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  • All parents are faced with the moment when their child gets older, and the toy or pink wallpaper, carefully bought at the birth of the baby, lose relevance. It begins a gradual rethinking of the design of the room for a teenage girl, in which adults should, based on the tastes of the young mistress, to create a practical, comfortable and stylish interior. How to implement it - read our article!

    Despite the fact that the rate of mental and physical development in children may differ traditionally meant by adolescence period from 12-13 to 16-18 years. Gradually formed personality, hobbies child, which should be reflected in his personal space.

    The main distinctive feature in the design of the room for a teenager not to use objects, and in the approach. If the nursery for the baby you are organized entirely on your taste, there will have to reckon with the opinion of the young mistress, which is about what to say at the age of 12-15 years. The mission of the parents in this case - to send the child's dream in the right direction, combining aesthetics and fashion with practicality and functionality.

    Since even in adolescence attitude of children continues to shape their environment plays an educational function, and therefore should be as comfortable and cozy. It lies on the shoulders of the parents, while the child remains in the competence of the introduction of decorative elements that fit his tastes.

    Bedroom of a teenage girl is at once for several purposes: recreation, education, hobbies and reception. And for each type of pastime should have its own zone, even if the room does not offer a lot of space.

    Modern teenage girls do not need to throw "all-girl" interior, which at an early age helps the baby self-identify. If you want to grow their own, interesting and bright personality, you have to move away from "princess castle" concept, issuing a child's stylish and practical items. However, it all depends on the character of a resident. In any case, the use of a particular style as a basis facilitate the main task.

    A room for a teenage girl in a modern style

    Concise, comfortable, functional - modern style may be the best choice for active women with a lot of hobbies. He suggests a limited number of decorative elements that only serve as decorations. Instead of them - the furniture of unusual forms, the rational organization of space, smoother lines, as well as practicality.

    In such an interior room for a teenage girl, ideal for wall with a photo print or painting that will love the young mistress. Restrained colors with a few bright accents do not overload the song, and will create a harmonious atmosphere.

    A room for a teenage girl in the style of Provence

    This style, which came to us from the French villages, just like the creative, touching nature.

    Distinctive features of the Provence in the design of child for teenage girls are pastel palette with a dominant white color, the use of natural materials (mainly wood), whitewashed furniture with the effect of aging, as well as floral motifs as decoration.

    A room for a teenage girl in the style of minimalism

    The most "talkative" of all solutions, minimalism suitable for older women, who will appreciate the uncluttered aesthetic style. A great option for rooms with a small area, which not only saves precious square footage, but even visually expand the space.

    Color variations in this design a bit, and they can be monochrome or contrasting. Furniture is often modular, a little mundane, closed. Another advantage of this option - it can be easily combined with other items, if necessary, but minimalism is, of course, violate.

    Room for a teenager in high-tech style

    Another style, which is modified with a teenage development. To some it may seem like a high-tech suit only the boys, but some modern girls and, importantly, their parents, too, such a decision would have liked.

    When making the space you are not particularly limited in the materials used. In fact, a room for a teenage girl in a hi-tech style involves a wide field for the imagination, creating comfortable conditions in a room of any size.

    The color range to be restrained, and in the presence of bright colors must be present those that their counterbalance. If you want to give your child a modern TV, a computer or a telescope, then this place is perfect to accommodate them.

    A room for a teenage girl in the style of pop art

    Bright creative individuals to 12 years probably have already heard about Andy Warhol and he created pop art direction. Giving free rein to imagination, in a style you can easily arrange a room for a teenage girl, developing a sense of beauty in it.

    Parents are important to know that this decision does not have to buy expensive furniture - a key element in the interior decor will. A lover of comic books can come up with appropriate pictures on the wall or fit cartoon paraphernalia. It is important to strike a balance between bright and muted parts to children remained not only a place of activity, but also recreation.

    At what style you would not have stopped to all the furniture applicable one universal rule - it should be comfortable for a growing body. If a small chair and a table in 11 years will be just, in the presence of 14 of them will cause some inconvenience. Make sure that the child is comfortably reach the shelves, which are located on the first thing needed, and insomnia at night is not caused by an uncomfortable bed.

    As already mentioned, for a teenage girl her room - a fortress in which it can deal with all the cases, only if the right to organize the space for different kinds of pastime. Traditionally, the room should be arranged bed, desk and closet. But for the hostess will have to provide and additional zones.

    If space allows, it is recommended to buy a small sofa, on which the child will spend time with her friends. More youth version - bean bags in different colors. At the age of 14 years, you can think about buying a TV.

    The girl-teenager also will be many "secret" things that she wants to be kept in "secret" locations. Make sure that the room has open and closed storage space, one of which has a lock.

    Try to purchase items for growth. For example, a chair with adjustable height or a large bed instead of small. Children at this age are growing rapidly.

    Needless to say that with 13 years, the main decoration of the majority of girls are posters of favorite bands? Even if your child is not a fan of pop culture, filling bedrooms images reflecting his tastes - an inevitable stage of maturation. Rather than restrict it - tell me how to keep a balance between aesthetics and harmony.

    Overall, the decor of the room for a teenage girl will depend on the hostess hobbies and things associated with them into place of old toys. But your child will definitely excited about the garland on the wall that will fit into any style. Not superfluous will fleecy carpet on the floor and a few family photos on the desk.

    Interior room for the two teenage girls

    Despite the fact that parents are less likely to give birth to more than one child, there are still families with children, for which the area has become a key issue. What if the two girls, but only one bathroom? A few tips to help you organize the space!

    Today, you can find a variety of models of furniture sets that can be used by several children. The most versatile of them includes two beds on the second floor, under which - the workplace, sofa, or maybe both areas at once. In this case, psychologists do not recommend choosing a simple bunk beds - they are allegedly associated with the prison and orphanage beds. However, always be guided by the wishes of girls.

    If a bedroom area allows work areas better placed in different corners of the room - that girls are not distracted during homework. In spite of living together, they should be a little personal space.

    As a place for storage, you can use a large closet and a few drawers, for example, under the bed. But separate repositories preferable, as girls can be confused in things, or even venturing on this occasion a quarrel.

    It so happens that one child in the family, and it has a bathroom and a small area does not allow to place objects freely. In this case, you can use a few tricks.

    Instead of a free-standing bed table and use a two-level complex with sleeping on the second floor. It greatly saves space. If the girl often receives visitors, it is better to stay on the sofa bed.

    Holders wide sills can modify them in convenient table. Just be sure that the sun does not blind the child during the day.

    Instead of hundreds of shelves and drawers - built-in closet with mirrored doors. They not only visually expand space, but also get rid of the need to find space for a full mirror.

    Even if a girl has been eager to decorate your room, try to limit a number of paintings and figurines, as the abundance of details will pile design. And, of course, the lighter colors as well as the more light sources - the more spacious it will seem a little baby.

    design of the room for a teenage girl - Photo

    We hope this material will help you in this delicate matter, as the design of the room for a teenage girl. Even more ideas we have gathered for you in our photo galleries. Happy viewing and inspiration!

    Room for a teenager - design ideas (20 photos)

    Your baby has grown, it is time to turn pink baby little princess in a cozy room for a teenage girl. Adolescence - difficult stage, there is a serious physiological rearrangement body formed psychological stability slowly. A girl of this age (12-14 years), almost impossible to please, like the one today, another tomorrow, so try to go around the "reefs". Discussing the design of adolescent room for the girls, try to avoid ready-made solutions, invite the daughter of a dialogue, let a teenager become the chief designer of the project.

    The choice of style - a crucial step

    Look along interior magazines, seed favorite illustrations, identify financial opportunities, make a work plan. According to the nature and hobbies try to interest her daughter eclecticism, minimalism, country or style Shabby-chic. Can a child loves travel, wants to decorate the space with interior details, reminiscent of Greece, Spain, the Scandinavian countries? Creating a teenage interior - a great game, the possibility of family members to know each other. Better drop the grim seriousness, treat the process with humor. Co-design room design for a teenage girl - fun and interesting. Solving this problem, there is no need to strictly follow the stylistic canons of the more important to get a room where your little girl will be convenient to learn lessons, to relax, to talk with my mother and her friends.

    Avoid elaborate decors, "television" Design: Interior published projects take into account the interests of other people's children. Okleyte wallpapered wall surface for painting. Daughter wants green, purple, orange walls? Agree. Let the color selection seems wild - a view of a teenager is very different from the vision of an adult. Perhaps the bright color explosion best expresses the inner state.

    If a child cease to please the color, use the method of Tom Sawyer. Cover the film floor, window, cover the joint ceiling-wall and floor skirting wide masking tape. Invite a group of friends daughter, hand them paint cans, rollers, protective clothing, close the door. The room will be transformed in a few hours. Refreshments after work is mandatory.

    Making living space for a teenage girl rather a psychological problem than a designer fantasy. Parents will have to arm themselves with knowledge of adolescent psychology, designing interior room grown up daughter.

    Divide the room into zones: wakefulness, training sessions and rest. Center of the room, near the window area was given to the active space, sleeping corner provide a private nature.

    Carefully consider lighting project. You must schedule at least three groups of fixtures:

    Overhead lighting is preferable to arrange ceiling lamps, flat shades. Bulk chandelier is possible to create the interior a certain style (classic, Provence, modern).

    Carefully calculate the security settings: dancing, playing, gymnastic exercises, attempt to remove the sweater (especially if my daughter grew up, and the ceiling height remained the same) can lead to the fall of the chandelier: the ceiling is broken, frightened child, get hurt.

    As the source of the work area is better to use light table lamps on the brackets. This lamp provides a sufficiently strong light, can move back and forth, height-adjustable. Lamps of this type is easy to pick up, given the stylistic decision room.

    Bedside lighting zone - not a night light for the little girl, fearful of the dark. We need a full bright light, which allows read books, view logs, make diary entries. switch button is placed at a distance of 40-50 cm.

    The main rule of registration of children's interior, regardless of age - do not clutter the space. Children need to move freely, so positioning is only necessary items.

    Provide comfortable working place near the source of natural light. If the training table is adjacent to the longitudinal wall, pay attention to sunlight necessarily fall to the left. Transparent legged masterpiece design looks good, but inferior to the functionality of the desk. Withdrawable or fixed pedestal, lockable boxes are capable of storing school stuff, diaries, small "sekretiki".

    At the table, taking into account the length of the arm, plan to open shelves or shelves with doors. From there, easy to get a tutorial, you need a notebook, a contour map, here perfectly accommodate exhibits collections, sports awards.

    An important piece of furniture - a dedicated compartment wardrobe, wardrobe, tall cabinet, a pencil case, where you can hang clothes. Near need a large mirror. Teenage girl 12-15 years a lot of time to their appearance, it is important to consider when planning the design of the room next girl. If there is roomy, convenient storage easier to agree on the implementation of the rules, "Things are not lying on a chair or a bed, they are removed in the closet."

    Essential to install a full bed in the bedroom, sofa-bed, avoid options. Lighten daughter lives: today's children very tired (school lessons, exercise, music, art classes), so it is often not physically able to make out the bed.

    The choice of hobbies girls 12 - 14 years dictates the placement of additional pieces of furniture that can make easier the projected space:

    • fashion, own appearance (the majority of teenage girls) - dressing table (all adults strongly opposed, but the color cosmetics, nail polish, jewelry will certainly appear, even stored in drawers)
    • sports, fitness - area for workouts, morning gymnastics, yoga
    • depth study of biology, chemistry - enlarged working surface (experiments, herbarium, drawings)
    • Music - a musical instrument rack (notes, records, CDs)
    • painting - easel, shelves, complex volume (paints, brushes, paper, albums, art reproductions)

    In addition to the main overall furnishings, the room of a teenage girl 13-15 years in a modern style, it is possible to use some decorating findings that make the interior more functional, underlined respect for the adults to a new life span daughter.

    • Cork (magnetic) board, which is convenient to attach the necessary papers, little notes, pictures, schedule of lessons, all sorts of stuff, or surface, painted slate black paint. It should be positioned around the desktop, slightly shifting the line-of-sight.
    • No heavy layered curtains. The window opening is better to issue light curtains, bearing only aesthetic value. dimming function perfectly fulfill roller blinds, a child will simply create the effect of closed from prying eyes, pull cord chain mechanism is sufficient.
    • When a company is going to the girls, there should be a large number of places to stay. Use bean bags, three-dimensional decorative pillows (soft things after the gatherings are easy to clean the pantry), footstools, fit a narrow chest, a padded, - a real vault girly "treasures".
    • Near the head of the bed, place a folding table-tray. Lightweight design is useful when you need to put the book, phone, put a glass of milk and a plate of cookies or a nightlight "starry sky".
    • Suggest hang signs outside the door, "the coast is clear" and "brick". Your daughter is almost grown, she has a right to their own free time, individual lessons. It is not necessary to break the boundaries of children's constant parental supervision. Let the teenager at least partially control their world, to feel adult consent to consider his mood.

    Leave one wall free space to a girl of 12 - 14 years pondered clearance, following your own preferences. Let put up posters, billboards, posters, original photos (if interested in fixing moments of real life), drawings, collages, revealing the identity of a teenager. Honor board, sports awards, schedule achievements, geographical map with flags marking the routes are family-friendly, and can travel dreams - it echoes the inner world of a growing person, the parents to start an interesting conversation, aiming to support the necessary spiritual contact with the teenager.

    Book printing large-format photos, modular patterns using photo excursions, interesting family trips.

    An empty wall gives huge scope to the imagination, creates rampant imagination. Good option to strengthen family unity, design method, which takes into account the conscious desire of parents to get to know your own child, - to offer their own daughter 16 years to paint the free wall. Figure figuratively thought, exciting teenager will improve understanding family. Let draws alone, invite your friends. Delight, inspire children when they feel that they are the creators, incommunicable. A bonus for the parent daring girl will receive a significant improvement of the status in the eyes of their peers!

    Equips room for teenage girls: interior design ideas

    Many parents are very difficult to predict the thoughts and ideas of your child, especially if it is in adolescence, because in this period of their interests and preferences are changing very rapidly.

    Even more difficult to figure out what he wants teenage girl, because they tend to hide their emotions, feelings and thoughts.

    But how then to equip a room for a teenage girl? Indeed, in this case can not be repelled only by their preferences or make out the room, focusing on price or practicality.

    Every teenage girl dreams to reveal their identities, and her room would exactly show the internal state of the hostess.

    Room for a teenager: photo, design

    Seriously reflect on the repair in his daughter's room, not in a hurry with the choice of furniture and interior elements. Possible risk that it will take your every decision as an unwillingness to listen to her ideas, and such a situation can be very painful for her.

    Moreover, the main purpose of this room - is to create a personal space in which the teenage girl will be comfortable.

    If anything it will irritate or distract - expect that it will show its character, or in other ways demonstrate their dissatisfaction. So why spoil the relationship with his daughter, even if not specially, if you can anticipate this situation and plan the arrangement of the room in a way that satisfied with every member of the family?

    Let's explore what you can do.

    Design a child's room for a teenage girl photo

    If the girls the most important criterion is the style, the more important for you safety furniture, practicality and environmental friendliness of the materials used.

    Let's define what features must be present in your chosen furniture:

    • strong and durable materials (do not forget that even in adolescence your child might be injured, for example, by jumping on the bed is not strong enough why it is better to foresee that your daughter can sometimes afford pranks.);

    Equipping such a room, do not forget that it should be as large because the child needs space.

    Note that you can ventilate the room, consider the question concerning the draft. Room girls should be warm and cozy, the desired temperature can be maintained by means of the air conditioner.

    design of the room for a teenage girl in a modern style, photo

    Also take care of that for teenage girls room had sound insulating properties, because she wants posekretnichat with friends or listen to loud music, so it will be useful not only for her but also for your entire family.

    Do not forget that for a teenage girl's room should be the most comfortable, but for this it must contain all the necessary pieces of furniture. Be sure to put a bed (or couch), wardrobe, desk and mirror.

    A room for a teenage girl photo

    Attention! In order to ensure maximum free space, use a light and mobile furniture - in this case, your daughter will always be able to transfer or move it, freeing the room.

    Speaking of practicality, we should also think about the lighting features of this room. The light should be bright enough to be your daughter has been able to concentrate on work.

    It is advisable to place a few lights across the room area as a maximum illumination is needed not only in the work area, but also near the cabinets: so your daughter will be able to get the important things from the distant shelves, without straining your eyes to see them.

    Provide enough light near the mirror: it will certainly approach them many times during the day and in the evening it is necessary to cover such a zone.

    Bedroom design for a teenage girl photo

    Tip: To emphasize the style of a room for a teenage girl can use the original lamps with multiple lighting options, as well as be integrated in the furniture beautiful neon lights.

    Do not forget that the lamp should be present near the bed. For example, you can buy a floor lamp or a lamp to put on a bedside table. This is very important, because for sure your daughter will want to read before bedtime.

    Interior room for a teenage girl photo

    Please note that the room for the practicality of a teenage girl is not only the characteristics of the selected furniture. Also it is very important to place correctly. Typically, this room is divided into several zones intended for different purposes, as for the teenage girl is a place which can be a variety of events.

    Most of these rooms are divided into the following areas:

    • a place to sleep;
    • training or working area;
    • rest zone;
    • wardrobe;
    • zone for personal care;
    • area for hobbies.

    Some areas can be combined: it all depends on your imagination and the possibilities of your room.

    Note that, depending on their functions, each zone has its own peculiarities registration.

    Teen bedrooms for girls, photos

    Sleeping area - this is the place where all the conditions for a restful sleep should be respected. In this area it is necessary to put a bed, a nightstand or small table, and lamp.

    It is possible that sometimes your daughter can remain friends, so think in advance where you will locate them. For these purposes the perfect sofa or a bed as large as possible, while the girls will be able to posekretnichat bedtime.

    For the bedroom area is not desirable to use too bright or gloomy shades of color should you use to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation. The same applies to the brightness of the light.

    Bedroom for a teenage girl photo

    The working area must assume the existence of a place to study: it may be a large desk or computer table small size.

    Superior quality in this case - it is its functionality: it should contain as many departments and boxes, as well as enough space for a computer or a laptop accommodating.

    Plan the use of the surface so that your daughter when it was convenient to read or write. It is also necessary to allocate space for speakers, printer, scanner, or other devices. It is important to put in this area the bright light, and consider what the height and dimensions of the chair will be the most optimal.

    Above the table you can place a bookshelf or stand to attach the disc.

    Teenage girls room, photo

    As for recreation, then this place will not be for your daughter, but also for her friends.

    If the room is not big enough, and you can not put here for a sofa or a large number of seats, this problem is solved by using soft ottoman or bedding with decorative pillows. In this area, a small room, you can put the TV or stereo system.

    Youth rooms for girls: design, photo

    In the dressing room should be placed a cabinet or rack of clothes. They also need to be comfortable and functional: Check that they had enough divisions and drawers. One must have card designed for hangers.

    In the area of ​​care is necessary to put a large mirror and a dressing table or shelves for perfume, cosmetics, combs, jewelry and other items needed for the girl.

    Sometimes this area is combined with the dressing, for example, you can pick up a wardrobe with mirrored doors, and all the necessary things to put in one of the drawers.

    Interior teenage room for girls, photos

    Sure your daughter is interested in something: in this case, be sure to ensure the availability of areas for her hobby. Depending on what your child is interested in this area can be put musical instruments, easel for painting, trainers or wall bars and other items.

    By the way, zoning of the room is very important if you do not have a daughter, and a room designed for two teenage girls. Each of them should be your private space equipped with everything necessary to avoid any grievances and conflicts.

    Such zones may be separated by means of the enclosure, a decorative curtain or screen. If your room size does not allow to make separate areas for children, put a bunk bed, but provide for each girl their workplace and enough space to relax.

    When the question with practical furniture and features of its placement in the room has already been decided, it is to trust your daughter - and give it an opportunity to address the issue of the decoration of the room. It would be great if these issues you will discuss with her.

    We suggest you familiarize yourself with some important points to consider when decorating this room.

    Perhaps the most important question in this case - it is the right choice of color. You are advised not to use excessively bright colors for floors and walls, because your daughter has grown out of the age when everything was bright she was interested. Surely now she wants to use more quiet and gentle tones: beige, mint, peach, pale blue.

    You can combine several colors or dilute them with furniture, blankets, curtains or carpet of a different color.

    Remember! When choosing colors is very important to take into account the particular nature of your daughter. It is no secret that some of the colors have a peculiar effect on mood and emotional state: for example, yellow or orange color can lift your mood and relieves depression, pale green or blue have a calming effect.

    It is possible that your daughter has no interest in a romantic and feminine shades. For example, it is a supporter of the more colorful and eccentric colors - in this case, be sure to consider its interests. And do not fear that such a room will look too gloomy: in fact, there are many ways to decorate the room even with the darkest shades, and this option will only accentuate its original style.

    Besides, any darkest shades can be diluted by means of light elements or the original decoration patterns on a wall surface.

    Of course, lighter shades will contribute to increasing the visual space of children's bedrooms. And you might think that is too dark colors are inappropriate for a small room. But do not get upset: you can expand the space by opening the furniture or mirrors of large dimensions.

    You can use wallpaper with interesting and stylish images or wallpapers, as well as decorate the walls of photographs, paintings or posters. In the area of ​​study can be hung a large clock.

    In order to emphasize the style of a room, use the advanced attributes and accessories: decorative pillows, toys, original lamps, figurines, jewelry boxes and other decorative design elements.

    As you have seen, there are many features relating to the process of decorating the room for a teenage girl. And it is extremely important to allow your daughter to reveal their identities and plan everything yourself.

    As for parents, they can only guide the child and make him tips and advise more practical and comfortable materials, or to provide assistance in the placement of furniture.

    As you can see, this is no big deal, so you want to get as much pleasure from the process of registration of such a room, and the contemplation of the results. We finally propose to see a selection of photos from the child's bedroom design ideas for a teenage girl:

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