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You moved into a new home with a small bedroom - looking for a solution for easy placement of bedding? One of the best will be the purchase of a bed with drawers for clothes.

Order today their production is no problem in any configuration. Beds can be made in two basic types, which differ in access to things. This can be a model to roll-out drawers or a product with a sleeping place with a lifting mechanism, opening access to the drawers for clothes.

The main design components When choosing a bed with drawers for linen should be considered:

  • Tying. Used for the production of chipboard or MDF. The surface is selected in the product tone or contrasting with drawers. Compound sheets is performed by means of special fastening elements, dowels, minifiksov, SCREW. The materials are characterized by their high reliability.
  • Boxes. The body and the bottom of the elements are made of laminated chipboard. The sheets are joined with fasteners - SCREW. For teenage bed only one or two boxes. For a double bed it is desirable to three or four or more. The handles are selected, combined with the overall style. Thus, elaborate carved model would be appropriate for sets in the bedroom or a classic retro style. Elegant light fittings appropriate for high-tech products.
  • The inner frame. Item performs the main function - rigidity, and also keeps the mattress. The elements are placed boxes that are used to store things. The frame is made of chipboard sheets which have excellent durability.

Before ordering a bed with drawers for linen should be considered:

  • the overall interior room. The model should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture, it is advisable to choose the products of one style might contrast a decision on the color scheme. material. Modern technologies allow to obtain high quality slabs of chipboard and MDF are not inferior in practicality, reliability and durability of wood. Materials are environmentally friendly.
  • Dimensions. It should measure the room, specify the width of the bed, for what length drawers. With a deficit area or miscalculation can obtain limited access to the laundry. When selecting a model with a lifting mechanism for you to save space in a small room.

Beds with drawers for clothes: how to choose the most functional bed?

A small bed can be a repository for items

Sleeping place should not only be comfortable and beautiful, but also functional, because the bed - it's the main character in any bedroom. But if the apartment and little space in the room can not be set at the same time and a wardrobe and chest of drawers, equipped with a full bed and hang shelves, then the bed with storage space for bedding is the perfect solution to the shortage of space.

Ideal for a child's room

The main advantage of the beds, fitted with drawers for clothes is that they solve the problem of storage of bedding, blankets, seasonal items, shoes, books, and so on. D. This is a great option for those who do not want to get another chest of drawers for pillows and blankets, or does not take place for its installation.

Tremendous space savings due to the "organizer of furniture"

Furthermore, sofas with linen compartments and drawers have a number of advantages:

  1. they are multifunctional. On this bed you can sleep at the same time use it for storage of essential items;
  2. provide order in the room. Thanks to the box for storing linens, pillows, blanket will not lie, and because the bed itself tight to the floor, it avoids lost underneath things and dust accumulation;
  3. save space and money. With such a bed in the room, no need to purchase and install additional storage:. Wardrobe, chest of drawers, shelves, etc. This will not only save the family budget, but also will make the room more space free and expand it.

On a note! Modern manufacturers of furniture perfectly mastered the art of disguise, so storage containers hidden in their underwear so skillfully that sometimes impossible to assume that there has a secret compartment. And this is another plus beds with drawers for storing clothes.

This type of furniture set - rare phenomenon in our time

Depending on the configuration of the storage compartments themselves beds also divided into several types.

  1. Double beds with drawers for clothes like the royal bed, a single look more modest, but in terms of functionality and practicality are not inferior to double and often do not have any external differences with them, except for the size.
  2. Single bed with drawers for storing clothes and things are generally equipped with a hoist or withdrawable mechanism for access to the linen compartment. Double bed as a niche can have only gas lift, the so-called lifting mechanism.

In addition, the design of the boxes themselves for storing clothes in the single beds can also be different:

  • one large compartment on guide wheels. These models are easy to use, allows you to fit into the compartment all the necessary things, but for its full opening of the need to dedicate a lot of space, and in the small room is not always possible;

Sleeper, made to order

  • several drawers on metal rails. This storage system is an excellent place to store seasonal clothing or bedding, and does not take up much space when fully extended. Subspecies boxes is data storage system consisting of several rows of boxes that are suitable for storing small things;

  • two drawers on wheels. This design is suitable for storing heavier items;
  • multiple trays, for opening of which is necessary to lift the seat. In this case, the sleeper will consist not of solid orthopedic mattress, and several pillows.

The lifting mechanism is easy to use

Tip! The most convenient - drawers on wheels: they do not scratch the floor, can withstand any weight, non-slip and easy to open.

Small box on wheels will help to place the things that used to be nowhere to put

Beds with storage system, things are also different design style and materials of manufacture. So, for the production of such models are used:

The harmonious combination of materials for the production of sleeping set

Where to put a single bed with drawers for storage?

This type of bed can fit perfectly into any interior, whether classical or modern, but more often they are used:

Tip! Since often drawer storage is attached to the bottom of the bed and is not part of its framework, it can be an additional element of the bedroom decor. To this can be arranged outside of the box pattern, carving, applique - and your room will be transformed!

Accent furniture items will be a perfect decorative element

Of course, every man for himself should choose the most appropriate option sleeping place, but only a bed with drawers for storage will help to organize the space in a confined area properly.

Especially the choice of the bed with drawers

What to look for when buying a bed equipped with linen drawers or storage compartments? The main thing - remember:

  • to choose a bed for a particular room is worth taking into account the overall design of the room, the rest of the furniture colors and taste preferences of the future member;
  • product shall be manufactured with quality materials, environmentally friendly and safe;
  • if you buy a single bed with drawers to store things in the nursery, choose a model with no sharp angles;
  • bed dimensions selected to be optimal for your room. Therefore, before purchasing better produce measurements that the furniture has taken its place in the room;
  • the high cost of furniture is not always an indicator of quality.

Depending on the type of storage system, twin beds divided into the following types:

  1. with drawers, headboard and frame, without armrests;
  2. with drawers, headboard and armrests;
  3. a lifting mechanism, upholstered headboard and frame;
  4. with drawers and bedside tables.

Making bedroom chalet-style

They differ in functionality and design. Therefore, when choosing a particular model should take into account characteristics of the premises in which it is installed, and personal preferences.

Bed with drawers for storing clothes

Large bed looks good in the interior of a bedroom is the key to comfort. It occupies the bed of a lot of space, leaving an empty space under the bed untapped. In carrying out its primary function - comfort during the holidays, with the success of the bed can be used for storage. To this end, a large space under the bed equipped with special drawers, roomy and comfortable.

Functional bed with drawers for storage is both berth and a spacious storage. Things hidden in the boxes, the bedroom will give a neat appearance, space saving and uploading other interior items.

Such a combination of two pieces of furniture for various purposes, does not interfere with each other, does not violate the general style, and the area occupied by the bed, it becomes doubly useful.

Construction of storage under the bed

Empty space under the bed must be efficient and ergonomic to use, so it does not become messy warehouse trash. The best solution is a competent arrangement of the space, making the interior order and comfort. Beds with drawers allow saving space in the room to keep things stacked neatly and conveniently. Manufacturers successfully mastered the production of functional beds, equipped with special boxes. Outwardly, this furniture can be no different from the usual models, and can be a massive structure.

Distinguish bed with drawers on arrangement of ways to access the hidden things. Boxes can be opened in different ways: in a side plane or a rising bed, which is a cap internal space.

Boxes access to which is carried out on one or several sides can be sliding or hinged. All boxes plane is located under the bed, so through the swing doors access to things may not always be convenient. This construct is used primarily for single beds and its height should be sufficient for a comfortable access to the contents of the box.

Bed with drawers requires a free space for the possibility of their nomination. Access to things in a more user-friendly design. Boxes can move along vertical rails or on wheels, mounted under the floor. The dimensions of the boxes are varied, from one compartment to the whole plane beds, up to several distributed under the bottom of the bed at one or more levels.

The beds with a lifting mechanism. to access the contents of the box, it is necessary to lift the upper part. The disadvantage of this design is that the lid before lifting should be released from the bed and mattress for daily use is not always convenient. A significant advantage of such a construction, access to the inner part, is the possibility of finding any furniture close to the bed. To operate the lift system are tailgating items do not interfere with, the issue may be particularly excite the owners of small apartments.

Mailbox size depends on the items that will be stored in them. If you are storing bedding, it is better to stop the choice on models with large capacity tank. For details stacking bed is selected with several drawers, each of which serve as individual storage. Such storage will allow different things intended to withdraw its specific location. Sorted items are well-preserved, not pomnutsya not to confuse, but the need to find a process will be greatly facilitated.

In some embodiments, as locations for storage, use open recess or shelf.

Such compartments are convenient for books or magazines. Deep recess can additionally zadekorirovat using valance for a bed, harmonizing with a common design.

Criteria for choosing a bed with drawers

Buying furniture for the home responsible and sometimes difficult enough, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. Usually, first of all pay attention to the choice of material, color and style, but it is equally important to the functionality of the furniture has been used as much as possible. Before you go for buying furniture need to distribute its location in a particular interior.

Choosing a bed with drawers for clothes or things, access to which is carried out at the ends, it is necessary to provide a place for easy their extension without interference to its full length. If the bedroom is small and situated next to the bed other pieces of furniture, do not give the possibility to use boxes, you should pay attention to models with a rising bed.

If you are storing a lot of things in bulk, it is best to choose a bed with a high base and drawers in several rows. Storing large objects requires large containers. Should pay attention to the manufacture of material such as boxes, and the bed itself to withstand the necessary load they have to be strong.

When placing the bed against the wall, access to one of the parties, will be impossible, so you should choose a model with drawers, retractable in a convenient way. To save space of the room, you can draw attention to a sofa bed with a box for linen.

This design allows you to perform a triple function. In the folded position, the sofa is compact and convenient for a day of rest. At night, it is easy to convert into a full bed, with large beds, which are placed under practical storage boxes.

The video is a compact sofa bed with large drawers:

A variety of materials, design forms and equipment allow you to choose the model, customers with a variety of physical facilities and suitable to any style of interior. Without buying will remain the most demanding customer, considering all the benefits and functionality of the presented models.

The beds with lifting mechanism usually do large-capacity, occupying the entire area. In some models, the big box is divided into sections, using beams and walls. To facilitate these efforts, the lifts are fitted with shock absorbers or springs.

The video shows the principle of operation of the lifting mechanism when opening the bed box:

For the construction of drawers use special guides, videos and closers that make the mechanism silent, the most convenient and allows capacity to put forward completely, giving access to the entire interior space. This design has a permanent location boxes, they can not be rearranged or push on the opposite side. The outer part of the drawers can have a decorative appearance with a beautifully decorated fa├žade. For restrained laconic interiors you can pick up a hidden pull-out system, which in the closed position does not give himself and create a monolithic structure.

Rolling out on roller boxes are not attached to the base of the bed, and therefore can be used more flexibly, interchanged or swapped. The bedrooms with carpeted floors, use boxes with enough rollers convenient it is worth paying attention to when choosing to give preference to the bed with drawers on rails.

Drawer units on wheels can be purchased separately and installed a ready-made bed. A wide variety of containers for things will pick up the necessary size and quality of drawers suitable for bedroom interior.

When using large containers, which are filling things become severe enough, it is necessary to take care about the convenience of their nomination and to protect flooring from damage. Therefore, the boxes must be equipped with special rollers, soft and noiseless.

Facilities comfortable drawers possible in any of the bed size. Twin beds with drawers for linen is usually installed near the wall, so they are equipped with containers which are put forward in the same direction. The number, size and location of the boxes may be different. The base model with several rows of boxes, looks like a chest of drawers, and can successfully perform the functions of the interior.

Occupying very little space in the room single bed with drawers, it can be filled with a lot of things, freeing the other furniture.

Double bed, luxurious and comfortable, most often used for installation in bedrooms. Addition it makes the bed drawers excellent option for small spaces, in which the placement of a large sleeping couch may seem unacceptable. The inner size of the box can accommodate the same number of items as the average closet, which will greatly save space.

Double bed with drawers has a large area, so the volume of all compartments that can be filled, carries a huge potential. Maximum use of the plane under the bed can interfere with bedside tables. Therefore, manufacturers provide interesting design cabinets that do not reduce the functionality of the boxes under the bed. Some models are equipped with special cabinets in the head, replacing the usual tables.

Such designs make a bed, and a luxury status. Choosing a double bed with several tiered drawers, it should be noted that the height of such a construction can significantly exceed classical bed.

In the children's room the presence of roomy storage is especially important. A large number of toys, attributes for employment creation, sports or activities, clothes and shoes all this should be placed compactly and competently, in a child's room. The infant should be enough space for relaxation and games, so children's bed with drawers will be the best solution to the ergonomic use of space. Capacious containers will help to quickly restore order, and from an early age accustom a child to care. There is a great variety of models of child and adolescent beds with drawers, made age-appropriate children.

For parents of younger kids is very important safety, convenience and reliability of a bed for him. For children plays an important role the appearance of a berth. An excellent solution to meet the needs and desires of the parents of the child will become a dolphin bed with drawers, a sturdy, functional, attractive to children. A variety of design solutions allows you to choose a bed for individual interior child and the child's personal preferences.

Attractive front panel to protect the child from falling during sleep, and drawers under the berth will allow to hide a wide variety of children's items.

For families with two or more children is practical to use a bunk bed with drawers. The second sleeper can be arranged in the drawer or at the top tier. Children are very attracted to this design bed, and the potential freed space will be a practical solution for small bedrooms.

For teenagers in the room needed a table to perform schoolwork, and with the advent of the computer room for him. Such furniture is rather cumbersome, so manufacturers have created a model that combines all the necessary environment for a child's room into a single monolithic structure. Complete desk, comfortable bed, roomy drawers and cabinet are connected in a single unit, occupying a minimum amount of useful space and filled with maximum functionality.

Children's bed with drawers for storage has a number of advantages, so this furniture has gained wide popularity among consumers. Parents appreciate the convenience and reliability of furniture in the operation, the children liked these beds for aesthetic qualities, creating in their room a special atmosphere and comfort.

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