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How to choose furniture for the student?

Website for Moms sure selection of furniture - it is responsible. And even if her future owner is not quite an adult and are not always serious, this event should be approached very seriously. to accurately choose furniture for the student, We must take into account a lot of features, requirements, and possible situations.

To begin, study the needs and rhythm of the baby's life, and then to choose furniture for the student in accordance with his vital. In other words, decide what will the child in his room: sleep, play, learn, or something else? And then under the occupation pick the furniture.

But there is a caveat: keep in mind that the child grows and makes diversity in their lives, and thus to the environment, to which, incidentally, is owned and furniture.

It is sometimes possible to purchase "for growth" furniture: Reach tops, beds sliding, climbing the table leg ... Often these variants are less reliable. But if well-chosen, "instance", it will be much more practical, "monolithic" counterparts.

So, to successfully choose furniture for the student, be aware that it will be on it:

Choose furniture to relax schoolboy - very entertaining process. Modern furniture industry offers many interesting options, starting with a strict but practical multi-storey structures, and ending with beds in the form of ships and machines.

Not so important, that it will be: a foldout sofa or stationary bed. It is more important to pay attention to the sleeper. Children's flanked by an immature spine is much more useful to be sleeping on the orthopedic surface.

Bed need to implement the "right" mattress. And chose the couch, make sure that the pillows were made from the finest materials. To recharge your batteries for the day, the child must fully relax at night, and not to suffer from back pain.

Luxury bed for girls schoolgirl

As they get older, the child added more personal items. And they need somewhere to put, to maintain order in the room. It is necessary to consider when choosing furniture for the student.

Clothing will be convenient to put in cabinet. Let it be colorful and low, so that the child can independently lay out everything on the shelves.

Because we choose furniture for the baby, it is necessary to take a worthy place for his toys. They can take or a separate nightstand, or placed on a shelf in the closet, or stand on its own shelf. Of course, the most convenient option is a special place for toys that do not interfere in the wardrobe and not stored on the table. This task is easy to cope several shelves, which are then useful for school supplies.

Furniture for the student: a comfortable workplace

It is impossible to fully choose furniture for the student without equipment workplace. The child needs to practice table and chair. And how to spend them it will be quite a lot of time, and then choose thoroughly.

Choose furniture for the student can not only be in the children's department. Modern office furniture stores offer furniture made of relatively inexpensive woods, such as birch or pine. If you stick to the fashion trends of minimalism and want to arrange a nursery that way, you will have to fork out. But nothing compares to the natural wood in the interior!

White furniture for the student: comfortable sitting!

To select the table for a student, you need to plan what it will be. If the baby grows, "computerized", that is suitable for practicing computer desk. Optimal for a good view of the distance from the eyes to the monitor -. Not less than 50 cm ends of the table should be no corners, smooth, to avoid bruising in the future.

Chair, as well as table, must ensure the correct position of the body when practicing. This task can easily handle special ergonomic chair equipped with height adjustment and backrest. The youngest adapted for a small child seat. To choose the right furniture for the student, ask for any age and maximum weight is calculated.

Area with furniture for the student

Check whether the chosen height of the chair right, pretty simple. offers a simple way. If a child is sitting on a chair, put your feet flat on the floor, his legs should form a right angle.

Otherwise you will have to adjust the seat height slightly. If the chair is not equipped with height adjuster, you can get out of the situation as follows. In case of insufficient height of the chair seat can be put on a hard pillow, and when excessive - for a small stool for his feet.

For eye health is important to organize the lighting of the workplace. best form lamps - Prism, expanding outwards. If it is assumed that the lamp will be turned on for a long time, pay attention to the metal ceiling. Plastic parts can be melted by heating to start. The color of the ceiling, choose not bright, so as not to distract the attention of the baby.

Widely used fluorescent lamps recently tire the eyes because of its flicker. Better suited matte or halogen lamps. A flexible tripod lamps allow direct lighting, adjust its intensity. It is difficult to choose the right furniture for the student without competent lighting!

Orange furniture for the student in the style of minimalism

To choose furniture for the student of good quality, you need to:

  • Ask quality certificates
  • Check to only use eco-friendly materials, practical for hygienic cleaning, for example, particle board or various types of wood,
  • Make sure that the fillers are made from natural materials ( "inner" and sofa covers and mattress),
  • Check color fastness, which must withstand frequent wet cleaning.

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Good article. Given the correct advice to maintain a level posture of the child. And it's not only chairs, but also on the surface of the orthopedic bed or couch. Now there is a cheaper analog of the bed or the couch - mattress-topper different firms

I madly like beds that are at the top of the cabinet, and the desktop is beneath them. Very space-saving and original looks.

What it consists of a set of furniture for the student

For school-age child will be better, if it will have its own nursery. In this case, parents can purchase a complete set of furniture, which is a school area. This kit should be kept in the same style.

It should be noted that to make out a children's room for a student in raznotonnyh and contrasting colors, it is not necessary. This will facilitate the dispersal of the child's attention. Therefore suitable light shades for the children.

Furniture for schoolboy must be purchased from a natural material. For this room virtually perfect tree. Better to choose a birch, beech or pine. Much cheaper furniture made of particle board, but you need to make sure that the selected objects have the appropriate certificates.

Furniture for schoolboy

Furniture for student home

Workplace student should have a desk, one or more shelves and a chair. table design is not so important. The main thing is that it is the desired height. Today, students almost always uses the same computer. Therefore, you must think about how to fit a table. Keyboard should be pull-out shelf. The greatest convenience of different multi-module tables. To them all the necessary items can be placed with maximum functionality.

Small furniture student

Furniture photo schoolboy

Chair should be chosen by the child's height. Sitting on it, the child should rest your feet on the floor. The femur and tibia must be at right angles. The table surface and the aperture of the child are on the same level. This situation will not cause the child's later myopia or scoliosis. When choosing a chair with wheels, it should have armrests and adjustable backrest with anatomical bend. But this seat is not suitable for primary school children.

Corner for student photos Furniture

Desk for the student

Today it became popular such sets of furniture, like a student area with a bed that can be retracted under the podium, and the top is a desk.

Corner for a student with a bed

There are a variety of options, such corners you can buy ready-made, but better - make to order to fit your child's room. Variant with seating for pupils, stocked bed, can be a lifesaver in case you have two or more children, and they share their children's room for two.

student area with a bed, desk and wardrobe

A set of furniture Area schoolboy with a bed

Student working in a studio apartment - compact furniture

If there is a separate room, is to provide the student work area in the family room. There can be a secretary with a hinged top. This piece of furniture should be small. For some students, growing up in a family, needed their own jobs. All of them should be accustomed to the order from a young age. At the same time they should not eat of their jobs.

Interesting idea for saving space of small apartments - organize desktop child, connecting it to the sill as in this photo.

Windowsill turning into table

Furniture for a student with his hands

For some savings on furniture for the growing family students have the option to its self-production. Benefit in the literature may be found a plurality of drawings. Quality made furniture for the student with their own hands can be an original, versatile and inexpensive. Version of the independent production of such furniture may just be the perfect solution for a small apartment. All items can be arranged in several tiers. The only problem may be considered only low ceilings.

Home furnishings for a student

Student work area - lighting

Good hanging or table lamp is of particular importance for the preservation of the student. The light source on the desktop should possess about 60 watts, but on condition that the upper beam. Only one lamp should not burn. It must be placed on the left. Left-handed - right.

Table lamps for schoolchildren

Lamp for the student can also be part of the set with the desktop, but you can select separately.

Choosing furniture for the student for the house, make sure that your child is comfortable and convenient to do, and then the right step to successful study will be made.

Choosing furniture for the student

High-quality furniture for the student should be selected based on the age and needs. From the proper organization of the workplace depends on the interest and the child's academic performance. How to avoid mistakes when selecting children's headset and buy the best set of furniture, I'll tell you below.

Furniture for student rooms: basic requirements

Attractive appearance - not a reason to buy baby furniture. Even if the child is very much a variant, it can be persuaded, explaining that the furniture should be comfortable, otherwise it will suffer posture and vision.

Note that the three zones have to be in the children's organized: working, sleeping and playing. Furniture for children's schoolboy boy's room selected on the basis following requirements:

  • Convenience of the location of all elements of the headset. All drawers and shelves are installed within reach of the child's height table and chairs matches the student growth backrest supports baby's back, between the party and the kid knees observed the necessary clearance.
  • When you select a table you need to understand that it is not only the child will do homework in a notebook, but also engaged in the computer, so the area of ​​the countertop must contain a monitor or laptop.
  • Doubting between beautiful furniture for the student to his room in the house and a simple, but made of environmentally friendly materials, make a choice in favor of the latter option.
  • It is better to buy a height adjustable furniture, especially chair that as children get older had the opportunity to tighten the seat and prevent the occurrence of scoliosis.

Proper separation of a child's room into different zones

A variety of children's furniture for the student

several kinds can choose among the available ready-made and custom-made furniture sets for school-age children. The final decision should be taken based on the dimensions selected for a nursery or child's "job."

Modular furniture for the student

Buying a single structure, you can install it on the perimeter of the whole nursery. Location knobs, drawers and shelves where you can modify to your liking. Elements modular headset attached to the walls and the ceiling, so the prerequisite is to have a concrete or brick walls in the baby's room.

Furniture for the student: work area

Not only in what the interior involve the corners of the room. But in a small apartment on the account of every centimeter of space. When equipping the workplace of the child will be indispensable for the student area, an example of furniture you can see in the photo.

Expert advice: On one side of the L-shaped structure Organize shelves, and on the other - set the desktop computer. For such a small room for student furniture will solve the problem to lack of space.

Adjustable furniture student

An important criterion when choosing a headset is the growth of the child. Children grow quickly, and in order to avoid having to change every year, chairs and beds needed to fly the adjustable elements of the headset.

Chair on castors - the perfect solution

Whichever set of furniture for the student you choose, it must be made of environmentally friendly materials. The ideal is considered to purchase a headset made of solid wood. It is better to spend money once and lay out a round sum, but your child will be safe. After all, in the nursery it not only teaches the lessons, but also sleeps, plays and sports.

Wooden furniture in an unusual interior

Even in the process of learning a child can take breaks for games to distract from the performance of complex tasks. Among the mandatory set of furniture for a boy student isolated:

  • A chair with a stiff back, resilient legs and seat upholstery;
  • Table - is an essential furniture for the student, it can be represented as a computer or written options. Its width should be at least 120, and the depth - 60 cm, preferably the presence of boxes and shelves.

Furniture in the room for two children

  • Bed. You can buy a modular version, designed for the teenager, and then over time it does not have to change.
  • Cupboard. It should be roomy. It is designed not only for school uniforms, but different things, toys and hobbies of the child.

The photo in our gallery are examples of interiors with beautiful, practical and comfortable furnishings for a student.

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