A chest of drawers in the hallway photo

A chest of drawers in the hallway: functionality and design

Thanks to a chest of drawers can significantly improve the appearance of the hall and make it more functional Opinion that the locker is the closest relative of the chest, appeared by itself. He acquired a modern form, passing from stone to his mind, thanks to the French, they have the originality of its design. The selection of names was not difficult, the name «commode», he received thanks to its functionality and usability. To date, a chest of drawers is an indispensable thing in the interior of the room, and it fits virtually any room functional. If for some reason you do not have this interior object, then acquainted with his qualities closer, his desire to acquire will certainly arise.

Narrow chest of drawers in the hallway: the depth of 30 cm

Modern dressers resemble a mini-cabinet, which have some of the drawers. In addition, some boxes chests have such additions as a hidden shelf. All variations of the chest is no doubt convenient, so its popularity can remain at a height of for years to come. One of the most popular models is the classical shallow chest of drawers, which has a number of drawers. They are located one above the other, thus creating a vertical row. The smallest dresser includes no more than two boxes.

Narrow chest of drawers, placed near the wall, perfectly fit into the small hallway

Aspects of the chest are at three points, namely:

  1. They have a minimum height. It does not exceed 850 mm. Large height converts to a dresser pedestal. The exception is the corner or hanging species, they can be mounted on any convenient height. Hinged dresser are often in demand among owners of small hallways;
  2. Such a narrow chest. Its length is not more than 50 cm shorter than the length simply does not exist, since it is not justified as the manufacturers with the design point, and users from the point of ease of use.;
  3. The depth of such a miniature chest of 30 cm. This depth is ideally suited to a hallway. However, this size can be considered de facto as the facade and the rear housing occupied for about 2 centimeters.

These chests are made exclusively for the hallways, as in the other rooms, they will not be helpful and could not accommodate the things in the folded state.

How to choose a dresser in the hallway

Contemporary chests of drawers can be like mirrors, and without them, a variety of colors from white to red, as well as a variety of options, narrow, wide, large and small. Before you decide on a chest of drawers, in which there is a mirror, you first need to understand whether there is a need to meet the definition of a style or a chest of drawers should be allocated its own personality.

Chests of drawers with a mirror look great in the design of the Eastern and Scandinavian style.

To dresser and mirror looked harmoniously, they must be performed in the same style

So, for example, a combination of black and brown Scandinavian style suitable only for those who are not afraid to experiment. In this style is suitable roomy dresser in a bright design. Such dresser perfectly fit into the interior. The only point on which you should pay attention to is the fact that the mirror does not hang on the wall, and placed on the chest of drawers.

Chest in the Scandinavian style perfectly complement the large mirror, it will help visually expand the space. Chest in this style can be of unpainted wood. Such negligence can come not to everyone's taste and is not suitable for every interior, so he will need in the color supplements.

In addition to the respective drawers have a certain style such as a chest of drawers bench. It looks not only stylish, but also aesthetically pleasing. The mirror will be an excellent complement to it. In combination with pictures, a mirror in a decorative frame will look very interesting.

Cabinet-chest of drawers in the hallway: functionality and design

Chest of drawers - a perfect solution for small hallways. Despite its small size, it is quite roomy. From the moment when the invented dresser changed not much, but its appearance has gone through many improvements and additions. At the moment, the range is enormous chests and absolutely burn each pick a necessary attribute of his hall. Modern furniture manufacturers such as "Ikea" is constantly searching for new and low-cost design. They complement the design options and create new ones in order to make more functional drawers. Their original ideas will not leave indifferent not a single buyer.

The classical model-dresser cabinet consists of:

  • Mounting feet;
  • Boxes that are put forward;
  • Countertops.

Wardrobe-dresser will fit perfectly into any interior, regardless of the style in which it is made

But even such a simple design can afford to play with the structure of the system. For today's chests are typical non-standard dimensions. In addition, you can often find chests that are rearranged and they are very easy it is to enter into a large storage system, for example in the closet. Despite the fact that the chest is less than his brother, he is no less functional, and its table top is a great place for small attribute location.

On the dresser in the hallway can be placed the following accessories:

What is undoubted positive side drawers, it is their functionality.

Acquiring not only a modern chest of drawers, but also can be found in the classic unforeseen additions, which can be useful.

For lovers of antiques will be a real boon model made of old sketches. It will be kept edging and carving. This dresser will be a necessary attribute of the furniture in the hallway will be his decoration. Complement the colors and elegance of the hall can commode, made in the Moroccan style. His appearance will make him the central object of attention.

A chest of drawers in the hallway: the colors and shades

The choice of material for the manufacture of the chest will depend on how much money to spend it is intended, and on what purpose it is used in a hallway. To experiment with the shape of the chest is not always possible, so you can choose different colors. Well-chosen color, a chest of drawers can be bright or light on the background of the rest of the furniture and interior decoration, even issuing a white. Using a concise color, you can add some rigor chest, but even in this case, a locker will not go unnoticed. If the dresser in the hallway will be given a central role, the colors should be consistent with the overall decor.

Chest of drawers with a glossy surface, painted in bright colors, perfect for hallway, made in the style of high-tech or modern

Most often, preference is given in the following colors:

In the case of dark rigor selected timber from dark trees. This coloring will add splendor and value of the hallway. In addition, the need for a chest of drawers can be lacquered to add sophistication.

With regard to the pastel tones, they do not like the invasion of foreign colors, so choose the basic design should be well before the dresser will be purchased. This attribute of furniture, executed in pastel colors, at first glance may seem unprepossessing, but he is able to significantly expand the hallway visually. This design is always easy to look and refined.

hallway thing chest of drawers in the interior are not capricious, therefore, to choose the color is not too difficult for him. He may be rainbow, striped and even polka dots. All this applies to a burst of brightness. Convenient and practical option to organize the drawers as a spot of color. This will help differentiate it from the general interior hallway and dilute paints atmosphere. You can use multiple colors and highlight each drawer a different color.

Win-Win is the use of photographic printing. Chest of such registration will always be a highlight of the hallway. Prints may be absolutely arbitrary. Catchy or miniature. Restrictions on the choice does not, it may be a pattern, and a copy of the famous painting.

How to pick up a chest of drawers in the hall (video)

What conclusion can be drawn about the drawers? If fortunate enough to become the owner of the chest of drawers in the hallway, you need to know that this is a wonderful assistant in any situation. He will fill virtually any space. Its design can be distinguished regiment For each tenant, and the capacity will save a lot of trouble, such as picking up the scattered things. Chest of drawers, the perfect solution to every home.

Chest hallway, photos and tips

The mood at home is largely created by the interior of the surrounding residents. Much depends not only on the decor, design and other attributes, but also on furniture. Functionality, color scheme, a genre, a harmonious combination with the finished apartments - these are the tasks entrusted to decorative items, designed to create coziness and comfort in the house. It is important to correctly select the appropriate dresser in the hallway, which will be in harmony with the room design and will be a useful device.

The furniture in the hallway sets it apart from other facilities is that it is designed to make it a convenient place. Of great importance is the hall area. Large-area, the square entrance facilities allow to arrange here built-in wardrobes, corner cupboards, furniture with a mirror on the wall. hallways elongated in length can accommodate a modular cabinet comprising dress and separated, and with a mirror cabinet, built banquette and for shoes, and the separation of the hook for clothes.

It is not surprising that many people would like to have such a versatile cabinet that can accommodate a large number of things, which meets all the principles of functionality. But there are cases where this is not possible - for the reason that the hallways can be of small size, the entrance area almost immediately leads to the bathroom or kitchen. Such facilities will be geographically inconvenient, if they make great furniture. For the purpose footwear locations, hats, bags can serve as dressers hallway, do not take up much space, but satisfy the storage requirements of the system. Such a cabinet may be either the left or right of the entrance, depending on the plan of flat or arranged in a special hall interior assigned zone.

Before you choose a classic of the genre or style of hi-tech, it is necessary to understand for what purpose this piece of furniture will be used. For example, it makes no sense to choose a large cabinet for storing small items. It will be uncomfortable, functionally unfilled.

A small chest of drawers, selected in order to save money and space will not be pleasing to the eye, if the cabinets and doors will not be closed due to fall out of things, not intended for storage there. Because it is to decide on what dresser for hallway to stay - roomy, a position drawers, a mirror, or simply, to perform more aesthetic function, as well as serving to put gloves, hats or put a bag.

Very convenient model drawers hallway with folding storage boxes of shoes, top rack for gloves, small mirror. In such models, perfectly combined functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics. Furniture of this type usually costs a little more expensive than conventional cabinets with doors.

Do not choose a small locker, attractive, price, appearance, size, but completely different from the style of the hall. By the wallpaper light-colored cabinets are perfect dark, nut and dairy tones. Nouveau require appropriate furniture and oriental motifs in the decoration and accessories low, laconic drawers in the hallway that would fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the apartment.

Very careful to be with the color scheme of this type of furniture. Enough rare to find furniture classic colors - dark, light, natural wood tone or metallic shades. Experiment with a chest of drawers in the hallway aggressive colors - red, orange, blue, deep green - quite risky, because such furniture can spoil the look of the room and quickly get bored.

And such details of the interior as a dresser for hallway has its own characteristics, which should be remembered.

Dimensions corridor cabinets should have according to the area and shape of the hall. As mentioned above, a large chest of drawers in the hallway is a close inconvenient, illogical part of the interior, while the narrow chest of drawers in the hallway elongated shape will help keep the floor space, and at the same time to put the necessary things in it.

Dresser must be a single web. Quite dangerous to choose a model that does not mirror mounts to the wall and is not aligned with the common cloth chest. Especially such an option is not suitable for apartments, where there are children, because it is fraught with the fact that the manually set on the dresser mirror can accidentally fall down and injure people.

Material stone for the hall presented today in a wide range. Previously, furniture for the apartment was made of heavy wood, not always with good handling and odor. Today, the choice is very wide:

These materials are now actively used designers. Also, they have a major advantage over natural wood - easy to use, does not require special care, have a service life of furniture is quite long.

Plastic lockers in the hallway Rattan dresser

Pricing policy storage lockers depends on the material, structure and functionality. The most expensive models are the ones that are expensive trim - leather, natural wood, hand painting, jewelery and decorative items. The most economical option - plastic and veneer. However, it is worth remembering that this type of furniture has a small service life due to high wear and tear. Budget will be modular options and those tables that have a folding system. Their cost ranges from 600 rubles and above.

Corner chest of drawers - one of the most popular "products" of furniture for the hallway. This shape accommodates pedestals 2.5 times more things than the same size rectangular cabinet. However, the corner chest of drawers is the main principle of its use - it can only be placed in a square hallway. Even long elongated corridor will not be able to place a corner chest of drawers, since neither the style nor the arrangement it does not fit perfectly into the room.

Stylistic genre should be in harmony with other furniture in the hallway and interior space. Modern urban apartment hallways like an uncluttered classical geometry - square, rectangle, angular version, as well as metal (a high-tech style) or wood (for the classic style) finish. For rooms in Art Deco and Art Nouveau, you can choose a bold patterns - a grotesque forms, different elements and decorative carved trim. Today, one can often see tables with leather trim, as well as options of the past - chests of drawers made of natural wood without special treatment, with a specific smell "out of the woods."

corner chest of drawers Chest hallway in a minimalist style Chest in the art deco style A chest of drawers in the hall in the style of high-tech

Shoe chests of drawers in the hallway prefer, as a rule, in the case of a wardrobe or built-in wardrobes. This type of furniture is aimed only for storage of shoes. should be selected in connection with this shoe furniture in line with what shoes and how much there is to be stored. Among these drawers emit:

  • high - to store large, high shoes - boots, boots, UGG, boots, shoes with high heels;
  • Sectional - for storage of different types of shoes. These cabinets have several levels and shelves, which may vary in height and spaciousness;
  • Folding - such chests are not the usual door leaf, and pulls the mechanism with a reverse magnet, popular in this segment of the furniture for the hallway.

highboy folding commode sectional chest of drawers

Dressers for footwear may also be either square or elongated rectangular shape. Corner dresser for footwear suitable for the hall where there is a spacious angle which does not interfere with movement.

Universal will dresser having one compartment for storing high shoe section for brushes, means for footwear care and also for the separation of shoes and shoe lower.

The ideal option for any hallway is not only a chest of drawers where you can store things, and dresser with mirror. This piece of furniture can be either in the spacious hall, and in a quite modest in size. Small corridors mirror will be some salvation - it is visually expand the space.

Dresser with mirror, framed in a baguette - a win-win for the hall of any style. A simple hallway dresser make exquisite and Art Nouveau accentuate the taste of the owners and attention to detail. In the corridors of the big sizes it is possible to position the dresser as large.

Relevant smokers having a square shape or free corners, furniture, which have an angular shape. The main purpose of such tables - storage system of small things, including:

  • keys;
  • means for footwear care;
  • gloves, mittens;
  • portable umbrellas;
  • documentation.

As a rule, corner dresser does not occupy a large area. Furthermore, it can be modeled as an ottoman and have only one door. Among other designs Corner chest of drawers are more common tables with two or three drawers and the same number of doors. Corner chest of drawers - it is an optimal solution for a small hallway when you need to combine in this piece of furniture a place to store small items, stand bag or shelf, where it will show off the interior decoration.

Many photos both small and large in area hallways show how brave ideas of today's designers, as well as inventions are original owners, who want to make a corridor cozy, beautiful, functional.

A chest of drawers in the hallway - 80 photos of new products of the best models in 2017

As a rule, a delightful picture of the house is created using a unique matched interior that will delight not only residents, but also visitors.

However, it is worth noting that not everything depends on the stunning design and professional decor.

A big role also plays a successful placement of furniture, which by default should complement each attribute in the apartment.

The most important in the improvement of their homes is the overall look: well-chosen colors, practical arrangement of furniture, design highlight and more. Everything should be as harmonious, so comfort and tranquility reigned from you forever.

However, many owners have problems with chest of drawers in the hallway. Very easy task turns out to be its ideal position, which is also sometimes has to depend on a certain color.

And if you are one of those who met with difficulties in this case, our article will help you sort out what's what.

Chests of drawers in the hallway - convenience or extra meal?

Many people try to equip their corridors maximum practical manner. After all, there must be things of prime necessity when a person is going to walk out the door.

So, of course, a locker there will be no more than, in spite of its considerable dimensions.

The area of ​​your hallway, if you want to make it really easy for yourself to be quite a volume. In these areas, you can easily locate a unique cabinets: coupe or corner.

If your hallway can not boast of its width and length is delightful, the special modular cabinets can please you not only for its capacity but also convenience.

In addition, they are equipped with a bedside table with a mirror, a compartment for the dresses and costumes, as well as providing hooks that are designed for outdoor clothes.

  • Based on the above, for many people, like the furniture would be a real treasure. But, alas, not all the corridors are able to make such a gift because of their small scale, as is usually the case when the entrance area sends the person straight to the kitchen or the bathroom.

    That is why it is very important to understand that such facilities will be very uncomfortable in the event that if you put a huge furniture in them. And in this case, to the aid of the most practical drawers hallway, where you can effortlessly position the hats, shoes, handbags, gadgets and more.

    These products did not take up much space, and still meet the storage requirements that you may have.

    Cabinet drawers in the hallway you can place it where it will be comfortable for you: both left and right. Photos of drawers in the hallway of this type you can see below:

    In the beginning, before you select the desired style, everyone should examine the intended use of this chest. By the way, it is impractical idea will purchase a huge thumbs up for storing tiny things.

  • You will not only be able to arrange everything in the right place, but also will take a such a product too much space for passage.

    Contemporary chests of drawers in the hallway can be quite tiny, but quite compact. With them you will be able to successfully save your money, not to mention the availability of free space in the hallway.

    Although it is worth noting that this type of lockers may be less pleasing to the eye, if, in addition, will be packed with all sorts of things. That's why even a very important decision on what kind of pedestal for the corridor you should focus their attention.

    There are regular, capacious most popular pedestals, with mirror, drawers, or more standard, which will look more aesthetically pleasing.

    One of the most popular products are chests with special boxes that recline, top shelf for gloves and socks, as well as a mirror of small dimensions.

  • Do not be amiss to mention that these are the models combine elegant appearance, unique functionality and ergonomics. But the price of such pedestals, as a rule, will be significantly higher than standard products with doors.

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