Double bed with drawers for storage

White double bed with drawers for storage

Bed - it is the center of any bedroom. It sets the overall style of the room. White double bed with drawers for storage - is not only beautiful, but also useful acquisition. It is, in addition to the beauty and originality, can bring to the interior and a fraction of practicality. In this article we will talk specifically about such furniture.

The bed can be represented by a number of models that will satisfy even the most capricious taste. Bedroom interior in white looks particularly elegant and stylish. In combination with other colors it can create a completely unique look, and itself looks airy and light. White double bed is a perfect complement to create an atmosphere.

White color itself is a symbol of purity. In addition, it can be used in any combination, and very romantic. White double bed remarkably fit into the interior. To finish it, you can use white lacquer, paint, fabric or leather. If you liked it white double bed, you can choose it in any size and shape. Modern furniture manufacturers offer a huge range of interior items.

Beds: materials and accessories

If you want to create a special romantic style, then this is perfect white double bed, which can be decorated with soft cushions or openwork weave. Glossy white bed together with satin sheets look really luxurious.

Very modern look in this piece of furniture if it is decorated with eco-leather. White double bed in eco-leather allow you to draw on a soft pillow, instead of the usual rigid boards.

If your plans are to create a truly cozy bedroom, we advise you to opt for a soft headboard. What are the advantages of this model? It will be convenient for those who likes to read at bedtime.

Modern designers are paying full attention to just finish headboard, because this part remains permanently visible. Fans of home comfort offered to choose a bed with a white headboard, decorating fabric: Plain or with ornament. Such a design solution will give the bedroom a special comfort, Kojima different rustic style.

White eco-leather headboard is ideal for those who prefer the modern decor of the interior. Such finish due to its elegance create a feeling of luxury and comfort.

White double bed, a photo-examples of which are located below, will be a great acquisition and will please you for a long time!

Beds with drawers for storage: how to choose?

White double bed with drawers - it is an array of amenities, which can not be overestimated. Due to the spaciousness of boxes they can store a lot of useful things. This significantly saves space, which is very convenient for small apartments. You have the option to use every centimeter of space!

What to check when choosing a bed?

  • The number of boxes and their location. Double beds are usually two or four sections.
  • Check out how the drawers. When buying, consider the layout of bedrooms and type extensions section. Usually they happen three: when the boxes are located on one side, on both sides of the foot, or with.
  • Make sure that nothing will interfere with the nomination of sections. To do this in advance to measure the size of the bedroom, as well as the distance from the bed itself to other furniture. If this distance is not, and has 30 cm, this venture would have to give.
  • If the bedroom is so small that there is no place to put forward boxes, you can turn its attention to comfortable beds with lifting mechanism, which is also a very good option.
  • Boxes with a spring mechanism or wheels easier to open.
  • If you need the most budget option for a double bed with drawers, it is worth paying attention to the model, made of cheap materials. These are the particleboard and MDF.

If you compare double beds with drawers for the originality and beauty to other options, made of natural materials, the first does not give way to the latter.

Often, a bed with drawers acquire everything for a child's room. They are so easy to use that even a small child up to the task. In the children's room will always be clean and tidy, if these compartments to store toys.

If the boxes are equipped with wheels, that they can hold heavy things that do not need to once again endure. Some models can be modified in the volume of the basket, which, among other things, look beautiful. However, if such a basket is not a cover, it is best to keep things in it that are often used, otherwise the contents of much dust.

In some models of bed drawers decorated textiles. However, this option is not very practical, because they are easy to soil, such as washing floors. Much more convenient to purchase will be the section covered with leather.

If you are against the drawers, then there is an alternative option - it is a lifting mechanism of the bed. Bedding will be supported by the universal gas springs as much time as you need.

All kinds of these beds are an excellent outlet for the residents of small apartments, as would be the main helpers in the struggle for order and comfort throughout the house. All that there was no place in the apartment, successfully fit in the drawers.

Beds with drawers for storage in the interior rooms

Wooden and metal beds, equipped with bedding storage system is very convenient and practical. These pieces of furniture are different decor, number of beds, and, consequently, dimensions.

Features choice bed with drawers for storage

When choosing a bed, equipped with a storage space or having clothesline niche it is advisable to pay special attention to some of the most important criteria and parameters of the furniture items:

  • Choosing furniture for the location of a particular room, it is important to take into account the general characteristics of the design space, guided by the color and tint range of other subjects headset and taste preferences of owners;
  • purchased the product must necessarily be made of high-quality and reliable, durable materials with environmental friendliness, and safety in operation;
  • adolescent or cot having a box for the storage or drawers should not have sharp corners or traumatic elements;
  • bed dimensions selected must match the optimal size of the room and its configuration.

Dimensions chosen bed must optimally match the size of the room and its configuration

It should be noted, that the high price of such furniture is not always a reliable indicator of quality characteristics. It is important to remember that the beds must necessarily be the most reliable, comfortable and convenient to use. If the bed will serve as a sleeping place for a child, make sure you have sufficient height ledges. Typically, the height of such elements is about 35.0 cm from the uppermost point of the stacking of the mattress.

In the nursery bed storage boxes are used to store not only all the bedding, but also toys. The regeneration of the guest room practical and comfortable bed can afford to fold clothes. Of particular interest may be of such design for arrangement in the sleeping area bedroom apartments lacking sufficient free space.

Beds with drawers for storage in the interior (video)

Types of beds with drawers for storage

Different models of beds with storage area differ not only in design and size, but also indicators of functionality. The articles may be equipped with elements such as drawers, adjustable head and a special skeleton base, armrests, a lifting mechanism upholstered backrest and curbstones.

Double and single beds with drawers for storing clothes

The most popular wood or combined single and double models with storage boxes. The most reliable and very durable design maximum firmly bonded by high fittings.

Most often used for the manufacture of sheet plywood, MDF or particle board sheets, which differ not only strength, but also environmentally safe, and do not emit toxic substances during operation. Beds of the type usually equipped with standard orthopedic base or have a convenient and reliable hoist with linen box of different depths. Due to the strict forms of these models are ideal for arranging a berth in the rooms with a classic design.

The most popular wood or combined single and double models having storage boxes

Bunk beds with drawers for storage

Families with children are increasingly in recent years become children's bunk bed with drawers. This product is the perfect furniture for sleep and rest of children and the built area is used to store bedding, clothes or toys. The advantages of these models are presented:

  • it is accessible to a wide range of valued customers. A feature of the price range is appreciable variation depending on the performance and other key parameters;
  • variety of configuration and number of beds that can be represented by one, two or more zones for sleep;
  • the presence of convenient and safe game space in some of the most modern designs dvuyarusnyh loft beds;
  • the presence of areas for storing bedding and toys in the form of special, very convenient drawers of different sizes;
  • saving space in the room, which is especially important in the regeneration zone for sleeping in small apartments;
  • versatility and compatibility of a berth with gaming or work areas that can settle a table, chairs and shelves and even a wardrobe;
  • variety of materials which can be used in the production process of a double bed type;
  • a choice of appearance, which will optimally harmonize with the other pieces of furniture in the room and interior design.

Bed-podium in a studio apartment (video)

Disadvantages bunk models presented low mobility and solid weight, as well as some of the difficulties that arise when changing the linen and the inability to use the design in areas with very low ceilings.

Gallery: bed with drawers for storage (56 photos)

Bed for a teenager with a folding mechanism and drawers for storage

A key aspect of modern decor - ergonomic furniture. Availability of reliable folding mechanism allows you to get comfortable and versatile sleeping place, and thanks to the storage box have the ability to transfer some functions of the bed linen cupboard and bedside tables. Advantages of the folding mechanism includes:

  • practicality;
  • ease of use;
  • strength and reliability;
  • ease of use;
  • versatility;
  • acceptable cost.

Bed base characterized snugly to the base of the carcass, so that all objects stored within boxes receive protection from dust and moisture. When folded, these models resemble fairly narrow chests with simulated cases.

A key aspect of modern decor - ergonomic furniture

High bed, chest of drawers for storage

Bed-commode is easy to operate and has an attractive, very modern look. Bed with drawers - a bed with a convenient and comfortable bed on the dresser stan 40-60 cm from the floor. The space under the traditional bottom-bed is organized as efficiently as possible, which is caused by a set of specially installed drawers. Beds, dressers characterized as structures having one of the most useful space for storage, and in this case, the boxes are equipped with a highly reliable roller or ball guide.

Bed-commode is easy to operate and has an attractive, very modern look

Loft bed with drawers for storage

One of the most modern and popular in our country variants used in small apartments. Loft bed has a sufficiently large number of advantages, which represented savings of space in the bedroom, the ability to carry out the combination of destinations to other areas, including labor, dressing room and game, as well as an attractive design.

Disadvantages of these designs tend to be purely psychological. Man sleeping on a considerable eminence, may well experience some psychological discomfort and lack of air. All produced to date design loft beds are shown inline beds that are made to order and is fully finished products.

Loft bed has a sufficiently large number of advantages which are presented saving space in the bedroom

Baby bed with large storage box

Of particular interest to consumers cause a baby bed with a large box, which is used for storing clothes and children's clothes. Occupying a relatively small amount of space, such models have drawers and shelves, and is also very convenient changing table.

Among other things, produces reliable model-transformers Baby, which are equipped with a special device for motion sickness. Typically, the bed sizes are 0.6 x 1.2 meters, which allows you to purchase standard mattress. The most practical models are capable to grow in size with the growth and development of the child.

Production of wooden beds with drawers for storing your own hands

Self-production of wooden beds, equipped with drawers for storage, it is available with certain skills to work with wood.

Necessary material and tools

Before proceeding to the manufacture of the bed with your hands, you need to prepare all the necessary construction and finishing materials, as well as a working tool, which They should be submitted to:

  • sheet material in the form of chipboard dimensions of 3.5 x 1.75 m with a standard thickness of 1.6 cm;
  • plywood sheet-FC dimensions 1.52 x 1.52 m;
  • chenille 5 m x 1.5 m;
  • interlining 5 m x 1.6 m;
  • a pair of sheets of foam dimensions 3 x 1 m with a thickness of 1.0 cm;
  • lifting mechanism with gas springs;
  • bolted 0.8 cm;
  • washers and nuts.

For the most reliable and convenient fixation of the material it is very important to prepare a standard staple gun, and staples the dimensions of 0.6 and 1.0 cm.

Self-production of wooden beds, equipped with drawers for storage, it is available

Stages bed assembly construction with a lifting mechanism and a drawer

To construct was made easy to use and durable, it is necessary to assemble the bed according to the strictly established technology and in accordance with pre-made drawings. The main recommendations for a phased assembly:

  • in accordance with the drawings cutting sheet material presented chipboard;
  • be made of chipboard central wall height of 20.0 cm;
  • by wooden bars disposed at a height of 20.0 cm, lock the side panels used for attaching framing base under the mattress;
  • manufacture lamellas with a thickness of 2.0-2.5 cm from bars or pre-sawn veneer sheet;
  • stretch across the surface of the fabric made structures;
  • fixed tissue using a stapler and staples on all sides;
  • foam sheets laid on the bobbin base structure;
  • to perform a counting covered by foam frame that will fasten the bolts of the lifting mechanism, four on each side;
  • pull top foam chenille;
  • Frame bolted to the bottom of the lifting mechanism;
  • fix installed slats;
  • connect-bed frame with mattress and headboard design;
  • after the coup, the bed on one side, then perform tamping chipboard box;
  • obbit Headboards using nonwoven;
  • perform tissue lining, and then run it fixing on the base of the skeleton;
  • upholster the mattress frame with the help of the lining fabric.

Bed with drawers to store their own hands (video)

Dimensions of all the details in the drawing are selected depending on the number of beds to equip and size of the room. Appearance fabric upholstery can be selected individually, but the finished design must necessarily be in harmony with the design of the premises and the surrounding pieces of furniture.

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  • unreasonable and intolerable aching in the joints.

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Beds with drawers for storage (50 photos): comfort and rationalism

Bed with soft and bright façade boxes harmoniously integrated into the interior of the room

Speaking of the interior design of the standard urban apartments, the vast case - a decision on the most effective use of available relatively small area. However, there are some basic things to save them - to his own detriment. Sleep in the spacious, comfortable bed - the key to a healthy and succeed in life, otherwise problems with the cardiovascular system, joints and spine, weakness and chronic fatigue is practically guaranteed. Bed with drawers for storing clothes - an opportunity to get a quality bed even in a fairly cramped conditions.

Bed Box: advantages and features selection

If we carry out simple calculations, we can determine that a double bed is medium sized, about two cubic meters of free space. This is the approximate size of a small chest of drawers, cupboard or two bedside tables. In a small bedroom, when you need to place a lot of things (clothes, underwear, blankets) double bed with drawers can help optimize space without cluttering it superfluous furniture.

Bed with drawers - comfortable, practical, comfortable

Boxes of wood attached to the bed of luxury and elegance

The design of boxes may be different, it depends on the destination storage system, the size and installation method bedroom bed:

  • without guide - option for those who have not yet decided what it will be stored there. Large box, which can fit and a mattress and some blankets and cardboard boxes stuffed with things. The disadvantage of such a choice - will require a lot of space to store all of the fully extended

In the box under the bed can be placed another bed

The big box cot easy to put all the toys and even their looks

  • with guide - option for the rationalists, who know exactly what and where will be stored. Most of all - it's two or three boxes, which thus constitute a single array with a bed. Part of the boxes you can use for storing seasonal items (shoes), packed it in cellophane and some boxes - for daily use, such as for bed linen.

Drawers give wholeness and solidity appearance bed

The interior is made of wood, wooden cases for the bed will be the final chord

Bed with drawers, matched the color of the interior, as if merging with it, harmoniously complementing the room

  • with wheels - are mounted on the bottom, an option when stored in boxes heavy bulky things, with the help of rollers (wheels) to roll out such a box is much simpler. In addition, the drawers with wheels will be needed if the carpet beside the bed bed - open the box without the guides will be problematic, although the regular opening / closing in the carpet may receive the following-Nakata. An additional plus boxes of wheels - they do not scratch laminate, parquet or linoleum.

linen storage problem is solved

Boxes - not just a place for storage, but also decoration bed

An important point - the aesthetic design of the boxes. Here implemented two approaches:

  • flip cover - are visually hides her drawers, made of the same material of the shell bed. Therefore, when it is lowered, this design looks very harmonious. Drawback - the lack of direct access to things, plus - the need for a hinged panel fixing

Niche for storage located beneath the bed, opens one flick of the wrist

With its elegant minimalist design, the boxes are almost invisible against the background of children's beds

  • boxes of façade - provide direct access to the things themselves and drawers are full decoration element. Such models are not masked, they are made of the same material as the bed and stylistically in the same vein. As a result, the bed, performing the role of an additional storage system does not look bulky, but beautiful and stylish

In the niches under the bed is convenient to store not only clothes, but also the favorite books, read before bedtime

To increase storage capacity for storage, you can buy a bed, in which the boxes will be placed in two rows, one above the other. However, such a bed will be slightly higher than usual, but that it will not be less convenient.

Roomy drawers for linen significantly save room space

Catwalk of the boxes - full beds design element

Tip! Location boxes - Mechanical or side (with one or two sides) - it depends on the specific conditions of the installation and the bedroom layout. The main thing that the nomination did not let the boxes, there was a margin of at least 0.5 meters from the bed to the wall or other furniture.

This bed with a roomy drawers embodiment stringency and elegance

Determine the materials, the best option - a wooden bed with drawers, which better withstand the additional load due to the daily open / close drawers. As an alternative - a bed with metal base, but on the frame made of particle board, it is better to refuse.

With the help of simple design solutions ordinary sleeper may be converted to a fanciful design with drawers and cupboards

Beds with lifting mechanism

Further space saving can provide a bed having a lifting mechanism. She just raised the upper part of the bed (or the side, but this is less common), so there is no need for extra space for drawers. In this case, storage box area almost equal to the bed itself, and access to it - convenient and easy.

Elegant bed with capacious box for linen and a lifting mechanism

Partitions, providing the framework fortress share box into separate compartments for storing different things. If desired, you can manually install additional delimiters to use volume as efficiently as possible.

Comfortable design provides quick access to the box under the bed

There are different options for hoists, most convenient of them - gas shock absorbers, thanks to them that part of the bed rises easily, with little effort, and at the top - is securely locked. Hoisting mechanism on springs are much cheaper, but they require more effort to lift, in addition, over time the metal is deformed and the spring loses its properties and can not be guaranteed to fix the raised portion of the bed.

The unique interior of the children's bed will add soft pink shade with a lifting mechanism

Tip! If you have already purchased a bed without boxes (pallets), that does not mean that the place should be empty. Now you can buy special plastic containers (including on wheels), which are designed to organize the storage of clothes and things under the bed. However, you may have to buy a veil hanging from the bed to the floor, to hide (drape) looks not very attractive plastic box.

Wicker boxes with white piping diluted dark bed and make a bright note in the interior of the entire room

A further advantage of containers is that they can be removed, to rearrange and migrate

Children & youth bed with drawers

For a small, compact spaces infant multifunctional furniture - the best solution for a rational organization of space. One variant of this equipment - a convenient and modern children's bed with boxes, "mix" bed and drawers, compartments, in which you can store a variety of things, from clothes and shoes to CDs and textbooks. This storage system get rid of excess furniture, unload the room, add a space for games, while ensuring an easy and simple access to the contents of the compartments. In this case, the box does not have to be a sliding - it can the traditional closing of the regiment.

Mirrored facades podkrovatnyh drawers - stylish and original solution

Fittings on the boxes emphasizes total beds Eastern style

Fixed beds usually have one (at least - two) number of boxes, which are located under the berth. Bunk beds and loft beds open up more possibilities for combining. For example, boxes may be installed under the lower berth. Or placed on the side (5-6 boxes, but more often - 4) or be built-in steps. Well, if the boxes are different sizes, then it will be a flexible storage system, where there is a place to be very voluminous things (large boxes) and all the little things (in small, which in large boxes will roll over the entire volume, creating additional chaos instead desired order).

Beds with drawers more suitable for rooms where every centimeter of space is valuable

Wooden boxes under the bed echoing the cabinet and dresser, creating with them the original set executed in the ship's theme

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