Chest of drawers for changing

Changing chests of drawers for babies

Children's furniture - an indispensable attribute of the room. You can use it to make care for the child comfortable. To date, this group of products is represented by many products. Changing dressers for newborns can perform several functions. With their help parents save space in the nursery and conveniently take care of the crumbs.

When choosing a changing dresser is necessary to further analyze what functions it can perform in service. Baby furniture can be safely buy if it meets the following requirements:

  • it contains a sufficient number of boxes, which later will be used for storage;
  • on the changing table must have bumpers for safety.

During the diapering necessarily used soft pad. Baby mattress helps lay comfortably. Additionally Stoleshnikov protected from damage and moisture. Some parents prefer to opt for a model with wheels. In this case, the table will be convenient to move during the wet cleaning.

When selecting attention should also be paid to the size and height of the board. The wood must be sufficiently strong. Very popular is the pattern that can be selected depending on the individual preferences of the baby.

Manufacturers offer customers the ability to use models with transformation. In this case, it can be used not only for the newborn, but also for the adult baby

Basic characteristics and types

Baby shops offer two types of drawers, which are used for changing mat:

  • The classic version of furniture consists of a board and a few drawers. The model is used only for changing, so after growing a baby becomes unnecessary. Experts do not recommend to buy such an expensive coffee table from wood - is quite suitable cheaper option with decorating. The size is small, but it should be sufficient for a comfortable performance diaper changing every day.
  • Changing transformer - an innovative option of furniture. Design enhanced by technical solutions. This made it possible and further use of the furniture. Manufacturers offer a durable and reliable construction. The height of the top shelf can be regulated and is completely removed. Countertops completely removable. On some models, for the nomination of board quite just a couple of simple moves. An additional advantage is the compactness and maneuverability.

Changing dresser can also be combined with the tray. In this case, all the means for personal hygiene can be conveniently stored in the adjacent compartment. Boxes are small but quite compact.

Changing table will be convenient to use only in the event that it is wide enough worktop. In this case, mom is convenient to carry out all the necessary manipulations for care. Manufacturers of the furniture include three to eight boxes. They are of different size and dimensions, can therefore be used for the storage of any items.

Pelenators considered completely safe only if he has a soft bumpers. They must be thoroughly sanded, because only in that case will be able to reduce the likelihood of damage to a minimum. Some parents prefer to opt for a model that the top is covered with varnish. Thanks to her, the baby is guaranteed not to have any scratches on the skin. On the changing table should be no sharp corners. If parents chose the transformer, it is important that all of its attachment are reliable and completely safe.

An additional advantage is the use of completely silent mechanisms and closers

Advantages of the special chest for changing

Furniture quite convenient and compact, so will appeal to all parents. It is important that only high-quality types of wood used for its production. His boxes should be placed all the facilities for personal hygiene.

It meets all the requirements of guaranteed convertible model. However, even the absence of the boxes can not be attributed to the shortcomings: in this period, the baby must be quite a few things.

Among the advantages of the chest should be made for changing the two main:

  • ideal for changing diapers, and perform other manipulations needed to care;
  • necessary items are always in a special place.

Mini chest of drawers is small, so do not clutter the space allows the children's bedrooms. If necessary, it can be easily rearranged to a new location. Changing tables are available for the price of each of the average family. Parents can choose the model that will fully meet their individual requirements. The important role played by design and color. Yourselfers can also make this furniture with his own hands. In this case, there will be only buy mattress.

To date, in any store offers a wide range of furniture for children's bedrooms. It is made from different kinds of wood, with a drawing figure without him. The surface can be lacquered or painted. Among all this diversity is easy to get lost. In the selection process it is important to consider not only the interior, and the functionality. Pelenators may be narrow, but in this case it will not carry out several functions.

This table is obliged to put all the necessary means for personal hygiene and have a lot of shelves, drawers. Their numbers may be small - this is quite enough to accommodate all the necessary things for children. The important role played by space saving. The best option remains the model with the possibility of transformation.

Changing table should be completely safe

Parents should carefully study the composition and quality of the materials used for manufacturing. It is best to opt for the tree. However, you can buy plastic and polilaminat. Manufacturers closely related to the composition of the furniture, so the composition does not include components harmful to the body. To verify this, it suffices to ask the seller to provide quality certificates.

The size depends on the individual characteristics and requirements of the customer to the furniture.

Choosing it is important to analyze carefully the following parameters:

  • The height of the table is selected depending on Momma growth. She should be comfortable in the process of changing mat.
  • Width should be enough for comfortable placement of the child. At the same time it must remain and the free space. From small narrow models is best to completely abandon.

Chest of drawers, which is used for changing children should be completely safe. This characteristic product complies only in the following cases:

  • used exclusively for the manufacture of natural woods whose composition does not include ingredients harmful or plastic;
  • to protect the surface of the furniture on its surface is covered with paint, varnish;
  • all rounded corners and components firmly adhered to the surface.

Parents are placed inside special boxes organizers. For further ease of use on top of them can be pasted special labeling or hangers side of things.

On the birth parents gave us Pelenators transformer. Furniture is incredibly convenient, multi-functional. It perfectly complemented the design of a child's room. Color chest exactly went under the rest of the furniture. It was convenient to take care of the child. The boxes fit means for changing diapers (even there is not much free space).

I'm just delighted with the table for swaddling. During the first growth of the child I was not there, so I was able to fully appreciate all its advantages. The compact size is ideally combined with high functionality. The model is so thought out that after the child grows easily turns into an ordinary chest of drawers.

ATTENTION! All information on the website is popular, the study does not claim to 100% authenticity. You do not need to self-medicate!

How to choose a changing dresser: the size, configuration, manufacturer

Preparing for the birth of a child - crucial stage, because the prospective parents have to buy everything you need, it does not overdo it and do not exceed your budget. Therefore, the question of buying a changing dresser sometimes gets very serious: we need it or not, if it is necessary, what to choose, because the options on the market there are many. Let's try to clarify how and why to buy a changing dresser with drawers.

Pros and cons of buying a changing dresser

Many parents think about how to change clothes than they would a child in the first months of his life. Of course, to do all the necessary procedures can be directly on the parent's bed, but disguise the child many times a day is too hard for any back. You can also use a regular table, but not all of it is available, and the child who is learning to roll over, can slide down it. Therefore, the purchase of a special device for swaddling is a reasonable choice. In this respect, one of the most popular options, whose mass of merit - a chest of drawers:

  • The dimensions of the chest allow it to fit any room. You can select a narrow chest of drawers, which occupies less space and can be a wide, then even the grown-child will be comfortable in a broad table.
  • Changing the baby and hygiene, as well as massage, gym and putting some tummy mom will not have to bend down as if for all the above uses an adult bed. Health mother and her back is very important!
  • Dresser has drawers, which can be folded clothes baby nappies, and all hygiene items, so everything you need is at hand, and her mother did not have to run to the other end of the room, if she had forgotten to grab a diaper or clean pants.
  • Chest has a folding or retractable table for swaddling - when it is not needed, it folds, and chest of drawers do not take up much space, and if necessary, it can be easy to fold or push with one hand.
  • Chest of drawers can be used after the child grows up, and it will be possible to change clothes, placing on the bed. Keep it clothes or toddler toys, as if the chest is a neutral color, it is possible to put it, not only in the nursery.
  • Most models are equipped with drawers skirting along the edge of countertop, it is safe and convenient - the child is not exactly fall.

Against these advantages may be noted some shortcomings. The most significant is that it takes still a lot of space, even the most narrow dresser. Sizes small apartments leaves much to be desired, and without unnecessary piece of furniture in them closely, so in this case it is better to buy baby changer pad on the bed or soft pelenalku on the table.

Also chest stage is implemented, as a rule, made of chipboard, so you need more and buy soft changing mat. This extra spending, and given the considerable cost of the chest, this disadvantage may outweigh the pros.

Size, design, color - the first thing that catches your eye when selecting the dresser. Important and its price, but it should be borne in mind that the more expensive models can cost a disproportionate amount, and there are budgetary domestic models, which meet all requirements. So, pay attention to the following:

  1. Material - most of today's chests of drawers made of DSPyu Objects made of solid wood, of course, preferable, but also much more expensive. Choose a material that is not afraid to moisture and easy to clean. If the table is equipped with a mattress or oilcloth, it should also be easy to wash.
  2. Fittings, guides, castors - all of which should be of good quality. The runners inside the boxes should be easy to roll out with one hand and do not go out of the grooves; Handle chest should not be sharp - the grown up child can hit them during a crawl; worktops should be easily folded with one hand.
  3. configuration chest - there are lockers in which the baby is lying vertically (they usually cover extends or folds), and there are those where the baby is placed horizontally, that is sideways to the mother. Each mom will have to decide individually how to select a chest of drawers.
  4. Size chest It is also very important, especially if a small room, take it into account when buying.

One of the options Changing dresser - a model with a tray for bathing. In this model, instead of the middle drawer rolls out this is the bath. This is very useful in the first few months because many baby scared to bathe in a large tub, besides everything you need for swimming accommodate a chest of drawers. The dimensions of the built-in baths, however, are so small that soon the child will no longer fit into it, and this feature will not be used all the time remaining, so weigh the pros and cons before you buy this chest.

Very popular in recent years, and such multi-functional items - cot has continued in the form of the chest from the changing surface. This allows us not to look for different things and just buy everything you need. In addition, this kit takes up less space than an ordinary crib and changing dresser. The dimensions of the chest in these models is very small, that is, the child will quickly cease to be placed on pelenalku, and in a drawer does not get a lot of things.

Standard dimensions of the dresser for changing the following:

  • The height is about 1 meter - this is the optimal height for easy manipulation by parents of different heights.
  • The width is usually about 40-50 centimeters. By choosing the width, remember that it is the depth of the boxes - the larger it is, the more capacious boxes.
  • Chest length may vary from 60 centimeters to 80. The dresser and its wider worktop, the longer it will fit the child.

Naturally, the furniture industry can always produce drawers according to individual sizes.

Popular manufacturers of drawers

Today, in every kids' store offers a wide selection of baby changer drawers. Among domestic manufacturers are well represented brands "Mozhga9rdquo ;," Feya9rdquo ;, "Aton furniture." "Mozhga9rdquo; known for more expensive models made of wood, their chests have a classic shape and well fit into the elegant interior nursery. "Feya9rdquo; and "Aton furniture" - low-end models of particle board, but they are presented in a variety of shades of wood and in different sizes.

Also popular, bureaus "Ikea". They are made from environmentally friendly materials, and their sleek design appeal to many buyers. Besides dressers "Ikea" can be supplemented with handy accessories - hanging containers and pockets, dividers for drawers and the like. There are models that are transformed into a desk for an adult child.

Changing dresser: how to choose the best option for babies

Combined, convertible, folding children's furniture, and especially its options "2 in 1" or "3 in 1" saves space, perfectly fit into the interior, as well as enhance the usability of child care, his own comfort and safety.

One such universal subjects for the newborn is changing dresser tray or only with a table, on top of which is placed a special mattress and the bottom there is a sufficient number of boxes and shelves.

The name "comfort station" in this case is rather conditional, since it is possible to perform any procedure, starting and ending immediately swaddled's Skin massage or activities. As the opinions of parents, a small chest of drawers is really necessary, as it allows to save not only space but also time and energy, which are so important in the care of the baby.

On the device changing dresser with a table - is a multifunctional children's furniture, a feature of which is the presence of:

  • space (drawers, shelves) for storage;
  • room for swaddling with borders.

In addition, the kit typically is also waterproof soft pad - special mattress that provides comfort the baby and protects the surface countertops.

Most mini drawers based on two front legs, rear - on two wheels. This greatly simplifies their movement and performing wet cleaning.

Because the furniture is fairly simple and standard, significant functional differences between the different versions do not exist: all about the same height and size of the board. Models of different manufacturers may vary material quality (mostly wood), as well as trim, pattern, color.

High-quality children's chest of drawers, especially a transformer, capable of changing shape and size, can last many years and will be needed, even when the baby gets older. And if this furniture is made of solid oak, it will serve several generations.

Changing dresser is of two kinds:

  • Classic changing (standard) embodiment is equipped with a non-removable board which is strongly issued over the front portion, and drawers. Such furniture is redundant when the kid overcomes the changing period. Therefore, buying a classic Pelenators, it is best to select inexpensive models made of wood, and a cheaper plastic to artistic decoration or thematic pattern and sufficient on-board space, the dimensions of which provide a comfortable caring for the crumbs.
  • Chest transformer - a modern children's furniture, earning multiple positive responses of parents. This design has many technical solutions that significantly simplify its use, without damaging the appearance of the product. This transformer functional, reliable and very durable, since the height of the top shelf can be adjusted with the board, and with time it can be completely dismantled. The set may be several removable top - hinged, plain, foldable. Thanks to this arrangement, the board has not issued forth, and the furniture takes up less space, looks neater.

One option convertible furniture made of wood is the model with the tray beneath the hinged lid. This dresser board and the mattress are interconnected so hygiene can only be stored in the drawers having corresponding dimensions.

It is very important to have a changing dresser was wide enough countertop (or down transformer board), the dimensions of which are able to provide a comfortable caring for the crumbs. The number of boxes arranged under the board is varied from about 3 to 8. The higher the number, the less their height, because the overall product size remains unchanged. movement mechanism must be silent, to have closers movement.

All considered Pelenators necessarily equipped with bumpers on three sides, providing security for the newborn. Skirting board and must be thoroughly sanded. A great option - varnishing: baby not to scratch an accidental touch, and things will not cling to the surface. The varnish must be stable, harmless, transparent color. As well as any children's furniture, Pelenators made without sharp corners. If it is a transformer, all attachment must be reliable and accurate.

All the reviews about these pieces of furniture only positive, as any of their characteristics - has a distinct advantage, especially if the furniture is made efficiently and correctly selected. Even a small capacity, which is most often characterized by a model of a transformer, can not be considered a disadvantage because the baby Changing periods must be quite a few things.

Parents say the two main advantages of this chest:

  1. convenient to change diapers or to care for the baby;
  2. everything you need is always at hand.

Also, the advantages are its small size, provide not only saves space, but also the ease of transportation.

Almost all models are affordable. In addition, children's changing dresser, painted in the appropriate color or pattern decorated with children's themes, you can not only buy, but also to make their own hands, tailoring it to the appropriate pad.

Changing mat - a soft pad on the board with raised sides (bumpers), which protect the baby from falling. It will be useful not only for Pelenators, and can be used on any surface, such as a bed, sofa, desk. The product is convenient to use and transport, protects the countertop from contamination when changing diapers or wiping after bathing, while its surface is very easy to clean, and the pattern does not lose its brightness.

Mat may be flexible or semi-flexible, have a rigid or soft substrate. Hard version is recommended to choose if it is intended to be used independently or in the locker transformer - it will be easier to remove during the "transformation" of the tabletop.

In any case, the soft lining should have high boards - their height is an important parameter for ensuring safety of the child. However, if it is used only on the changing dresser, the security will have to provide its height ledges. Therefore, with such product less demanding. Most importantly - securely to fix it on the surface, otherwise it will fidget with the baby.

Also today you can buy a waterproof mattress tourist Pelenators. It is a small comfortable mat designed for family travel with baby. This new, very makes life easier and time-saving to parents outside the home, have earned them many positive reviews.

How to choose a chest of drawers for changing

Models can be of different sizes, coloring, filling and production materials, patterned and without, painted and lacquered surfaces. Speaking of Pelenators, do not associate them with the old bulky chests of drawers, can spoil the whole interior. In comparison, the smaller their size, they are more narrow, but quite functional.

In addition to the direct appointment, the name suggests, in Pelenators equipped with roomy compartments with shelves and plenty of boxes. It is desirable that their height was not too big, then they will be easier to sort things for children. If the size of the room require maximum space savings, the ideal solution would be changing dresser with table-type transformer.

You should also pay attention to the materials from which made children's chests. Many models made from massive, but other options can also be quite acceptable, for example, plastic or polilaminat. The whole range of products for children is produced from raw materials containing no harmful substances, which can be verified by special tests and confirmed certificates. When in doubt, it is necessary to check the documents.

Since the size chest can be quite different, choosing the most convenient option, you should consider all options:

  • optimal height should be such that the mother was comfortable swaddle baby or perform other procedures;
  • dimensions (width and length) of the board should not only conform to the growth of the baby, but also to ensure the presence of free space, so do not choose too narrow model.

The main characteristic of children's dresser is its safety. Therefore it is recommended to purchase Pelenators for newborns, having the following properties:

  • manufactured Solid wood veneer (with possible addition of DSP), an environmentally friendly plastic or polilaminata;
  • with a surface coated with a special paint or varnish with a carefully machined rounded edges;
  • unstick or without small screw-on parts on the surface.

It is also possible with furniture purchase additional accessories - a small internal organizers for drawers, original stickers on their front part, side hangers.

Choosing children's chest of drawers, you need to make sure that the purchase has become a useful, functional and perfectly fit into the interior. Material, color, size countertops, height, and much more are selected individually, taking into account the above recommendations and customer reviews on the specific model.

Baby Changing dressers often have not only a practical role, but also serve as interior decoration. To do this, you need to choose the right furniture design and color scheme. Traditionally with table models have a small footprint, which allows install them in any room. A slightly larger in size is a chest of drawers with a tray due to set out in its capacity for swimming.

For a child's room in gentle pastel colors is better to choose the model of light color with soft shapes and barely perceptible pattern or texture finish. Also, the right look, and should have a soft pad on the board.

Pelenators beige and cream color with a darker pattern combine well with all shades of the walls. For a little girl's room in pink is perfect dresser universal pastel color with a purple pattern or insert. children's interior can vary and cute changing mat. These pads you can buy a few - a different color or with a different pattern, to change the mood or the extent of pollution. They can pick up small accessories made in the same style or the same image.

If changing dresser set in the parents' bedroom or in the common room, it is recommended to select a transformer from an array of brown, dark cherry, beech color in a classic style. Such models can be used in the future when the baby grows up, removing the top part of the comfort station.

Correctly chosen dresser with changing table - this is a useful, functional, comfortable furniture, which not only makes it easier to care for the baby, but also becomes a very interesting part of the interior. We should not give up the acquisition of things that increase the comfort of kids and their parents. Even if they are needed in the very short "changing" period in the baby's life.

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How lovely! What is not allowed before these are very convenient for young families, especially if they live in a small living space. Of course, when the baby gets older and starts to roll over, here it is necessary to think.

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