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Baby bed machine for a boy - 30 photos

Bed machine definitely be pleased and thoughtful thinker, and a little jovial and harmful whim. In it, he will be fun to play and with great pleasure to sleep. Bed machine for any boy will be a pleasant surprise.

Baby bed machine for boys

Currently there is a huge range of similar models, so sometimes choose any one is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. When choosing a bed in the first place it is necessary to pay attention to its quality, and not only an attractive appearance. After all, the quality depends on how long it will last his little master. Pay attention to the bed itself. It must necessarily be a reliable and convenient. Only in this case your son would feel in such a bed is cozy and comfortable, both during wakefulness and during sleep.

The important point is the fact the material from which made the bed. All materials used in the manufacture, should be conform to environmental and safety standards. To verify this, ask the seller about the availability of the relevant certificates, from which you can find detailed information and the materials used and their safety level. Also important is the lack of a bed of dangerous machinery or sharp angles.

Today, machines have the beds of different assembly. For example, there are models that are equipped with glowing lights, illumination, lights with the remote control. Prepare the baby that the choice will not be easy!

The bed of the machine presented today in a wide model range. There are, for example, such as a bed: a fire, a bunk bed bus, racing, etc. They may be of different colors and have a variety of attributes, such as spoiler, spinning wheels, etc.

As for the size of the machine bed, they are different:.... 80 * 210cm, 90 * 190cm, 80 * 180 * 80 cm and 160 cm The choice depends on your child's growth.

Baby bed machine for a boy - Photo

Think of yourself as a child. Then about such things you could not even dream of! Give your child the opportunity to feel the taste of childhood!

Machine bed for a child: the choice of difficulty

Children for the child - especially the magical world, which was created by parents caring for him. And how sometimes sad that half the room clutter beautiful and comfortable, but, after all, such a large bed.

Buying children's bed, in the form of machines, will help solve this problem - the game space immediately increase, and night sleep the baby will turn into a magical journey. Great choice of beds machines will allow you to pick up that option, which is well fit into your interior.

This option is unlikely to be suitable for girls, though ... here is more dependent on parents and their imagination, which prevents for example to make a bed in the form of a pink Mini Cooper or Smart? Although most, though, for the girl's bed looks more romantic and cute.

Bed for young riders

Before going to the store to assess in advance the degree of mobility of your child and the prospects for the development of his height and weight. Good factory provide data on what kind of load can withstand the furniture for sleeping. With this selection, you can not worry about that baby will use his bed instead of the trampoline.

What types of car beds for boys

The most popular children's bed machine - this is racing. Bright colors and a great variety of models are sure to attract the attention of your child. The side walls - are low, however, their height is sufficient to ensure safety. Additionally it can be equipped with a small shelf for small items.

Large SUVs with high side walls, it is desirable to place in the spacious rooms with high ceilings, otherwise, it will be an impressive sight to visually clutter the space of all the nursery.

It can be not only a bed, but the room done in a similar style

Throwing the top fabric as the roof, cot machine turns "in house", in which a child can play.

Fire trucks and buses beds are often made two-storey and is therefore very popular in families with two children. However, do not buy these monsters and playful little children! After all, you're not going to tie the baby to the second tier during sleep.

For a child of three to five years, you can buy a small plastic bed car with a roof, opening door and almost real wheels.

Also pay attention to the child's bed convertible, their kinds and all the other details you will find in the article.

What makes children's car bed

Eco-friendly laminated chipboard - the basic material used in the production of such furniture. For printing high-quality printing is applied. Especially popular among the models of children's wheelbarrow bed.

Children also love the bed-car brand BMW

The bed looks more realistic if the wheels are not painted and plastic. However, while it takes up much more space. Typically, these models are equipped with LED lights, which can be used in the dark as a night light.

Bed machine of MDF and environmentally friendly, and after coloring with special enamel become very colorful appearance.

Plastic bed machine for children with permanent illumination of headlights like a big toy. It is made of high-strength, nevygorayuschego, environmentally friendly plastic. The form of such a machine - streamlined, so the baby does not get hurt by sharp edges of plastic.

What should be the size of the children's machine bed

Any child after two or three years it is possible to choose the appropriate bed machine. The main thing with this - to observe compliance with the size of the bed to the child's growth.

From three to seven years, he would be quite comfortable feel in a small bed with a size bed 155h67 cm.

Even in the middle of the room so the bed will not take a lot of space

For older children the bed is better to buy at once with an adult mattress 190x90 cm.

Do not forget to check whether the height of the selected Mattress suited to this model bedroom furniture.

Evaluate whether the mailbox capacity sufficient to store the bedding.

The outer boundaries of the bed is limited only by the size of free space in the nursery.

Which requires care baby car bed

Care-bed machines is quite simple and consists in regularly wiping its surface with a soft damp cloth, preferably made of microfiber. Especially neat is necessary to wipe the edge of the printing stickers and laminated machine.

And if the machine bed is still illuminated, the joy of the baby is not the limit

Plastic cribs machines can also be washed with a mild detergent.

From time to time, ventilate the box for bed linen and collect dust accumulated there.

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