Hammock chair with his hands


How to make the outlet of the thread to decorate the doll shoes russian_antique_doll (Marguerite.

Remontant strawberries - that we know about it? Remontant strawberries increasingly takes.

Crispy envelopes from tosternogo hleba- very fast and tasty snack! I suggest you oche.

Green manure. Mustard, lupine, buckwheat, oats and others. Green manure (green manure) - the plants used.

How to daisy of plastic bottles it would seem there is nothing easier to do from chamomile Place.

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Chair hammock on alluminum wrap their own hands - a master class

Thanks to the modern variety of hammocks, you will be able to adapt to them virtually anywhere in your apartment, house or outside. Traditionally, a hammock between two sturdy trees, but this suit and dug into the ground two pillars. A hammock chair can be hung on a special stand, or on a hook in the ceiling. This design takes up very little space.

I would like to warn that before installing the hammock, check that the wooden supports were not bruised, crushed, rotten, etc., because such support is too soft and will not reliably hold the hooks. If the bearings are used poles, they must be embedded in the ground to a depth of at least 60cm-70cm. If the soil in your yard is sandy, it will be necessary to dig a hole to put the poles, pour cement and allow it to thoroughly cool. Now is a reliable support.

It is desirable to set the support at a distance greater than the full length of the hammock to 30cm (minimum). For example, when the length of the hammock 3 meters poles must be put apart by a distance of 3m 30cm. Hook is best mounted on a height of 1.5 m to 1.8 m above ground level. But, depending on the distance between the supports and your personal preferences hooks can be located below or above

Hammock on the hoop - u here

As I saw something like that in the open spaces of the Internet and tried to sew. A bit improved this model by making it removable so you can wash. I decided to share with you this idea. Read more detailed description.

Frame serves hammock ordinary aluminum hoop diameter 90cm. Take a dense fabric, measuring approximately 140 to 140 cm and cut therefrom two circles (the larger size range, the deeper will hammock). To cut a perfect circle, you can just put on a cloth wrap and add the entire circumference of the same distance (about 25 cm). See how it looks. One of the layers is a little bit more, just I had two different-sized pieces of cloth.

Then take the zipper size equal to the diameter of the hoop. If not so long zippers can take two shorter, more importantly to their total length was 90 cm (diameter of the hoop). Sew zippers.

Now we add two circles facing inward and connect the machine connecting seam, departing from the edge 0.5-1cm. Be sure before you grind two parts to leave open the zipper. I forgot .

After that, all the gut-wrenching on the front side. Seam stitching can be done rasstrochnym.

To our hammock can be hung, make it four holes. To do this, we divide the circle into four areas as shown in the figure.

Cut four round holes and treat them piping or piping.

Hoop itself can sheathe of the same fabric as the hammock. It will be great if you oboshete hoop first foam. In this case, rest in the hammock will be much more comfortable.

In the next step insert ring inside the hammock and close the zipper.

To hammock can be suspended, I bought 10 meters of rope and carabiner. Rope cut into 4 pieces so as to obtain two of 2m 20cm and two 80cm by 2m. Then each one folded in half and tying knots on the ends. We push each of the rope into the hole and tighten to the hoop.

Here we can say it! We are putting all the ropes into a carabiner and hung our wonderful hammock.

  • on one of the circles mark up the slots for fixing straps on the scheme, this is one of the circles add up four times (fold lines are axes), two straps are located to the axis at an angle of 45 degrees (for the label here to see prices go too the fabric again, hold from the label to the center line and mark up slot according to the scheme, and then - a second upper slot to accomodate two lower, measure the distance between the ends of the axes and divide it by 3 and place on a flat surface following folded right sides (top must be labeled) note eg The pressure common thread parts - it should not be the same, then the fabric subsequently will be less deformed shear pins part, cut the planned slot and repeat them in the lower circle.

  • We turn away on the wrong side of the slot pitch, and the top for strength basting segments trouser braid, alternatively instead trouser tapes can offer dublerin (, seal these parts of a circle, and then only cut the fabric), in which case it begins to peel off at the edges, then defer prepared slots on the edge, departing from his 3-4 mm;
  • at a distance of 4 cm from the edge of joined cover parts, leaving the bottom of the hole for the hoop, then we make allowance serrated scissors pouch everted and ironing;
  • sintepon cut into strips and sewn into his hoop so that sintepon went with an overlap;

  • vlazhivaem hoop in Case, shifts inward toward the edges and baste both sides of the cover 7 cm from edge
  • free ends of the tape inserted into the buckle, and then in the ring, and then again in the buckle (as it will be possible to adjust the length), now the hammock can be suspended;
  • incised and shear pins allowances abandoned hole, turning them inside out, then the edge of the hole and baste otstrachivaem them on a typewriter, departing 3 mm from the edge shift to the hoop Wired edge and baste both sides of cover
  • cut sintepon, 1 wrapping hoop in the slots cover, displace it to the hoop inside cover and fix the thread, the slot perimeter sew a hidden seam finished their processing, fix the cover on the hoop: stitching it as cotton mattress according outline at a distance of 7 cm from the edge further Case sewn through several stitches, using a solid filament, and then fasten it stitch repeat at regular intervals, at intervals of 7-8 cm, while dense denim will assemble freely soft folds.
  • cut belt strip to a length of 2 m, reflowed its ends over a fire, the tape wrapping end hoop its shear pins and stitched by the scheme (to fix the tape, can be placed in several of metal rivets)


Master hanging chair hammock - a master class

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  • Capsules from Vetoksik parasites
  • Complex Sustalayf to restore joints

Suspension seat is quite possible to make your own hands, as well as a hammock. These items not only rest hung on the trees in the country, but in a city apartment.

How to make a chair with his hands hanging fabric?

Such swings to relax can be made from different materials, from:

Chair with a rigid frame made of acrylic, plastic, wicker, metal, rattan.

The second type of swing for relaxation - the chair-cocoon, it wicker, has a rigid frame.

Armchair with a soft basis similar to a hammock, but is different in that you need to hang a hammock from two sides, and a chair with only one.

There are several ways in which it is possible to adopt for the manufacture of the subject of rest at home. The basis of these chairs - the usual hula-hoop.

To do this, use:

  • Gymnastic metal hoop diameter 93 cm;

Fold blade halves tissue, cut into two square with sides of 150 cm. From each cut a circle with a radius of 65 cm.

On the one hand, one of the circles draw a rectangle as in the diagram. Make a cut down the middle of the figure, before reaching the end of the rectangle, cut the left and right at an angle of 45 °. It will be attached straps.

Nadsekite edge of both paintings, carved in the form of teeth.

Cut the padding polyester strips, put them on the edge of the round parts, then there will be placed the hoop. Fold the circles of fabric wrong sides together, putting the inside of the edge of the strip of padding polyester. Stitch, departing from the outer circle to the inner 6cm.

Put on these blank buckle, adjust them using the tilt angle and height of the product.

As a result, you will have a comfortable suspension seat, which can create from the available materials. The second embodiment also involves the use of fabric.

To make such a suspension the swing, take:

To facilitate understanding of this master class, take on arms that one inch 2.54 cm. Therefore, in order to make a comfortable suspension seat to the ceiling or a tree, cut the cloth the size of 115 by 86 cm.

From the same fabric should be cut strips measuring 7,5h15 cm, will need 14 pieces. Fold each half, prostrochite the edge on the inside, he turned to the tape 15 by 3.8 cm.

Now it is necessary to sew these parts 7 with one and the same on the other side of the base web.

Through each such loop miss neon rope folded in half. Tie to fix these threads.

See how to fix ropes to safely fasten them.

The upper edges of the tapes tie knots on a solid wooden stick. Lock construction to carbine, then hang on secure attachment of the ceiling.

Hanging hammock chair is very comfortable to use when you sew two pillows for him - for the seat and backrest.

You can quickly do it. It will also cut out a rectangle of thick fabric, with the right and left side need to tuck it to thread formed in the rocker strong rope.

It will be enough here to put a low pillow, and a place to relax ready. It is best to hang these chairs made of cloth with a wooden plank. It is necessary to drill 4 holes at the edges, insert here the edge of the ropes and the central thread. All this is fixed in place by strong knots.

Instead, you can use rope chain. To do this, on the edges of the hammock chair made holes, which are attached metal rings. By means of karabiners chain is fixed in these holes and the top.

There are design and made of other materials, read them.

Hanging chair hammock made of wood

On this chair you can relax at the cottage in the fresh air. It can be made from pallets, thereby solving the problem of their disposal and get the right thing almost for free.

  • Board size 600 mm by 120 or 700 by 150 mm (the thickness of these plates 10-15 mm);

If you do armchair from the pan, then carefully dismantle it now remove the nails. Where there were holes from them, these parts need to saw off smoothly.

Likewise, knotting shoelaces crosswise connect the other elements of the hammock.

Drill holes in the top board and the second bottom. Here you prodenete solid rope to hang a hammock on a frame made of four boards. That, in turn, need to be attached to a rope, which is attached to a tree or, for example, to the ceiling porch.

You can make such a hanging hammock chair made of wood and other means.

To make such a swing, take:

  • Wooden planks of a suitable size with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm;

Lay board on a flat surface at a distance apart of 1 cm. Tie them from one side cord snake in one direction and then in the opposite.

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  • How to lose weight 20 kg - real reviews of Guarchibao

Methods of fixing a suspended hammock chairs

Schedule, which will make the hole, drill it with the proper tools. Secure the anchor here, it hang hook and chain, a second edge which joins the suspended seat.

If, however, the ceiling board has a void, then you need to first make holes in it, and then fill with a special compound, which is called chemical anchors.

The hole filled with a metal anchor is inserted into position. It is necessary to leave it for 2-3 days to completely harden soft structure, only then you can hang a hammock chair.

The following construction is suitable for suspended ceilings. The upper part is attached on a solid concrete ceiling, then it passes through the suspension. Here it screwed into a hook or ring with a decorative collar device attached to the hammock chair suspension.

Reliable lines can be made from flax or jute rope. Well fix some ropes can be using macrame.

It uses a double flat knot. It is created by alternating the weave left and right flat knot.

How to weave a hammock hanging chair with his hands?

This is one of the easiest options. For such a suspended seat, take:

  • Four wooden or plastic strips;

Two strips need to be a larger diameter drill them on the edges of the drill holes. Insert here perpendicularly to the two strips that are slightly thinner, fix them with fasteners. You can use a metal rod threaded screw washers here.

Before weave hammock, you need to prepare:

  • Gymnastic large hoop of steel;

In order to make the seat, tie the hook when using a large openwork cloth suitable diameter. For this first type 10 air loop, connect them to the ring.

  1. The first series follow the scheme: with the column sc, 1 brakes, etc., in the same manner.

In the last row of the hoop oplesti will need to create a seat for a hammock chair. If you do not want or do not know how to crochet, then you can make it with here is a braid.

To do this, you need to act in a similar way, when you perform a darn products. First, bind to the hoop filaments horizontally parallel to each other, then vertically, passing them between the newly created staggered.

To create this, you will need:

On top of the wrap tie yarns 8 in pairs of two, leaving a distance of 6 cm between them.

Now run on each of the two flat angle to secure these elements.

On the right and left of these central blanks bind other threads. First, left and right of these two, having a length of 550 cm; then 2 to 450 cm; after this one, length 400 cm.

Starting from the center, braid pattern "checkerboard" leaving equal distance between nodes. Thus fill the entire gymnastic hoop.

Look like you need to pull the thread at an angle of 45 degrees in order to get a similar effect.

Now you can make a suspension for the seat. It will be an openwork and beautiful, but the creation of such requires patience.

Turn the work on the reverse side, do another 15 flat units. This portion will loop.

For convenience, a wicker chair hammock move the workpiece up, hanging on to the strap or carabiner.

It is necessary to weave the so-called bell. To do this, turn the work sideways to yourself, do a number of flat units, stepping down from the last row of weaving 4 cm.

The first row of the bell is composed of 10 knots. To create a second, that first need to pull back another 4 cm. Complete 10 knots in a staggered manner with respect to this. Before a third, back even below 5 cm.

Now you need to oplesti small gym leather wrap yarns.

Tie in the center of the hoop 4 threads, and along its edges 2.

Here's how to weave a hammock on. Perform 8 flat units, split them in half, to perform two slings. Weave three rows checkerboard. Stand back down to 6 cm, again, do the checkerboard. Thus the pattern must be repeated 10 times.

The length of each sling you should be about 85 centimeters.

Cut the strands 16 by 9 meters in length and tie them to the right and left of the lines on the ring.

Perform 13 flat units.

Attach the hoop with the help of thread and begin to spin back. So that it gradually expanded, start a thread to tie the side, you will need about 20 units.

Continue to build back to the hammock chair. You can use the submitted drawing or own weaving.

At the edge of the picture make two rows of plane nodes or a single row rep nodes. When the rest is completed, bind it to the first hoop in the middle, and then uniformly pulling, attach the side strands.

Here is a wonderful hammock chair or like you get.

If the work is to create a macrame seemed difficult for you, then stop for a simple variant, which was mentioned in the article. More information about this you will find in a master class.

How to make a hammock chair with his hands

Classic hammock, which is not quite the traditional tool for us to relax, is not devoid of originality and exotic charm. More congenial and familiar seems hammock made in the idea of ​​the chair, which resembles something ordinary children's swings. Consider what it takes to make a hammock chair with their hands and were satisfied with the result.

The original method of creating a suspended seat hammock is to use as a basis for future chairs usual gymnastic hoop. Note that this chair if desired, can be converted quickly and easily into a cradle for the smallest member of your family. I am sure this holiday for sure he would have liked.

recommended to prepare materials include hammock chair:

  • Gymnastic metal hoop diameter 93 cm;
  • Denim any liked shade 3 m;
  • cotton fabric of any color - 0.4 m;
  • Small metal ring;
  • metal buckles - 4 pcs .;
  • sintepon.

Preparation of the individual elements of the hammock chair

All work associated with the production of chairs, hammock, consist of:

  • preparatory part at which the individual structural elements are manufactured;
  • the final phase of its assembly.

Preparatory work is best done in the following sequence.

We first need to cut a piece of jeans on two squares of equal size by 1.5 meters each. After this square folded four times and the resulting preform pencil is an arc with a diameter equal to 65 cm and a length of a quarter circle. Then, this markup cut tissue, and the preform obtained after disassembly two identical circle of denim. Stepping by four centimeters from the outer edge of the circle of smaller diameter mark.

A cut on one of the circles mark the special slot for attaching a pair of chair belts. To do this, one of their circles folded in four, denoting such a way the position of its axes (fold line). Belts should be positioned at an acute angle of 45 degrees with respect to these axes. To make a mark of their situation, it is necessary to lay down a quarter of a circle of tissue once again doubled. Combining the resulting mark with the circle center on a straight line, mark up position location slots. The same is done with the second top of the circle. For marking the lower range of sectors should be the distance between the ends of the axes obtained after adding the last two times, and divide this value into three equal parts.

Obtained following decomposed on the flat surface sides facing each other so that the top has been previously labeled circle. Details need to fasten together by means of pins, and thereafter, the slots of the previously scheduled lines. We proceed similarly to the second circle.

To turn away the resulting upward wrong side of fabric petals and prometyvaem their tape. Instead of tape can stick to the data portion of the blank Dublerin, and then make incisions in the tissue. Is followed to make a line along the edge, stepping away 3mm to separate slots.

Both the blank cover hammock chairs need to sew at a distance of 4 cm from the edge, leaving a circle, so that you can put inside the frame. Blanks at this stage it is possible to turn out well and there to iron them.

Choose a thick foam rubber and metal sheathe their gymnastic hoop. Then we put the inside cover and the hoop after the whole construction will be straightened, baste both sides by a distance of 6 cm from the edge. Sutured part of the cover, left under the hoop, then clipped the foam where it hit the spot. The slits should strengthen the hand stitches, and the entire quilt cover as well as a quilt.

To wrap does not sag during use of the chair hammock, it is possible to fill up the sand. Another hoop can be easily replaced by a plastic pipe, bent and securely sealed.

Assembling the chair hammock with his hands

Before assembling the seat hammock, a belt strip to be cut (strap) on the interval length of 2 m and oplavit the ends on a gas stove. Capturing the ends of the wrap tape, it is necessary to strengthen the place of capture metal clasps. The opposite ends of the sling is necessary to pass in the buckle by passing them through a metal ring. Due to ties can adjust the angle and height of the hanging hammock chairs. The metal ring is necessary to connect the strips in place of the suspension seat.

The use of a hammock chair as cradles

Recall that the chair hammock made with their own hands for the garden, can be used as a cradle for the baby. If you decide to make this variant suspended seat, then even before the start of work to choose a smaller diameter circle of fabric. In addition, the space between the national teams of workpieces is better to lay synthetic padding to hammock turned soft and safe for the child.

Sew seat hammock is not necessary to use only denim. It can be replaced or combined with any other strong and reliable cloth. To chair the hammock easy to fit into the landscape design of the garden or the interior of the porch, shed at the house, it can be to add a few colorful pillows. They will add comfort and make your stay in the hammock chair even more pleasant and comfortable.

At the end of all the work done with their own hands will only work ready to hang a hammock chair on the ground and adjust the height and tilt of his suspension.

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