Rocking chair with his hands out of plywood drawings

Rocking chair made of plywood with their hands: materials, drawings and instructions

Rocking chair - it's quite a popular piece of furniture to household items and garden. On this chair will relax, sitting on the terrace. Buy it today can be almost any furniture store, but there is such a product is expensive, so it is best to make it yourself.

For this to be reserved quality material which has a moisture repellent properties. It is important to remember that the plywood processing involves the need to comply with certain rules. And you need the tools to work with, for example, the cutting tool that has small teeth.

In the conditions of the plant, such models are made of different materials, it can be:

Last suitable for self of the work as well as possible. Applied and solid wood - chair in the result is aesthetically attractive and durable. It will be possible to enter into the interior of the apartment and garden exterior. Plywood rocking chair began to make relatively recently. Factory options are much cheaper, but they do not look as attractive as the ones that are made from natural wood.

If you are wondering how to make a rocking chair, it must decide whether to use plywood for this. The described material is a web of thin layers of wood of different species. In step with the production of logs removed thin layer which repeatedly glued with a special composition of a separate plate.

Plywood has a high margin of safety, and its texture is similar to natural wood. Before you make a rocking chair, it will be necessary to select the material. Preferring the plywood, you can save, and provide the convenience of processing the material. In addition, plywood is sufficiently attractive appearance and high strength.

Available webs can meet different thickness, which allows to select the optimal variant for a certain type of construction and loading. Rocking chair made of plywood made with their own hands quite often. If you too have decided to follow the experience of masters, we must learn about the shortcomings of this material.

Cons material expressed in a low moisture resistance and the weakness of the ends. If you do not treat the fabric with a special compound, it is better not to use them for the manufacture of garden furniture, which is most of the time will be carried out in the fresh air. Over time, this chair is sure to be spoiled. With regard to the instability of the ends, they will also need to be protected, otherwise the material stratified over time.

Preparation tools and materials

If you will be made a rocking chair for the garden, you can be sure that the work on the assembly will not be different complexity. However, it is first necessary to stock up on some materials, including:

  • plywood;
  • set of fasteners;
  • carpenter's glue;
  • cardboard.

Rocking chair made of plywood with their hands can not be made if you do not take care of the presence of a set of tools. To carry out the cutting and assembly of furniture should be prepared:

As for the main material - plywood - that will need three sheets. Their thickness must be equal to 20 mm and 15 mm - this difference will come in handy, because you will make different elements, each of which is exposed to a certain load.

It is better to buy sheets of standard sizes that are equal to 1520x800 mm. When manufactured rocking chair, drawings must be prepared. But the work will not be possible to start not only without, but without self-tapping screws for wood. But to connect the blanks between a handy carpenter's glue. It will be used where the screws will not be able to apply.

You need to buy stock for the production of a set of patterns. On the patterns you can put contours of parts on the surface of the plywood. By Jigsaw must be accompanied by a set of nail files. Better to prefer saws with medium or small teeth, because the cut material has several thin layers, and large teeth will simply tear edge.

Rocking chair for giving should be done in a specific pattern. It provides for the assembly of a product that consists of a frame. At its heart are two parts:

The design itself after production you will be able to complement a soft mattress that will make this piece of furniture more comfortable. By making the sidewall should give it a shape of a boomerang. This design will fit in the room with any design. Cross-bars are made of the same plywood, they are required to connect the two sidewalls. These elements will need to build 14 units.

To install the cross bars required stops. They are made from a bar, the cross section of which is 20x40 mm. You need bar sawed into separate blanks of 50 mm. Chair height is 1 m, its length and width should be equal to 0.6 and 1.2 m, respectively.

Dimensions rocking chair made of plywood have been mentioned above, but you can develop your own design. In any case, the order of work remains the same.

Manufacturing should begin with the preparation of the template that will define the size and shape of the side portions. The template should be represented on a piece of cardboard. The boomerang should be greater the lower radial portion - this will allow the chair to swing without jerks.

Once the contour lines were deposited on the surface of cardboard, you need to cut the pattern with scissors. Now, the master will transfer the marks on the surface of the plywood sheet to be made of one layer two parts with a minimum of waste. Once the circuit has been applied, it is possible to start cutting out the lateral parts.

When it made a rocking chair made of plywood with their own hands, in the next phase the ends of parts to be treated with sandpaper. It is important not to leave burrs. Now it is necessary to saw cross-bars - it uses 15-mm plywood. These straps must be 14, their length and width of 600 mm and 40 mm respectively. After completion of each strap should be ground using nazhdachki.

Now we can prepare the stops for the transverse slats. They operate from a bar whose cross section is 20x40 mm. At each cross bar will account for two stops. On each side of the marking is done for thrust bars. The line should repeat the upper end. In this case it is about fixing the line.

It is important to pay attention to the spacing between the bars - it should be the same. Once the installation of bars line was applied to one sidewall, the label should be moved to the other side. If it is carried out a rocking chair made of plywood with their own hands, it will be necessary to fix the thrust bars. They are mounted on the carpenter's glue. It is applied to the surface of the bar and the sidewall. In order to ensure high reliability of the fastening, in addition to use self-tapping screws for wood.

Two sidewalls must fasten together by transverse slats. First the first and the last, since you can move on to the others. For stubborn bars are fixed with glue and small screws. Before screwing them into the bar should make holes, the material does not split. Ready frame at the final stage is processed protective agent. He is covered in two layers of stain, then you can begin to spray lacquer.

How to bend the plywood to the rocking chair?

Quite often handyman wonder how to bend the plywood at home. To give the desired bending can be almost all types of material, whatever they may have a thickness. Such manipulations may be needed if the plywood will be established not across and along the frame.

Generally, flexible plywood sold in DIY stores. Usually it has a small thickness (within 4 mm). It is perfect for different designs. Detail of the cut-to-size, and then fixed with screws on the frame. The optimal combination of quality and price considered plywood from China. It is quite flexible and has an acceptable performance. If the work will have to use a more rigid type of material to be bent, it is possible to use a combination of several ways, including:

If you will be made a rocking chair, the drawings which are presented in the article, it may be necessary to bending material. It is better to use a steaming method. Will need a tank with boiling water, or iron, which has a function of a continuous supply of steam.

The sheet may simply wet - soaking time will depend on the material thickness and the bending direction. After the item has managed to soak, you should secure it to the template and fix, having sustained until dry. Maximum allowable bending is possible with bending across the fibers. If you have to work at home, it is best to combine the moisturizing and steaming. Steamed follows only the place that has to be bent, humidify only the top layer of veneer.

Collapsible chair with his hands

If you will be carried out pre-fab rocking chair made of plywood, the act will have on other technology. To this end, the frame is made of solid wood, as it will withstand higher loads. An inner part which has the form of a chair without a leg, can be made of plywood.

Two of the seats are connected to each other by means of special hooks, which can be purchased in the shop fittings. In this case, a piece of furniture will take up less space after dismantling. Lek for a rocking chair made of plywood, in this case, too, is represented on the board. Side parts will look like two columns of different sizes with bar, which connects the two elements. The lower part of the same is carried out in the form of a boomerang.

Make a rocking chair made of plywood with their hands properly

A lot of pieces of furniture are available for self-production if you have access to the materials, specific list of instruments and experience with them. The abundance of finished drawings in the public domain to minimize preparatory operations before working. Examples of available products may be rocking chair made of plywood, with their own hands that it is not difficult to make when there is little experience with metal or wood.

Types of rocking chairs on the material

Currently, due to the expansion of cottage construction and the thrust of the population to the comfort and convenience of rocking chairs have acquired a steady demand. In the furniture stores and websites you can find a lot of offers for every taste. The primary materials used for the manufacture of such products are:

  1. solid wood available coniferous or valuable species;
  2. steel or aluminum tubes, of which is welded a strong skeleton followed him braided natural or synthetic materials or processing by a cloth;
  3. willow vine - is widely common material for garden furniture, including for the rocking chairs;

Each of these types has its own characteristics of production. Working with solid wood requires skills in carpentry its processing expertise in the use of different ways of connecting parts. The process of manufacturing such a seat is long and complicated, that the strength is not much handyman.

It requires special skills and work with wicker. You have to properly prepare and dry the material to prepare it for use. Know the properties of wicker, its features, the frame assembly technology for subsequent braiding. such a complex will not be able to master the craft for a couple of days.

If there is a simple manual bending tool and experience with tools such as angle grinder and welding machine, make a frame rocking chairs made of steel tubes of circular or rectangular cross-section in the cellar. These products look original. It helps reduce the mass production of the back and seat of solid fabric or nylon or jute cord.

It is much easier and faster to make a rocking chair made from sheet materials. The most affordable and dissemination at hardware stores any city is plywood. It is easily subjected to mechanical sawing and grinding, are well connected by wood glue perfectly holds the metal connectors.

To work with the plywood will need to have these basic tools:

  1. electric jigsaw - a common tool in the arsenal of any home craftsmen working with wood;
  2. electric drill will help not only to get any number of holes in the appropriate places, but also to polish the details, if necessary;
  3. detail sander allows to give a perfectly smooth surface;

The minimum number of required equipment - the key to the availability of products for self-production. If desired the final product can be covered with stain, lacquer or dyes using the gun, electric or pneumatic. In the absence of this work can make a simple brush.

Just before starting work on such an interesting product need to stock up on basic material - plywood. To receive the items of sufficient strength to help sheets not less than 15-20 mm. In absence of these commercially available can be easier to do - to acquire material and glue desyatimillimetrovy pairwise via any available wood glue, such as PVA.

In addition it will require high-quality drawing on all parts of the product. Make it possible to yourself if you have experience or use a ready-made.

It is desirable that in the drawings the product and its parts were present size. Otherwise they have to rely on their own based on the basic parameters - the height of the chair and the seat, seat width, etc.

Availability of drawings with a transfer mesh, such as mesh 10x10 cm allows you to quickly make a template to mark the same parts rocking chair. If they are found not succeed, you will have to perform a difficult job on their own. To manufacture the template take a sheet of paper or hardboard and mark on it a grid of parallel equidistant lines.

With a simple pencil apply circuit components with light pressure. Carefully inspect and modify the resulting image, correlate it with the required dimensions. Just be sure in full accordance with the desired result, cut the pattern. For DVP useful jigsaw.

templates edges treat sandpaper to remove any irregularities. The angles can be slightly flatten. Now, applying the stencil directly onto plywood, follow the layout of parts rocking chairs, looking around the contour of the pattern.

Marked items must be carefully cut it out. To do this, use an electric jigsaw with a file for cutting plywood. If such was not possible to purchase, use saws for cutting a figure. They have small teeth and small width of the web. They are convenient to cut out parts of the curved shape like a small and a larger radius of curvature.

Hardwood plywood when cutting perform better than directly on the line and retreating outwardly therefrom by 0.5 mm. This is necessary in order to subsequently perform a cleanup of edges while preserving the natural dimensions of parts.

Otherwise, the seats, where the items will be connected, may be formed cracks.

Finished part of the total structure must be prepared for assembly. For this part sanded with sandpaper. Pre using the electric router corners can be rounded edges.

Sawn and machined parts sandpaper rocking chairs must be connected to each other according to the drawing. Most often wooden pieces connected by the adhesive quality and finger joints or threaded studs. All of this must be provided at the stage of marking and cutting.

To eliminate possible deficiencies recommend that you pre-assembled "dry", ie without glue. In the case of compliance with the assembled structure drawing can be made the main assembly. Glue is applied on the protruding parts components and their tightly inserted into corresponding shaped grooves. To fix the structure and improve the quality of connections is convenient to use steel or wooden sliding clamp. They can be purchased in stores or tool to make your own.

After complete solidification of the adhesive, which usually takes place a day after the assembly of parts, tightening devices, if used, can be removed.

When excessive application of glue he often comes to the surface details in the form of streaks. If it is not removed properly, make high-quality finish of the finished product will not work.

After final grinding plywood parts fine sandpaper can perform the drawing or other decorative materials. Among the most commonly used in the home carpenter's workshop are the following:

  1. stain on the water or alcohol-based, perfectly imitating these or other valuable wood species;
  2. tinted varnishes in an aqueous, oily or nitroosnove having its own advantages and disadvantages, especially the application.
  3. clearcoats;
  4. dyes and enamel.

The final choice of a particular type of fabric depends on the customer preferences or master having an interior in which is positioned a rocking chair ready.

Thus, we set out the basic sequence of operations at independent manufacturing rocking chairs from such available material such as plywood. Specified special moments, to be brought to the attention of the novice master, the most common errors in the work.

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Make a rocking chair made of plywood on their own

To date, a rocking chair - not forgotten antiquities, and the popular and comfortable interior element. It occurs not only in the cottages and country houses, but also in respectable offices and apartments. Rocking chair - expensive furniture, but having the desire and a little material, it can be made with his own hands made of plywood.

The advantages of a home-made rocking chairs made of plywood

Main advantages of plywood - it's strength and lightness. Rocking chair conveniently rearranged from such material. In addition, plywood furniture blends harmoniously with the interior of any room.

The surface of the rocking chair is easily processed by various methods (sanding, painting, varnishing or special film) - hence, decorate it and carry out minor repairs of the subject will be very simple.

Rocking chair made of plywood, it has high moisture resistance, which significantly extends the service life. The advantage of such furniture is also in the fact that it is made of environmentally friendly materials, so do not require special care.

Wooden elements of rocking chairs perfectly fit into the interior

the design and size requirements

Depending on where the rocker (open lawn or indoors), is selected plywood of different thickness and type of wood to be used. If the item will be placed in areas with high humidity, use of oak plywood. Important to the manufacture of the material was relatively dry (moisture content of from 3 to 10%).

The most comfortable height rocking chairs without headrest is about 90 cm, with headrest -. 110-115 cm Subject of this size is suitable for the growth of the average person.

The height of the sidewalls of the carrier to the top seat to be about 35 cm to sitting in the chair can be rocked slightly stretched leg.

The seat rocking chair is convenient if the length and the width was 50 cm. These parameters ensure a comfortable fit in a chair. It can be made wider to allow more comfortable stay and lift their feet. Optimum back angle - 15 degrees or more. Armrests a little better to dissolve in the side of the seat rocking chairs on 13-15 cm.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the range of runners. If it is large, the chair will be constantly filled up back, which can lead to rollover. Due to the rails with a small radius of the subject will quickly return to its original position - it will create the effect odorgivayuschegosya rocking, which is also inconvenient. The thickness of the runners better gain of several parts thick plywood glued together.

The use of short or long runners is set. Armchair with long parts has a greater depth, and wobble amplitude, at which a seated position varies accumbency. In the subject with short amplitude is smaller, so the people at all times remain in a sitting position.

Rocking chair with long runners are a classic option, suitable for all.

The design of rocking chairs: 1 - sidewall; 2 - side-bar; 3 - Front; 4, 6, 7 cross member; 5 - a back rack; 8 - footrest

Materials and tools

You need to prepare the following to make a rocking chair to:

  • sheets of plywood.
  • Wooden beam (length - 53 cm).
  • Jigsaw or Bulgarian.
  • Set of wood saws (saw blade is in the range of 50 to 105 mm).
  • Hand mill or disc grinder with nozzles of different granularity (you can use the usual sandpaper).
  • Measuring tape measuring and pencil.
  • Electric drill with drill bits for wood.
  • Screws, nuts, washers.
  • Sintepon.
  • Dense fabric for upholstery.
  • Furniture stapler, glue.
  • Painting on wood, lacquer.

To manufacture parts rocking chairs use of plywood sheets is better, which 1520h900 cm size, and thickness - 4 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm. For lateral elements necessary material thickness of 4 mm. If necessary sheets not, then it will be possible in the course of work to saw more of the same pieces of thin plywood and glue them.

Since the plywood has a different thickness, the respective cutting tool is selected for the particular material. Sheets of 1.5 mm thickness are cut a sharpened knife. Sheets up to 6 mm - jigsaw and thicker - jigsaw or grinder.

Tool for working with plywood is selected considering the material thickness

Preparation of plywood and the general rules of work with it

First of all, you need to conveniently organize your workspace. When cutting a large sheet of plywood in the environment must be enough room.

To avoid rapid wear on the parts rocking chairs, plywood should be treated with one of the suggested means:

Pasting fiberglass greatly increases the service life of plywood. If you use this coating is not possible, you can instead take an ordinary gauze. To connect materials applies varnish without epoxy and polyester components in the composition.

The coating varnish will help to increase the water resistance of plywood

lacquer coating protects the plywood from external influences. Increase moisture treatment will paint and varnish, which forms a waterproofing layer (impregnation is more effective if its preheated in a water bath to 60 degrees).

Particular attention should be paid to the end faces of veneer parts. They require additional insulation and careful handling. For their protection, you must do one of the following:

  • putty ends of plywood;
  • treat deep penetrating primers;
  • gustotortye apply paint;
  • paste over the edge of metal or plastic piping.

When working with plywood must adhere to the following rules:

  • It is not recommended to saw plywood across its fibers - this will lead to cracking of the sheet edges.
  • The plywood is best not to drive nails or screws to screw, as this will lead to cracking of the surface. To prevent this, you need to pre-drill the holes. If, nevertheless, plywood parts are connected by screws, it is necessary to put on their metal washers.
  • To give the desired plywood bend or shape, its surface must be wet and left in this position for a few hours.
  • Before gluing plywood details of their mating surfaces must be sanded and then cleaned material from dust and apply adhesive fibers parallel plywood. The bonded items should be placed under the press.

Instructions to help make the rocking chair with his hands

Production of patterns and transfer drawing

  1. To produce patterns need to mark the paper sheet to the same cell size of 10x10 mm and then redraw harvested taking into account all the nuances of the drawing.
  2. After this, on the plywood raschertit enlarged to the desired size of the cells and transfer the image detail, saving space in the sheet material.
  1. In accordance with the drawing to saw or jigsaw using grinders veneer thickness of 15 mm at parts: side elements of the seat support, racks. You also need to prepare four trims (see 47h4,5, 54h4,5 cm 48,5h4,5 cm 47h4,5 cm), which will cross members design rocking chairs.
  2. Because veneer 10 mm thick cut to strips 18 and 16 back to back. Their size - see 54h3 and 50h3 cm Material 4 mm thickness for use for the manufacture of the backrest and the seat parts..
  3. For steps rocking chairs need to take a wooden beam and using an electric drill to drill a hole in it for the screws.
  4. Once all the parts are ready, they will need to be sanded. Particular care is recommended to treat the back, seat and armrests.

Make home-made rocking chair, you can significantly save money and get a convenient and high-quality item. Made in compliance with all the requirements of the furniture will be for many years to please you with its comfort.

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