Round beds photos and prices

Round bed

For fans of non-standard design ideal interior design bed will round shape. According to ancient Chinese teachings of feng shui circle it is a symbol of harmony, so this piece of furniture will quickly remove daytime fatigue, stress, sleep soundly at night.

The highlight of the design of any room will be the bed of the round form, because it looks unusual and original. If you buy this furniture, the trendy room ready. However, a round bed in the interior does not always looks stylish. For example, if a bedroom quite small in size, such a box would be cumbersome. If the room is made in the country, the Empire or the classic style, the sofa in the shape of a circle among the heavy curtains, massive furniture will look gaudy.

Perfectly round upholstered furniture will fit into the room, decorated in the style of glamor, art deco, hi-tech, minimalism, fusion, techno or modern, fancy shapes because only emphasize the unique style. Benefits form a circle bed:

  • undeniable originality;
  • high level of comfort;
  • safety due to the absence of sharp corners;
  • comfortable place for family gatherings.

The bedroom is easy to pick up round the bed, because the goods represented by a wide model range. Different colors, different frame materials and design features create a unique interior for any taste. Bedroom even a small size it will look stylish, if you use the effect of weightlessness. Today, designers offer models made at a wide circular stem that mimics the guy. If the bottom draw LED backlight, the effect will be amazing.

There are many elements that make the bed more comfortable. Skirting around the edges will keep from falling cushions, clothes box will store the necessary things at hand, and on the headrest can be laid out the original decorative pillows. Models with headboard fit into any bedroom interior. Well, if the circle shape will be repeated in other furniture (desk, dresser, puffs, etc.).

Bed linen and covered a circular shape at a price cost a bit more expensive than classical. As a rule, it is better to order on the individual sizes as standard furniture in the shape of a circle does not happen. Bedspread on the bed, you can use a circular and rectangular, but do not forget the harmony of textiles, colors and room design. It does not necessarily have to cover the entire area. Beautiful bed linen and blanket on the lower part of the sleeping bed - this option decorating looks very elegant and trendy.

Most models of upholstered furniture circle shape made with sliding mechanism to save space. Furniture company Ikea offers a variety of models with various modifications and additions:

  • headboard;
  • bumpers;
  • the lifting mechanism;
  • lamelnoe base;
  • tables, moving around the perimeter;
  • steps;
  • circular or square base;
  • built-in cabinets, drawers;
  • Suspended structure hanging on a wire or rope;
  • You can order model from natural solid wood.

To create the room a cozy, extravagant interior note the round sofa bed. Such furniture is exquisitely smooth curves, so look harmonious. At the round-shaped sofa is comfortable and the owner of a rest, and all the guests sit down. If it is expanded, you get a very roomy sleeper. All models are equipped with a turning mechanism by which the furniture is rolled forward, and two semi-circular parts are easily transformed into a complete bed. The main advantages - compact when folded, beauty and ergonomics.

In the first place in popularity is a round sofa bed from Ikea Dutch trading company:

  • IKEA Sultan Sandane;
  • the price of 55,000 rubles;
  • Transformer, turning into a sofa or two chairs;
  • pros: multiple builds, original design;
  • Cons: weak fasteners, belts, take up much space, Marco white.

Cheaper cost model:

  • Ltd. "furniture sofas" sofa bed Tokyo;
  • the price of 24,999 rubles;
  • withdrawable, with armrests;
  • pros: the block of independent springs, cushion filler - hollofayber, latex foam mattress;
  • Cons: large size in the unfolded state.

Transforms the furniture with the rotary mechanism - a godsend for apartments with small dimensions. When folded, the round bed-transformer is rectangular or semicircular. The frame in such cots made of metal, and is sheathed with plywood, and the sleeper is covered in a cover which is visible in the unfolded state. The most interesting models round Transformers offers furniture company Empire furniture (country of origin - Russia):

  • Monza Imperia;
  • 65000 rubles;
  • convertible double;
  • pros: a niche for linen, Universal golden brown;
  • Cons: The problem with bedding, a high price.

Model, more affordable:

  • Mariella Imperia:
  • 49000 rubles;
  • convertible double;
  • pluses: perfectly smooth bed, an easy mechanism of transformation;
  • Cons: hard bed.

Photos oval bed is hard to find on the Internet, as this form is not so common. Furniture very rarely produces such models, mostly they are made to order. Oval box presented in single embodiments:

  • Verona VEF factory;
  • 18200 rubles;
  • to hoist;
  • pros: big box for clothes, easily comes off cheaply;
  • Cons: large size.

Baby cots oval presented in a wide range:

  • Valle Bianca;
  • 9999 rubles;
  • Oval transformer;
  • pros: is converted into a sofa, a playpen, a bed, a cradle, stable structure with wheels;
  • Cons: The only child up to 5 years, no drawers and the chest of drawers.

Cradle in the form of a circle is a great choice for a newborn baby. There are many varieties of these models, so a round bed children now at the peak of popularity. Well, if the cradle will occupy the center of the room to open the kid a 360 degrees. It is also possible to add a vivid game elements for the development of the child and the additional functional objects. Because of its shape, this crib is considered to be the safest for the baby, because there are no sharp edges. Top best:

  • ComfortBaby SmartGrow;
  • 25,000 rubles;
  • bed-transformer;
  • pluses: wheel with stopper, 4-level height, water-based coating;
  • cons: not completed mattress and linens, high price.

Another popular model from the Russian manufacturer DakaBaby:

  • Genesis Galileo;
  • 10500 rubles;
  • bed-transformer;
  • advantages: high-quality array of birch, three levels can be easily transformed into a playpen, crib and cradle semicircular;
  • Cons: without a mattress and bed linen.

A large area of ​​such models is deceptive. On the square 2x2 beds comfortably sleep two people, and a round bed with a diameter of 2 m comfortable with just one person. Analogue of the classical bed 2 meters in width is a circular double bed with a diameter of 2.8 meters. Top model, customers reviews:

  • Ormatek Luna;
  • 70990 rubles;
  • material MDF frame, chipboard, upholstery - ekokozha luxury;
  • pluses: wide headboard own base;
  • Cons: high price, not natural upholstery.

Another very good option:

  • Gabrielle Ascona factory;
  • 59876 rubles;
  • double round with the lifting mechanism;
  • pros: upholstered backrest in the headboard, removable base covers, universal beige color;
  • Cons: Mark, is not equipped with a mattress.

Apart from the fact that this model looks impressive, it takes up little space, because the fenced headboard upholstered headboard, which can be directly adjacent to the corner of the room, saving space. Corner round bed looks very extravagant, so it is particularly interested in young people, lovers of unusual design solutions. The most popular models:

  • Bilbao from Dream Land;
  • 247500 rubles;
  • angular movable bed mattress backs of the circumference;
  • advantages: the presence of the corner section with shelves, mirrors and lighting;
  • minus: the price.

Luxurious corner model from the Italian factory Roberto Pollini:

  • Bellissimo;
  • leather double bed;
  • 67000 rubles;
  • advantages: high-quality solid beech, leather, it comes with an orthopedic mattress;
  • Cons: only executed in bright colors.

To find a model in the form of the circle is now very easy. Even if not in the furniture section, you can easily choose the round bed on a photo in the catalog and buy from an online store with home delivery. If furniture is needed for the living room, it is better to choose dark or black (no mark) bed without a headboard. It can comfortably accommodate guests for friendly get-togethers. Suspended bed suitable for youth room, which is decorated in a modern or romantic style. For a small space the best solution is a semicircular sofa-transformer.


Elizabeth, 49 years old

I saw a photo on the internet bed in the shape of a circle Diana Strong and just got sick of it. I am collecting money for a long time, because the model is not cheap, and finally ordered. I am delighted! Imperial Lodge sleigh purple color, made of beech veneer. You can sleep on all four sides of the world. Orthopedic mattress - top comfort.

Parents gave to the wedding bed from Ikea Sultan Sandane. This is a real transformer, which has several assembly options for all occasions. The only negative - weak fasteners, in which sometimes part of leaving. The bed can be in the form of a circle, the sofa or chair. We use mostly only double.

When the son was very young, we bought him a bed factory Red Star Paulina, which has a circular shape. Very comfortable model! She grew up together with our kids up to 5 years. At first we used the cradle, and then transform it into a wheelchair and then to bed. Level mattress adjusted to three positions.

Which to choose a round bed? Species, photo, price, bedrooms design examples

Although the round beds are popular with many, few dare to buy them.

The reasons for this are many - a non-standard form requires large rooms.

The bed itself more traditional rectangular.

Many fear problems with bed linen for beds a search form.

Now released a huge number of models that are perfect for small rooms, and the choice of bedding, even for round models is enormous.

You can select the optimal model for any bedroom style. There are beautiful and rich product, and the price is becoming more affordable every year.

What is so special about the selection and use of such furniture?

Round bed - possibility to equip the original bedroom furniture using an unusual shape. Sleep on it unusual, only the first time. But then it is simply amazing the convenience and comfort of a circular bed. This form fits perfectly into the interior of the bedrooms, although it requires more space.

There are a large number of different models - a simple round, with the headboard, with borders on square and round base, etc..

There are beds with steps hidden in the base of boxes with built-in audio.

Protective bumpers will not scatter cushions and built-in cabinets and drawers at the bottom will make a luxurious place to sleep in a very roomy and practical interior object.

sleeping area

When choosing a bed should be remembered that with a diameter of up to 2 m - it corresponds to the child's or adolescent beds, 2 m - this is a common odnospalka, and only 2.5 m and above - similar rectangular double bed width of 1.8 m and above the actual usable space for sleeping.

Double round bed will require a large bedroom. If you want to buy a bed do not forget about it.

This bed can be used as the basis for the entire bedroom design - first select it and then "fit" under her finish the room and furnishings. Of course, this is best done first on paper or book a professional designer, voicing their preferences.

Create a harmonious interior with a round bed as we had previously and said it will be difficult in small bedrooms. It is because I would like to warn the owners of small apartments and do not encourage them to buy a bed.

The small footprint of bedrooms will not fully appreciate all the advantages of such a bed, do not allow you to enjoy the unusual interior and creates a difficult, sometimes impossible task for a designer interior is created.

But for the owners of the spacious bedrooms it is a very good solution that allows you to create a unique atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and luxury. Optional canopy, furniture round shape perfectly complement the interior.

Bedrooms in the style of Provence - gentle and catchy as the fields of the French provinces. They like delicate natures.

Buy or order a set of round-shaped underwear is not difficult, and it will cost much more expensive (as Generally, bed for round models more expensive by 10 percent than the traditional).

Under certain conditions, you can use a standard, rectangular. Do not forget about the harmony of color and style of bed textiles and rooms.

If you are going to buy a bed and do not forget about all the mattress which is also more expensive than rectangular.

The elements that make the bed more comfortable

Conveniently, when the edges of the bed have bumpers - not only do they will keep the pillow from falling, but will sleep without fear of slipping off the bed.

Headrest make the bed luxurious and comfortable, it can be spread decorative pillows.

Fixed or mobile extension-table, which "rides" on the border of the bed makes it even more convenient, allowing to enjoy a morning coffee or work at a laptop.

Round bed - types and their characteristics

Model with headboard fit the bedroom with any interior. On such beds look good a lot of decorative pillows and luxurious bedspread with fringe.

Well if the bed circular shape is repeated in some other furniture (tables, chairs, etc.). This will create original furniture ensemble.

If you still want to use in addition to a circular bed of classic rectangular furniture - bedroom should be very large in order to avoid obvious dissonance.

Bed without a headboard well-decorated living room, making it a convenient place for friendly gatherings and talk. This is a good option for a one-room apartment where the bedroom and living room combined.

pendant thanks to invisible support and free, as if hovering edges of the bed, it seems to fly over the ground.

Modern design and originality - these are the main features of this model. Suspended bed fit young people who loves originality, inclined to experiment.

"Fairy hanging on a solid wire or rope, a bed, swing, like the waves."

This bed will look good in the bedrooms with a romantic or modern style.

Neon lights in the floor or under the bed will look good in contemporary design style hi-tech, reinforce the impression of the bed and bedroom as a whole, is capable of creating a pleasant intimate atmosphere.

Round sofa bed easily converted into a comfortable sofa and a compact, semi-circular or rectangular shape. Typically, such models have built-in drawers, cabinets at the bedside.

folding mechanism is simple, and the product itself is very original.

Bed on a round podium Offering stylish basis and require more space for installation. Podium adequate thickness can accommodate a drawers for small items and serve convenient step.

There is another model.

Unusual even among the round bed.

it round bed, sink. Futuristic shapes bed, resembling a fantastic capsule, I have made this model a favorite of children of different ages.

Interior of a bedroom with a round bed

Through the use of different materials in the upholstery, round beds, a variety of colors and shades, different styles of headrests, footrests and podiums, it is a refined bed in a bedroom fit with a variety of design solutions.

Nice light purple looks great in this spacious room with warm, bright colors in the photo 1. Standing by the wall of a round bed, a canopy for more romance and seclusion, soft light floor, dresser, ottoman and a cabinet with the same curves, sculpted legs and smooth lines - interior of a modern bedroom selected very carefully.

Special attention attracts massive curved headrest with decorative rivets, which seemed to dictate the style for the rest of the furniture. Bright lights, mirrored walls make the room more spacious and brighter.

Set of cushions and rectangular linen only decorate the round bed. Inconspicuous compartments for linen and clothes at the base of the bed is very practical and thoughtful.

Noble gray upholstery color, classic design of the bed, the headboard pompous in tone matched underwear - a complete round shape of furniture will make a great ensemble for classical bedroom in soothing colors silver (photo 2).

Round ottoman, dresser, mirror and chair in the same style, rounded lines of the furniture - the perfect package.

Despite all the mattress, rectangular linen looks flawless. Neat edge gray bed of velvety and silky fabrics make the interior more luxurious.

Bed headrest with stylish good looks at the wall. Rich dim lights at the head make the room even more calm and suitable for a great holiday.

You are looking for a solution which will look simple but stylish; expensive, but concisely. Take a look at the bedroom in a minimalist style. Photos that we have prepared for you will change your idea of ​​a stylish and expensive interior of a bedroom.

Our article will help you to choose your wallpaper design for the bedroom.

Dark, almost black, the bed in the middle of the room, the head restraint in a restrained style, nothing more (photo 3) - this bedroom looks perfect.

The harmonious combination of black and white and silver are well suited for the modern bedroom in a minimalist style. The glass wall in the living room makes it possible not to compress the space, but the highlight for sleeping area. Silver set of rectangular shape fits perfectly into the style.

Decorative illumination of a dozen lights on the wall, repeating the mirrors creates an unusual effect. It allows for muted and calm, preparing to rest.

Spacious room in white, fluffy coat, and in the midst of this heavenly interior trim white and blue bed, with a velvety upholstery. This is the bedroom in the photo number 4.

High back, noble dark blue, comfortable round base and tall and comfortable mattress - what more could you want for the bedroom. At the core is a circular bed compartments for things that allows to minimize the number of objects in the interior of a bedroom.

In general, the room looks like some kind of heaven, fabulous place, without further details.

Aristocratic golden color, pompous bedspreads and curtains, natural fur cape and a high, round bed, with a richly decorated head restraint and a variety of decorative pillows in tone - such chambers are worthy of royalty.

The veil with floral patterns of different kinds of fabric, crosslinked under the bed circular shape with the edge of lush well complements the overall picture.

Modern minimalist and compact

Another example of a circular bed of integration into the bedroom minimalist style is shown in photo number 6.

Compact angle bed is perfect and a small bedroom, ranking it the most important place. Delicate beige and restraint lines connected perfectly with a white bed with a black veil and a round shape.

More no furniture, only a large comfortable bed without skirting and soft carpet under your feet.

Location bed by the window on the wall, lets you fall asleep under the sunset lights and wake up to the gentle rays of the morning sun, or hide from annoying light with horizontal blinds.

It may be noted for the unusual round headboard. It has an outer right angle, which has allowed "press" one of the bed walls.

Impeccable black and white interior

This bedroom (photo 7) can afford a few - elegant black and clean and very beautiful, perfect white.

Such contrasting bedroom looks flawless, and the main place in it takes the average height of a round bed with the original relief body and the head restraint.

The overall picture is complemented by elegant tiered chandelier with candles, black trellis and a bedside table, with the same circular line, but in black.

An unusual solution for a bedroom in the photo 8 - a wall of white leather bed, a nightstand in a convex mirror door spacious wardrobe compartments.

The decor in the style of pop art, black cushions on a common white background - very elegant and without excess shine. Despite its apparent simplicity, designer furniture and a white leather upholstery as a very original and looks expensive.

Photo 9 - a sofa bed in the living room interior

The spacious bedroom in the form of a circle can turn instantly into a cozy sofa to close the company and become the main decoration of a small living room. And I do not need chairs and tables, cabinets and sofa - it's all there in this fast round a folding couch.

Noble and exquisite interior of a bedroom with a round bed

spacious bedroom furnishings.

Sex encases soft and pleasant fleecy coating.

In the wall is very beautiful chest of drawers with a mirror in a classic style.

For standing at the wall round bed white mirrored wall a dark color.

Unmade bed dark blue textile circular shape and fur cape. Several bright lamps with flowing glass fibers are reflected in the wall and create the illusion of a dazzling brightness and shine in the whole house.

How could you make a round bed can be "fit" in a variety of interiors, bedrooms of different design styles and solutions. You can pick up a beautiful and comfortable design for any bedroom or living room.

Luxury model with footrests and headrests rich, compact sofas, fi shell bed - now the choice is quite large.

What. Let us about the prices.

Price. One of the most important factors that may affect your decision to buy the bed of a particular type or model.

As we said before, the price of round beds higher than rectangular.

Let's try to compare.

For a sample of low-cost classic rectangular bed take a running model of IKEA - they are cheap, readily available and fully justifies the price of quality.

Frameworks for the cheapest two-bedroom models, for example, Brusali or malm sold at a price of 8000 rubles. More lovely - Nivoll 11, Nordli - 19 thousand. The most expensive model - Foldal - 37 thousand.

We must not forget that this simple model, without any design frills - no one came to visit you will not be looking at them and admire them.

A bit to explore the market, we can say that good ratio quality-price conventional models of domestic manufacturers in the summer of 2014 there are 15 to 25 thousand rubles. Prices for rectangular beds of foreign manufacturers, such as the German Nolte start at 35 thousand rubles - a model Loriano. These beds can be considered of sufficient quality. Many models offer superb design and are able to decorate any interior. However, from model to model, the price is only growing and may reach 50 and 60 thousand rubles.

Designer beds, decorated with an array of precious wood and leather upholstery can cost even more, and 80 and 100 thousand.

Let's see how many faces round the bed

The most inexpensive models are considered Chinese round bed. Models have an alpha-numeric name, eg 777, A09 or V21. The price starts from 40 thousand rubles. We will not dwell on these models. To buy or not to buy Chinese goods, poor quality of which has long been a byword, everyone decides for himself. Here is a photo of such a model.

There is a sale and models from well-known Chinese manufacturers, such as factory Premiere. Studded leather round bed with a diameter of 2 meters sold in Moscow for 75 thousand rubles.

One of the popular choices among a round bed bed can be considered Gabrielle from company Ascona.

The official website of Ascona model with a diameter of 220 cm is exhibited at a price of 75 thousand rubles in the simplest configuration. With the change of upholstery and trim materials, the price of the "Gabriella" only increases and may reach 80 and 95 thousand.

As a double bed can be used. On sale is a model and a smaller diameter - 210 cm.

Round Interior domestic bed Brazeau It has an unusual design. The price for this designer's model starts from 160 thousand rubles, and the cost is only a bed frame, a mattress must be purchased separately.

On our pages you will get to know some design styles - provence, classic, minimalist, high-tech ...

You have probably realized that the round bed will cost much more expensive than conventional rectangular. If such prices for you can not afford, and the bed of the original design, you can want to try to do it yourself or look for craftsmen who will be able to do it at reasonable price.

If the money is not as important to you as your own comfort and unusual, originality of design your bedroom - choose a round bed, and you will not regret. Its cost - the cost of a conventional design beds that can identify you as well as identifies you in your stream of cars Mercedes or Lexus.

For me, a round bed was uncomfortable. This, of course, a very unusual and very beautiful, but to sleep more familiar square shape. I slept on a bed in a country house with friends and I can say that this option is not for everyday use. For the hotel, the wedding night - maybe. Well, not to the same for most people so much space in the apartment to accommodate a round bed, and not just to place, and properly fit into the interior.

Natasha, I agree, the first night of this bed seems uncomfortable, what is unusual. But if you slept at least a week, most likely, it would you like on a round bed.

Round bed can be inconvenient, but if you choose the wrong size. Naturally you need to start from the human anthropometric data. Unfortunately round bed involves much more space in the apartment for her, and this is a problem ...

That is, if my husband 1, 85 that I should be a round bed and a half times more than usual. In my house is not fit. Rather fit, but in the bedroom is a bed and everything!

To repair your daughter in the room, and when it came to buying furniture, we decided to add some fun to the interior with a circular bed. The little girl was delighted, she loved it immediately. I myself was very worried she will sleep comfortably \ uncomfortable, but all the same difficulties have arisen. And in my opinion, for the children (not very young, but at least school-age) this bed is safer than usual. Since the bed is not very big, it cost us 45,000 rubles. But so far we are satisfied with the quality.

Well, I guess to each his own) I have a sister, too, wanted a round bed as the movie says) As a result, bought, and it turned out to be terribly uncomfortable. She slept a year - to suffer, then the usual bought. For the usual one-bedroom apartment, the option is not very still. These beds, in my opinion, suitable for luxury apartments.

Catherine, about the wide apartment - this you rightly pointed out. I personally do not yet know how you can sleep on a round bed, but for the sake of interest have tried)

Which company bought a round bed?

Where can I see the price?

And I have a round bed in the room 14 sq.m. Really like and very comfortable. I recommend

My husband also wanted a round bed, even in the past the apartment. But not a single bed, and make a pedestal of wood for her. When they began to make calculations, and delimit the space around the room, it turned out that for our growth and for two people just need a huge bed. sleep or a triangle, so that the legs converge at a single point, or do a lot more than the radius of NAAA. A bedroom we had a long and narrow, so this option had to immediately dismiss. I believe that for such Kruglyakov need big bedrooms, because usually in addition to the bed to have to push even some furniture. And, yes! Bed! Do not forget that the sheets will have to acquire the size and preferably with an elastic band.

Round bed in the bedroom - photos of beautiful models in the interior of a bedroom

Not a traditional version of the furniture - round bed Bedroom require space, and the price is very different from the standard.

Convenient built-in practical boxes of its capacity.

There are different models of beds:

  • round with headboard;
  • with borders on the sides;
  • on the basis of different forms;
  • with a step;
  • even with the audio system.

The diameter of the circular bed to 2m - for children, and 2 m - standard, more than 2.5 m corresponds to a double bed. The acquisition of such an original piece of furniture - will be the basis of design, and the rest will have to "adjust" under it.

In small rooms is better to choose the traditional option.

The spacious rooms, you can use a circular bed to create a unique atmosphere of peace and luxury can be added to the interior of the canopy. Requires a mattress and bedding round shape, which should blend in with the image of the room.

  • Bumpers are easy to accidentally slip in his sleep on the floor, held a pillow. Original and practical table, which will roll on the edge of the bed. In the morning put a cup of coffee or in the evening to work at a laptop very convenient.

    With the head of the bed will fit in any style, a few pillows, elegant cover with a large fringe complement the image. Desirably, the circle shape was repeated (tables, stools, chairs and so on.).

  • Beds without headboards fit into the living room, the bedroom, as well as for one-bedroom apartments, they are convenient to communicate.

    Model hanging beds with discreet support seems weightless, hovering in the air. It will give a sense of romance and fairy tale, perfect for romantic styles. You can add neon lights on the perimeter of the floor and around the bed. This original course is suitable for high-tech style.

    Round sofa-bed is practical for its built-in drawers. This unusual design is suitable for many styles.

  • Round podium for a bed - a fashionable base, but need a place to install. The podium drawers for storing different things.

    Bed-shell - a futuristic fantasy author, will give personality to your interior. Especially for children of all ages.

    Design solutions with a round bed

    Exclusive interior with a round bed in the bedroom, you can create any style and tone.

    Dark purple round bed will look great on a background of pastel tones of the walls, ceiling and floor. Transparent canopy will add romance and beige carpet emphasize softness.

    Nearby you can put a dresser, ottoman and side tables. Flowing shapes headboard combined with the soft shapes of legs of chairs and dresser. Soft diffused light complement the overall image. Lilac color must be present on the pillows.

    For the classic design of round bed in a bedroom with a large headrest showy blue-gray shades of chairs, a round bed and ottoman with a beautiful ornament look solemn and pompous. Bed linen, perfectly matched in tone, will be finished ensemble.

    Silvery shades of furniture and pillows in the general style, where only rounded smooth lines look perfect. For linen suits velvet to emphasize the luxury and elegance. Decorating a semitone lighter greyscale.

    For a minimalist, you can choose a dark brown tone bed with headrest with a soft carpet of light. Black-and-white version of the wall design, no frills and shiny cushion organic look. The wall of glass highlights the sleeper. Beautiful lights effectively reflected in the mirrors. On windows blinds will be appropriate.

    You can choose the style of aristocrats: antique or Empire. Golden tones same bed with high headboard embroidered with gold bedspread and pillows harmoniously fit into the interior.

    Pearly shades in the finishing of walls and a floor, ceiling with white beams in the corners of ancient columns. Luxury chandelier with gold in the center of the bedroom, roman blinds on the large windows complement the sophisticated interior of the royal chambers.

    A round bed in the small bedroom, designers offer to choose a triangular headboard. The compactness of a corner model without skirting in beige tones organically fit into minimalism.

    Contrasting accent offered circular black veil, where the floor is also black. The ceiling and walls are white or very light-colored (milky, pearl) on the floor fluffy cream-colored carpet. A minimum of furniture and blinds complement the simple and elegant interior.

    Interesting design options in the photo a round bed in the bedroom.

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