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Very high-quality and flexible.

390rub price for a pack of 100 pieces.

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75 * 150 100pcs kraft 300rub.

75 * 150 white 100 pieces 320rub.

100 * 200 100pcs kraft 360rub.

100 * 200 White 100pcs 420rub.

115 * 200 100pcs kraft 400rub.

115 * 200 White 100pcs 440rub.

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Quality supplies for beauty salons from producer

"IGRO9raquo LLC; known by many as the largest supplier of products for beauty salons and exclusive distributor in Russia of several brands of professional cosmetics (Nirvel, Starpil, Levissime). Not all the specialists of the beauty industry, however, it is known that "IGRO9raquo LLC; - as a manufacturer of disposable products.

We will not write what salon disposable products needed. It is a truism that you, dear master, you know yourself. Instead, we try to explain why it is most advantageous to buy consumables for beauty salons from us.

All kinds odnorazki for beauty salons

On our site are all kinds of disposable funds for hairdressers (68 products), beauticians (101 position), as well as the significant range of cotton-paper products. Say more: in our online catalog has a full list of disposable products needed for any salon.

This means that the description of the disposable funds fully comply with their actual performance. For example, if we write the density waffle towels - 50 g / m2, then the way it is. You can be assured that buy goods only expected quality.

Related products plus disposable products for beauty salons

Here you will find everything you need for salon: professional hair care, facial and body treatments, manicure, pedicure, solarium, as well as products for a variety of cosmetic procedures. At the moment you can choose from a variety of goods 1447 (our assortment regularly increases). Agree to shop in one place, at one and the same supplier, it is much easier and more profitable to material side.

Free and prompt delivery in Moscow

It is especially advantageous to make purchases in "IGRO9raquo; interiors and masters and near Moscow region (up to 10 km from Moscow). If the order exceeds 1000 rubles - delivery to them - free of charge. Delivery in towns of the Moscow region, remote from Moscow more than 10 km, is also free for order values ​​from 3,000 rubles.

In regions of delivery is a transport company when ordering in excess of 5,000 rubles. The cost of shipping in this case, paid by the buyer; The exact amount depends on the distance of your city from Moscow, as well as the weight of the load.

Since all the products of our company, including consumables are stored in one warehouse (in Moscow), delivery is made as soon as possible.

Odnorazka for beauty salons made in-house

We offer a wide range of consumables for beauty salons under the brand «IGRObeauty", made in-house (in Moscow), and manufactured on our order leading factories of Russia, Europe and China. Since we value our reputation as a reliable supplier of salon products, each stage of production is strictly controlled.

Our company uses only the latest equipment: automated line for cutting and packaging, quick to set up the press for the manufacture of goods. All products are brand «IGRObeauty9raquo; certified and complies with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. For production use only high-quality raw materials from Russia and China.

On the main site "IGRO9raquo; listed small wholesale prices. Making a large order, you can expect to receive discounts and wholesale pricing. For example, for Moscow discounts are possible if the order exceeds 5000 rubles. For regions and there is a special wholesale price list.

Familiarize yourself with our range of consumables for beauty salons here.

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About company

The company "igro" Ltd. for more than 15 years, holds a leading position in the market of professional tools and supplies for beauty salons, tanning studios, beauty parlor and hairdressing rooms.

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Materials for beauty salons



The company "Mercury" is a leading supplier of high quality disposable supplies for beauty salons, health and fitness centers across Russia.

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