues that dulux is one of the best in the business. In this case, the name and the price - not the priority selection criteria. Ingredients should meet your requirements, comply with the conditions in which it will be operated. For example, an unstable mixture to moisture quickly destroyed in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Perform painting ceilings carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions, do not forget about their own safety rules. Yet this is a ceiling, not the wall. Because first of all, protect your eyes to drop of paint in them did not get. This is a primary rule for painting ceilings.

To paint the ceiling, special skills are required. Largely for this reason, it paints still incredibly popular.

Paint the ceiling: what is the best

In the process of repair of the premises for any purpose, special attention is paid to the ceiling surface. There is a large choice of finishes: stretch, hanging on the rack or the adhesive base. Paint ceiling space also popular because embodiment relates to the budget. We will try to figure out which is best paint for the ceiling, what kinds of dyes exist.

Features matching ceiling paints

Building supermarkets and markets offer a wide range of dyes for ceiling coverings. Determine the choice is not so easy when you have to decide what is better to paint the ceiling. You can seek the advice of professionals, but it is better to try to understand yourself.

When choosing colors carefully read the label instructions. Should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. paint composition;
  2. component on which promoted product;
  3. How long dries;
  4. Product consumption (calculated per square meter);
  5. resistance to moisture;
  6. durability;
  7. How to care for colored ceiling. There are colors, which is shown only dry cleaning. Most of these dyes inexpensive.

Depending on the purpose of the premises, it is necessary to choose the appropriate paint. For example, if you need treatment ceiling covering the bedroom or hallway, then suitable dyes with low loads, designed exclusively for dry rooms.

Resistant dyes are suitable for the premises, which can not do without wet cleaning. There are special paints, which have a dirt-repelling effect. This embodiment is ideal for the kitchen.

Varieties dyes and their particular choice

Getting repairs, can not do without solving the problem than paint ceilings in the apartment. When you select should know that colorants are matte, glossy and semi-gloss. Before painting, you need to decide whether you want to visually increase the space of the room, or give comfort, creating a feeling of balance.

Any dye for ceiling space exclusively applied to a flat surface. Ceiling previously prepared for processing by the filler and sanding. Preparatory measures are needed because the dye does not hide any surface defects, but instead emphasizes them.

The following embodiments dyes ceiling coverings:

These dyes varieties dry quickly, are easy to put on the prepared ceiling. With further care ceiling treated with one of the options, there are no problems. Suitable periodic wet cleaning.

Inking use different brushes, rollers or spray guns.

When choosing paint for the processing of ceiling coverings, look for silicone paint for the ceiling. The product has the following advantages:

  • after application of the ceiling becomes elastic;
  • closes hair crack (2 mm);
  • excellent water vapor permeability, through which the treated surface is breathing;
  • moistureproof effect;
  • colored coating remains clean for a long time;
  • the product is easy and safe to operate, almost no aggressive odor;
  • dye protects the surface of the vital activity of harmful microorganisms, so when processing is not needed bactericides.

What better silicone paint for the ceiling, it is necessary to decide in each particular situation. Any kind of silicone dye - an expensive option, but economical. To achieve the desired result, put quite a dye layer. The product rests on the ceiling coating smooth, beautiful layer.

For yet another positive side silicone paints include the possibility of use in all areas: in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet room, bedroom or dressing room.

To carry out repair work using silicone paint can, without leaving the premises. Composition of the product dries very quickly and does not cause allergic reactions.

If there is any doubt about the finish of the ceiling cover, make a choice in favor vodoemulsionku. Many home masters prefer such paints due to their low cost and environmentally friendly consistency.

If the question arises, what is best for the latex paint the ceiling, you should pay attention to the following product parameters:

  1. produced water-based, so no sharp odor;
  2. fast drying;
  3. easy to apply;
  4. by ingestion of undesired space, the composition is washed off with a damp sponge with no problems;
  5. y product excellent adhesion to the putty-treated surface;
  6. It can be applied to a wooden ceiling, due to water vapor permeability;
  7. available as part of a special anti-fungal additives.

The varieties of products are water-based, water-dispersed dyes. Different from water-based paints more resistant to wear and wet cleaning. Water-dispersion treatment option is used for bathrooms and kitchens.

Most vodoemulsionok is based on PVA. Such formulations are readily removed, if necessary, are budgetary embodiment.

The disadvantages of water based products include a small lifetime. With constant exposure to the sun, processed ceiling becomes yellowish. From the wet cleaning stains may appear and start a mold fungus.

Choosing the coloring composition, it is necessary to pay attention to such factors as moisture resistance and the action of sunlight. When deciding which paint is better to paint the ceiling, try acrylic compositions.

The advantages of the compositions based on acrylic:

  1. despite the cost, vodoemulsionku above, has superior characteristics;
  2. withstand frequent wet cleaning, the ceiling remains in its original form (undimmed);
  3. withstands exposure to sunlight;
  4. large variety of color compositions;
  5. hide small defects in the form of cracks;
  6. without sharp odor.

If it is difficult to determine what acrylic paint for the ceiling is better to consult in the construction market with a specialist. If you want to mix color, no problems ¬- in selling a variety of color options acrylics.

The advantages of acrylic compounds include long service life, simple application. Pure white color of the dye can be used if desired.

It's hard to decide what kind of paint is best to paint the ceiling, look for a product with latex backing. Buy makeup least likely because of the high prices. Pros latex processing:

  • resistance to mechanical damage, frequent washing;
  • without smell. When painting in the cold season, you can not ventilate the room;
  • It dries quickly;
  • excellent adhesion to various treated surfaces.

But every product, latex treatment has drawbacks.

Kitchen - a special kind of space that requires special treatment to the surface of the ceiling and walls. Features kitchen facilities:

After reviewing the listed features kitchen facilities, you can decide what to paint the ceiling in the kitchen better. You can highlight the following options:

  • water-based paints. Such treatment is inexpensive and the most common for kitchens. A water-based coating is conveniently cleared of contaminants generated during cooking. Must be periodically cleaned with a damp sponge ceiling surface, or simply dusting;
  • acrylic formulation offers all the advantages vodoemulsionku. In addition to the advantages include the ability to frequent wet cleaning, which is necessary for food.

Ceiling Floor bathroom

Bathroom - a room in an apartment with high humidity and periodic changes in temperature. What paint for the ceiling in the bathroom would be the best option? Finish ceiling coverings in the bathroom with the help of paint - friendly, requiring no special skills the way.

What paint for the ceiling in the bathroom better - acrylic or latex or silicone? To select a coloring composition, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

When choosing a dye composition for the bathroom, take into account such characteristics as the haze. If prepared for painting the ceiling were minor irregularities, the matte coloring is the ideal solution. It should be borne in mind that such a ceiling is not easy to wash. For the surface treated pigments glossy, easy care, but they are applied to flat, smooth surfaces.

For painting the bathroom, choose the paint, after analyzing their characteristics. Pay special attention to the terms of operation because the overdue and improperly stored product will not bring the desired result.

Choosing the coloring compositions for ceiling coverings, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • possibility of masking minor defects;
  • care options painted surface;
  • price;
  • Three-dimensional structure;
  • product consumption.

On the basis of these indicators, we can conclude some paint for the ceiling is the best. The importance of the choice of colors, is the appointment of the room in which the ceiling will be processed.

Formulations for painting ceilings and matched in color. The color should blend with the overall interior room.

Rating paint for the ceiling as follows:

In the process of repair, if a loss with a choice and do not know what paint is best for the ceiling and walls, be guided by the following points:

  1. the choice of imported formulations buy a product produced in his homeland;
  2. purchase from representatives of well-known companies and tested DIY stores;
  3. studying the characteristics of the coloring compositions, be sure to make allowances for error;
  4. consult with experts about the opacity and adhesion of dyes with different surfaces.

Ceiling covering - an important element in the interior room. On it should not be a stain, exfoliating pieces. The ceiling must appear as a homogeneous and smooth.

As for the white color formulations, there also has its own nuances. What is the white paint for the ceiling is better, how not to make a mistake in choosing? If you choose the white version of the ceiling cover, the following options can be selected:

  • vodoemulsionku Dulux. It creates the perfect white coating. Suitable for painting smokers with normal and moderate humidity dustiness. Due paintwork forms a protective film over the surface so easily maintained;
  • white acrylic compositions. Can mask small defects. Fast drying, can be combined with different pigments;
  • silicone white, matte formulations. Have the effect of repulsion of dust and dirt, preventing the formation of mold;
  • Latex formulations white are good for rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens). High consumption of the substrate, yellow with time.

Choosing the coloring compositions big. If in doubt, give preference to water-based formulations that are suitable even for wooden surfaces. The white color is ideal for premises for any purpose, because visually increases the space and ceiling height.

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    Cosmetic repairs in the apartment doing on their own each year. One of the points - painted ceilings in the kitchen and sanitary facilities. I apply for this acrylic paint for interior Interior. It goes very smoothly, work is not difficult, and the effect is remarkable. Ceilings look great, I'm happy with the result. I will continue to apply this paint.

    The choice of paint depends on in which room you are painting the ceiling. Of course, you must first align it, repaired all the irregularities. In wet areas use latex, but they say yellow. So acrylics! Everywhere! Neve Do not stretch the stretch ceiling! He is not heavy! It then still remodel and wasted money already thrown out! Ceiling everywhere align and paint snow-white acrylic paint. Get a beauty. Necessary costs and shades of whiteness to choose the store.

    Information is complete and very timely for me because it will repair the kitchen. Previously, the ceiling was painted vodoemulsionkoy, and after reading the article, I want to try acrylic krasku.Teper left to find out how to prepare her for the ceiling surface and calculate the flow rate.

    I believe that the ceiling in the bathroom best acrylic paint, as in the bathroom humidity. Although acrylic is more expensive than silicone or latex, but it is water-resistant, easy to clean, not exposed to physical pressure, and most importantly looks gorgeous. To me the main thing that was qualitatively!

    Acrylic latex paint or water-based color gives the water resistance and stability. But the main thing is that the glossy dye better hide the flaws of the ceiling surface, and the matt, on the contrary, they are even more draws. But it is also a matter of aesthetics and design. The most optimum variant - an ordinary "vodoemulsionku". It is cheaper and more practical, plus the same paint can be taken and for painting walls.

    Yes, the acrylic will be more expensive in comparison with the silicone paint. But it's great falls on concrete, brick, wood, plaster, and so on. On anything! Plus, she had a very small expense, in fact, due to this out well to save. So if we compare the price of acrylic and silicone, it really does not know that would be more expensive. And if a new private house, which can shrink, then there is clearly acrylic, it is elastic, there will be no cracks. This is for many the most important argument.

    Not mentioned in the article vodoimulsionka "Polar Bear" (I think that was the name) has been used by me for painting the walls and ceiling and in the bathroom. And all because I was doing repairs to a rented apartment are absolutely alone, and not penetrating at all into any coloring rules. Just bought the cheapest paint for ceilings and color. The result was good. Odorless paint dries fairly quickly and easily deposited. Over the color scheme was applied undiluted figure usual paint brushes. The costs of such a "repair" were about 200 rubles, and durability, I did not expect from him. However, with the constant presence of water or paint or drawing is not washed off. The surface remained smooth and in contact with contamination, easily cleaned. I do not know whether to paint this is now. At the next repair is already in your home be sure to give preference vodoimulsionnoy.

    The article is very helpful and informative, something that I already knew a lot for themselves new learned. More than once I had to paint the ceiling. I have experience with all types of paint. First choice depends on the painting space. Then the available finance. But I for acrylic paint. It has several advantages, which play an important role. The main ones are: large selection, reasonable price, easy to clean with such requirements.

    I also vote for acrylic whole body. Acrylic, of course, will be more expensive,

    but appear to be more comfortable and appropriate. The colors in acrylic, as a rule,

    bright and sand, even soft, I would say.

    It's like a joke, to whitewash a ceiling or leave so?

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