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Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium Density Fiberboard (Eng.  Medium Density Fibreboard, MDF ; sometimes used transliteration: MDF) - slab material manufactured by dry pressing small wood chips under high pressure and temperature. The urea resin is used as a binder, modified melamine. This provides a very low formaldehyde emission, comparable to the emission of natural wood (class formaldehyde emission - E1).

Industrial production of MDF began in the US in 1966. In the Russian edition was launched in 1997. The leader in MDF production in the world is China.

In the process of production of MDF can be given special properties: fire, biological stability, water resistance.

The density of the material is between 600 kg / m³ to 800 kg / m³.

Basically MDF is used in the manufacture of furniture for decoration, such as for commercial and laminate flooring (t. N. Laminate). MDF is well suited for the manufacture of shells speakers, since it has the uniform structure absorbs sound well and can be easily processed. MDF is used in the production of cabinets, in particular facades with the elements in the processing allocates no chips and dust, therefore is ideal for milling of cavities of different depths, curvilinear apertures and other curvilinear shapes. MDF is used for the production of containers and boxes for gifts (especially developed in China).

Most often implemented uncoated MDF (MDF front covered with a thin white plastic on one side), and therefore requires additional costs when working with it. Plates are covered with enamel, plastic or PVC film, which makes products from MDF is much more expensive than particle board [ source not specified 161 days ].

MDF: what is it? try to understand

Large assortment of building materials and facilitated, and at the same time complicated the choice of modern man. For example, many of us have not even heard a word like MDF. What it is, not everyone knows, and with decoding difficulties can arise. In fact, under this abbreviation hides fiberboard, wherein an average density.

First, let's say that their appearance is required material modern advanced technologies on the basis of which produced fibreboard. The MDF is no synthetic binders, is used instead lignin already contained in the composition of the wood. And it says that is environmentally friendly and safe for human health such material as MDF, which is a unique coating which can coat the walls and other surfaces. In the production process the material becomes:

- resistant to burning and to temperature extremes;

Also important is the fact that the IDF carried out on high-tech equipment, so its surface can be easily treated. In addition, it is possible to release the material in any form, even the most unusual. Staining, laminating, varnishing or enamels - all that MDF can undergo surgery. What is it and what are the distinctive features of the material, we understand.

Decorating an apartment or a country house MDF panels for walls for a long time is not uncommon. Such popularity is due to the fact that the material is easy to assemble and install because you can even own. Huge selection of color and texture solutions allow to pick up the design for any stylistic interior design. Panel mounted directly to the guides, which are attached to the wall beforehand.

Before installing the profiles, walls should be treated by a special composition - this will protect them from exposure to fungi and microorganisms, and moisture. Profiles should be closely adjacent to each other, to leave no gaps between them. To the resulting array looks aesthetically and organically, you need to take advantage of a variety of corners and decorative strips, which are attached with clips or glue. Do not forget about ventilation between the wall and panels.

How to get MDF?

Production of the material is carried out in several stages. First, the raw material is harvested (usually this is the usual timber). The logs are debarked, chopped into small chips, gets a lot of you want to get rid of debris, sand, and subjected to steaming. After steaming chips is ground, it is added binding resin. Mass sent to the dryer, after which it is removed from the air. Already on the forming machine are wood-fiber (so-called fiber). With the forming machine mass compressed into the carpet under the influence of the press it is extruded remaining air.

The most important step is the production of compact MDF. What it is? This process, when the wood fiber mat is subjected to final pressing, and then cut and cooled. To impart aesthetic appearance resulting panels subjected to grinding, the thickness of the sheets is aligned, the defects are removed. To get the MDF, it is necessary to use wood chips, urea-formaldehyde resins, ammonium chloride and paraffin. Keep material can only be packed in the room in which the humidity level not exceeding 70% and a maximum temperature of 25 ° C.

What is MDF?

In ordinary life, people have little understanding the intricacies of building materials. However, if you need to make repairs, to equip a room or to order new furniture, such knowledge are essential in order to make the right decision. We often hear from builders and furniture makers of such material, such as MDF. What it is? Try to understand!

MDF - an acronym invented in America, with the English it means "particle board, medium density". This material is a plate made of fine wood chips and wood imitating. To get it, the logs debarked and ground into a fine dust. Then the mass is treated with steam and added environmentally friendly fastening components such as lignin and paraffin. Further sleplennogo mass aligned, hot-pressed, and finally cooled and polished.

This type of wood-based panels is widespread and widely used around the world. For what is MDF?

  • it is easy to assemble design - warm and soundproof
  • This hygienic material - resistant to fungi and other microorganisms
  • it is environmentally safe product - which does not release harmful substances in the air have been impregnated with natural resins
  • this is a godsend for designers - because soft texture makes it possible to make even the most delicate handling and a rich color palette allows to realize any creative idea
  • and finally, it is much cheaper material than solid wood.

MDF panels represent a finishing material with a sufficiently wide field of application. Such panels are made out as living quarters - hallways, balconies, kitchens, ceilings, etc., as well as various public facilities -. Office and retail space. MDF feature is that they are widely used as ekonompaneley. They have an excellent appearance, there is no difficulty to use and install, and at the same time they have a low cost.

This is useful to know!

MDF can do an incredible amount of a variety of products. Here are some of them: furniture, doors, wall and ceiling panels, moldings, baseboards, trims, bent pieces of furniture or interior lath roofs, slabs HDF, container or packaging of different purposes, windowsills, handrails, stairs ... And this is Not all!

By the way, if you are doing repairs on their hands, you will also not be amiss to know how to align the wall. About this process in some detail here.

Many at the hearing in the vicinity of the MDF is the abbreviation necessarily chipboard. Which is understandable, since the materials are really similar in composition and application. However, if the MDF - a plate close-grained, the particle board (chipboard) make, so to speak, of the more weighty shavings and sawdust. Moreover, as a binder in particleboard element does not protrude natural and formaldehyde resins. Wood raw materials for manufacturing these plates is a wide variety of species, in addition, used and non-particles.

Logically, it begs the question, what is the difference between them and what is better, MDF or particleboard? However, the answer is not as simple as it sounds, and requires more detailed consideration.

DSP somehow, probably because of its fairly low grade, has acquired quite broad and at the same time a negative reputation. That is, even glamorous lady in the store, nothing really znayuchi can knock manicured fingernail neponravivsheysya furniture, and sincerely indignant "Ugh! The same DSP!"Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself that the MDF is certainly better than particleboard. Still, do not be so clearly put an end to this material. After all, if they are, then it's someone who needs it!

In any building material, as in the best, and worst, it has its obvious advantages and disadvantages of the absolute. However, this does not prevent them from actively used, and sold in the market. All the matter in the scope and respectively - the quality-price ratio.

So, unconditional dignity chipboard - this low price (more expensive MDF), strength (MDF softer and less durable), reliable fixation of fastening nails and screws, as well as water resistance (water resistance of MDF can not boast). That is why the DSP is very common in the construction, furniture and interior design. And if the material is an outstanding representative of economy class, it is simply irreplaceable in the production of public goods, in particular office furniture.

However, if the eco-friendly MDF, particle board that it can not boast, since it contains harmful to the health of formaldehyde. Thus chipboard class E1 yet safe enough, release of harmful substances it is at a low level. But the E2 class can actually harm the body and even prohibited in the manufacture of children's furniture. Besides the fact that the DSP is rather hard material, it hinders him find their application in the decoration, because it does not allow for deep milling or cutting shaped parts - in short, everything that is included in the fine processing. And the MDF, as we recall, in this regard, a sufficiently malleable to implement any ideas of the designer.

As you can see, the advantages and disadvantages - there is, and what better draw conclusions for yourself! Probably the decision depends on where, how and what you plan to use these materials.

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