Bracket for the soul

shower holder Wall - comfort in the bathroom

The simplest things provide comfort in the bathroom, if only something is arranged not too convenient, all the fun of the procedures disappears. Detail, providing high-quality water supply for the water treatment, is the holder for the shower. Wall-mounted, manual, ceiling - a popular means of securing the soul. Which to choose? One that will be convenient for all family members.

This is a convenient, versatile and popular wall-mounted holder for the shower. The rod is a tube, has a vertical orientation, secured to the wall at two points by means of dowels. Shower holder moves the rod is secured at the desired height by means of articulation. The length varies in different models and ranges from 0.6 to 1 meter. It is necessary to move the shower heads along the attachment, then every household would be comfortable to take a shower and do not need to adjust to the only possible alternative water supply. Rod is ideal for bathing, length from wall to wall. This is the most common variant of the bar, but not the only one.

Bathrooms modern forms often have an irregular, oval, angular shape. For such designed bar that allows you to enjoy all the delights the soul and not to pour water on all of the remaining space of the room. This rod has an angular fixture and a curved shape of the letter "G9raquo; or arcuate.

Superior Rod

Any invention will improve with time and often with success. In the case of the pole was not the best the enemy of the good. Automatic and semi-automatic height adjustment of the watering can made more popular wall-mounted holder for the shower. Height-adjustable barbell water flow from the shower head is changed by a simple movement of the hand: to lower the nozzle to the desired height of the shower, pull the hose and stop at the right level - a smooth automatic adjustment.

Semi-automatic control of a watering arrangement height of the soul requires a little effort to install in the right place. shower holder wall with semi-automatic control is provided at the bottom of a button, clicking on which you watering and loosen it with a rope will be easy to move the rod down. Release the button, you agree to commit it at the desired height.

A variety of models holder speaks to their demand and the convenience of a shower. The simplest holder for the hand shower is usually supplied to the mixer. Shower head is in the immediate vicinity of the taps - it is convenient to maintain order. To use the shower, it is necessary to keep it using only one hand washing, which is not too promotes the success of the procedure, and it is impossible to fully relax.

shower holder Wall - a more convenient option watering arrangement for use in the home. There are several options holders, they all have their own advantages, it is important only to determine that fit exactly into the bathroom and would be functional under specified conditions.

shower holder wall is manufactured of several types, the difference lies in the way of fastening to the wall. The last, very much public development, is the holder in the vacuum cup. It has long been a familiar method of attachment to the smooth wall of various hangers, accessories can now withstand the weight of up to two kilograms. New features suction mount enough to keep the most functional watering with plenty of water supply options.

Sucker is easily detached from the surface by means of a lever and also simply attached to the new location, with such a task handle and a child. Holder for watering shower wall on the suction cup endowed with certain functional characteristics: fixing at the desired height, the free movement of the wall, the hinge pivot watering system in the right direction. The advantage of this type of fastening is not only easy to use, but there is no need to drill the wall.

Wall bracket for hand shower and shower rod for stationary are usually made of materials resistant to damp environment. In the selection of shower accessories on this point, it is necessary to pay close attention.

Consider materials for racks and holders.

Plastic. details are often made of plastic, chrome, this makes them more attractive, but does not make them reliable. Chromium is bad rests on a surface in a humid environment, do plastic parts wear out quickly enough, and the design does not function. The advantage in favor only the cost of kits and individual parts.

metal alloys. A more robust embodiment, the coating is performed in several embodiments: silver or chromium under gold plating mimics. It lasts longer plastic models, but not for much longer.

Brass, steel. The most reliable metal bathroom. It should be remembered that the damage of the anode film on steel parts may cause rust and brass eventually oxidizes in a humid environment. But in any case, the life of shower accessories made of brass or steel many times longer than any other material.

Apart from the basic tasks of providing comfort, wall mount hand shower also performs some function. With the help of a shower hose is in the expanded state and is not damaged, is a long time, saved the family from unnecessary costs. Also fixing the soul in a certain place and position supported in the bathroom the necessary order and take a shower becomes easy at any time.

Bracket for the soul

Brackets and holders, despite its small size, are essential elements of the shower program because they help comfortably accommodate the necessary equipment and contribute to the ideal order in the bathroom.

  • Type: holder for shower, shower bracket

Features brackets shower

Shower bracket required for installation of the top growths for a tropical shower, and for placing the manual watering can fitted with a flexible hose. This small element of the program allows you to assign a shower watering can or a side nozzle at the desired height and the desired angle of inclination. Requirements for the brackets:

  • strength;
  • easy installation;
  • reliability and durability;
  • match the style and design of decorative elements of the bathroom.

for shower holders are made of chrome steel, nonferrous alloys or metallized plastic. Of course, the most robust and reliable products are made of metal, but plastic brackets advantage is the low cost.

Mounting holders carried out both on the shower bar and the wall so that any area or bath can be equipped with the most convenient way.

Due to the fact that the brackets are fitted with a hinge joint, they can rotate handshower at any angle in the horizontal or vertical plane. This enables hands free when bathing and improves comfort during water treatment.

When installed on a post or brackets fixed screw clamping connection. Spacer attachment may require manual exposure or work in an automatic mode. The latter option, though having a complicated design, but adds much comfort when you install a watering can at the desired height.

Wall mounting is most often done overlaid manner with fastening by means of dowel connections. Often manufacturers equip vacuum fastening articles (so-called "prisoska9raquo;), which gives greater freedom of movement, however, can" uronit9raquo; shower heads at the most inopportune moment.

PTFE liners swivel brackets allow smooth movement and exhibit increased device lifetime.

A wide range of brackets for the soul, which is, in our store, allows you to choose the most suitable model both in terms of practicality and design. We ship to the bathroom across the territory of Russia and Ukraine as postal services and road transport companies

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Holder for the shower

All mixers are equipped with private bathrooms and shower holder. Its appearance depends on the manufacturer, the device is attached to a side wall or the bath. In addition, the mixer has a special stand for fixing watering cans. But it is not always standard solutions satisfy the users they wish to have at the design superior and original designs, so buy more modern holders.

Functionality holders shower

We will look at what are the types of holders for the soul, describe step by step instructions for attaching them to different types of walls in the shower or bathroom.

Types of holders of manufacturing material

The materials used for the manufacture of holders:

  • plastics. Modern plastics have indices increased physical strength due to the innovative additives. They have for a long time do not lose their plasticity and strength, on their surfaces slows down the development of microorganisms that facilitates the grooming process. Plastic holders are manufactured in a variety of design solutions, have almost no restrictions on the shape, form and color. The invention relates to the budget category, are available to the absolute majority of users. The disadvantages include many low indicators of strength, but it is very conditional deficiency. If the holder deliberately did not make an effort to break in, the use of the term may be many years. All plastic surfaces to improve design characteristics may be chrome-plated;

Plastic holders for the soul

Metal holders for the soul

Materials manufacture holders and their characteristics

Brass (copper and zinc)

Bronze (copper-tin, lead, manganese and silicon)

Silumin (aluminum silicon)

to the holders of the range of prices depending on the manufacture of high material, each user must make their own decision on the choice according to their own possibilities.

Types of holders in place and method of fixation

The holders can be installed on the walls of buildings or ledges baths.

Modern mixer with a holder for the shower

Holder on board bath shower

  1. Wall holders. There are stationary and mobile. At the height of the stationary watering arrangement is not regulated, it is very inconvenient if one shower are adults and children. Movable allow individually adjust the height of the watering arrangement. Watering is mounted on a metal bracket which is attached to the vertical upright. The stud length is 60 cm, installation height is limited by the size of the flexible hose. It may further be located site for detergents and sponges.
  2. Holders on the bath rim. Require lengthy installation, in some situations, you need to make a special hole in the bath. Apply only to fix the watering cans in the idle state, this is their main drawback.

Installation choices for shower heads

The holders can be fixed with dowels or suckers. The first option is reliable and safety of use. The problem - you need to drill holes, which can be considerable difficulties, which describe below.

Holder for showerhead Suction Cup

Easy to install, like the adults and children

The second type of fixation (on suckers) differs mobility and ease of fixation. Each user can adjust the height as desired.

  1. Origin - tiles must be perfectly flat and smooth, otherwise watering can at the wrong time to fall.
  2. Second - eventually sucker manufacturing material loses ductility, microcracks appear at the edges, the air permeable. The holder can not hold a watering can shower, have to buy a new one.
  3. Third - you can mount only one ceramic tile. At the seams to fix the device is not possible, and that severely limits fixing places watering is necessary to establish not where you want, and where you can.

Most modern shower holders allow you to adjust the watering can in the same plane at the height of the jet. Some controlled, except this parameter, a tilt angle of the left to the right.

Chrome wall mount shower hinged

Older models do not have such opportunities, they keep watering can in one position. There are holders with the connection of the shower hose, in some there is a hook that allows you to hang accessories.

Shower mixer with dvuhrukoyatochny podvodkami in a separate hole in the wall with a shower grid on the flexible hose

Mixer common bath and washbasin with dvuhrukoyatochny podvodkami in a separate hole in the wall with a shower on the grid bar

Consider options with suction cup will not, everything is clear here. The surface must be flat, smooth and clean.

Shower Suction cup mount

Let's talk about how to bolt in the wall and mount to the side a bath. Baseline: the wall is covered with tiles of cement screed, plasterboard, paneling or sheathed with plastic colored oil paints.

How to fix the holder to the ceramic tile on a concrete or brick wall

Smooth ceramic tile on a concrete wall

For builders it is the easiest option. We need to work with a drill and hammer drill pobeditovye soldering. The diameter of the drill must meet diameter dowel.

Tools for work

Step 1. Decide on the location for installation height. If the holder does not have the vertical adjustment capabilities, its location must meet the adult users. The height should be sufficient for washing the hair, the hands must not touch the funnel. Children will have to keep a watering can in his hand.

Step 2. Mark the drill holes locations.

Do it better felt-tip pen, pencil marks on the surface of ceramic tiles invisible. Try to accurately mark the drilling locations, the fact that they are placed at a short distance, to drill in case of an error next to each hole will not be possible, the drill will continue to slide in available.

Step 3. Start the drill holes.

How to drill

Practical advice. What if the holes are drilled in the wrong place? There are two options to solve the problem.

  1. First. With a slight mismatch slightly increase its diameter drill or a new swinging in different directions old. Replace the plug and matches or toothpicks, slide it to the right side of the axis. Hammer matches as closely as possible, do not leave gaps.
  2. Second. We'll have to close up the wrong hole cement-sand mortar and drill new. To drill again, misses the old hole, repel a piece of tile on the new. Work very carefully, do not allow large cracks.

Step 4. Recheck matching holes and the carrier element. It's all right - fix it in place. Attach the decorative part of the holder itself. Check its stability by slightly pressing. The design should not wobble.

Holder for the shower: installation

Sink Mixer dvuhrukoyatochny central on-board with a brush with the wall mounting, spout with aerator

Now you can move on to more complicated options.

Ceramic tile on drywall

Tiles on plasterboard wall. There will be fixed holder

We have not once said that the gypsum board has only two advantages: low cost and ease of installation. These advantages are offset by the main drawback - low physical strength. Many construction companies during the finishing of the walls of bathrooms use gypsum board - there is no need to align the walls of the cement-sand mixture, all the work can be finished in one day. And then on the surface of the tile placed. Fast, cheap (but not for the customer) and nice (but not for long). Here we are faced with the problem of how to drill a hole in a wall.

Ceramic tiles - solid material. For drilling holes need to make great efforts, the drill must operate in punch mode. As can be guessed, gypsum boards can not withstand such forces and the more vibrations. Material flex tile falls off. What to do?

The best option - to provide fixation of the place holder before the finish of the walls. At this point, to make holes in the drywall, mounted on a wall under a section of drywall boards. Only then putting ceramic tiles. Now she will have a focus that will make it possible to drill holes safely.

EXAMPLE installation laying beam to trim the GCR

If the wall is already trimmed? Work much more complicated.

Step 1. Make a layout position shower holder, find holes for the fixing points, indicate their marker.

Step 2. Prepare tools. They must be in perfect condition, pay attention to the drills. Factory sharpening is not enough, correct it yourself. Cutting edges have to be very sharp.

Step 3. It is necessary to remove the top layer glaze. This is the most difficult stage. Hardness quality reaches glaze glass hardness. Drill glides over the surface without damaging it. If the tiles are laid on a solid foundation, the drill goes into punch mode, the drill sharp blows breaks glaze and drilling possible. We do not have that option when you can work puncher. Remove the glaze should be a special drill with a diamond coating. This hole is drilled with a slight pressure sensitive.

Diamond coated drill 3-20 mm

The second option - to use a spear drill. This method is somewhat dangerous, requires practical skills to use.

The drill on the tile

Important. Do not let the tiles crackle after a strong clamping drill. Such sounds indicate by what tiles start to fall off from the glue.

Drill length must be at least 10 cm.

Bosch. drill sets of ceramic tiles CYL-9 Ceramic

It should be done on the supply of plasterboard thickness, the distance between it and the wall thickness of the tiles. Dowels, which are in the completion of each holder, will not do, they are too short.

Another point. Gentle drill can drill a hole for the length of dowels, but never completely cleanse it from construction dust. As a result - the plug will not sit down the entire length, it is necessary to take out and deepen the hole.

Do not press the drill much

Step 4. After drilling all the holes, check the strength of attachment to the base tile. If it wobbles - it should be removed by gently knock off the old glue and put the tiles on the new one.

The process of removing the tiles from the wall

Further overwritten slit. I have to work long and very carefully. But even after such conditions there is no guarantee that the repairs will go unnoticed. Especially difficult is to make identical grouting. So much for the "advantages" of drywall.

Glue the tiles can be in the liquid nails

Wall plugs for plasterboard

Wall watering holder adjustable GROHE Relexa shower

Problems with drilling holes in the plastic are solved, fortunately, much easier. For ordinary drill and an appropriate drill bit. Set the drill at maximum speed, drill press gently to the surface of the plastic. Frictionally temperature rises, melted plastic. The hole formed pobeditovoe drill inserted, drill mode is switched to the punch, a hole is drilled in a conventional manner. Again, you need to take a long dowels.

Sizes nail dowel

Plastic panels in the bathroom and fixed brackets for the soul

There are cases where in order to save money for covering the walls of the bathroom to use very thin plastic. Under the weight of the holder, watering cans and hose it flexes. Just say that such a finish - the worst option of all. But in this case, there is a solution.

Step 1. Put the decorative cover to the carrier panel, circle thin pencil outline.

Step 2. Carpentry knife carefully cut out the hole. The dimensions of the holes should be 3-4 mm less than the loop. Cut would be long, it all depends on the strength of the panels.

Video - How to drill the plastic panel

Step 3. Prepare the lining of the crop of the board size to cut holes. The thickness of the pad should be equal to the distance from the wall to the front surface of the panel. GENERAL Build lining with maximum precision.

Step 4. Secure it to the wall plugs.

Important. Pay attention to the location of the holes for fixing the carrier part of the holder and the mounting pads to the wall, they should not be the same. If this can not be achieved because of the small size, at the same dowels have to fix and lining, and support member.

It's not as difficult as it seems. Main accurately measure the position of the holes and drill them into the wall and lining. To facilitate the process may first secure the pad to the center of the wall. At this point, the holder is not fixed, it is always available. When the lining is fixed, it is much easier the simultaneous drilling of holes in it and the wall. To make it during operation did not move, insert the first drill hole plug, it will not allow to rotate.

Step 5. Seal the gap remaining between the plastic panel and the holder. Use the bactericidal putty or silicone.

This material was used to seal the gap between the bath and the wall. Before applying silicone thoroughly clean and be sure to degrease the surface. Otherwise, there will be rapid detachment, the water will fall under the finish of the walls.

PVC panels with simulated tile and fixed mount shower

Installation diagram of a static mount without hinges

There are cases where the holes in the bearing support member is so small that it is impossible to find a long dowel with the same diameters. What to do?

  1. If space allows, it can be just a little bit to ream the element under the new diameter dowels.
  2. If the place is small and enlarged diameter bore beyond the contour of the carrier element - is not a problem during driving dowels place them under appropriate quantities of cap washers.

Important. Caution during fixation by dowels to the tile holders or flimsy plastic panels surface. Do not tighten with excessive force, the main thing - to eliminate the gap between the elements.

If the wall in the bathroom is painted in oils, there are no problems with drilling a non-existent.

Fastening holder to the bath rim

Mixer dvuhrukoyatochny central on-board with a brush with the on-board mount

Ideal - bath already has a special technological holes for the holder. If not - will have to be drilled. The bath may be made of metal and plastic. With the second there are no problems, the hole is drilled ordinary drill. The only condition - do not overheat it, do not let the plastic melting. Reduce the drill rpm, from time to time with water cool the friction surface.

With metal bath difficulties more. As they drill holes?

Step 1. Decide on a place of installation of the holder on the bathroom. Prepare the drill bits for glass and ceramics and drill.

Step 2. drilling place must be constantly cooled. Think about how you can do it, there are several options. From the most simple - to adapt the common drip water supply under the cutting edge to the more exotic - made from clay bead and pour water into it. So that it does not leak the field of education of small holes, attach the bottom of the cup from clay.

Step 3. hole diameter increases in stages. At first, use a small diameter drill bit, gradually increase it to 2-3 mm.

The initial phase of drilling

Step 4. Clean metal shavings and dust, remove the cylindrical disc machine or manually burrs from the bottom of the bath.

Step 5. Replace the holder, make sure that the flexible hose for watering was not too sharp bends.

Installation of a mixer and a holder on the bath board

This installation is time-consuming, and a little effect. Deck Mounted bath watering can only be in the idle state, while taking a shower it will have to hold in your hand.

On-board mixing in the bathroom

On-board mixer with shower

  1. Do not rush to fix the holder immediately. Examine the manufacturer's instructions, several times assemble / disassemble it on the table, find the trouble spots.
  2. To less dust gets into the bath or on the floor, call assistant. Let it keeps the hose from the vacuum cleaner directly below the drill drill, all the dust is cleaned.
  3. If you have a vertical holder, it is better to fix it in turns. First mark and fix the upper supporting member. Then use a plumb line and use it to determine the precise vertical position of the bottom. None factory plumb - do it yourself. By segment thread tie a small weight on the most accurate vertical plumb line is ready to use. Only labels do not have to spout, and on the position of the thread.
  4. Hole suture anchor has got into masonry, the plug reeling and can not withstand the weight of the mixer. There is nothing wrong. Score around the plastic parts of the maximum number of matches, the lower ends sharpened. Such a method would provide sufficient reliability of fastening.
  5. Center of the hole in the wall and on the fixing element does not match a bit. If the difference is not more than three millimeters, it is not necessary to redo anything. Insert into the holes and fasteners all plugs simultaneously. In order to get to the hole, pick up the items on the maximum height of the wall (dowel length is limited), and plug-Nails cram one. The main thing that they were in his place. Next, gradually turns hammering hardware, in most cases they align and enter the hole. Hats, of course, remain under a bias, but it is the quality of the attachment is not affected.
  6. Never stick to the surface of the tile adhesive tape to prevent chipping. Firstly, it does not warn their education and hold only small pieces in one place. Secondly, the vain hope of tape reduces attentiveness and accuracy of work production and tiles necessarily split.
  7. Not to accidentally break a tile while driving anchors, use wooden spacer.

That's it, take advice and you will not have problems with the installation of the holders of various kinds and on all surfaces.

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