round cover

blanket round

We sew covers for round beds, possible cuts:

- round pancake, fully padded

- Circle quilted with frill

as well as dozens of possible types stozhki.

Further possible variants with patchwork and photo printing.

Catalog of fabrics for sewing and stozhek available on request. Some fabrics are presented here.

Prices calculator approximate, they depend on the chosen material and complexity of finishing.

Examples of our work can be seen in the round portfolio covered.

Product Options settings in the item card does not cover all the variety that we can offer you. Therefore we recommend:

1. agree with our manager and future style color covers

2. to request the image available to us in the presence of tissue

3. To send a photo of your bed

4. specify the options available and send us an order (to fix the size and wishes in the notes to the order). However ofomit possible by telephone or email.

We give 6 months warranty on our products covering defects in workmanship and materials.

Bedspreads in the bedroom Photo - 105 ideas for inspiration

In today's world, accessories play an important role in the overall interior design. Often with the help of beautiful and fashion accessories, even the most ordinary thing becomes bright, interesting and stylish. The same can be said about accessories in our house. Take the most ordinary bedroom, hang to stylish curtains on the windows and the bed beautiful bedspread - and your bedroom will look elegant and modern. Now the most important thing is not to be mistaken with a choice of accessories. Consider a variety of detail bedspreads.

In fact, when choosing a modern bed covers in the bedroom some specific laws and no requirements. The most important law - all should be harmonious and beautiful. It is not necessary in the classic bedroom with expensive finishes to choose a veil with a leopard print. It would look ridiculous, and cheap. Also in the room where all done in pastel colors and soft, you can overdo it with color, choosing a bright orange bedspread. It will surely be a bright spot in the room, but it is clearly out of place.

Still it is necessary to take into account gender-room accessory. If this is the room of a mature woman, the veil of bright pink color will cause only laughter and pity, while in the room of a young girl or a young girl, it will look nice and natural. Adult boys better to choose a bedspread plain, unobtrusive colors and patterns without zavitochkov etc.

Thus, it is necessary to take into account several key points when choosing a bedspread in the bedroom:

  • The style of the room;
  • Colors and shades dominating in the bedroom;
  • room accessory
  • material covered

We should negotiate about the material of which will be stitched blanket in your bedroom. Today presented more than a dozen of the materials from which it is possible to sew a bedspread. The most popular are:

Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, cotton - very soft material. However, it can stretch out after frequent washing. Silk and gobilen - very beautiful materials. They are strong and durable. But the only drawback - it is their price. Not everyone can afford to buy them. Viscose and atlas are cheaper materials. They are aesthetic and beautiful, but requires special care and respect. Therefore, the choice as always for your taste preferences and financial capabilities.

Tip! When choosing fabric for the covers, be sure to consider the style of the room. If the curtains of silk would be appropriate everywhere, cotton - not in every styling will look good.

round cover

For large volumes of assembly, a discount. Each order is considered individually. ">?

Skid furniture in private house is calculated individually for each order and depends on the distance to the door of the house. Just take into account the presence of stairs.

  • When the amount of the order of 30,000 rubles. IS FREE
  • Up to 30,000 rubles. 590 rubles.
  • MKAD 25 rbl. for 1 km.
  • Cash courier upon receipt
  • Credit card upon receipt
  • OnLine payment (in any convenient service)
  • receipt of the Savings Bank

More often than not we do covers of the two tissue types: solid color satin and satin monochrome shennil. The advantage of these fabrics: they look good and harmonious every stitch.

1. Shennil - soft, "warm", pleasant to the touch fabrics. Any color.

2. Satin, satin - smooth, "cool" fabric with a shiny surface.

We make two types of circular cover:

1. Just one-piece wheel (not required zamerschika exit you need to say the diameter of the mattress and how many centimeters the veil should descend example:... A diameter of 220, the length of the "rim" of 20 cm Total size bedspread 260)

2. The circle with two cuts (done for beds that have back in if spinka- "headboard" bed does not allow to fill the veil into the goal between the back and the mattress to its full length. Then the veil at the back is shorter rim, . than the free "front" of the bed incision is made in two places, where it ends back at the bed -. that is, a diameter is replaced by another for this type of covers, we first need the name if its picture of the bed to grasp the opportunities or manufacturing without l ary arrival).

The veil is made on the lining in the color of the fabric, in two words, padding polyester fabric, everything is machine quilted stitching. Possible STITCH:. Squares, diamonds, circles, abstract divorces, etc. If you have any special wishes to stitch - we will send you a catalog on elektronku stitches).

The cost of covering said average: + - 18 thousand.

Cost of delivery - in Moscow within the Ring Road at purchase for the sum of 30 000 rubles. FREE, less than 750 rubles. MKAD 30 rbl. every km.

Wake up to the floor - the presence of the appropriate size of the elevator for free shipping. Manual 50 rubles. per floor, depending on the size of the furniture.

Qualified assembling furniture - 7% of the price, but not less than 500 rubles.

Delivery time - 1 day, subject to availability of stock on hand.

The possibility of paying the courier cards: Visa (including Electron), MasterCard and Maestro.

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