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Official online store "Ascona" factory, we offer a full catalog of furniture at low prices with delivery in Moscow and Moscow region. All goods are certified and has a guarantee of a furniture factory, if you want you can order the assembly qualified and climb to the floor.

Mattresses Askona - some of the best mattress in the Russian market and the CIS market ratio innovation / high quality / reasonable price. On mattresses Askona sleep more than 8 million Russians. Spring units used in mattresses Askona, manufactured using modern equipment wire of high stable quality. The wire passes thermal and special anti-corrosion treatment (quenching) at the factory with strict outgoing quality control, according to the request of the company "Ascona".

The spring of "Ascona" production to maintain stable quality of products organizes a multistage quality control of incoming raw materials and products. Each batch is tested to wire break, twist, bundle, to "rewind" capability.

In addition, the production Askona, springs undergo the normalization process (removal of residual stress after stranding) that ensures consistent quality and long life spring units.

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We sell furniture of the best Russian factories with delivery in Moscow and the region, direct supplies from manufacturers and established logistical scheme enables you to deliver your order in the shortest possible time, and the lack of intermediaries guarantee the best prices!

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Sofas Askona: current models of 2018 and a review of options, Transformers for apartments

Sofa Askona, model Palermo

If in front of you is an issue of choice of high quality and comfortable furniture for the living room, then definitely worth seeing Askona sofas. Catalog and prices will pleasantly surprise you by the diversity and the ability to find exactly what you need. Sofa - a kind of center of the apartment, because on it together or separately rest all family members, with the comfort of the guests are located. Among other things, this piece of furniture often combines several functions - also serves as a seat, bed, and even a wardrobe, so when choosing a need to take into account not only the appearance but also the quality of finishes and fittings, functionality and convenience. All this is perfectly combined in models of sofas Askona, each of them will provide comfort for all family members.

Luxury leather sofa Askona

Askona small sofa without armrests

White leather sofa, model "Adriano"

Modern and classic sofa must necessarily combine aesthetics with the highest quality materials, comfort and versatility. Almost all manufacturers are trying to cater to the high demands of buyers, especially those looking for a version with built-in beds, so the vast majority of the models are equipped with a convenient mechanism of transformation, is easily converted into a sofa bed and back. But, alas, it is not always a bed get comfortable to sleep and proper posting of one or more persons. In particular it concerns the availability of orthopedic bases, which are equipped with full beds, because the majority of the sofas as a sleeping place serves seat, back or sliding element.

Sofa bed with chaise longue "Florence"

The best solution if you can not put in a full flat bed - anatomic sofas Ascona, catalog and prices that will pick up suitable option for each specific case.

Askona company best known for its orthopedic beds and mattresses, which have gained popularity due to the price and quality of the optimal ratio. But experts of the furniture factory who care about the comfort of its customers, we decided not to stop there and have designed a unique in-kind sofa, fully fitted comfortable sleeping with a pillow-top mattress. During the day it is a beautiful sofa, at night turns into a wide bed, which provides anatomical support for the entire body.

Sofa Bed "Florence" Unfolded

The process of unfolding the sofa "Florence"

Durability, reliability and functionality of sofas Askona provide:

  • Metal frame with elements of qualitative fiberboard and chipboard, plywood birch.
  • The supports of plastic or plastic plugs are safe for any floor covering.
  • Outer cover -pokryvalo a zipper, which is easily removable and can be used as a blanket.

Acquiring orthopedic sofas Askona (catalog and prices), everyone can choose the most convenient option for themselves the transformation. Askona Engineers in cooperation with Sweden (Hilding Anders) adapted standard orthopedic mattress to several mechanisms of transformation:

  1. Multicomfort ( «Accordion") - optimally combines with a double mattress h = 160 mm.
  2. Removal (evrosofa) - calculated on the pillowtop h = 160 mm.
  3. "Click-klyak" - is designed for the mattress h = 140 mm.

Magnificent modular sofa "Monica"

A convenient embodiment of the modular sofa of Askona

The base of each mechanism is sturdy frame made of metal, combined with an orthopedic armor of curved timber.

All options are of high quality materials and strength, thanks to which during the daily operation of the design, you can forget about wear.

As well as all the furniture Askona, sofas are equipped with orthopedic mattresses, the dimensions of which depend on the type of transformation, but the characteristics are practically the same. The height of the mattress can be selected from 14 or 16 cm, a width of 140-180 cm, length 200 cm.

All mattresses, which are equipped with sofas Askona, characterized by high degree of comfort and consist of the following components:

  • Block independent springs "Nanopoket" 7 zones.
  • High box.
  • Filler - felts of cotton fiber.
  • Seal - foam increased elasticity.
  • Case - removable Jacquard (quilted) or removable from a dense cotton.

Sofas Ascona colors catalog

Based on the style of the interior, easy to pick up suitable for each sofas Askona (catalog and prices). The official website offers models made in a discreet and versatile colors:

  1. Blonde - cream and baked milk
  2. Neutral - sand, classic beige, pearl gray, coffee with milk, chocolate milk, cappuccino
  3. Dark - gray modern, dark chocolate, violet, gray pearl.
  4. Smoke - lilac, cream, rose, Taupo, Lilac.

You can also pick up the sofa is not a one-color upholstery, and with a print (flower, "London").

On the sofa Askona price can vary quite a large scale, what influences how a particular model, and its size, or modification.

The largest assortment of sofas Askona presented direct models, among which the following models are also distinguished by the transformation mechanisms:

  1. Carina - a comfortable sofa, designed in simple, sleek design, equipped with a mechanism of transformation multikomfort combined with high orthopedic mattress. Thanks to the armrests of compact size model has a wide seat, the fit even in the modest size of a small room. Dimensions -. 160 x 210 cm In addition to the sofa you can buy decorative pillows.
  1. Helix - fiscal compact model presented in 4 colors. The sofa has a wide seat and is equipped with high armrests with wooden pads, making it as comfortable as possible. The model is represented in a 2-dimensions - 140 x 202 x 160 cm and 202 cm.

Sofas Askona, which reviews are forced to think seriously about purchasing, often equipped with a spacious linen warp, which makes this furniture indispensable part of the furniture in the apartment with a small area or a minimalist design.

The box is located under the seat (on some models in the arms), equipped with convenient lock that simplifies operation.

Sunset - anatomical sofa sleek, high-backed, linen boxes, the possibility of functional armrests equipment shelf. The armrests are fitted with straps, tops with dirt-repellent by spraying and can serve as a coffee table or stand under the laptop.

Anatomical couch Sunset from Askona

DayNight - practical and comfortable sofa cool design, suitable for any interior. Lower edge with armrests are decorated with stitching, a built-in laundry basket. The model has a streamlined shape and rounded corners, making the sofa completely safe for children.

Sunrise - a comfortable sofa, complete with decorative pillows, allowing to adjust the planting depth. Sleeper has dimensions 140 x 200 cm, the model is also equipped with volumetric duct laundry. In addition to the basic version can be purchased comfortable lining on armrests.

Antares sofa with small canapés

Antares - stylish sofa retro design with soft anatomical headrests and armrests.

Orion - sofa with deep planting, wide armrests and a low clothesline duct formed frame. The armrests also provides space for storage. In addition to the sofa you can buy functional countertop on the arm.

Orion beige

Direct Askona sofas without armrests allow you to save space in the room, which is important for small apartments or studios. The range presented models:

"Nike" - a compact (140 x 200 cm), anatomic sofa, equipped with a mechanism "click-klyak". It is designed for very frequent use of different deep planting, high elastic mattress, forming a wide berth. The sofa converts into 3 positions: sitting - lying - relax. The top cover is easily removed.

Sofa without armrests, model "Nika"

"Perseus" - a compact sofa, equipped with "accordion" mechanism, wide (140 x 210 cm) beds. A feature of the model is a soft pillow, and unfolded as it turns a beautiful interior bed s, ideal for studio or odnushki.

Vega - sofa with deep planting, transformation mechanism evrosofa equipped boxes for storage, removable cover. Special Feature - expressive design (three decorative pillows, seat stitching rhombus). In addition to the sofa, you can buy a mobile arm.

Sofa Askona, model Vega

Corner sofas Askona presented models Carina and Antares. They combine all the advantages of these variants with enhanced functionality.

Carina sofa is available in two versions:

Corner sofa Carina

In the production of canapés using the same materials as for the sofa frame. Structure equipped with lifting mechanism (located inside the laundry basket). The mattress of the same type as that in the sitting section, but is composed of 3 zones instead of 7.

Poof is also equipped with a blank space under the lid and soft-grip bottom, safe for the flooring. Seat frame filled with foam furniture, upholstered with durable fabric, similar to sofa covers.

Corner sofa-bed "Gloria"

In addition to the sofa Antares similar variations of performance, there is also a modification with a large settee. Corner sofas Askona presented in multiple sizes: 140 x 210 cm and 160 cm x 210, 180 x 210 cm, which allows to select the model, perfectly fits into the space of the room.

Choosing Askona sofas, one gets comfort combined with a contemporary design and impeccable execution. Do not sacrifice comfort for the sake of style, because even in a small apartment can sleep on the full mattress, and a day to use it also as a convenient seat.

Furniture Kovrov

Furniture shop "Ascona" - a place in Kovrov, where people come to for comfort. The feeling of comfort is evident even in the fact that in Kovrov is located two stores and a trade and exhibition hall of the company. Thus, customers are able to choose the nearest and most convenient place to purchase. In each outlet meets people courteous staff that is always ready to help decide and respond to any, even the most complex questions.

Best furniture store city Carpet warned! Try to at least roughly define their desires to visit our store. As practice shows - assortment breadth and wealth of choice for the majority of visitors are literally discouraging, and buy one thing becomes almost impossible.

In our store you can choose the interior design for the classic and most unusual apartments, to choose furniture for a country house, a dining room, bedroom, living room or any other space. Buyers like to come to us again and for the fact that the presented models are designed for every taste and budget. The availability of high quality and even the opportunity to buy your favorite thing in installments - all the conditions have been created for the customer. It remains only to find the time to visit the store. A lot of the most diverse collections of leading domestic furniture factories are presented under one roof - this unique spectacle even worth a look.

Ease of purchase of furniture saves time and money

The store is constantly operating discounts, promotions, sales. Registration of documents takes minimum time, even if you decide to buy a sofa or cabinet in installments. Comfortable, safe and prompt delivery, the ability to pay in cash or by credit card and help in the assembly - the company "Ascona" doing everything for their favorite customers.

Mattresses and other goods for sleep

"Ascona" The company is known not only as a seller of furniture, but also as a major manufacturer of mattresses and accessories to sleep. Attention to our customers offers a wide range of products with a wide range of applications from the vast, designed for double bed mattress to miniature for the youngest fans of quality sleep. With springs and without, for couples and adolescents, with a load capacity and the different degrees of elasticity - the hardest part is to choose. Prices from budget options to the class of elite products.

Best Furniture and Mattresses in Kovrov, you can view and purchase at the following locations:

  • Ascona Furniture (st. Builders)

    Kovrov, st. Builders, d. 27


  • Ascona Furniture (st. Griboedova)

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