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What is better to choose a crib for a newborn: types and safety requirements

Cradle is not just a piece of furniture. This is a key item in the collection of "dowry" for the baby. Even if you are going to practice co-sleeping, the child should have his own territory. Yes, and my mother in the presence of the bed easier to carve out some free time in the afternoon: leaving a child in an arena can be away for the kitchen or the bathroom. Moreover, the "correct" the baby bed will last for years and even "move inherited" the younger children. Tips on how to choose a crib for a newborn, in our material.

Today the market offers a profile cots for newborns for all tastes. The store just eyes run, and the prices depend on the "tuning" model. But bright bed in the form of aircraft, vehicles, animals - this is for teenagers. Infants need models less flashy but more equipped, comfortable and safe. Most banal can be bought for about 2000 rubles., And with the options more serious bed will cost 10,000-20,000 rubles.

Types of cots: pros and cons

This is a major purchase, so before going to the store armed with better information and to know which product is right for your baby and safely fit in your square footage, and way of life. Consider the main types of cots, their pros and cons.

Description. Compact bed. It looks like a cradle on a high pedestal. Complete with hanging toys and a basket of things, there are models with remote control. In manufacture the metal structures and tissue. The average cost - about 8000 rubles.

  • sleeper for infants and small warm. This is essentially an imitation of fetal conditions that the baby was not afraid of a large space and is easier to adapt to the "big world";
  • this bed does not occupy much space. A wheel, which are equipped with most of the models, allow you to move it around the house;
  • wheels can be hidden by turning the bed into the cradle rocking.
  • in a bed baby is not clear. Space here about in a wheelchair - enough only for sleeping;
  • to grow into such a model will not work. The baby will be enough beds for about a half a year - year.

Description. Bed with no frills. It made mostly of wood, but there are also metal. On the four sides of the protected walls of the rails. The height of the bottom and one of the longitudinal walls are adjustable. The average cost - about 2000 rubles.

  • . Standard sizes of such a cot for babies - 120 × 60 cm This allows to use it not only for sleep: the kid can play here;
  • in a bed baby can sleep up to three years;
  • if you omit the longitudinal wall, a bed can be put to the parental bed;
  • top can be set Pelenators and secure canopy;
  • often fixed frame on runners for rocking crumbs;
  • affordable price;
  • the design is so elementary that a crib for a newborn can be made with your own hands. But of course, without the knowledge of joinery not do.
  • It takes up much space. Even models with wheels move according to the standard five-storey apartment from room to room is problematic;
  • no options: boxes of things, hanging toys, musical accompaniment, etc.

Description. On a bed dreaming of many mothers. Baby cots transformers for newborns - a great invention that solves the problem of furnishing a child's room until adolescence. This bed is made of wood. It is able to grow in size, is transformed into a desk, equipped with linen drawers, cradles to swing at the breast, there is room for swaddling. The average cost - about 15,000 rubles.

  • child can use this set of up to 12 years;
  • my mother all at your fingertips with the care of the child;
  • there are models with and without pendulum;
  • stylish looks;
  • It is more expensive bed-rivals;
  • cumbersome design is not suitable for small-sized housing;
  • bed increases in size in length, but the width remains the standard - 60 cm For a teenager it can be a bit crowded.;
  • Not all models have a wall going down;
  • long life - it's not always a good thing, because over time, the model may go out of fashion or bored child.

Description. Two in one: a bed and a portable, secure place for kid games. Equipped with Langering boards, arc with hanging toys and a mosquito net. Constructions of metal sheathed cloth. Side has opening hole, allowing grown-up baby on their own to get out of bed. The average cost - about 5500 rubles.

  • light and design team, we can take with you when traveling;
  • casters allow you to move around the house bed;
  • side walls made of transparent material, which makes it possible to control the actions of the baby.
  • a single-level models sleeper is too low, due to which the baby can be cold and uncomfortable mum bend;
  • in models with two levels of sleep in a position obtained by the low protective board. The kid who already knows how to stand up easily overcome this barrier;
  • in lightweight construction models downside - baby learning to stand up, it will be able to turn;
  • such models do not have the swing mechanism.

A separate theme - the bed for twins. Much depends on how the parents are going to organize the kids sleep, whether crumbs modes are the same. If the kids are asleep and awake at about the same time, in the first months of life, the family can be only one standard bed.

The children are very tiny, can not move, so interfere with each other just will not have enough space. Kids can be laid up and down, and Volta. For convenience, the space can be divided roll of blankets. In fact, many doctors recommend even for newborn twins sleeping together. Being together, it is easier to adapt to the conditions of life outside the womb.

Although, there are opponents of this approach. They say that parents can confuse babies sleeping in a crib. This is dangerous, for example, when one of the children takes medication, and someone - no. Suddenly medicine will give the wrong kid?

Three variants of the organization of a berth for two kids

Whatever it was, the children grow up. And the question of how to arrange for each sleeper, still arise. What are the options?

  • Two separate beds . In this case, the parents choose for each of their kids sleeper. Model - depends on the budget and living conditions of the family. Sometimes even a crib placed in different rooms.
  • Bunk beds. Most often such products are made to order. Here the principle is the same as in the production of "bunk" teenage furniture. Roughly speaking, one of the classic type of bed is installed on top of another. On each "floor" their individual protective and removable walls. However, we must understand that after a year of a child who "lives" from below, become cramped.
  • Adjacent the bed. Dimensions of such a cot -. 120 × 125 cm middle baffle is provided and laterally separate descending wall. This model should be put to the wall headboard, freeing up access to bed from both sides.

Important additions to the bed for a baby

beds price will also depend on the optional equipment. Whether you need an arc with toys Pelenators, mosquito nets - a secondary question. These accessories can be purchased at any time and easily do without them. But there is a list of additional attributes that are necessary to be defined once.

For example, if silicone pads on byltsah need? Experienced parents say it is comfortable during teething: the kid can "part" of the gum. Also think over whether to buy a bed with removable racks. These models take to eventually own the baby could go to bed or get out of it. Now, what else should take care in advance.

He should fit in size, because of its location in the beds provided an indentation. If less, cracks are formed, and if more - just do not go down. Standard single size baby cot - 120 × 60. There are cots round models, but they are mostly done on individual projects and complete already have a suitable mattress.

Choose products with a moisture-resistant coating or removable cover. It is better that he had a hidden zipper pouch: buttons child can tear off and swallow.

The material of which the mattress is made, should be natural. For children under one year are better felt products, coconut fiber, wool. Without springs with orthopedic properties. Children's mattress can cost from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles. If you buy a bed where the mattress is in the set, it automatically increases the cost price of the furniture.

If you decide to buy a bed with a rocking mechanism, it is important to understand that they are different. Pediatricians conservatives say that would choose the right bed for a newborn with traditional runners. Such models allow the kid to swing in the old - transverse movements.

But modern doctors say that more useful motion along the baby's body when the head is not shaken from side to side. This effect provides a bed with a pendulum. In this case, when pushing the bed base remains stationary while swinging only directly sleeper. But there is a pendulum with a cross, and a universal effect.

Another plus of these models are under the berth can easily accommodate a box for linen. And unlike models with runners, swing bed baby will not be able to swing independently. Pendulum mechanism can be removed when the child will grow up without backfillings motion sickness.

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Cots for babies

Cot for the newborn - a thing, of course, necessary. However, if you are afraid to leave for some reason your child alone in bed or just decided that it is necessary - your right. In this article we will try to prove to you that the purchase of beds for a small - really worthwhile exercise.

Some moms are sure that if the baby sleeps with her, he will be more relaxed and well fed. The feeling of my mother's heart beats should reassure the child, and he will stop crying while feeding. Of course, all this is so. However, remember how many times you woke up and you were tired after that.

At first glance, it seems that at the cry of the baby will need to run to the cradle and remove the cause of crying. And here the child at hand and do not need to wander anywhere. Of course, this is true. But you must admit that 2-3 times per night stand is better than not closed his eyes until the baby does not eat. And he can do it all night - if you do not know.

Another important factor is that it is easy to accustom the baby to sleep with mom, but it is difficult to wean. In this case, bed might not need a long time. In some cases, this moment in life may take up to 5-6 years. It's not very convenient, even from the point of view that in the family there, and Dad, but he also lacks her mother's affection.

So, with the purchase of cots for babies in your life there are the following positive aspects:

  • Grudnichek sleeping separately and hardly wakes up, and you start to get enough sleep.
  • The baby will not have to wean sleep with their parents, it will not be afraid to sleep alone.
  • Will love life after birth grudnichka.

The following embodiments are presented beds for infants. Almost any of these models used a canopy - it's a device not only protects your baby against various insects and drafts, but also from dust, glare, and also plays the role of protection from noise and large spaces.

A classic bed for infants. In this cradle of the baby will grow from the first days of his life up to one year. It can be swayed from side to side, and the baby will calm down. Then the runners can be removed and a crib on stable legs. In this position, it will last a couple of years.

Such options may be three:

  • One common bed with a separator. This option is not suitable for small apartments, because it is rather wide. In this model, berth space is divided with a roller.
  • Cradle. There are conventional and dual models, as well as suspended, on wheels and on a shaker. This portable version of the cot, takes up little space and is easily rearranged in any other.
  • Manege baby bed. The height of the cradles in such a model is adjusted. Basis - playpen. When the kids are older, the cradle is removed and the arena is used for its intended purpose. It is a folding model.

Such a modification of children's furniture is very comfortable. It can be easily converted into a sofa by removing one sidewall and make bedside option nursery furniture. You will be able to lie quietly on his bed, and watch as your child plays. Such models are usually painted with non-toxic food paint and made of high quality timbers.

Loft bed with a cot for infants below

This model is interesting because it combines children and adult bunk in a bunk bed. The lower part made of wood without any impurities. The attic has a built-in chest of drawers, and for lifting the second floor provides a ladder.

This model is divided into two types: on ladders, hanging. Suspended bed is attached to the sleeping place of the parents, and addl variant is adjustable for height parental bed.

Another name in this version of the children's paraphernalia - mattress, bed with retaining straps. This attribute can always take with you, and it is a good alternative to the child in the first days of his bed.

Unusual options cots for babies

The original design of a sleeping toddler bed suitable for a maritime-style nursery. Future captain or cabin boy - let chooses. In the meantime, this cradle will be useful not only to him but also to his mother. After all, bed has a number of positive qualities:

  • The bottom of the crib can be adjusted from 300 to 600 mm from the floor.
  • Mattress parent's bed and children's bed can be at the same level that fully protect the baby sleep.
  • The side wall is opened and closed by a zipper.
  • You can change the design of the bed, changing only the side walls.
  • In manufacture used only ecological materials.

Interesting bed design allows you to use it both for boys and for girls. Features:

  • Ecological material.
  • Orthopedic bed with adjustable.
  • There is a function of rolling.
  • Facilities PVC lining.
  • There is a cabinet from the changing area.
  • The presence of several wide and deep drawers.
  • Transformed into a teenage bed.

The following describes the models that are more suitable for medical equipment, rather than to the crib, parents are using.

  • Heated. This bed is designed for the care and treatment of infants. Material bed - high-strength plastic. Changing the inclination angle. Included is a special mattress with automatic maintenance of the desired temperature in the range of 28-38 degrees.
  • Removable incubator. It is used in hospitals and medical institutions. The frame is made of a durable metal, cuvettes - from plastic. Lifting bed height and the angle of inclination of the cuvette is regulated. It has a user-friendly design.

Sleeper couch for a newborn baby has the standard dimensions by Russian standards - is 120x60 cm In view of the whole structure of the walls bed will have a slightly larger dimensions:. 128h68sm. European manufacturers produce such a bed with some difference in size: 125h65 cm.

Such beds are adjustable in height and bottom ledges, which greatly simplifies baby care. It is your tot can be up to 3-4 years.

For some reason, this option is not always suitable (for example, you do not want to three years again to buy another baby cot). Then we recommend you look to the other, no less interesting modification cots for babies.

Its dimensions are 140x70 cm. It also has height adjustment as a standard model. But apart from this bottom crib has a box for toys or gizmos baby. The service life of such a child headset can reach up to 7 years.

Most of cots for babies is made from natural materials - it's different types of wood. By strength can be considered the best option beech. Birch, maple and alder, though cheaper, but the quality is almost no way inferior to beech. Of the soft species of pine stands, but she is less expensive.

In addition to the wooden models, production cots for babies are used other cheaper materials. For example, such materials include metal, MDF, particle board and plastic. If you like a model crib, made of metal or plastic parts that require a quality certificate from the seller.

Used in the production of MDF cots is characterized by its strength and safety, as in the production of them do not add harmful resins. CPD refers to the fragile materials and is often harmful, and - in the production process can be added formaldehyde.

The color palette for cots selected on the basis of your room a given subject. It must be in harmony with the overall interior design. But often, this possibility can not be. Then come to the aid accessories for beds, which can easily make up for the missing harmony in the general background.

Also do not forget that color affects the emotional state of the child.

Baby recommended pastel, gray-beige or white shades. Natural wood color with shades of white light can also be used.

Such a palette of soothing the baby, while the bright colors have a negative impact on the psyche of the baby. It not recommended for use in the everyday life dark colors.

Among the manufacturers of cots for babies are allocated both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Below are a few models that are popular among Russian buyers especially popular.

  • The originality of the design. Made of natural rocks and beech has three quiet color: beech, white and ivory.
  • Coating of varnish applied to the product, has a certificate of environmental safety.
  • bed design has no sharp edges and hazardous parts.
  • Constructive equipped with wheels and skids, which are interchangeable without any problems.
  • Side railings have silicone pads that are designed to protect wooden structures from baby teeth.
  • Adjustable baby bed.
  • The side wall may be omitted.
  • Faultless structural strength.
  • Low price.

Giovanni - "Bel Canto Suite" (English production)

  • Material - New Zealand pine.
  • Equipped with a braking system and antitsarapayuschimi wheels.
  • Convertible model in the original sofa.
  • Rack system.
  • Low price.

Bambolina - "Soft Mom" ​​(made in Italy)

  • Beautiful bed, made of beech wood, imitation leather and Swarovski crystals.
  • There is a function of rolling.
  • Adjustable baby bed and a side.
  • The presence chamber of the laundry.
  • Smooth design angles.
  • Convenience and flexibility.

Papaloni - "Giovanni" (Russian production)

  • Material - beech.
  • The model is presented in 19 different shades.
  • Rolling function.
  • Equipped with straps on the railing.
  • The presence of a box for linen.
  • Lower price in comparison with foreign analogues.
  • Convertible model - transformed into a comfortable sofa.
  • High strength.
  • It has a non-standard dimensions.

Geobi - TLY 632 (made in China)

  • Material - metal.
  • Quality construction.
  • Incredible strength and ease of construction.
  • The sleeping area is extended to 170 cm.
  • Two-level suspension.
  • The kit includes a convenient cradle, soft bumpers, canopy and mattress.
  • Detachable front wall may be used as a changing table.

"Irina" S625 (production Mozhga, Russia)

  • Material - birch.
  • Rolling function.
  • The three-level suspension.
  • The presence of silicone skirting.
  • Included: mattress, a linen drawer and flip sidewall.

"Teresa" (production Gandylyan factory, Stavropol)

  • Convertible model.
  • Material - beech.
  • It equipped with changing table, chest of drawers and several drawers and shelves.

Proper selection of attributes for a cot guarantees him a sound sleep. Useful accessories will have a positive impact on the physical and emotional development of the child.

Below is a list of essential items for the newborn.

  • Bed dress.
  • Non-rigid bumpers.
  • A blanket.
  • Thin cushion.
  • Mobility with a lot of rattles.
  • Place for toys.
  • Canopy for protection from external interference.

We select a few rules to follow that you will be able to properly install a crib for the baby:

  • A baby bed next to heating appliances, electrical appliances and sockets is not permitted. The optimum temperature in the room - 18-22 degrees, while it must be constantly ventilated.
  • Decorate the room to house a cot, plants - the air in the room becomes ionized.
  • The side wall - the best location of the crib. It is not recommended to install it in front of the front door.
  • Do not place the children's bedroom a place near the mirror and reflective surfaces. A child may begin night terrors and trouble falling asleep. Screen TV is better to cover the night cloth.
  • Do not put things under the cot. Even the same pot can create stagnant energy during sleep.

Also, do not place the bed in the following cases:

  • In the draft.
  • When exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Near the window.
  • Under a bright chandelier.
  • In a place where a lot of wires.
  • In an area where many people pass.

Below are a few tips to help you as young parents, to choose what is right for you.

  • The first version of the models for the newborn should not be large - cradle or cot anatomic cocoon should be fine. Three months later, the crib will have to be replaced by a more appropriate size.
  • Dimensions cots. This criterion is especially important as it is, above all, the safety of the baby and its mother. Children set must fit in the bedroom of adults without much difficulty because mom is necessary without any problems go to bed without bumping on corners or other furniture, and take the baby in her arms.
  • The distance between the twigs. Some models have the twigs, the distance between them should not exceed 6 cm. If the distance is longer, the baby's head can get stuck between them.
  • The baby should be comfortable and roomy in the new crib.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer, read reviews of different models of children's headset.
  • Environmentally friendly material. Do not buy products which contain lacquer or plastic components - they are unsafe.
  • reliability design and the quality of the assembly parts.
  • The presence of optional accessories, that make caring for your baby more comfortable for parents.
  • The cost of products. In most cases, this is an indicator of product quality. Do not take the cheapest model.

The cost of the crib for infants depends on the manufacturer and materials used in the model. The cheapest embodiments are children headset made domestic producers and having limited functionality. So, modelka for infants Russian production Hummingbird 3 1200kcn though made of birch, but, except for the basic functions of rolling, do not have anything.

Ceiling set prices for products not determined for newborns. There are options for cots, the prices of which can reach several million rubles. Thus, the model bed "Whimsical coach" is worth about 4 million. Rubles, and in fact there are even more expensive.

A variety of designs Baby cots generates a variety of reviews. Each model is in its own individual. Overall conclusion about the quality of beds is not possible.

Perhaps the only thing that can be isolated from the masses of consumers statements, so it is dependent on the quality of the price. How expensive is a cot, so it is more functional and better the quality of its design and the materials used in it. Therefore, buying cheaper products, parents at risk of not very high quality product.

An interesting variant of four-poster beds. It not only protects the baby from insects, but also protect against drafts.

Stylish bed on wheels for kid fits perfectly into the interior of the room.

Wonderful beautiful crib for the baby, which he will not act up, because in his company's interesting soft toys. They gave him a great mischievous mood.

Video release on how to choose the right bed, a few important tips and reviews can be viewed below.

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Bed for infants

Even before the birth of the baby, caring expectant parents are beginning to think about purchasing the best things for your crumbs. Many moms, first of all, in a hurry to choose the best options for wheelchairs and, of course, beds - the most important purchases that are better to make the birth of crumbs or, at least, make a list of models and delegate responsibility for the acquisition of the pope. Since the birth of the baby, the young moms will not have the time or energy to deal with these issues. Today we will tell you about the types and models of beds for newborns, so you can determine the choice of what a bed for your baby better.

Variants of popular models of beds

standard bed Baby - the most common type. They come in two sizes, 120x60 and 140x70 cm. In these cribs, children can sleep up to three years. Their adjustable bumpers and the bottom may be on legs, wheels or skids whole.

Bed-cradle or cradle Baby, this option is only suitable for children under one year of age. This species has a required property of motion sickness, looks like a stand-alone cradle can be standard on feet or wheel. Due to the small size bed for infants will be more comfortable to sleep in a crib. But we must remember that if a child used to sleep with motion sickness, it will be difficult to wean from it.

addl bed and it is intended only for newborns. They are compact and ergonomic, making it ideal for small apartments. These beds - Great for co-sleeping, but to take the baby to him and worry all night about how not to flatten it, it is not necessary. Since each is sleeping in his bed, but the baby bude feel my mother's warmth and hear her heartbeat there. In this embodiment, restful sleep and you are guaranteed to him.

Bed-transformers Baby on the design intended for long-term use since the early days of life and up to 12 years. For infants provided suspended cradle, built-in nightstand with drawers, shelves and changing table. As the child grows these extra items can be removed and placed side by side, and the platform on which they were placed, it becomes a full-fledged bed.

Bed-cots Baby more suited for families who love to travel with their children from birth. The design of such folding beds and add up very compactly. This variant can be called hybrid arena with a standard bed, it is possible not only to sleep, but also to play. Use of such beds can be up to 3-4 years.

The bed for twins infants may be provided in embodiments with a large common space, or with differentiation. Twins in the womb used to feel each other and they form tight bond. Therefore it is better in the first year to ensure the continuity of this connection by sleeping together in one bed. So it will be much safer and more comfortable if they can continue to feel each other's presence nearby.

Round bed Baby special functionality is no different, but its original form looks very nice and attractive. Typically, this bed acquire creative parents or those who have this option fits better into the interior of a child's room.

How to choose a bed for a newborn?

The main criterion for choosing a bed for the baby - is security. To do this you must pay attention not only to the design features, but also on the materials from which it is made. Best to buy a bed made of wood that is not treated with paints. Slats and bed rails, must be sanded quality that the baby is not currently driven splinter and injured the handle. Ask the seller hygiene certificate of quality, its presence will tell you about the safety of the purchased baby furniture.

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