Bracket for a microwave oven

Microwave bracket on the wall

Manufacturers of microwave ovens compete with each other in the originality and style. Release technique with different design, control the type and depth of the camera, but in size microwave cumbersome. To free up space in the kitchen, modern manufacturers offer brackets for mounting on a vertical surface of the stove.

Varieties and function brackets for microwave

Suspension for a microwave oven - two brackets made of metal. On one side there are openings for fastening a microwave oven wall. The second angle is stand under technique. It can be extended by the action of the guide or have a fixed length. significant differences between the structures there. Different holders design and method of wall mounting.

How to choose a bracket for a microwave oven

After going on the market of components for household microwave ovens, you can find a lot of designs from well-known brands. However, when choosing bracket microwave on a wall it is necessary to pay attention not only to the manufacturer. The main role is played by the technical characteristics of the product. First you need to choose the size of the attachment so that it fit the dimensions of the equipment. The depth of the microwave oven should reflect actual corner, retreating from the wall.

Then you need to take into account the load of the furnace, so as not to jeopardize the household. What keeps the weight holder and fasteners, indicated on the packaging. Further, by selecting the bracket to the wall, it is necessary to take into account the following parameters:

  • color (from white to steel);
  • possibility of adjusting the distance between the corners;
  • fixing strength;
  • the brand manufacturer.

How to Hang a microwave on a wall

Before fitting the microwave, it is necessary to choose the place properly. If you have small children, you might consider a sliding fixture in a kitchen cupboard. If this is not possible, hang the bracket for the microwave on a wall, you can:

  1. Buy bolts to withstand a lot of your design. A preferred material - steel.
  2. Decide on a place. Place the structure away from the gas cooker and sink.
  3. To measure the width of the art. Pencil mark this distance on the wall.
  4. Drill make four indentations in the marked locations. The hole hammer the plastic anchors, which will be screwed in the screws. Screw the screws corners of the holder, place them on the stove microwave.

Where to buy and how much are wall brackets

Purchase the wall plate for the microwave today is not difficult. They were in a large assortment of shops selling everything, realizing microwaves. It is easy to mount and to order online, but it is desirable to scrutinize the details specifications. The average price of these components for the microwave - from 800 to 1300 rubles, depending on the model, the manufacturing material of the brand.

Video: how to make a mount for microwave ovens with their own hands

Nikolai, 42 years old

I produced their own bracket for the microwave to the wall using three furniture boards and a rod 22 mm in diameter and 2.2 m long. To secure it, use flanged metal connectors (16 pieces). Fixation occurs by means of brackets for wall-mounted designs. "Homemade" turned out beautiful and reliable.

Wall stand for microwave I Holder Russian firm. Feature bracket - in sliding parts that can be adjusted to the width of the oven, so that they do not protrude forward. Installation of this model do not cause trouble, and took me 10 minutes as it was given detailed instructions.

Svetlana, 30 years old

When purchased a microwave oven, it became clear that her nowhere to put. Husband offered to buy the metal holders, but it has also become a problem, as in the stores sold only copies of metallic colors, but we need the white. As a result, we found on the Internet by attaching little white Larvij firm. They are not visible in the background of our white wall.

Choosing a bracket for microwave

To save space in the kitchen, a microwave oven can be wall mounted. Help in the brackets for the industrial production of microwave devices.

These devices are called corners of the fact that most of the design attachment - channel bent at right angles.

Brackets for the microwave can be bought in the market or in the shop.

Before you buy a mount, it is advisable to write down the size of your oven. The most important of them - the weight, depth and width. Depth unit must match the length of that part of the bracket, which departs from the wall. This design feature is called the departure area.

Available are two types of mounts for microwave ovens - with fixed and variable corner departure. The second option - the construction in which the channel is provided with a complementary member, it is possible to push and fix an arbitrary length. Mounting with adjustable departure less durable and more expensive than fixed bearing.

Each bracket microwave designed for a specific load. How much weight can withstand a device is written on the packaging. To accurately calculate the load capacity for mounting, it is necessary to add another furnace weight five kilograms. Such indicators may be in the dish with the food that you put in the microwave.

In order not to jeopardize the household, as well as ensure the safety of the microwave oven, you can not buy a mount for the microwave, if the packaging is not specified by the manufacturer.

Choosing mount, you should note that if it is an oven, it must be at a distance of fifteen to twenty centimeters from the wall. It is so corner radius must be greater than the depth of the electrical device.

Most microwave ovens manufacturers give to their products a year statutory warranty and claim that these devices can last a decade or more. However, your oven may fail earlier. Even if the unit will operate for ten years, you'll want to buy a more powerful and sophisticated device. Dimensions of the new unit may not correspond to still mount on the wall. If you allow such a development situation, it is better to err and to buy a mount for microwave ovens with adjustable feet in length. In this case, it is desirable that the furnace can be installed without using the slide mount. This will give more options for the placement of new appliances on the old mount.

Do not regret the money and buy a bracket for microwaves with safety margin greater than the calculated. For example, your stove weighs fifteen kilograms, and food dish five more. Then it is desirable to look for a fixture that is designed to forty kilograms. Then you will get the confidence that the bracket will withstand not only old, but also a new microwave oven.

Significantly, what color will mount. White Bracket is undistinguished and not conceals space. On dark spots do not strike the device and the dust in the eye. But since you do not know what color would microwave you buy in ten years, it is better to purchase the bracket in dark gray or silver.

Selecting and Installing a microwave with their hands

Today, almost every home has a microwave oven. Without this attribute our rapid time is very difficult to do, because resorting home for dinner, you have to have time to warm up soup for lunch and again run on his important business. Microwave can enjoy and elderly people, and schoolchildren. But sometimes it is difficult for the subject to find a comfortable place.

On the dimensions of the microwave oven is quite cumbersome, if it is set on a table or work area, the place it will occupy a lot. And it is particularly sensitive to small urban kitchen. But progress does not stand still, and modern manufacturers offer special devices - fasteners, with which you can place on the wall of the microwave.

It is also possible to improve the aesthetics - to hide the microwave in kitchen. To do this, buy a mount for microwave ovens.

Bracket for a microwave oven consists of two metal brackets. On one side there are fastening brackets in which the bracket is attached to a wall or other surface reliable. Other corner side can be of fixed length or be able to put forward by the guide. In the first case, the bracket is designed for a particular type microwave oven, the second embodiment may be preferable, since it can be adjusted to any type microwave oven. Securing a bracket on the wall, you get a reliable shelf for your microwave.

How to choose a suitable bracket

Today in the shops can be seen under the bracket microwave in a large assortment. Different manufacturers offer their products for all kinds of kitchen equipment. Before you give your preference to a particular product, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the bracket:

  • capacity;
  • possibility of adjusting the distance between the corners;
  • reliable construction;
  • manufacturer.

And most importantly - this is what size of a microwave oven is designed bracket. Despite similar dimensions, each microwave oven depth may vary. If the length is not so important, because it is easy to adjust by increasing the distance between the corners of the bracket, the width (or depth) is difficult to adjust. It should also be remembered that for a long and normal operation of the microwave between it and the wall should be a distance. Therefore, choosing a bracket under the microwave, to the need to add its depth of 15-20 cm. This information can be obtained from the passport on a product, or simply measured with a ruler.

Each object has its own weight, and the microwave is no exception. Therefore, getting an arm, weight sleduetuznat your microwave oven. Comparing it to the limit load bracket, you will be able to determine, it is suitable for you or not. But there is a caveat - the details of the registration certificate of the weight of the microwave oven does not take into account the foods that you put into the equipment. If you only heat the portion of soup, then add to the weight of the microwave is already possible kilogram. But if you want to cook chicken or goose (if there is enough space in the oven), and the weight load on the bracket will grow significantly. Therefore, the structural strength is desirable to choose a stock, because it is not known where you will lead the culinary arts.

And of course you should pay attention to the manufacturer. If you will save money and will choose an unknown brand, or even give preference bracket, perform artisanal way, it can be expensive. After all, if your microwave oven with a crash to collapse with five-foot height, the repair is likely to be subject to will be gone. And instead of savings when buying arm, you have to spend money on new equipment.

The different brackets for the microwave

There were no significant differences between the different structures is not. Brackets may differ in the way of fastening to a wall and design. The design may be found, perhaps, only one significant difference - whether or not the departure controller. Different manufacturers may use a sliding mechanism departure. This is convenient because such a bracket is like for many types of microwave ovens. You do not need to know what the depth of your microwave oven, because the bracket can be adjusted. But this design has a disadvantage - it is less reliable. Any moving element is easily broken, besides such fasteners are more expensive than those that have a fixed length of the overhang.

Set the microwave holder - simple task. It can be done with their own hands, without resorting to the services of the master.

At first, prepare the necessary materials and tools.

  • bracket;
  • electric drill or a hammer;
  • plastic dowels and screws;
  • a hammer and a screwdriver;
  • pencil.

Before attempting to attach the brackets to the wall, you need to find a suitable place. Wall itself must be made of concrete or brick, otherwise mounting will easily come out of the wall, and your microwave oven will fall. In addition, under the microwave bracket must be placed so that you feel comfortable using it. If you have kids in the house, you will need to install a microwave oven at such a height that they were able to reach it. After all, one of the advantages of a microwave oven is easy to use. And it is not good if your student, coming home will not heat up your lunch.

Therefore, think carefully place the bracket to the wall. Microwave oven should be available for all your household members, but should not interfere with the free movement in the kitchen. In addition, we must note that the microwave power is needed, so the electrical outlet is located close by.

When the location is selected, we start to work. Attaching the bracket to the wall, make a marking with a pencil. Then target points drill holes. Their depth should correspond to (or be slightly larger) size plastic dowels. Drive the dowels into the drilled holes, attach the bracket and secure it with screws. If there are special designs for hats caps screws, insert them.

Check the mounting bracket to the wall, of course, the experience with the help of its own weight is not necessary. Still, microwave does not weigh too much, so I just tug the mount if he totters. You should also check if it will be horizontally mounted microwave, does not outweigh any one of the edges. That's it, the job is finished. It remains only to install a microwave oven bracket and connect it to the power supply.

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