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In the process of finishing work inside the building, an important aspect is the ceiling painting. Paint needs to be of high quality, safe and durable. This article describes the features and use of paint for the ceiling Dulux.

Features and characteristics of Dulux paint for the ceiling

Before the deal directly with Dulux paint Ballroom functional features paint for ceilings. Staining the ceiling - economical version of its finish, but at the same time, the painted ceiling looks quite aesthetically pleasing. Ceiling paint should have good adhesion, but at the same time, the ceiling, in contrast to the walls hardly get dirty, and therefore does not require constant cleaning.

Dulux paint colors different from other manufacturers such advantages:

  • has a deep matte, which allows to hide flaws in the ceiling, the ceiling blanched effect is obtained;
  • ink viscosity is average, so it is conveniently and uniformly applied to the surface;
  • of the Dulux paint includes eco-friendly and harmless materials;
  • Some components do paint a water-resistant, so it is also used for painting the ceiling in the kitchen or in the bathroom;
  • the drying process is very quick and unpleasant smell - is absent;
  • There are kinds of colors with high moisture resistant properties, they are applied to the ceiling, in places with high humidity or possibility of contamination, this paint is easy to clean.

Now consider the positive aspects of the use of more expensive paint Dulux, before use of cheaper counterparts:

  • during the dyeing process is sufficient to apply only two coats of paint Dulux, cheap paint should be applied four to six layers;
  • It has a smaller ink consumption per square meter;
  • It has certificates that indicate environmental safety and harmlessness to health;
  • maintains color and original appearance for many years;
  • more wear resistant, as subject to a large number of cleanings.

Dulux paint for the ceiling Varieties

In relation to the basis of Dulux paints are:

A first embodiment consists of acrylic or latex polymers. They affect the strength, resistance to moisture and high temperatures.

Organic paints based on using alkyd resins as binder. Such inks are more harmful, as opposed to water. Therefore, this paint is almost never used in the process of finishing the dwelling.

In relation with the texture of the paint is divided into:

Glossy paint creates a kind of glossy surface, but such paints is recommended to be applied only on a perfectly smooth ceiling, since they do not even hide small flaws.

Semi-gloss paints are the type of intermediate type of paint between the glossy and matte. They also shine, but at least give the flaws and irregularities.

Matte paint is the best option to mask small defects on the ceiling.

In relation to the chemical composition of the paint for the ceiling are:

  • latex type;
  • acrylic type;
  • latex type;
  • silicate type;
  • silicone type.

Dulux paint the advantages of latex:

  • absolute safety;
  • no unpleasant odor;
  • ease of operation;
  • possibility of flushing ink using a soap solution, if required;
  • possibility to select the dye which will provide the paint of any color or shade;
  • the possibility of applying other types of paints.

Advantages of acrylic paints:

  • resistance to abrasion;
  • odorless;
  • resistant to moisture, it assumes constant washing;
  • move tightens fine cracks, width 0.5 cm;
  • resistant to ultraviolet radiation;
  • It has a larger color palette.

Tip: Keep in mind that acrylic paint, after application to the surface and drying, a little darker.

Ceiling latex paint high cost is different, but at the same time has excellent quality characteristics, it has the following features:

  • highly resistant to abrasion and moisture;
  • It involves frequent washing;
  • It closes the crack width to one millimeter;
  • economical - to cover the ceiling sufficiently apply a thin coat of paint;
  • is applied to the embossed surface;
  • very difficult to remove from all surfaces;
  • although a thin film, the ceiling easily breathes through a paint.

Silicate paints colorful attributed to mineral materials. Its main component is the presence of molten glass.

Features silicate paint Dulux:

  • practically closes the fine cracks due to a low elasticity;
  • It requires the use of special protective glasses and clothes, as it contains water glass, which irritates the skin;
  • It has a diverse color palette;
  • well it passes steam used in environments with high moisture levels;
  • It does not require the use of additional preservatives, because they do not permit the development of mold, fungi or microorganisms.

Silicone Dulux paints are different such features:

  • delaying crack whose width is two millimeters;
  • elastic;
  • surface coated with the paint and allows easy breathing gas;
  • ceiling is resistant to the appearance of contamination, as the paint has the effect of water repellency;
  • long kept on the surface.

Recommendations for the choice of colors for the ceiling Dulux

1. To buy paint Dulux, contact any DIY-store or shop.

2. Paint Dulux price depends on the type of paint, as well as its volume.

3. If necessary, staining ceilings in rooms with high humidity or extreme temperatures, choose only the paint with water-repellent properties, these include: silicone, silicate and acrylic.

4. If the ceiling has small irregularities, it is recommended to use matte or semi-matt paint, for an absolutely smooth ceiling is also suitable and glossy.

5. For the shower, kitchen or child's room should choose colors that are the basis of the antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It will prevent the proliferation of mold and mildew in the room.

6. If you plan to smoke in the room, use a paint that has a self-cleaning or cleaning base.

7. To make the ceiling the same as if it had recently been whitewashed, using special paints, which give the effect of the mineral surface.

8. The best option - definitely silicone paint, it is durable, it does not pollute, elastic and well lets couples. But the cost of such paint is quite high.

9. Paint Dulux reviews - has only positive, it is of high quality and operating durability.

Overview paint options for the ceiling Dulux

1. Dulux Magic White - magic snow-white, is a matt water-based paint components which protrude linking acrylic copolymers, light fast pigments and water. In the process of applying the paint has a slightly pink hue, which, after it has dried completely disappears. The drying time is 2-4 hours. This paint is no unpleasant odor. Magic White Dulux paint consumption by twelve square meters - 1 liter. This paint is not suitable for rooms with high humidity. It perfectly breathable and allows the ceiling "dyshat9rdquo ;. Purification of the colored paint surface, when there is a damp cloth, which is pre-wetted with water.

2. Dulux Rich Matt - a new snow-white matte paint on vodoemulsionkoy basis. It features a large variety of colors. Has a very low consumption, resistant to ultraviolet light, does not fade, dry for three hours. Clean with a damp sponge.

3. Dulux Trade Super matt - is supermatovuyu latex paint designed for use indoors. Easily applied to any surface, even on wet plaster. One liter of ink stain around eighteen square meters of ceiling. The advantage of Dulux Trade Super matt is that it allows you to paint the ceiling to breathe.

4. Dulux Kids Room WO - has a rapid vysyhaemostyu and odorless. And the presence of silver ions in the composition gives the paint antiseptic properties, it kills all the harmful germs and bacteria in the room. In most cases used for staining the ceiling in the children's room. Amount of ink is 8 m² - one liter.

5. Dulux office room - used in the process of staining the ceiling in the office. Unpleasant odor, stains and splashes during application no. wax contains components that help avoid dirt and protected from moisture. There is a possibility of constant washing the ceiling, covered with a paint. The amount of paint to 7 m² - one liter.

3 6. Dulux D whire softsheen - used for applying concrete, brick, plasterboard or plaster surfaces. Perfect for rooms that have an optimum moisture content, such as bedroom, living room, children, etc. The paint is easy to clean, perfectly covers minor irregularities and expands the space of the room. It requires the application of two layers. It contains marble and optical brightener.

7. Dulux Vinil softsheen - velvety coating provides a ceiling. Good overlaps fine cracks, is odorless, comprising no volatile organic substance, easy to clean. Perhaps cleansing painted surfaces 30 days after painting.

8. Dulux Bingo - is a latex paint which imparts semi-shade surface. Drying for two hours. It is used in the process of dyeing facilities, those with a large operational load, such as the lobby or corridors. It requires the application of two layers, and the time between the staining is one hour. It characterized by having a large color palette.

9. Dulux Diamont softsheen - is a latex, which has improved wear resistance. It dries in four hours, one liter of paint is sufficient for sixteen square meters ceiling. It requires the application of two layers. Provides diamond strength, is economical in expense, has not strongly pronounced odor, easy to clean and stresses ceiling relief.

10. To ensure that the surface of the deep haze, use paint Dulux Bingo 3. It is enough to be applied to 14 square meters. The paint is completely hides the imperfections and small defects, no odor, has good adhesion.

11. Dulux master90 - alkyd paint type, which is universal and suitable for the coating all surfaces, including the ceiling. Provides a glossy sheen surface, dries for twelve hours. Flow rate is 1 liter per 12m². Paint carries formation durable weatherable elastic coating. It makes the surface water and gryazenepronitsaemoy. It is applied easily, in no spatter and drips. It requires two coats. Withstand temperatures of more than 80 degrees.

12. Dulux 3D White - contains marble and optical brightener. Used in the process of painting the walls and ceilings. Consumption of one liter of paint covers 12 m². Easy to clean, has a number of color variations are well coated on the surface.

Preparation and dyeing process of the ceiling

Before applying the paint should hold a series of preparatory work on the cleaned surface. Paintable ceiling should not be wet and dirty. It is recommended to its putty, first start and then finish putty, especially if the paint to be applied is glossy.

Preparatory works include:

  • cleansing of old paint;
  • puttying;
  • smoothing and leveling the surface by means of a grid;
  • priming.

Tip: If you have previously appeared on the ceiling cracks, it is recommended their putty using a special grid, which will provide them with reinforcement.

If the ceiling has never been painted, it is necessary to plaster or plasterboard obbit.

To reduce ink consumption, it is recommended to cover the ceiling deep soil penetration, which will also have antiseptic properties and prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

The room temperature must be between 5 to 30 degrees.

The process of staining the ceiling using acrylic comprises:

1. Preparation of instruments and devices - roll, with the average thickness of the pile, brushes, paint trays, stairs and the paint itself.

2. First, start to paint the corners, and then the entire perimeter. When the hard to reach areas are painted with a brush, take the roller and apply the paint on the rest of the surface.

3. Application of the first layer does not matter, and the second layer is applied directed towards the window. Such a process would provide a nice and smooth surface.

4. dry up the paint based on acrylic quickly, so it will take a few hours to stain the ceiling. Also, this paint has almost no smell, so it is quite popular among consumers.

Staining latex has the following stages:

1. Preparation of the surface - treated with a primer first ceiling with antiseptic, and then normal. Irregularities need to putty, better to give preference putty based on acrylic. Then the grinding of small irregularities, the ceiling is primed once and only if there is color.

2. Paint is applied using a roll with a long nap. The first layer is perpendicular to the window, and the second vice versa.

3. It is recommended to paint the ceiling at a time, since the formation of paint sagging. Mandatory moment is rolling a roller on the bath.

The main problems encountered in the process of staining the ceiling

1. High density paint - to avoid this problem, before applying the paint need to read the instructions, as some paints to be diluted before use. Also, pay attention to the shelf life of the paint. Do not buy the paint in the winter on the markets as possible the risk of freezing.

2. When buying peremerzshego material, it is possible to further use only in the case where it is previously protsezhen and purified from clots.

3. In the dyeing process using a roller is often several bars on the surface. Apply the paint quickly and move it to the portion that has not yet been painted, for its better distribution on the surface.

4. To not form nodules in the coloring process to develop practical all the paint, roller should be almost dry.

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Select for walls and ceilings ultrastoykuyu paint Dulux Ultra Resist with unique components. It is resistant to moisture and steam, easy to clean and prevents the formation of mold and mildew.

For white interior decorators recommend Dulux matt durable paint Dulux 3D White. Show more ... It is not cold "hospital" gloss, good hides wall imperfections and scatters light. The room becomes more spacious, and the ceiling - above.

When applied to the wallpaper for painting, make sure that on the surface there is no adhesive residue. To check the status of the old coating on concrete, brick, drywall fix on it a strip of adhesive tape and abruptly tear. If the tape were pieces of paint, surface must be clean.

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